Poll: Should Congress Abolish the Federal Reserve?

Some economists have identified the Federal Reserve as the cause of the “boom and bust” cycle, while others insist that its continued existence is essential to preventing another Great Depression. What should Congress do? Abolish the Fed entirely, just make it more transparent, open it up to free-market competition, leave it as it is, or make it even more powerful?

Should Congress Abolish the Federal Reserve?

  • Yes (84%, 2,422 Votes)
  • It depends on what the audit reveals (7%, 202 Votes)
  • No, just make it more transparent (5%, 158 Votes)
  • No, just allow competing currencies (2%, 45 Votes)
  • Other (explain) (1%, 33 Votes)
  • No, make it even more powerful (as Obama suggests) (0%, 14 Votes)
  • No, leave it as it is (0%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,881

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  • Abolish the Federal Reserve do away with Federal Reserve notes along with the interest.The Federal Reserve must give an account.Since they are fighting to be audited thats proof they are an illegal operation robbing the American tax payer.

    Filthy dirty crafty Jesuits.

  • Robert

    No, I don’t think that abolishing it would be the thing to do as then Congress would be in charge of managing the money system and we all know what a mess they make of everything they touch.

    • longshotlouie

      The congress has to answer to voters, voters that are more awake than in recent history. And voters that are not awake yet, will be soon.

      The Fed answers to noone.
      Hmmmm… who should I let control my money?

      The Congress won’t ask for 6% up front.

      The Congress won’t call it a loan and attach interest.

      What should we do?

    • Kevin

      Robert, first, the Constitution demands that whether you like it or not, Congress must coin money and regulate its value, not the Fed. Second, if you don’t trust Congress to do it (and I don’t either), then spread the word that we must vote out the current members of Congress and get better people in there. We have no such option with the Fed.

  • Sandy

    I find it absolutely astonishing that a bill must be passed to audit the Federal Reserve.
    How absurd is that? Should have been done all along. I would like to see the names of those who have helped to keep it hidden.

    • Sam Jam

      “I would like to see the names of those who have helped to keep it hidden”

      Now you’re just bein mean-spirited…..LOL….JUST LIKE ME! I’d like to see a that list too. It brings certain words to my mind…..like “treason”?

  • WR Carb

    I keep reading about how many co-sponsors we currently have but I can’t seem to find how many we need. What is the target number in both the house and senete to make this a reality? Could anyone please explain this to me. Thank you. – WR

    • Sam Jam

      How many to pass a bill? I believe the number is 218? It now has 270 co-sponsors. Someone told me that Pelosi and Obama are in a panic because they want to turn the Federal Reserve into the new US Bank. That’ll sure rain on their parade won’t it?

  • Whether people believes it or not the Popes have ruled America through her Jesuits for years.Its a matter of time before Rome has complete control in America.The Jesuits are tied to the Federal reserve.

    The “Federal” Reserve Bank was established in 1913 by John D. Rockefeller!!

    President Kennedy opposed the “Federal” Reserve Bank.

    President Kennedy opposed the corrupt “Federal” Reserve System in 1963 and it cost him his life.

    Like Lincoln, President Kennedy opposed the banksters and it cost him his life.

    On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve.

    Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.

    Soon after President Kennedy’s assassination, {NOTE:JESUIT} President Johnson debased the coinage by removing ALL the silver from the silver coins and shipping it off to Switzerland.

    Jesuits from Rome are responcible for every evil in America and have even hijacked Christianity through its dispensational pre-trib rapture heresy and yet most protestants believe it right along with the Jesuit Federal reserve system.

    Run the Jesuits out of America and shut down their Federal Reserve system and let America have her own interest free printed money.

    When you get payed for your work the Jesuits gets what is held out in tax.When you purchase things you pay the Jesuits tax again.When you file your income tax and you have to pay in then the Jesuits get another payment from you.So really you are not getting but roughly 30% percent of your income after its all said and done and Romes Jesuits gets the rest.Dont forget our Government is full of Jesuits from Rome to do the popes dirty deeds.

    Do away with the Federal Reserve and her Jesuits then all of your money will belong to you.I also believe the Federal Reserve when tore apart should pay the American worker 20% percent of money they have made over the years worked.

    Research Jesuits and the Federal Reserve.

