Poll: Should Congress Abolish the Federal Reserve?

Some economists have identified the Federal Reserve as the cause of the “boom and bust” cycle, while others insist that its continued existence is essential to preventing another Great Depression. What should Congress do? Abolish the Fed entirely, just make it more transparent, open it up to free-market competition, leave it as it is, or make it even more powerful?

Should Congress Abolish the Federal Reserve?

  • Yes (84%, 2,422 Votes)
  • It depends on what the audit reveals (7%, 202 Votes)
  • No, just make it more transparent (5%, 158 Votes)
  • No, just allow competing currencies (2%, 45 Votes)
  • Other (explain) (1%, 33 Votes)
  • No, make it even more powerful (as Obama suggests) (0%, 14 Votes)
  • No, leave it as it is (0%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,881

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  • ChrisBalls

    What’s his name, Irwin Schiff? He’s in prison for tax evasion. He used a 1040 form and claimed 0 earnings. Only federal employees are to use that form, not private citizens. Form sez’ not for private use right on it. By using that form, he stated he was a federal employee and subject to income tax and then in essence, he lied by telling them he had none. Such a smart, sharp guy doing such a dummy.
    You can’t use their forms to state you didn’t earn income. The mere use of the form implicated a tax liability (a 1040NR was what he should have used and the IRS has forms for W-2 corrections, you can’t simply “re-file” again). He also got “nabbed” with jurisdiction; his “domicile”, his “permanent residence” created presumption for jurisdiction. Think of it like this; you cannot have a permanent address because you will either move some day or die. It’s those little things, that “word-art” they use that seems so common place but has very specific meaning.
    There are NO forms for non-taxpayers. You do not need any. You may need to defend your status though but, no one else but you can claim who you are. They’d have to prove otherwise and they do that if you make a mistake, like, using their forms of allowing them to presume jurisdiction.
    That was really sad but, we learn….

    • Yes that is the name, and I always thought, he must have done something wrong cause i tried his stuff, and always ended up having to pay 500 dollars “frivolous” tax return fees. Now I just do it the way they want me to till I get myself in a position to do all this correctly, but I want to be fully informed before I make any move.

      As for marriage, I got married in court by a Justice of Peace, so, would I have to go through a divorce or some other process to dissolve the marriage “legally” to be married in “common law”? I been thinking about that for a while too.

      • ChrisBalls

        Yea, you can get a “quick” divorce. That’s easy. Just make a satisfactory agreement with your wife to continue the marriage and witness and record it.

        • samjam

          By the way, some folks are saying that this marriage and driver’s license stuff has nothing to do with the subject at hand. In a way it does. We need to be awakened to ALL the crap our government has pulled on us in the last 100 years to get used to the idea that they have something much bigger planned for next hundred years.

          I’m amazed at the people who will admit that they think the government lies and then they’ll turn around and say, “But they’d NEVER lie about 9/11….or the Iraq war, or…???..” Really? The Federal Reserve is a lie, the IRS is a lie, and most of what comes out of the government’s mouths are lies. So now that they’ve clearly demonstrated their ability, willingness, and desire to lie, many times over, one might nearly have to take a stand on one side of the fence or the other.

          I for one choose the “liberty” side. But I also realize….there won’t be much help.

  • ChrisBalls

    By the way Joe, I didn’t reiterate, If you claim a “National” status and are no longer under Federal jurisdiction after going through that process, and are no longer a slave,…I mean tax-payer, ( see prior reply; July 29th 2009, 10:32a.m.) The ONLY income that you can claim/earn is what the federal government gives you (SS payments). Basically, work your self silly, make as much as you can (see “trade or Business” and “income” definitions)and you still can only claim the federal benefit/SS payments as income. At that point, only federal payments qualify as “gross income” or “taxable income” so, I guess that would answer; “What the heck do I get out of this?”. You will still need to learn how this applies to you, personally and how much you would not have to give to the Fed or state out of your “non-income, non-wage” earnings weekly.
    When you start receiving benefits, it is calculated on what you have put into it up to date. You’ll need help,..ugh, “legally” to make sure you maintain the payments. Being that you are already neck deep into this aspect, you certainly know more about the procedure than I could guess at.
    Just a thought….hope it helps, you’ll need to learn more.

    • True, the guy from “paynoincometax.com” (a political prisoner) says that income is defined as “corporate profit’ so that make perfect sense.

