Ron Paul: “Fight them over there vs. over here” is a false choice

In today’s op-ed in the Washington Times, Ron Paul unmasks the brilliantly shallow propaganda mantra “If we don’t fight them over there, they will fight us over here” as a false choise that has been foisted upon the country by a small neoconservative elite that has come to power in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

As an alternative, Ron Paul proposes a non-interventionist foreign policy that is based on these five pillars:

  1. American sovereignty from global and globalist institutions
  2. a strong national defense
  3. strict adherence to the Constitution
  4. leading the world by example, not aggression
  5. refraining from meddling in the affairs of other countries.

Read Ron Paul’s full op-ed here.

  • Christine

    What The USA Army Doesn’t Want You To See (Watch At Own Risk, Disturbing Footage)



  • Obama thinks we are terrorists!!!!!


    Liberal Satanists have been taking root in Washington D.C. and that means Zionist Globalists, mostly former Catholic and Jewish idiots like Representative Steny Hoyer and Representative Mike Pence.

    We are not fooled!!!!! These clear cut SATANISTS should not be anywhere near Washington D.C. or in charge of America, lobbies like AIPAC, ATC, etc. should be entirely disbanded! The CIA should be rooted out and abolished!!!

    And we never needed a Federal Reserve bank PERIOD! Why do you think we’re all armed to the teeth, we’ve had it. Do not push this bull Obama, we are prepared for everything buddy! I had a soldier on my door and nearly killed the b*****, so do not PUSH anyone anymore!!! That WILL be a corrupt D.C. gutless politician one day when they push too far.


    • Lindsey Brutus

      Janet Napolitano thinks we are terrorists- Right wing terrorists!

  • longshotlouie
  • Christine


  • longshotlouie

    Seven months before 9-11 ….

    “We are in great danger of becoming involved in a vicious war for oil, as well as being drawn into a religious war that will not end in our lifetime. The potential for war in this region is great, and the next one could make the Persian Gulf War look small. Only a reassessment of our entire policy will keep us from being involved in a needless and dangerous war in this region.” – – Dr. Paul, February 7th, 2001 from the Congressional record

    • Sean

      i’ve been saying that we went for war bc of oil this whole time.

      • Lindsey Brutus

        Sean: At least you have more faith in our elected leaders to say that they wouldn’t conspire to murder 3000 innocent American citizens. I appreciate your view although I disagree with it. Bush sincerely thought that Iraq was a threat to the U.S. I don’t know why and I agree with most of the people on this site that we never should have went over there in the first place whether they had weapons of mass destruction or not! However, it is time to look forward and too many people are still looking back right now. The next right thing to do is audit the Fed!

    • Lindsey Brutus

      Louie: The statement was very prophetic wasn’t it. Yes, we are in a religious war of a sort now and it seems to be ending for us at least in Iraq.. Unfortunately, the Iraqis will have to fight this war within their country now! I pray that they win it and if they do it will be a great victory for peace and human rights in the Middle East! I pray that we can leave Afghanistan soon and concentrate on our own domestic problems soon! Yes we will still have troops in Iraq just like we do in many other ally’s countries around the world. Hopefully, we will not be in such a rush to send our Army all over the world in the future.

      • Christine

        Looking forward…less peace….more killings, more world disruption, more families torn apart, more injured soldiers, more lies…the Iraq war, the war in Afghanistan, then the one in Pakistan and another in Iran.

  • Sean

    I think obama is trying to end both wars. He just pulled ALL the troops out of iraq cities if anybody here watches the news.. There are no more American troops patrolling the streets of iraq. We are handing over power to the iraqi military and only staying as reserves for a short time.. Obama wants both republicans and democrats to favor him so he is trying to finish both wars where both sides of government can be proud of him.

    • Christine

      Obama is continuing the plan of the FED, the elite. The stages of the plan has run through Nixon, Clinton, Bush 1, Bush 2, now Obama (most likely presidents before and since 1913).

      David Rockefeller says the war does not need to be won, just sustained. There is no winning a war when the reason to start it was based on a fabrication of our own government, 911, and looking for a man who lives in caves…that does not even exist. They are wiping out populations of people for the oil. There is a lot of money being made on this war, sale of weapons…going straight into the pockets of the elite. They care not about the people, the soldiers, their families. They believe in two classes…the elite…and then the rest who work for them and do what they want like good little children. I’m not proud of him. There is nothing in these wars to be proud about.