  • Sam Jam

    Quote:”I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson, after signing the Federal Reserve into existence

    What else do we need to know? How about this? Ron Paul/Jesse Ventura For President and V/P. Then Chuck Baldwin can be the secretary of the treasury. Willie Nelson can be the secretary of agriculture, now that him and Jesse are good friends. I wanna say Chuck Norris…..LOL…. but instead I’ll say Senator Graham would make an excellent secretary of defense.

    And there are many more who want to see this country go back to it’s roots, and they would do a wonderful job for the American people. Right now we can settle this peacefully with our constitutional right vote. But doing nothing will make it inevitable that we end up settling it with our revolutionary right to overthrow. Lincoln himself stated that as Americans, we could have it either way. Let’s do everything in our power to try and do it the first way. We still have the vote!

  • Jeff

    Looking at this realistically, we first need to get a thorough audit of the FED. Depending on what that reveals, we can best consider next steps. Clearly the FED is a cabal of machiavellian elitists and needs to be either terminated or greatly weakened. Our Constitution is clear, Congress should be in the business of money and monetary policy, not the FED. What has happened via the FED, Bernanke, and Geithner et al in the past months and years is tantamount to complete grand larceny against the American people. I am stunned at Obama’s complicity with these schemes.

    • Sam Jam

      “I am stunned at Obama’s complicity with these schemes.”

      Actually when Obama guaranteed that he would always respect the rights of the father son hunt….and the tradition of target shooting??????? Ya know….for the life of me I couldn’t find that in the constitution. However….I DID find the REAL reason we have the right to keep and bear arms……Because of presidents and governments like HIM….At any rate….when he said that I knew exactly what he was all about. I tried to have the attitude, “Give him a chance”. Well I consider that giving him a chance and he just struck out BIG TIME!!! Anything else or any other kind of shocking complicity should not surprise you. He’s about as different from Bush, McCain, or Clinton, as Coke is from Pepsi.

    • Mark

      I agree with you guys (Matt and Kevin), however as bad as it may be, if everybody voted for slavery, at least to some extent it would be the will of the people and not the minority that are in control. When the people are provided true and accurate information through the media, they are definately capable of voting for the right things. (As I do believe most people wouldn’t want something like slavery as we all know that nobody would want to be a slave) Obama won thanks to the media.
      My point about Switzerland was that it is a one of the few countries where civil liberties and human rights are among the most respected in the world. As I have said, it is still far from being perfect, but they are on the right track. Even Ron Paul said he admired Switzerland in his speech at Google. The point is, the power should be totally descentralized and given back to the states, and our Federal Government should just be a body to oversee and make sure that everything runs smoothly, but must stay out of people’s and business’ everyday life. Much like a gardener trying to grow his crops as best he can. But of course for this “dream” to take place, we all know that you need to have the right mechanisms in place to allow real freedom to flourish.
      With this I leave you, and remember RON PAUL REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!
      VOTE FOR RON PAUL IN 2012!!!!!!!! Have a good day everybody.

  • Voted other. Who will be in charge if the Fed no longer exists? Congress? Treasury? Some other new agency? Why will this be better? Congress passes the budget and spends and spends and buys votes.

    • Kevin


      Congress is in charge of coining money and setting its value, that’s who. Without the Fed, Congress will have no one to hide behind in setting policy, so I’d guess they’d be a little more responsible in how they handle policies related to our money system, since it will be them, and only them who has to answer for it.

      • Bob Veigel

        Kevin, would like to think you are correct, but my guess is they will find some way to avoid accountability. Politicians are not leaders and people of virtue and morals and decency. They are pimps looking for voters and will promise their souls to get elected or re-elected. Hope and pray I am wrong and you are right.

        • Kevin

          Bob, you may be right. But maybe it’s not that they’re bad people, per se, but maybe they’re good people who have sort of become bad by the system we’ve put them in – meaning allowing Congress to tax citizens in the first place, giving them an almost unlimited supply of money. This can corrupt almost anyone. Once the Fed came into being, they also started levying an income tax on our production, and that was really the start of the end of our liberty, and the build up of a new power for Congress that they were never really supposed to have over us.