    • So I could still collect SS and claim to be out of the System? that is confusing, cause I would like to cut them out of my life as much as I can. I do work, and make money as a toy maker, but the SSI/SS payments are actually more then what I get for actually working. I also make youtube videos, and make money from that, and a few other online businesses. I am buying this land with 2 trailers too, paid it off, but may need to file a suit to get my deed as I mentioned before. Once I get the property deal done though, I would like to clear my self from any connection to the Fed in any way I can. I knew when I left the Amish that there is a way to do it, but I never really got the right info on what to do to not get into their system. When I was 16, I ran away and lived with my mom’s 2nd cousin, and it was there that I was taken to the SS office to get that number.

      If I wanted to give back my own SSN, in order to get myself declared a National, I guess that means if I did the same for my wife and kids, their SSI/SS may stop? But if I leave theirs as-is, they can continue to collect?

      Anyway I am rambling here, but wanted to know if you could email me about something, the website when you click my name goes to a form where you can email me.

      • ChrisBalls

        Are you for real?!?!?! A run away, Amish, toy maker?!?!?! Oh man, it hurts! Make it stop!! Are you trying to get the deed to the Island of Misfit Toys?!?! O.K., sorry, that’s wrong of me but, it does seem a bit humorous from the out side.

        I’ll try to give you the information you request. We need to stop posting this stuff in this forum, we are getting too far away from the Fed. audit issue.

        • LOL OK, ya I just wanted to ask you a private question, hopefully something big can come out of all this 🙂

  • ChrisBalls

    You can’t get out if you depend on the benefit. Done deal however, a “National”, free citizen CAN receive SS benefits if you pay into the system. Again though, you need to understand the contract you make with the government. I don’t know enough about that procedure for your situation, sorry.
    How to pay the bills? If you didn’t pay income tax or SS tax, how much extra would had been in your monthly earnings? You still need to save and invest, you can have insurance but, your hardship, I do not know enough about. There is quite a bit to learn and I am doing my best to learn what applies to my situation and my family.

    What do you get out of this? I’m sorry Joe. If we were all free and weren’t consumer slaves spending half our earnings for private bail-outs, I’d like to believe you’d have help. If you were my neighbor, and I prospered (even if I didn’t, i’d do what I could and you don’t need to hang that on Christianity or any thing else, it is just the right thing, as a person, a Patriot and an American), and had more time for life than slavery, I’d visit you and I’d help, and I’d hope that the community, with good values, would help but, in the state we are in, and it is getting worse as we pay more to our own states who in turn pay more out to the fed. and receive pennies on the dollar back for our own needs, we are less able to help our brothers as we struggle for our own survivals. This is the sad truth.

    Sadly, the issue at hand with you collecting, once you read who qualifies for SS; you may or may not, and then you may realize that the benefit can be discontinued at any time. Not to scare you with the truth but, these are my concerns; how to protect my self. I will gladly help my neighbor with out question but, I am refusing to be forced to.

    Property rights; well, this is interesting. Property cannot be bought or sold, only granted. You “buy” real-estate, which is every thing on the land. (Make note that when you are required to put “permanent address” on forms, you cannot actually have one but by saying it is, it becomes presumption for jurisdiction to the Fed. or State, but onward..) I am told, read, am to understand that you require a “land patent” but, that can only be granted by the president (or proxy) and due to us not having a constitutional government (president) you can never be granted land rights. That should end it there. (It is NOT in the capacity for, say, the IRS to put a lien on your property. The have no power to do that although they try to and threaten people that they can. They have no power to do so. If you don’t’ know the law, good luck fighting it.)
    You’d need to get an abstract from your mortgage company to get going with a Land Patent. You can Google the process, there are plenty of people who want to take your money to do that for you but, I feel, you should learn how to do it your self and do it. You can skip down to the county recorder and see if they have listed, any one who may have had that patent for your parcel last. If the clerk even knows what you are talking about. It has been held by the Supreme Court that a Land Patent will not be defeated. Yup, you can get one even though you have a mortgage but remember, that does not relieve you from the mortgage contract you made. They may not be able to take your land for failure to pay but you will be committing fraud. NO one can claim your land or lien against it if it is patented to you. Patents cannot be sold or bought, they can only be passed or granted.
    In time of war, the government can use it (your land), that’s about it but, no unconstitutional government has that right or power,….unless you are a federal employee (tax-payer).

    In my opinion, you should pay property tax. That is how you are to help support your local government and your town’s needs. Keep in mind though, again the Supreme Court has ruled tax is not debt. You property cannot be claimed if you do not pay tax,…unless you are a federal employee (tax-payer).
    Sales tax, excise tax and property tax as well as import/export tax is how your state is supposed to legally support it self, not on the back of your labor, not with contracts between the federal government on your behalf.

    Now, I am not sure what binds the private corporation we serve in this “Patent” matter. I have not “finished” with my study on that. I don’t know if you can “legally” acquire a patent and still bind them to observe it. Like it has been said; there is so much going on, it almost drives you mad trying to learn all of it.

