Poll: When should Congress vote on HR 1207?

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve, HR 1207, is now co-sponsored by more than 62% of the House of Representatives. All Republican congressmen have co-sponsored the bill and the number of Democrats is growing rapidly. When should Nancy Pelosi bring the bill to a vote: now, later this year, or never?

When should Nancy Pelosi bring HR 1207, the bill to audit the Fed, to a vote?

  • Immediately. (84%, 1,036 Votes)
  • Later this year. (11%, 137 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain) (3%, 35 Votes)
  • Never. (2%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,229

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  • Non-Federal Non-Reserve

    “I don’t know how the babyboomers could be bought off with those financially unsound programs.”

    The government doesn’t care about “financial soundness”. They can always print print print (with the help of a private corporation that’s not federal and has no reserve)!

    • Non-Federal Non-Reserve

      And that’s really why the “Federal Reserve” has no right to exist. Politicians literally buy voters with welfare statist programs, and they print as much money as they want for welfare statist programs without being held accountable for it (by passing the blame to the “Federal Reserve” and/or pretending that no money was actually printed).

    • Christine

      I was referring to your implication that babyboomers could be bought off with those government programs, not mine! You see, up the thread a bit you say the government will try to buy them with soc. sec. and medicare.

      I don’t think babyboomers will be bought off. I see them as a mighty force in their own right, defending their liberties, retirements, freedom.

      I know all that about the FED, about our financially corrup government. They will be audited and I look forward to the day!

  • Christine

    More babyboomers need to become aware of HR 1207 to put the pressure on their representatives. Some babyboomers are retired now and the more of them that retire, the better. They have the available time to campaign for liberty, sponsor group meetings in their homes and neighborhoods, and become a large powerful force. A mighty force in numbers! …and it’s their retirement that has been stepped on with this economic crisis. The elitists probably don’t like this fact (overpopulation topic), but they could rise up in a large mass against what is happening. They remember history and have seen many changes over their lifetime. There might be a wealth of convincing info, justification, in them to share with the general public re: HR 1207.

    • Non-Federal Non-Reserve

      They’ll try to buy all those baby boomers off with “Social Security” and “Medicare” (only so they can poison you).

      • Christine

        Both government programs are failing. I don’t know how the babyboomers could be bought off with those financially unsound programs. That’s another reason why it’s a big concern over any government run programs “for the people”. The government sucks at money management and the FED that influences government run programs (because it controls the money) are not really interested in welfare of the people, only in what sounds good and appeals to the people at the time (temporary appeal while the program lasts) so they can use it to further their NWO plans. They never waiver from the NWO plans. It undermines every otherwise benefit from “our money”.

        Rise up babyboomers! Get knowledgeable, become aware and pass it on! A revolution has already begun in France.





    We’ll calculate this move in military language, for the perfect time to strike….at the source of the problem. The Federal Reserve mafia…

  • chris martin

    as long as the number of democratic co-sponsers goes up, we should wait. the more of them we have on our side, the better our chances are. and if its not passed after acumulating more democratic signatures it be even more emphatic to the sleeping americans that something is wrong

    • Christine

      Good to get more democratic awareness on HR 1207 (271 co-sponsors), and we also have to consider barney frank is trying to get another bill passed that would put employees of the FED in a newly formed government Agency. They will have former ties with the FED and now would be more involved in our government’s financial workings from the inside and outside. Barney Frank is trying to get their bill passed first. It seems like a game of chess with HR 3126 (12 co-sponsors)Consumer Financial Protection Agency.


    Either way we will learn how these banks operate…

    Then people will use their critical thinking skills to decide whether such a system can be salvaged….or if a new direction is needed.

    I see nothing that would make more of a difference other than an audit since America wants to know if Paulson etc. is the tip of the iceberg…

    • Christine

      If you can get passed the pencil guy to listen to his record of history with the bankers and the federal reserve, you will see how they work, how they are responsible, and that we have been here many times before trying to get rid of them! First video is lengthy, but so is our history with the elitist bankers.


      I’d like them gone for good. I can see how wars would cease and the financial distrubiton over the globe would end. Good people will prosper again.

      • Christine

        The committee’s report should be drawn up, then 1207 should come out of committee and be open for discussion and debate on the house and senate floor for vote, then pres. O’s signature. In the meantime, more Americans need to be aware and know the truth of the FED.

  • Mike

    Then we might as well do it now and get it over with, no point stalling the issue and wasting time and money.

  • Sean

    It doesn’t make a difference of when it gets passed, as long as it gets passed. An audit now would reveal the same thing an audit would reveal a year from now and would bring justice to where it is needed.