Ron Paul at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas

Channel: Russia Today
Date: July 14, 2009

Reporter: Something is stirring on the U.S. politican scene: a libertarian group with real change on their minds, and the FreedomFest convention in Los Vegas is the perfect place to find them.

Ron Paul: You decide what’s good for you and what’s not.

Reporter: Including their fearless leader, Congressman Ron Paul.

Ron Paul: You belong to a unique group and you might feel frustrated at times as you say “well, we’re not 51% of the population”. And yet the effort and the value of a group like we have, that believe in liberty and understand it and is willing to work for it, it is like an army.

Reporter: Their demand is for the government to back off. Not right wing or left wing politics, but both economic and social freedom. An idea that’s inspiring many young people.

Ethan Czahor: This is the start of something that could be a great movement in 2012, 2016 down the road, and I want to be here at the beginning and want to just get the ball rolling.

Participant: A few years ago I had no views whatsoever, and I didn’t care about politics or economics. I became interested and found myself aligned with this group.

Alexander McCobin: We need to have students in the next generation of leaders stepping up to really take charge of their own lives and be able to protect their rights.

Reporter: One of the next generation leaders just could be Adam Kokesh, an Iraq veteran against the war, and a new congressional candidate from New Mexico. The power lies in his ideals and not in choosing a political party.

Adam Kokesh: We have a Democratic Party in charge that ran on a platform that they are not enacting. We had a government that’s out of control and totally out of balance with the Constitution. We believe that’s what it’s about; bringing us back to the agreed upon rules for society, just for starters.

Reporter: Washington better look out. Las Vegas is giving freedom a chance to breath. Call them freedom fighters or a bunch of angry people trying to bring down the system, one thing is for sure: this event is gaining momentum. And unless they see a drastic change in the way things are run here in America they will be back again next year for another FreedomFest. Linda Mayhosky, RT, Las Vegas.