    As far as an actual deed,…you should simply need to file for it through the town hall once you have a copy. I have my actual one. Interestingly enough, the wife just got it about two weeks ago, for another pertinent matter.
    I hope this helps some what Joe.

    I am not a professional, I am not a lawyer, I am a working slave trying the best for my family and am outraged by what has happened to our country and people and what is being done to us. I am more angered as I learn more but, I am learning and, in that, I am learning how to change it, and I am trying my best to in any way I possibly can. I do not know more nor am I better than any one else. I’ll be happy to try to help any one find the information they seek, as through trial and error, I’ve probably stumbled through it already. Please don’t try to use me as a resource. It must be said, you cannot believe any thing I tell you or suggest, I may be wrong, or I may be wrong in your situation but I think I might know enough to help start you in the right direction.
    I am a Patriot. I believe in America and the American people, and I know that is a crime against the State, but I’ll declare it any way.

    Let’s get Ron Paul in. He may not be able to do it all but, he’ll be our first, public step to take down the machine from within. Many are doing their parts, at great risk to them selves. We all must do something.
    “it has to start some where, it has to start some time. What better place than here, what better place than now?”

    I’ve used up way more than my 15 minutes, let’s get back to abolishing the Fed. Let’s pay attention to how they prepare to dance around this audit. Let’s see who “they’ “appoint” as the “successor”! Let’s listen to what lies they create to make the public think something was done.

  • ChrisBalls

    Are you kidding me? I can’t even begin to tell you how blown my mind is! I am still learning. I know what I typed seems almost ordered chaos. There is so much though. Each time I think I’m ready to kick some butt, I find I need something else.

    Being a lawyer? Got news for you, you don’t need one and shouldn’t use one, in general. You do not “represent yourself” when you “are” yourself. Make confusing sense? You simply need to know basic law and procedure. Procedure obviously being most important, mostly so you know when some one is hanging your rights out to dry and how to keep that from happening.
    Law is very particular as well. I started on this “task” on how to get my country back. What I thought might be six months of research, at most, is becoming better than a few years and has me eye-ball deep in law.

    Here’s a little kicker to further make you say “huh?”; speed limits have been ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court. “What?!?!” you say? “Then how do I get a speeding ticket?”. Well, you shouldn’t be bombing down a 30mph @ 70, you are endangering others but (life liberty and pursuit of happiness, don’t violate anyone’s and you are good), who is to tell you that 80 isn’t safe on the highway? What determines your ability or your vehicles ability? How can state troopers scoot down the road @ 90? how is that fair? You can’t take from one and enrich the other (constitution). Well, just like that marriage comment about the license, if you apply for a driver’s license, you volunteer to be subject to private law. You have effectively told the state that you need to be observed and managed. You have waived your rights. See ya’ 4th amendment.
    Matter of fact, “license and registration please” violates your 4th amendment. But you waive that right when you apply for a license. Really screwed huh?

    The best “advise” I can give is, know every thing about what you are about to do. If you miss one thing, it’ll throw you back in the system and you will be liable and prosecuted.
    Side note, I called two credit card companies I used. Told them I changed my status to a “Non-resident, non-individual, national, union state citizen” (lol, that’s a lot off the tongue!) “National” will suffice. I told them I have no SS# any longer and that this account cannot be associated with that identification. One company informed me that the account must be closed at once, the other said “no problem, we don’t use that number for identification any way”. Why do they ask for it to begin with?
    My current bank said it is required to have an account, the bank down the street said I just need to file a W-8BEN and show proof of identity (mortgage statement, military I.D., license, passport etc.). An account with no SS# is not subject to the Patriot Act. It is not “government property”, the bank cannot report any transactions to any one (although they may need to be educated about that as most people don’t deal with such things). Withdraw or deposit $10k in cash, no one can know. It violates the Privacy Act.
    As far as your children, you have 30 days from when they turn 18 to bail out of SS (assuming you already got them SS#s). The only thing you’ll need to do to keep them out of the system forever, is change you status. NEVER use their SS# for ANYTHING or let them either. It isn’t theirs to use. You don’t need it for credit (Fair Credit Reporting Act.) you don’t need it for ANYTHING but government benefits. It is ILLEGAL for any one but the government to ask for or to use that number and, you are only holding that number in trust for them any way.
    It’s easy to put a stop to all this for our children. The hard part is getting your self out of the system. Particularly where almost every thing you come across is a hidden contract that sucks you back in. Even a passport application. Right to travel is a right, not a privilege. If you don’t know what the definitions of the words are in that contract, it’s your own fault. You have the right to contract, and you have the right to create your own contract and definitions of it. “They” do it to you, you have the same right to do it to them. All men are created equal and no government is above you. You have the right to associate or NOT associate with the government. They just hide the “how to not associate” part but, it is still there.

