Ron Paul: Government involvement causes price inflation in healthcare and education

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance’s Tech Ticker, Ron Paul talks about his concerns regarding the government taking a larger role in healthcare. Watch the full interview here.

Aaron Task: Healthcare is not a right, according to Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who also happens to be a doctor. Tech Ticker has come to Washington today to talk to the Congressman about many issues, including the Health Care legislation that seems to be on the fast track in Congress.

The Democrats this week put out a proposal that CBO says is going to cost over a trillion dollars for ten years. It was quickly passed by the Senate committee. Do you think that this proposal is going to become law?

Ron Paul: Part of it, probably. They don’t even blink their eye. A trillion bucks… and they’re completely wrong. They’ve never been right on projects of medical programs; whether it was Medicare or Medicaid or prescription drugs, they’re always off by 100%, 200%. It always costs a lot more. And even the projections of collected money… I mean maybe you make $300,000 or something a year…

Aaron Task: Not quite.

Ron Paul: So we need more people making $300,000 a year so we can tax it. But there is not enough money out there. The revenues are always off. Look at what is happening to the revenues right now, they are crashing. That’s why the deficit is exploding. We’re spending more, revenues are going down, and the members of Congress don’t even blink an eye.

Aaron Task: So is your concern about the money or the way the program is structured? I imagine that as a doctor you would prefer that all Americans had access to health care, as opposed to uninsured people using the emergency room as their family doctor.

Ron Paul: Yeah, I want everybody to have maximum care at the best price, and that’s why I want the government out of it completely. There is no authority for the federal government to be in medicine, except for military personal. So we want them out, we want to deliver healthcare like you deliver cellphones. With cellphones, the price goes down and everybody has one.

Aaron Task: But most people aren’t happy with their cellphone carrier though, right?

Ron Paul: Okay, there are too many government regulations on the carrier.

Aaron Task: Yes, of course.

Ron Paul: The healthcare system is a boondoggle created by the federal government, that’s where the inflation is. Governments print money, prices go up in certain areas more so than others, because the government is involved in medicine and education; that’s where you have the greatest amount of inflation. So if you want good healthcare at the best rate at the cheapest price possible, you have to have a market phenomenon.

Aaron Task: But the Democrats are saying there has to be a public option here.

Ron Paul: Well, of course, because they based it on a false assumption and understanding of human rights and personal liberties. They say you have a right to it. Well, I don’t have a right to medical care, I don’t have a right to a job, I don’t have a right to an automobile, I don’t have a right to a house. I have a right to my life and my liberty and to keep the fruits of my labor.

That’s where you get production and that’s where you have the best distribution and the wealthiest situation in the world; the market. But we’ve given up on that, we don’t have much faith in it, and this administration said, “No, all we need is to spend, borrow, print and just pass out the goodies and everyone is going to love us”.

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  • Joseph

    Joe and James…… guys are right on. One area that needs close scrutiny are the greedy health insurance companies.

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  • longshotlouie

    If one of your top concerns is healthcare, read this:


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  • Norris Hall

    Good response

    A revised parable

    One day a poor pregnant woman came to Ron Paul
    “Oh, wise one” cried the woman. “My husband has abandoned me and my children for another woman. I cannot support this child in my belly. I want to have an abortion. ”

    Ron Paul gazed upon the poor woman and replied “No. Woman. The baby in your belly has a right to life. Go and have your baby and forget about an abortion”
    So the woman had her baby.
    The baby was born gravely sick.
    It needed a doctor and expensive medical care.
    So the woman returned to the Congressman
    “Oh wise one. My baby is sick. But I am poor. I have no means of support and no health insurance. My child needs expensive medical care.”
    Ron Paul took the the poor woman’s hands in his.
    “Health care is not a right. My child. It is a good.” He reminded her . “You chose to marry an unreliable man. You chose to be a wife and mother instead of learning a trade to support yourself. We are all responsible for our choices. If your child is sick and you cannot afford a doctor you have no one to blame but yourself.

    The child died after much suffering

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    • longshotlouie

      That was your argument?

      Can you find the hole in your own bucket?

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    • Chris

      Wow that was pitiful… a liberal troll trying to inflame, just ignore it.

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      • Fred the Protectionist

        Well allot of you guys always wondered how Liberals think, here’s your chance to absorb some bits of information, but instead you’d rather just make comebacks.

        Another reason why you can’t win elections.

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  • Justin Time

    Health Care Bill Will Fund State Vaccine Teams to Conduct ‘Interventions’ in Private Homes

    They had better call for an appointment.