          • Bob Veigel

            Kevin, you are too kind. May there be more like you and maybe we will recover. However, I will not bet the store on that. This is my 82nd year on this earth and we may fly faster, drive faster, have better health care, have improved adding machines, etc. But I can remember when a hand shake sealed a deal, when a man’s word meant something, when contracts were honored, when you could leave your house and car unlocked and not worry, could hitch hike or pick-up a hitch-hiker, when you could walk down any street at any hour and not be afraid or keep looking over your shoulder. In that regard we have regressed. And I believe there are some that cannot be corrupted no matter what. That approach does not compute with me, looking for excuses and justification for actions rather than the character of a man or women. But that is the world today, no one is at fault, it is someone or something else that made them take the inappropriate action. Anyhow, the best to you and yours.

          • Mark

            Politicians don’t have to be the greedy or bad people that they are made out to be. If we have direct democracy, politicians will be good politicians, as long as we the people make sure that they answer directly to us, and only to us. We the people must keep a tight grip on our government and not the other way round. I say this because I am a big admirer of Swiss politics. For those who don’t know much about Switzerland, it is one of the most free countries in the world. The Swiss people vote for almost everything. “Do you want to built a bridge?, lets vote”, “Do you want to legalize Marijuana, lets vote”, Whatever it is, they vote!!!!!! The federal government of Switzerland answers to the cantons (states).

            I wish the states in America would exercise their power to keep the Federal Government in line.
            People must take charge of their future. Stop sitting around waiting for Government to take care of you, because if that is what you want, go live in North Korea then. Children must be taught in detail from the earliest age about the United States Constitution, so that they have it in their heads, what freedom is, what are your rights! so as to never let this happen to America. This country is too great to let it slip down this dangerous path. Believe me, a Totalitarian America will be far more dangerous than Nazi Germany was!

            God bles you all and God bless America!

          • Matt

            “The Swiss people vote for almost everything. “Do you want to built a bridge?, lets vote”, “Do you want to legalize Marijuana, lets vote”,”

            So does California, and look how that is working out for them… A mishmash of laws, taxes, and regulations…

          • Kevin

            Matt makes a good point, and I know, I am in California. But to put it another way, what if a majority of citizens woke up tomorrow and decided they wanted to bring back slavery… in Mark’s world, they could vote it in! We must maintain a Constitutional Republic to protect individuals from the potential tyranny of the voters, especially now that voters are so easily manipulated by a corrupt media.

          • Bob Veigel

            Kevin, one of your comments mentioned slavery. Suppose the majority voted for its return. Kevin, it has already been voted on and we are all slaves. High taxes, political correctness, restrictions on speech, restrictions on smoking, slaves to Congress and government, slaves to poor education, restrictions on many business activities. And there are more, these are just a few.

          • Kevin

            Bob, all good points about slavery, and I agree with you all the way. When I mentioned slavery, I was, of course, talking about the forced labor inflicted on Africans and others before the Civil War, mostly in the South. I was making a broader point that we NEED certain inalienable rights granted by our Constitution that can not be voted away.

          • VR

            We are different from slaves in that slaves are not in debt.

    • Calvery

      If we get rid of the Feds., it would be very dangerous because the “Senate and Congress” are the only problems. Senate and Congress send way to much money to other Countries. They give contracts to friends and they intern donate to there campaigns and other deals.

      Americans work like donkeys and slaves for the whole world.

      Slaves are in debt to there master holders for hard work and no happiness.

      Now Senator Harry Reid is getting very large donations from insurance companies for his campaign. I’M sure they will get medical contracts under the new laws they are pushing for in health insurance. Look under Federal campaign donations. Is that every scary because Congress and Senate politicians have political enemies they hate. Then they can request and have withheld medical procedures so they die.

      Sounds like a veiled new Communism is moving in control right now right?

      • RUNWO?

        Corruption is the issue.

        One of the causes of corruption besides the Fed, is the ability to legally bribe public officials through lobbying (or a million other names) for favors.

        If only individuals were allowed to donate (at the current rate even) you would not see the corruption you see today.

        Term limits also need to be imposed. There are 300 million people in this country, I’m sure that there are more than 500 qualified and willing to serve a term in Congress. Sorry Dr. Paul… you’d be the only one I’d hate to see go.

  • Kevin

    The question is, how are we going to get the message, or even the topic, about the Fed, out to the public. We have a seemingly impenetrable barrier of mainstream media that will not bring the subject to the people. Once we figure this out, then we can start to hope for consensus on topling the illegal Fed. I honestly don’t know the solution… the govt/corporate elite/media have taken full control of our airwaves, and for lack of a better term, have taken mind control over most citizens via the media, so we’ve got a tough road ahead. I would love to hear ideas!