    Again, not a lawyer? Lawyers and legislatures work hard to make sure you don’t understand the law so they can be lawyers. Take the IRC for instance,..good luck making sense of that. It is done purposely.

    A educated man makes a poor slave.
    Good luck.

    • Mr. Balls, I have a question: 2 of my 3 daughters get SSI, and my wife gets Social Security disability every month now… (In May we got a total of about $30,000 from them, mostly from back pay for 2 years that we were fighting for it…).

      I am just wondering how the heck I would get out of all this (and if I do, how am I going to make enough to pay the bills, but that is another story).

      Also I am wondering about property rights, I am currently getting ready to fight for the deed to this property that I bought (with this money from Social Security), but since they also TAX the land cause you don’t own it, they just give you privileges on said real property, I am wondering if you have looked into how I could get the real deed after I get the “copy” deed?

      I am not a lawyer, and have not studied this too much, but would like to know more. (my uncle is really into this, you would be great friends if you met!)

  • ChrisBalls

    Wow, great! That youtube link saved us time! Basically, we went bankrupt. A government cannot take out a loan. Who is going to give a loan to a broke country with no collateral, particularly where they cannot grant things they don’t own, like land? In steps (or from the waiting shadows) a bank.
    “What have you got?”,
    “We’ve got people.”
    “Well, how do we get the people to be willing collateral?”.
    “Hmmm, well we can tax them during war time but no more than two years and it has to be voluntary but, patriots will want to support their government and country.”
    “Not enough, we need more”.
    “We need to figure out how to make them pay forever.”
    “Well, we can’t force them but, we can make them think they need to. We can’t break laws or violate the constitution but, we can trick them into doing it them selves.”
    “Well, lets say that this private corporation we just made, to do business for the people, can make it’s own rules. Let’s say that every one employed within this corporation must pay a tax!”
    “Let’s some how make every American an employee and subject to that rule”.
    All “Tax-Payers” are “public officers”.
    The tax is upon a “trade or business”, which is defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701(a)(26) as the “functions of a public office”.

    You cannot earn “income” unless an information return is filed against you and 26 U.S.C. 6041(a) says that these information returns cannot lawfully be filed against you unless you are engaged in a “trade or business”.

    Those not engaged in the “trade or business”/”public office” franchise and not receiving government payments cannot earn “gross income” or “taxable income”. (Makes you wonder why every thing you do comes with benefit “strings” from the government?).

    Those eligible for Socialist Security are referred to in the code as; “Federal Personnel”. See 5 U.S.C.552a(a)(13). Don’t forget to see who owns that SS#; 20CFR 422.103(d).

    Basically, and so I don’t need to go down this hole as it is very deep, you got tricked. You were promised to be taken care of, just sign up for SS and we’ll make it all better. The government takes care of you in Communism. In a Republic; the people take care of the government.

    Oh but wait, they cover their a$$ with 18 U.S.C. 912 that states it is a crime to impersonate a “public officer” and being that congress does not have the power to create public offices,….who are you gonna bitch to? It’s our own fault for just doing what we are told.

    “Any one entering into an arrangement with the government takes the risk of having accurately ascertained that he who purports to act for the government stays within the bounds of his authority, even though the agent him self may be unaware of the limitations upon his authority.” [Federal Crop Insurance v. Merrill, 332 U.S. 380-388 (1947].

    In a nut shell, you work for a private corporation and you cannot change the policy of that company.
    How do you fix it? Ain’t easy. The IRC in NOT law but a private code. You would need to dump any association with the “government” and that includes any participation with the franchise; unemployment, medicaid, medicare or what ever your State calls it’s benefit, any type of “government” grants, you’d need to drop out of SS, you can get the forms right off their site, you need to know the form number, they don’t tell you they have any, and they don’t tell you the only way they can use private money for public use is if you offer it with a W-2 attached to a 1040 “gift statement” that converts a class 5 tax to a class 2, and they don’t tell you that they cannot compel you to sign a W-4 agreement to withhold per 26CFR 31.3401(a)-3(a), 26CFR 31.3402(p)-1.
    You cannot have a driver’s license and you don’t need one. You have the right to travel. You’ll require a passport but you’ll need to be declared a “National”. You cannot have domicile on any federal territory (which is just a state of declaration). You cannot use a SS#, it isn’t yours to use and it is illegal to use it for ANYTHING but a function of public office. Consider this, you open a bank account with that #, that account is the property of the U.S. Government because you opened it in the capacity of a public office. (Oh and, by the way, you don’t need permission from any one but your wife’s father to get married. When you get a license for marriage, you are telling the state that you are incompetent and need their supervision. That, in turn, means anything created in that marriage (children) are supervised by the state, they are custodians. You, as a parent/guardian, and that term on forms is deliberate, have no rights to those things created in the marriage if the state deems you unfit, which you already told them you are when you asked them for permission to be married. Phucked huh?).
    You cannot file tax returns or for refunds if you cannot earn income or wages, doing so tells them you are subject to the code. Even one of the forms require you to “admit” you are a taxpayer when you back out of SS. (There are three forms I know of, I don’t have em’ handy and I really need to get back to work. I have em at home and could tell you later). You’d need to file, if you did, a 1040NR and you;ll need to provide employers with a W-8BEN but, it isn’t all that easy. There is far more to it.