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  • longshotlouie

    Vice President Joe Biden told people attending an AARP town hall meeting that unless the Democrat-supported health care plan becomes law the nation will go bankrupt and that the only way to avoid that fate is for the government to spend more money.


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  • BankstaRule

    The elites are insane ….

    …. or evil?

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  • longshotlouie

    “Thank you very much, Richard, and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

    Foreign Policy Address at the Council on Foreign Relations

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC
    July 15, 2009

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  • longshotlouie

    Rep. Joseph Pitts, a Republican from Pennsylvania, had a strong reaction to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments about doing away with useless eaters “we don’t want to have too many of.” Pitts declared Ginsburg’s “eugenics way of thinking debases all human life” and he expressed shock that a Supreme Court justice would suggest certain categories of people are not worthy of life and should have been aborted.

    I rise to thank the gentleman from Pennsylvania for speaking up on this issue. Can I get a second?

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments provide a small window into the diabolical thinking of her masters. It is wholly predictable the corporate media and “liberal” and “conservative” bloggers have attempted to render it a political football instead of revealing the true nature of eugenics — it is the ultimate dream of the ruling elite to cull the useless eaters and the unwanted herd and political ideology is entirely secondary to the realization of their horrific and genocidal dream.

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  • Calgary Libertarian

    Things are really starting to get nutty. I think I am living in atlas shrugged. Lets hope Ron Paul runs and makes head way in 2012

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  • wana
  • BanksandGeithners

    I’m armed.

    I’ll be ordering an impenetrable vest.

    If we fall some of us in destroying the Fed then so be it, the Federal Reserve needed to die a long time ago.

    This country’s economy will die and so what when we know it’s already in the tank….


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  • Seth

    Be careful of what you try to get passed. It likely won’t unless the Govt. can use it for their agenda in some way. That’s how screwed up our country has gotten. The Govt. is full of dirty tricks and will stop at nothing to portray a certain image in order to protect itself. Clever but dirty!

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  • Seth

    Do you really think that the people in control of our country are going to just hand it over? They will only respond to the same tactics they use. Oppression, Lies, and Injustice. Our dimise is inevitible. While this may be true, don’t let it be said that we didn’t put up a fight. There’s something to be said for going down with dignity and honor. I say that every person in America needs to go on strike and demand the audit before we invest anymore time, energy, and resources.

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    • Non-Federal Non-Reserve


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  • david perkins

    If Ron Paul want to help America.He need to come into the main stream of todays issue and let go of that 1980’s issues,flat tax,government is the enemy,audits.I would like to see IRS audit Ron Paul.Let us see his,before anyone else.Either shut-up or put-up

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    • Non-Federal Non-Reserve

      If Obama want to help America. He need to come into the main stream of todays issue and let go of that 1910’s issues, income tax, federal reserve is the friend, secrecy. I would like to see IRS audit Obama. Let us see his, before anyone else. Either shut-up or put-up.

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  • Layton Lang

    Ron Paul’s interview on healthcare reform today, was way off base. He stated that the reason for healthcare inflation was due to government design. Let me remind everyone, the government does not pay for all healthcare, 46%. If his statement were true, then private insurance would be extremey affordable….wrong. Next, he proclaimed that we need to allow market forces to take affect in controling costs. He is right that over the years, the line item amount paid to a medical provider has been reduced by 50%. What he failed to mention is that providers have compensated their losses in income by providing more services. In a sense we are victims of our own free market economy. So , we need a catalyst for change. We have tried free market and self reform and those have not worked. Why not have some outside intervention.

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    • Joe

      I have to agree that government does not pay for all healthcare, but I must respectfully disagree that if they did, private healthcare would be extremely affordable. I think the opposite, in fact, is true. Especially if the government mandated their healthcare. Private insurance companies would be on the road to collapse. Next…the government does NOT pay for ANY healthcare…WE do, with our unconstitutional, unapportioned income taxes…so why should I have to pay for everyone’s healthcare? restructure the welfare department instead. These are the people that it was put in place to help. Instead it is given to people sitting on their rear-ends not working for generations. Sure, there are people that use it for what it was made for. Most just shake the system down and it has come to be more of a lifestyle than what it was intended to be, which is a temporary help. Hasn’t this administration caused enough debt for us? I DO think that the increase in healthcare costs from providers was, at least partially, caused by increasing frivolous malpractice lawsuits and other frivolous legal action. In order to pay the increasing cost of malpractice insurance. Now, as I said, this is not the whole of the problem or even the majority, but it contributes.
      There are also documented cases from France and Canada, places with nationalized healthcare, that come here to our hospitals and get things done because their own national healthcare wouldn’t give them treatment they needed. Also, have you read the healthcare bill? It’s full of nothing but giving the government more power over things they should have no power over or be involved in. One other important fact is, free market made this country great. the problem is NOT free market, the problem is the government over-regulating the market. The market will take care of itself. If things fail, then they fail. In a true free market, costs MUST be kept reasonable or the people will go somewhere else. The government running healthcare? You have to be kidding me. These are the same people that have lost our social security money. As far as government healthcare goes, ask a native american. They have been on government healthcare for a long time. There’s a reason why they say they hate it. The fact is that the Federal government is already in places that it has no business being in. I confess that I am no economist. I’m just a regular guy that goes to work everyday, trying to make ends meet, but i’m smart enough to know that what I DON’T need is more government involvement in things they shouldn’t be in and more taxes taken from me to pay for it. Respectfully….