    • Mike

      How to spread the message? It’s easy actually.

      Show your friends and family sites like this one, email them links and explain how this is will affect them all. Show them articles explaining how the Fed really works. Get them to write your Congresspeople and Senators demanding a full, transparent, and unhindered Federal Reserve audit. Get involved, ask to volunteer in local rallies.

      • Kevin


        Your heart is in the right place, but I have to disagree with you on the facts. It is simply NOT the easy task you described. I have been trying to get my family and friends to see the light for years with little luck.

        The truth is, if they don’t see it on CNN or CNBC or Fox News, and they hear ME talk about it, then I am a kook. You know the score, like with anything, those closest to you have to hear it from someone ELSE – not from you, for them to even take it seriously, and people like us, you, me, the rest of this group, and few and far in between.

        So I maintain my original point, that without either breaking into mainstream media, or somehow getting citizens to see mainstream media for the joke that it is, we are going to have a major uphill battle in getting the public onboard with us, or even to hear our arguments.

        To be clear – it won’t stop me from hounding my friends and family on the subjects, but the results we want from doing so will be limited.

        • longshotlouie

          I vote to let the MSM continue to dig their own grave.

          • RUNWO?

            This is what Fox News and others would like you to believe will happen. Newspapers around the country are losing readers daily. They are still lauding the NWO on their front pages. This is because the Ted Turners who own the papers and stations are getting paid more to cover up truth then they would to report it.

  • This is a unconstitutional entity. It is against the law and should be abolished.

    It is a goverment santioned – quasi private – banking cartel

    For the sake of our country, we need to tie our dollar to gold and silver- and END THE FED

  • Meagan S.

    The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE organization, not a government agency, that has been given the ability to set and carry out US monetary policy which is a gross breach of our constitution as it was intended by our founding fathers. The audit is important because it will give fact to suspicions, and shine the light on a secretive unknown darkness. It may or may not uncover illegal criminal behavior requiring a court trial and the proof of guilty as charged in order. However, that’s irrelevant: the Federal Reserve system, even if ‘proven innocent’ of causing the economic crisis or other crimes, should be eliminated because the whole money system is broken and no longer fits the needs of ‘we the people’. It controls the money supply and falsely keeps it in short supply so we the people have to fight each other for jobs and sacrifice time with our families to work in impossible situations for less and less rewards, while at the same time we are expected to foot an ever-increasing bill committed to us by others, not ourselves. The Federal Reserve role and purpose holds the world falsely in a model of scarcity where we the people are held slaves to the debt-driven system. It’s a man-made system, it’s broken, and it does not have to be this way. What a scam! If we want our children to have a better life than we did it is imperative for the Federal Reserve to be dismembered and an era of economic freedom be escorted in. There may never be a better chance than now to end the Fed and reset the money system based on real value, and not debt.

  • steven anonymous

    Yes get rid of the Federal Reserve and release all those who have been jailed for not paying the IRS through their illegal tax system.America needs her own tax free printed money and all those connected with the federal reserve needs to be given life in prison.

    Here you go this should help you make the right decision about the Federal Reserve.


    • RUNWO?

      What about everyone who has supported the Fed and IRS?
      Congress who has not aboloshed it in almost 100 years. The Supreme Court which has not ruled on these matters although CLEARLY unconstitutional. Let’s focus on shutting it down rather than burning everyone involved (although they are criminal and deserve it)

  • sean
  • d Holzer

    Expose the Fed and then abolish it! Completely do away with fractional reserve banking, it inspires and invites corruption.

    • The Federal Reserve Bank & IRS should be disolved.
      Both institution are unconstitutional. They only serve as a means for the elite owers of the Fed to steal money from the people. The IRS was invented by the owners of the Fed to steal as well. The USA today is not a constitutional republic it is fascist regime. Corporation in bed with the government. Preemted war against soverin nations for the profit of the banks and the military war industry.

  • Forrest

    1. The Fed should be dissolved

    2. an amendment should be proposed and passed stating that Congress shall set the size of the economy in dollars at a fixed amount, and a regulatory body should be put in place to ensure that that the numbers of dollars in the economy remains fixed. This will prevent inflation.