    There is no “social security fund”. All you tax and social security is used to pay the interest on loans that the private corporation takes from the Federal Reserve for their own purposes.
    Oh yea, how about; take a few billion in loans out, put the burden of interest on the American People and use that money to bail out the banks that the bank you just took the loan out from, owns? Nice. Nothing you can do because you are an “employee” and cannot vote on it.

    Oh this goes on but, you cannot believe me, or any one else. You MUST learn the truth for your self.
    You are supposed to be FREE. No government has jurisdiction over you unless you contract it. “They” tricked you into contracting your rights away. You have none. Find in the IRC what a “U.S. Citizen” is. I bet you’ll think it isn’t you!

    You do not have a constitutional government. The majority of the states are involved in “trade or business” with the U.S. government. Congress are “employees” and do not serve your interests. It/they are foreign to the constitution and free people.

    How does the media “black out” information? Follow the money. Media out lets are owned. I didn’t here a peep about Ron Paul running for President out here on the East Coast. No out covered him. It is sickening how the media is used to mis-inform and control. Watch a news story that there is a shortage of bread or milk and watch thousands of sheeple run to Wal-Mart to buy up all that is there. Tell the people that the swine flu is the black death of the century and watch how much money gets dumped into government sponsored drug companies while millions line up for something they did no research on. How many people in government have their hands in big business that prosper from these lemming runnings? Watch all these “bills” getting passed and find out what is in them. Quite a bit has nothing to do with the proposals, quite a bit has more to do with creating a more powerful police state.

    I need to stop, or find a soap box forum.
    What can you do? LEARN THE TRUTH!
    Rememeber, they cannot break the law, they cannot take away your rights (the can try by force and have the media say you are an extremist or domestic terrorist)but the CAN trick you into doing it your self. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and that rings very true.

    Partying on the train to Auschwitz, VR? Oh yea, I’m on the “red” list now for certain. There’s a FEMA camp nearby for every one. By law, just for me typing this, I am now a terrorist and can be detained indefinitely without formal charge. Think we are free?

    I wonder how the FED is going to re-organize? The “people” need to be satisfied some how and there needs to be a pony show to make them think they had a voice and could assert some control. I Bet Bernake is getting nervous that he is going to end up like a washed up soap star, with a brain tumor.
    With politicians who rock the boat and get out of line, they all get exposed for having affairs, that’s been working for years. C’mon guys, that’s getting old can you come up with something new?

    We need to re-install a constitutional government for the people, by the people and proceed to round up and hang every one of the traitors to the American people. We need to reach out to the other , foreign governments and let them know that we have all been pawns pitted against each other for the profit of a select few. We need to get their help in hunting down these “terrorists” and bringing them to justice, AND HANG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD, EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM AS A MESSAGE TO ANY AND ALL WHO MIGHT ATTEMPT TO PERPETRATE SUCH AN ATROCITY IN THE FUTURE.
    Nancy, Barney and the rest of you, you reading this? No country will grant you asylum when the revolution comes to fruit. You will not be able to hide. Any of you. It’s just a race now, for the people to either wake up in time or for your final solution to take effect. I hope we wake up first. I want my children to know what patriotism is about. I want them to be proud that their father assisted in the taking back of his country. I want the history books for our generations to come to know the power of the people. The revolution that made us free, will make us free again.

    • Kevin

      Chris, my name is Kevin. I’m a husband and a father of 2 toddlers, and I live in Southern California. You are really opening my eyes, but it’s a LOT to swallow all at once. I will read through everything several times, and research it all as I can – you have my word on that. I am not a lawyer, and that makes it all the harder, but I’ll do my best.

      THANK YOU!

    • samjam

      I once challenged a prosecutor on the marriage license thing. I reminded him that the Illinois Revised Code openly admits that no law has ever been passed requiring someone to get a marriage license. He repeatedly stated that my marriage would not be valid but I showed him in state law that I could force it to be validated. Finally in the end he said that he would go after the minister who marries us.

