Ron Paul: Happy 4th of July!

Ron Paul: I’d like to take a minute and wish all the friends of freedom a happy 4th of July. This is a very important day in our history, and some days I wish we would remember more of what the 4th of July is all about. But it is a great day and the spirit is always upbeat. On 4th of July we’ll be attending a big parade in the district. But after that I want to take a little bit time off and spend some time at a family barbeque and at home. And I know a lot of you will those same types of festivities on this particular day.

But always remember, the 4th of July is when we did make a declaration. We made a declaration of independence. And it is interesting to note that if you go back and look at what the Declaration of Independence actually says, and if you stand up and support those views today, you’re liable to be put on a subversive list.

So we have our job cut out for ourselves. So we should think about the overall picture of where our country has been, where it is going and how difficult the task is and what a great job has been done and should be done with the continuation of the campaign for liberty.