    3. Congress should begin cutting Defense and entitlement spending and begin paying down the defecit.

    4. The Income Tax system should be abolished and replaced with a consumption tax. Taxing income is effectively taxing productivity. When we tax productivity, jobs end up getting exported overseas, and with those paying jobs goes American Dollars. If we remove the income tax system, we can start to see more of our currency staying within our borders. More currency staying here means more spending, and under a consumption tax system, more spending equals more revenue for the government, which can then begin to pay down it’s debt.

    With lower debt comes a greater value of the Dollar, and if the money I save at age 30 is worth as much or more by time I reach retirement age, there will be less need for social security.

    The Fed is the root cause of all of these issues, in conjunction with Congress’s unbridled spending.

  • richard fraige

    kick out the crown once and for all and take back the blood gold they have userped——-

  • Diane Eck

    Audit or Abolish! Let’s give the Fed a short menu.

  • Lindsey Brutus

    In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. Although most on this site will say abolish the Fed. I think that we need to give the audit a chance. Then people will see that we need to abolish the Fed. although I could see keeping an agency to enforce laws that would have to be created as a result of its abolishment. The biggest debate would be whether to eliminate fractional banking altogether or modify the percentage of required reserves. Either way this agency would have its hands full with un-scrupulous bankers trying to dodge the law but I guess we already have that problem. The percentage now is I believe 15%. Maybe raise it to 75% and we could get by on that. (The bankers are going to have a large rate of suicides in this country if things come to this) Maybe they will find out what it is to work for a living!

    • sean

      I think they are planning to raise capital requirements.

      Here is a written testimony from today on what is going on and the changes they are planning to make. You can watch the annual hearing right now live on cspan.org


      • longshotlouie

        A begging of the market followed by a veiled threat to the citizen.

      • Bill

        See what the Constitution says…

    • Joe

      Also, lindsey…while you are correct that in this country we are innocent until proven guilty there is another provision that is just as important. Our own Constitution states that we are not to have a Central Bank. Our founders KNEW that a central bank was bad news and thus stated we were not to have one. it is NOT Constitutional. So, on those grounds alone we should abolish the Fed.

      • Lindsey Brutus

        Joe, I’m aware of that but we haven’t been able to get it abolished through the courts so I guess we will have to do it legislatively.

        • Joe

          Lindsey, I am not in disagreement with you. I guess I just don’t have any hope that this legislative group will do anything of consequence. There are too few voices supporting our Constitution in our Congress.

        • Sam Jam

          Author: Lindsey Brutus
          Sean- The pinwheels are spinning in your eyes! You and Arianna that is! I guess you are one of the folks that voted to give the Fed more power in this poll. Go drink some more Kool-aid and ask your buddy Ben for a loan. Put in a good word for our country while you’re at it!

          I’m gonna go ahead and assume you commented to the wrong person. Because that’s exactly the opposite of what I said want. You either didn’t read my comment or you got me mixed up with someone else but at any rate, this is not the place to run your mouth with no social skills. If you wanna talk to people like that go find a chat room somewhere. There ARE people here who would rather be right than loud.

          • Lindsey Brutus

            Sam Jam: My comment was for Sean and not directed at you. Sorry if I got carried away but Sean has a tendancy to get a lot of us that comment here fired up. I should attribute the “pinwheels” comment to its original author Longshot Louie also!

          • sam jam

            “Sam Jam: My comment was for Sean and not directed at you”

            My settings where supposed to only alert me of replies to my own comments so I thought that was directed at me. I too apologize for the mix up, but I don’t apologize for my comment about the way we talk to one another. I sometimes have to walk away and take a breath too, because I realize it will not help our cause to start acting like YouTubers. Thanks for your reply and thanks for clearing that up.

            “Nibiru may not be coming in 2012 but Ron Paul IS!” And you can quote me on that.

    • Lancelot

      The problem with fractional reserve banking is that it always leads to less reserve requirements always until you get into a mess like this. 100 percent sound money is the answer to this. No more fed no more of the fiat system actuall money backed by actuall gold and silver.

    • RUNWO?

      Innocent until proven guilty? A cliche’ but what does this mean? No one is on trial… yet.

      Innocent of what charges?

      The Fed is unconstitutional… hence illegal.
      Income Taxes are unconstitutional… hence illegal.
      I think that if a true audit of the Fed was to take place, you would find a myriad of instances of Embezzeling, Fraud, Racketeering, Collusion, Price Fixing, Bribing public officials, etc. etc. etc.

