Ron Paul: If Obama wants change he should support Fed audit

Show: Glenn Beck Show
Date: 7/14/2009

Glenn Beck: Let me go to Ron Paul now. He’s the congressman from Texas. Congressman, you know, I draw the spider web up here and I see it and I think to myself, at the center of this really is the Fed. They’re in this thing all the way around and yet, you want to talk about powerful people. You’ve got a majority of congressmen that are willing to say, “We need to open up the books of the Fed.” You can’t even get this thing brought to the floor now. Why is that?

Ron Paul: Well, so far, we haven’t been able to. We have 273, which includes almost 90 Democrats, so the large majority of the congressmen want it. They don’t want it because they really understand the issue and they’re not motivated by a philosophy as much as the fact that this has struck a chord with the American people and the American people are demanding more transparency. So I think this is very good.

Now, I think we had the first demonstration last week when Jim DeMint tried to bring it up in the Senate. Even though he was doing exactly what they had done four times on that same bill, they ruled him out of order and said, “Well, you’re not following the rules.” That means the information is just coming up from above and on down. That means from the administration and leadership, both Republicans and Democrats, so what they…

Glenn Beck: So who is blocking it? Can you name names? Who is blocking it?

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t know the individual, but I would know one thing, if Obama wanted change and change in the system, at least exposure, he could do something, but, you know, he got nearly a million dollars from Goldman Sachs.

Glenn Beck: I know.

Ron Paul: So we don’t expect anything from the administration, the same people. You know, this to me is a perfect example of my argument that I’ve made and I think you’ve generally agreed with it, there’s not a whole lot of difference between the two parties.

Glenn Beck: No.

Ron Paul: You know, they’re owned by the same people, the same influence, the same money that influence these people.

Glenn Beck: I tell you I respect Karl Rove, but this morning I had Karl Rove on my radio program and I brought this up, about the Fed and I said, “Well, you know, shouldn’t we have some transparency?” Here we have him… we’ll show on tomorrow’s program a video of somebody who is the Inspector General for the Fed, supposed to oversee them.

What about the $9 trillion that are off the books? What happened to that? They had no idea and I asked Karl Rove, I said, “Shouldn’t we be able to see this stuff?” And he said, “Well, no, no, I mean, we’ve had the Fed since 1912. I don’t think we need it. I mean, we need the Fed.” And that wasn’t the question. Shouldn’t we be able to see what they’re doing?

Ron Paul: That is exactly it and you take this Goldman Sachs issue, wouldn’t it be revealing if we were able to get the transcripts and all the agreements and discussion that all Treasury and all Federal Reserve officials have had with Goldman Sachs? I mean, that would be a revelation.

But boy, they’re hysterical when they think we’re coming down close to saying that we might be able to open up the books. I finally got some information the other day that during another crisis in the Central America, the banks were in trouble and our Fed went to the IMF and told the IMF to pay the interest to the banks. I mean, that’s how corrupt it is and the whole thing is as this system continues to falter, they’re not going to give up. They’re going to move all these shenanigans over to the IMF. They’re going to have a world organization, so the powerful elite then will have a world currency. That’s what they are planning for right now. So we as a people really have to wake up.

My effort is exposing the Fed, opening up the books. The American people want it and we have both Republicans and Democrats demanding it, but you made the right point, how are we going to get the leadership to do what the American people are demanding?

Glenn Beck: How much time do we have, Ron? How much time do we have to wake up?

Ron Paul: That is hard to say. Timing is really tough in Austrian economics. We know what the inevitable outcome will be, but I would guess it’s just a few more years. I would think the handwriting to be clearly on the wall before Obama finishes his first term.

Glenn Beck: Okay.

Ron Paul: Which means the next shoe is the crisis in the dollar, the value of the dollar, not just the financial system.

Glenn Beck: Okay.

Ron Paul: We will see high inflation rates soon.

Glenn Beck: Okay, Congressman Ron Paul. Thank you very much, Sir.

  • This is a very revealing interview “better than ever” with Ron!

    JFK said “If peaceful change is made impossible, then violent
    change will be inevitable”. NOT Obama “change” of course!

  • Rob

    It’s been very exciting to see how Dr. Paul has been keeping on this issue, along with the senate version that is starting to gain momentum.

    I’d also like to say that it’s nice to have the transcript typed out along with the audio/video files on the site. It really does help. Thanks for that!

  • Mike

    Obama wants to give more power to the Federal Reserve. We all know Obama will not support this bill. I suspect the only thing that will work at removing these corrupt people will be a revolution by the people. I wonder if it will come down to an angry mob? If that’s what it takes, then so be it, count me in. I’m tired of this, I DEMAND actual change as Ron Paul suggests.