      • Sean

        whatever, at least he is ending it.

        • Sean

          I think david rockefeller was saying that you cannot win this war, it can only be sustained. That is true. Look at all the deaths, nobody won. The war wasn’t good for our country or theirs.

          The war is real, the reasons for the war may be throwed off but there are really regimes like the taliban that are killing innocent people. I was trying to say that the republicans didn’t want to end the war prematurely because they didn’t want all the soldiers to die in vein.. What if we pulled out of WW2 early and germany took over europe. Our soldiers would have died for no reason. It is the same thinking behind iraq.. I don’t agree at all but I think Obama wants to make sure that everyone is satisfied and doesn’t believe that their child died for no reason.

          • Sean

            And one other thing.. The people becoming rich off this war was Dick cheney and Halliburton. Obama ended that as soon as he became president. I don’t know why you see him as a bad guy. Obama doesn’t work for the fed, the fed works for obama. He has spent his whole life working in soup shops and doing community service. Obama has done way more good throughout his life than you and everyone on this site combined. You should be ashamed of yourself for letting conspiracy theories ruin your perception to the point where you critisize our country beyond belief, just because you don’t agree with monetary policy.. Seriously, do you think we like taxes, do you think any elected official has enjoyed paying taxes throughout their life? Don’t you think we would love to get rid of taxes if we could. If it could be done any other way, we would jump all over it. All this ignorance leads to nowhere.

          • Christine

            We are working towards there being an end to the Fed and the IRS. I and a lot of other Americans look forward to the day!

            You are sadly mistaken about your pal Obama. I wanted to believe him too, but….Tell me something he promised to do that he has actually accomplished or is his theme really “Promise and then Change!” What he told the American people he would take care of is what we believe in, not necessarily in Obama. O is the front man persona to pacify the people so they are not upset while the elite work to move the masses towards what THEY want. Americans are at odds with what the Fed wants, the CFR, Bilderberg Group, etc.

            A little more education and your light bulb will probably come on.

            I am not criticizing our country. Americans love this country! We don’t happen to agree with secrecy in government (ie. Fed). We believe in the government working for the people, doing what we want done by the constitution, bill of rights and declaration of independence and the proper processes. If they don’t abide by these founding documents, then it’s no longer America, land of the free. We like our civil liberties, but they are gradually being taken away under the guise of protecting us, bucko. There is a strong distrust now in what the government is doing. They say it’s for one reason, but really it’s for another corrupt reason to take advantage of Americans. We’re not liking it and it needs to stop, NOW.

          • Ben Dover

            Obamahos were completely against the war during the Bush administration.

            Now they rationalize it, like the neo-cons.

        • Christine

          In America, 911 killed some 3,000 of our citizens.

          With these numbers, (including additional American loss of life), I do not wonder why these Iraqi police are not enthusiastic about more killing.

          Today’s numbers from Michael Moore’s website:

          US Military Deaths (Iraq): 4,316
          US Military Wounded: 31,354
          Iraqi Civilian Deaths: 151,000
          ‘Excess’ Iraqi Deaths: 655,000

          The 3,000 in 911 were killed via the plans of our own government. Look at all the evidence before your own eyes.

          This is why there are Americans who believe as Ron Paul believes, that we should stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. There are still plans to leave American troops behind in Iraq + others to continue the meddling. This is not what we want. It is what the elite/FED want. Now the American government has moved on to Afghanistan, then Pakistan? Then Iran? The Who?

          When will it stop? When will peace come? When America becomes peaceful and stops undermining the governments of other countries and practicing serial warfare.

    • Sean is a fool.

      Allow me to prove why Sean is a fool.

      First of all the war was fought for Israel and to re-make the region stronger for Israel, stealing their resources for power and pure greed.,4273,4493638,00.html

      Second of all we all know that the Federal Reserve controls everything in each branch, and they covered this up, and they know why it was covered up.

      So yeah…I do not think so Sean, your friend Bernanke is calling

      • Sean

        funny. You know that article is 80 years old.. Go watch some more alex jones

        • Sean

          debunking federal reseve conspiracy theories..

          • Christine

            You’re going to have a hard time debunking. Too many people have been awakened!

          • longshotlouie

            yepper, the cointel operatives are pounding the pro-Paul sites.