      I told him that the minister would not have a license and would not be subject to the UCC code that states that any LICENSED minister who marries someone without having been presented with a marriage license is in violation of a 3rd degree misdemeanor and would be subject to a $500.00 fine and/or 30 days in jail. They don’t have any laws like that concerning “unlicensed ministers”. He almost flipped out and ended up saying he’d cross that bridge when he came to it. I advised him that he was already at that bridge. In the end he lost the argument.

      To do everything the legal way, you must state your intention to marry this person (ad in major news publication for 3 weeks or so), they begins using your last name, you both live together as man and wife for 6 months, have an exchange of vows before a “man of the cloth” who gives you a marriage certificate with his signature and the signatures of 3 others per marrying person as witnesses to the vows. Then you simply go to the courthouse with your evidence of marriage and they HAVE to register your marriage to the other person. That’s called “common law marriage”. Anything else in my opinion is, “uncommon law”

      As I understand so far, without a marriage license you are not subject to the rule and regulations of “family court”. Without one they have to settle it the old fashion way. You give up a lot of rights with a marriage license.

      How did they get these ministers to get licenses when the 2nd amendment says congress shall make no laws respecting (or favoring) any religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof? Which basically means that no one has the power to deny or grant any kind of license for any kind of religion.

      What I’ve figured out so far is…..they offered them some illegal tax breaks. Every states constitution prohibits giving any any special gifts to any religious organization but these “ministers” enjoy tax breaks on everything from buying a car to real estate. They have special parking downtown for “clergy members”. Oh ya! If you’re “licensed” minister you get all the perks. Now you can’t even get into an institution like a prison to minister unless you have a license. Isn’t that a violation of religious freedom in itself?

      I also believe that legally…….It’s not a valid marriage. Because you also married the state. That’s polygamy. A license infers permission or denial. How can they deny you? So why would you need one when they freely admit there’s no law that says you have to have one? I’m not a religious zealot or any of that. This is just an example of my findings so far.

      I’ve also found that according to the constitution of the state of N.Carolina, the only reason you would need a drivers license is, if you were using the public roadways to make money such as a truck driver, or….a person who operates a food stand in the street….or a person who was moving a house or structure like a building.

      Then you become a member of the U.C.C. (uniform commercial code) and thereby become subject to all laws, rules and regulations of the road under that title. That’s why you don’t have a right to a jury trial that involves a traffic stop. You go to municipal court. (UCC)

      If I go to court because I couldn’t prove I had insurance (also unconstitutional because they should have to prove I don’t because they are the accusers) and then I also get charged with driving under suspension because they suspended my license because I didn’t prove I had insurance (wait! aren’t we innocent until proven guilty?)I’m not entitled to a trial. I have to get a lawyer and petition the court for a trial but meanwhile I sit in jail convicted. Wait….again! They accused me and I had to prove I was innocent?

      Ya I wish everybody had insurance like me but you can’t force someone to buy a product from a private company or take away his liberty for something that hasn’t happened and for a “crime” that has no victim, and no right to a trial. This is just one example of Americans giving up freedom for security. And I, like Ben Franklin believe that those who allowed our criminal lawmakers to do this for the benefit of private businesses, deserves NEITHER!

      Seat belt laws. It’s a good idea to wear a seat belt most of the time but I don’t think they really care if anyone gets killed in a car wreck? I don’t think they don’t care about you, your kids, or anyone else. I think they’re are saving the insurance companies a lot of money and collecting some extra revenue (seat belt tickets) for their treasury. Another law passed solely to benefit big business and greedy government.

      That was a good post you made. It inspired this rant you just witnessed…..LOL…. I’m currently studying for the My bar exam. It took a real legal nightmare to wake me up. But I woke up and I’m learning a little more about them everyday. I’ve been called a nut more times than I can count but I’m finally starting to see other posts where someone else has figured it out too. Thanks for that post. My batteries have been recharged.

      • ChrisBalls

        Awesome! You rock!
        You have the right to contract, end of story. Want to get married,? ask her dad or make an agreement (one that would satisfy both parties incase of divorce because you cannot use “family court” as you mention), have it witnessed and file it at the county recorder. Done. It must be recognized as legal. You have the right and the power to contract.
        Massachusetts has ruled already that a marriage is between a man, a woman and the State (polygamy!). (Damn I can’t remember that case name!!! I got it at home). The argument when you get nailed because the state is claiming jurisdiction over your marriage is simple; the nature of that contract was not revealed and was hidden, that makes it void on its face. Unlike the IRC which provides you with the code, it is up to you to figure it out though, but at least in MA, there is no information available on the nature of the marriage contract.