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      • James OHare

        Big government doesn’t work. Layton is incorrect in the statement: “We have tried free market and self reform and those have not worked. Why not have some outside intervention.”

        Here’s why: (1) We have NOT tried the free market. This country has never had a free market. Politicians have interfered with the free market (to our detriment) as long as we’ve had politicians. (2) I’m not sure what was meant by “self reform.” Perhaps Layton meant government regulatory bodies attempting to reform business or business practices. If that’s what you mean, of course it didn’t work. How can a bunch of out of touch politicians in Washington know how to create regulations (self reform ?) of an industry in which they have absolutely no knowdedge? They can’t. (3) It’s governmental intervention that CAUSES problems in the first place. (I suggest you, and everyone else, log on to and get yourself a real education on economics and how it relates to politics). And finally (4) In relation to health care: since when has adding a whole new layer of government bureaurcracy ever LOWERED costs? (Hint: NEVER!).

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        • CANAM

          right on James

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        • Joe

          You’re right James….but I think that we did have a little bit of a free market at one time (I could be wrong), because it was what made this country great and the powerhouse it became, but you’re absolutely correct. As long as politicians have been in Washington, they have done nothing but take all the things that really work with this country and lay them to waste. They are the ones that enabled all the manufacturing jobs to go to taiwan, china, mexico, etc…We lost everything when we went from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, of course that’s not the ONLY reason but I think that’s what caused the most damage to our economy. We no longer have the ability to reasonably sustain our economy from within. That’s what I think, anyway. I’m gonna check out that site you brought up. I don’t really know as much about economics as I’d like to, or as I need to, but I do have eyes and a brain that is capable of thought and it’s not hard to see that anytime the government gets involved with anything…it’s a recipe for certain failure.

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      • Chris

        Very well put Joe, you are spot on, and represent what most clear minded, hard working Americans think on the subject.

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  • Libertarian777

    Joe, in short, the right to healthcare exists and existed before this bill.

    However, you have to define this ‘right’.

    This bill as passed is only about access to health insurance. Access to health insurance and access to health CARE are two separate things.

    I have not, except in cases of extreme emergencies with multiple casualties, heard of any ER turning anyone away. That is actual health CARE (there are long debates about the lines etc, and preventative care but I won’t go down that rabbit hole to keep this short).

    However, the question you must ask is when does your RIGHT supercede MY right?

    Does your ‘right’ to healthcare supercede my right to my own labour? If it doesn’t then I am an indentured servant of the state, and I work for the state and for the state’s citizens. That is a strictly socialist view of the world.

    Freedom means I am free to associate with who I wish, free to spend my funds as I wish, and free to choose my doctors, healthcare insurance and providers etc.

    The current state of health insurance, and health care before this bill was passed reflects the already socialised health insurance. This bill just took the socialism that much further (Medicare/Medicare are unfunded and are taxing current taxpayers to pay for entitlements to retirees and those who cannot afford health insurance).

    Now the short term view, that many people have is, YES no one can now be denied health insurance due to pre-existing conditions. However long term you have to ask, why are premiums higher for people with pre-existing conditions? For the simple fact that the incidence cost of treatment will be higher for them as a population. Moral arguments aside, from a purely financial point of view, if the incidents of health care required by this population is higher, the associated costs are higher, and consequently the premiums of the members would be higher to cover such costs.

    However, since the government intends to blend these costs, and force the healthy to fund the sick, if it is not done equitably, inevitably the health insurance fund will be short of funds (more sick people have more costs), and the only way the government can close this gap is to tax more in the long run.

    There is a good book from the Cato institute that was offered for free for a while (you have to purchase it now), however their website provides most of the same information:

    I suggest you read up there and come to your own conclusions.

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