            Their amusing attempts might work on an MSM sheeple site.

          • Lindsey Brutus

            Sean: Transparency in government is the theme of the Obama administration. When the Fed becomes transparent then I’m sure that you will agree that the end of the Fed is needed! However, there was no conspiracy to murder 3000 Americans on 9-11. There are a few people that believe that here but not everybody here does. I believe that when we finally leave Iraq, the Iraqi people will keep their fledgling Democracy in tact and the war that we never should have got into will have a happy ending thanks to the brave and morally superior citizens in our Armed forces. God bless every one of them and God bless the USA!!!!!!!!!

          • longshotlouie

            Why would we build four permanent bases in Iraq if the plan is to leave?

          • Tipping Point

            L. Brutus,

            There was not a conspiracy to kill Americans on 9-11?

            Are they still alive?

          • Christine

            911 conspiracy. Take a look at the underside of one of the planes that went into one of the towers. There is a missile-like structure on the underside. No plane with that could have been hijacked and left any American airport. Building 7 collapsed when the twin towers were collapsing. Why? It was not hit by any airplane. Look at the explosions going off in the tower PRIOR to the airplane even making contact with the building. Look at the diagonal cut in the beams. Only accomplished by explosives and the way they are set for implosions. Thought they claim a plane crashed into the Pentagon, No plane parts were found, none! People immediately interviewed after the planes crashed the towers mentioned “explosions” time and again.

            No conspiracy? What is all this then?

            Our government created this catastrophic event to have a “just cause” for going into Iraq. It’s sick, sick, sick people behind all these crimes against humanity!

            As an American, I want peace. I want my country to stop serial warfare. It was Iraq, now it’s Afghanistan, then it will be Pakistan, if not Iran first, on and on.

            Peace will find a way. Peace will solve a lot of the world’s problems. Peace is a choice. It’s pro-life, and not pro-life only up until a child turns 18 and is of the age to join the military either. It’s pro-life for a lifetime.

          • Tipping Point

            My first questions might have been a bit too tough.
            I’ll try a few easier ones.

            Where are the flight recorders?

            How did they come up with the ‘culprits’ so

            How did Bush see the first plane crash on live

        • Ben Dover

          Extremely weak response, sean

          • Sean

            Did everyone ignore what i wrote and try to argue about something different? Let me quote myself..

            “The war is real, the reasons for the war may be throwed off but there are really regimes like the taliban that are killing innocent people.”

            “I was trying to say that the republicans didn’t want to end the war prematurely because they didn’t want all the soldiers to die in vein.”- This is not my opinion. If they didn’t think like this then we wouldn’t still be there. That is just a point i’m trying to make.

            “I don’t agree at all but I think Obama wants to make sure that everyone is satisfied and doesn’t believe that their child died for no reason.”

            OBAMA INHERITED TWO WARS. Thats not what he wants. As soon as violence increased in iraq he pulled all of the troops out the cities.
            and again.. Obama has been a community service leader his whole life. He has done more good than anyone here. When was the last time anyone here went to the homeless shelter to provide help for others? THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT.

          • Ben Dover

            Still stuck in that left/right paradigm?
            Obama just wants what is best for us? GMAFB
            The ‘war on terror’ is simply a guise for perpetual war.
            Obama has no more intention to stop this than Bush did.

            Wake up and smell the thermite.

          • Christine


            Dick Cheney Caught Telling the Truth About Iraq…about what would happen if we did, and at that time, why we were choosing not to go into Iraq


            It is our presence in Iraq that has caused more turmoil for the people who live there. If the war were on our land, in our country, I think we would have more empathy for the years Iraq has been continually torn up with massive numbers dieing and maimed from war, a war that cannot be won.

            Part 4 (towards the end):

            A quote from someone (Aaron Russo) who was friends with David Rockefeller (part of the FED, elite) said, the war does not have to be won, only sustained (just like Vietnam), because the reason for the war is not what they are telling the American people.

            This is how our wars are planned.

            If our government told the American and Iraqi people we are going to start a war in Iraq so we can control the world’s oil supply, what do you think the reaction would be? Who would be in favor?

            Believe what you will until you know more.
            Spend some time here:


            Check out more videos by Aaron Russo. He spent part of his life documenting what you need to know.

          • Ben Dover

            9/11 Truth Invades Cincinnati Fourth of July Parade