        I am “in process” so, there is much I am not on top of yet. I am having a difficult time, but I am not so vested in it yet, to find an insurer to insure a “National” who does not require a license. You don’t “need” insurance but, to me that’s like seat belts; I wear em’, I make my passengers wear them (keeps them out of my lap if I need to try and control a vehicle in an accident!) but no one should be able to tell me I have to and fine me if I don’t! Seat belts, like speed limits are private law. My recent project is protecting my self from the State while driving as a private citizen. I just need some more time.
        Also, you should be looking into diplomatic status. That’s a handy tool to end all arguments of presumption. If you are a National, you are foreign to the U.S. Government but a natural citizen of a union state. It would take a declaration of war to invade you or your property.

        • samjam

          I’m going to research becoming a nationalist. Sometimes it seems that I learn something everyday no matter how hard I try not to…..LOL…So many people don’t understand that our founding fathers did NOT sculpt a “democracy” when they wrote the constitution. They sculptured a document declaring our LIBERTY! There is a vast difference. In a democracy 51% of the people can control my life. With liberty no one controls my life as long as I don’t hurt anyone else. In the same turn, freedom of speech does not mean you can yell, “FIRE” in a crowded theater any more than freedom of religion means you can sacrifice babies on some alter. It takes common sense to live free.

          Keep posting and waking people up. I’m on board!

          • ChrisBalls

            The constitution was framed specifically to keep government from doing what it is doing.

  • VR

    Partying on the Train to Auschwitz

  • Herewe Goagain

    You can start with the ‘Act of 1871’

  • ChrisBalls

    Ugh, you are all (most) missing it. You cannot “audit” the Fed. They may be getting all upset about the bill but it is not because of an “audit”. It is because it will be revealed that they cannot be audited. That is the “truth” that they are concerned about being “found out”.
    It is easy enough to discover this your self. You simply need to read the contracts and who is who. You cannot petition the “government” as it is ruled a “corporation” by the supreme court. It is also a “private” corporation created by the constitutional government to do business for them/us (take loans, etc. which a government cannot do on behalf of the people) and that new corporation, “government”, was/is restricted to the DoC. Here’s the kicker; you are employed by that private corporation by electing to be a “tax-payer”. You will really benefit by reading (and understanding) the contracts we enter in the IRC.
    If you question that, you need to ask how congress can convert private earnings into public use and how they can convert public funds to private use. It is illegal and unconstitutional, unless you agreed to it. We did. You need to read what happened and how. It is all available to you. Then we will truly be able to correct this abuse. It needs to be done legally and it needs to be done correctly. Education is key.
    You cannot audit the Fed., and they know it. It is in the contract, that was also unconstitutional to enter. If people learn the truth for them selves,….there’s a lynching in the future. I hope it is soon.
    However, being that the Fed. is a private company, does any one have an idea of how we could legally put a lien on them? I think they have over extended them selves and being that it is “tax-payer” money and they are a foreign company doing business in America,….maybe we could put a lien on them? Sound silly? Seriously. I’m open for suggestions.

    • Kevin

      This is the most intriguing post on here, in my opinion, especially if it’s true. Can you clarify a couple of things for me?

      1) How did “we” agree to Congress giving power to the Fed originally?
      2) Was it done under false pretenses, or was it done with full and honest disclosure?
      3) How can we undo our consent, if in fact we gave it with full knowledge to begin with?
      4) Why is media blacking out the subject, and how can we fix that?
      5) If a crime and/or misinformation has been carried out by members of Congress and/or the Whitehouse, who can or will bring the perpetrators to justice?

      Not sure if you have any of these answers, but I appreciate your attention to the questions. If you can’t answer them, perhaps you can suggest someone who can?

    • Do not know for sure Fed cannot be audited, but it sure can be put out of business. Congress authorizes their budget and all that has to happen. Fed, no more money. See you, bye, bye.

  • Kevin

    Issues relating to the Fed are essentially being blacked out by the media, but who the hell will investigate it? Even the Supreme Court has continually refused to hear cases on its legality! This may require a true revolution in the strictest sense, if justice isn’t made available anywhere else.

  • Mr. Thomas

    I voted “depends on what the audit reveals”, but I can only assume that they have their hands in some dirty business. I don’t like the fact that they can keep so many things secrets from the people that give them their money. So, if they are audited, we’ll see the results and if there’s even so much as one cent out of line, abolish them.