      The Fed is probably shredding papers around the clock as we speak to hide criminal activity.

      The only reason to audit the Fed, is Ron Paul hasn’t been able to get anywhere near enough votes to abolish it. Perhaps with all the dirty laundry aired (or at least some)… more support will come to abolish.

      Why do we need fractional banking? So oligarchs can earn interest on imaginary money??? This is inflation for the sole purpose of allowing banks to gamble money they do not have. It is just setting banks up to fail. When banks fail… real, hardworking people lose their money (or the gov’t bails them out with the people’s money.)

  • Mike

    Let me update my previous post. I do think we need to first expose their crimes to the public masses who are still unaware of what’s going on. Once they become outraged, things will move swiftly.

    • Lindsey Brutus

      Mike: I agree totally with your update. I just saw Mr. Grayson basically uncovering one of those crimes on C-SPAN 3. I’m sure it will make national TV. I’m sure some of you on this site saw the proceedings that just concluded and if you saw this then I’m sure you’re laughing as hard as Grayson was!

      • sean

        It wont make national tv, Mr. Grayson just exposed what President Obama has already told the people and that the fed has already told everyone, just not the details.

        They have already addressed that they are going to loan money to foreign countries who buy goods from us.


        • Lindsey Brutus

          Sean- The pinwheels are spinning in your eyes! You and Arianna that is! I guess you are one of the folks that voted to give the Fed more power in this poll. Go drink some more Kool-aid and ask your buddy Ben for a loan. Put in a good word for our country while you’re at it!

  • Mike

    I’d love to see them fired and thrown in jail in one fell swoop. I think we’d need a transition phase of getting rid of the Fed.

    I can think of no one more perfect for the task than The Great One himself, Mr. Ron Paul.

    • Tom Paine

      I’d like to see Freedom reign by having all Federal income taxes abolished and reparations be paid to all working Americans since institution of this oppressive, tyrannical and slave-like illegal tax. Then I would like the Congress to pass immediate term limits and see them all go home and stay without pensions or fancy health care parachutes like the rest of us.
      God bless Ron Paul. Viva la tax revolt 2010. And I think it is still not too late to go back to at least a silver standard for our hard earned currency, audit the Fed ? Heck yeah and publicly censure the thieves that set it up to begin with and those who oppressed us for the past 96 years !

      • Wow, I hadn’t thought about reparations to taxpayers. Even at 10% of what we paid, its a small fortune. But, I doubt we could afford it with the debt. So, I’d be very happy to just end ALL payroll deductions because they really are ALL taxes. That would indeed boost small business and put more people to work again.


      • Thomas Paine

        Linda, thanks for the kind words for Ron Paul, audit the Fed, Abolishing the Illegal Income Tax, having the US Senate set up an investigatory commission on the OBama Birth Certificate Coverup…it shouldn’t be a “birther” story anymore, it should be a Obama Birth Certificate Coverup Investigation. Larry Sinclair could be on the panel with Barbara Mikulski, Henry Waxman, Richard Shelby, Lamar Alexander, John Cornyn and Lindsay “Compromise” Graham. They could also call it the Blind Hog finds an ACORN every now and then Commission, relating to Obama’s passport to Pakistan in 1980. You could only get one if you were full-Indonesian citizen, which Obama was before he asked for Federal money to go to American school. What’s the deal booty doo ? Sounds like some stanky leg to me. Somebody in the media really, I mean really, needs to jump all over this.
        Imagine Obama getting in the helicopter back to Hawaii or wherever the heck he’s from.

    • Come check out FAM Free America March. Just wanted to let you all know about a march in Washington D.C. 9/12/2009. This march is to keep America FREE, say no to the Obamacare reform of healthcare.

      Also, there is an email where we have been asked to report our neighbors and others about “fishy” emails and talk about healthcare. I have turned in myself and others are doing the same. We thought we would like to send email to the email address ourselves rather than wait on some idiot liberal to do it for us.
      So, join us in sending an email to Obama and our government that says you disagree with the healthcare bill, the loss of freedom, and the government getting to pick and choose who lives and who dies. We are free and believe in remaining that way. Please also spread the word about the March in D.C. 9/12/09 there are already over 10,000 committed to going.

      The government turn yourself in email addy is:

      [email protected]