  • We all have favorite shows and/or programs. Three I like are Rush, Free Republic & McElvany. (There are others, Cheyenne and most Westerns). Viewed a McElvany video the other day. Next week his guest will be G. Edward Griffin author of ‘Creature from Jekyll Island’. Many of you are familiar with the story of the Fed founding. In view of Paul’s petition to have an audit of the Fed, I took another look at Griffin’s 45 minute video. It was more than a little disturbing in view of our present financial mess. My conclusion. Our government and the Fed are the two largest criminal organizations in America and maybe the world. And have been for 96 years. What these two organizations have done to our earnings and savings is criminal and is getting worse daily. At the same time both are becoming richer and more controlling. We are all going to be living in a serfdom and under the control of the money robber barons, sooner rather than later. It is time to wake-up, quit talking, take action and vote these groups out of business. We do not need the Fed. We do not need a self serving government. We need honest politicians who love America and put Nation first and their personal ambitions a distant second. Should we settle for less?

  • John Galt

    Audit the Fed.
    Abolish the Fed.
    Indict the Fed. and the IRS
    Arrest the Fed. and the IRS
    Prosecute and imprison the Fed. and the IRS.
    Repatriate all fraudulently acquired wealth and property and make the Nation whole.

  • Allison

    Be careful of the Butterfly effect. There is a reaction to every cause. Getting rid of the Fed won’t eliminate the Luciferians who run it and every other sinister organization. They’re all guilty of controlling the World. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t fight the injustice(s)! We need more strategy, patience and desire to succeed. Let’s not make uninformed decisions. As good as getting rid of that group sounds, it might leave us hanging with no money to defend ourselves if it becomes necessary. We ought to find a way to limit their power over us.

  • Christine

    Audit first. The need to abolish this small little group of elite bankers will become self-evident.

    Allowing them to have control over our monetary system in secret allows them to alter the course of our country, our lives, and our world in devastaing ways.

  • Christine

    Alan Grayson Questions AIG Math: Let’s Change the Length of Inches So I’m Shorter!


  • Christine

    Grayson Grills Citigroup CEO

    The final days of the FED. Grayson is on the case.

  • Christine

    Alan Grayson. He’s got the right approach and demeanor. He’s direct, commanding of the situation (interrogation, has a right to know and ask) and calculating, not whiney. He’s helping congress to see that they/we need to take the country’s power back by taking control of it’s monetary system. I think we will discover and confirm that they FED has been playing one nation against another all around the world for a very long time. When the number of lives lost in wars incited and financed by this little group of men, we will conclude that they are more than financially dangerous. They continually destroy our ability to live in peace…life, liberty and the purusit of happiness (for all people). Perhaps peoples in all nations will be “upset” when the truth is known, the elite banker’s popularity quickly overturned. Karma. What is it they say about paybacks?

    Fed Lends Two Trillion Without Oversight

  • Chris Baldinelli

    You can’t “audit” the Fed. It is in their contract. Review Bretton Woods Agreement. The Fed is not a government agency. It is an independant, foreign bank. “We” (unconstitutional, U.S. government with power limited to the DoC and federal territories)sold the bank rights to the banks for $450million with the provision that we could buy it back for that. So, just buy it back. Paper, fiat money is illegal. It has no value and no backing. Duh. (Makes you wonder who is trying to buy up all America’s gold?).
    Barrack? Not a constitutional president. Born in Hawaii. Hawaii and Alaska are not states of the union and congress did not have in its capacity to induct them as such at that time. So, technically, and constitutionally, he cannot hold the presidential office. He can be president for “U.S. Corp.” but not as a constitutional president. Nor can he write executive orders as president. He has no power other than what the people afford him. Unless,…he is not “president”. In the capacity of a foreign corporation’s president, he can make the rules up as they see fit. We’ve all been duped. We’ve been lied to. You cannot be a U.S. Citizen and you are not eligible for SS. That is for private, federal personnel. Reclaim your “National” status and re-take your country and control, re-create your government. The power right now belongs to a private, foreign corporation that rules over you. Smarten up and read it for your self. They cannot break the laws but they can obscure them so you don’t know what they are. DOn’t be confused. We have the power to over throw a government that does not serve the people. There is no government to over throw. It is a private corporation and you are its collateral.

  • sam jam

    Who actually owns the Federal Reserve Central Banks? For those who think that the Federal Reserve is NOT privately owned, I invite you to research this data and correct me.

    1. Rothschild Bank of London
    2. Warburg Bank of Hamburg
    3. Rothschild Bank of Berlin
    4. Lehman Brothers of New York
    5. Lazard Brothers of Paris
    6. Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
    7. Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy
    8. Goldman, Sachs of New York
    9. Warburg Bank of Amsterdam
    10. Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

  • Chris Taylor

    Abolish the Vampire fed, ENOUGH SUCKING US ALL DRY, enough PRIVATE profiting at the expense of the people. NO MORE FIAT CURRENCY NAZIS…Kick it to the curb……Let the creature from Jekyll island DIE…..