• squirrel

    The problem with government-run health care is that anyone can paste any moral agenda into this argument:

    “Forcing [anti-smoking] taxpayers to subsidize [lung cancer treatment] is evil and tyrannical. I have introduced the Taxpayer’s Freedom of Conscience Act (HR 1233) which forbids the use of any taxpayer funds for [lung cancer treatment], both here and overseas.

    The most basic function of government is to protect life. It is unconscionable that government would enable the taking of it. However this is to be expected when government oversteps its constitutional bounds instead of protecting rights. ”

    Similarly to the abortion issue, the person in question made a choice, and then is punished for that choice. Fill in with whatever moral muscling you wish to do to your fellow man.

    Oh, and by the way, who do you think will be using government-run health care? The poor? Would they perhaps be in need of abortions? Oh, you’d rather pay the hospital bills for the pregnancy and birth, edge the parents out of their education because they have to care for an unwanted child, and get and keep them all on welfare. Which you will also pay for. But at least you prioritized the life within a small set of dependent cells over the life of an already-independent, developed, conscious, thinking, feeling human. You do love to protect life.

    Socialized medicine, no. Protect rights of adults to their own bodies and abortions, yes.


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  • Nick

    What you call “obamacare” has been working in Scandinavia for several decades. Why wouldn’t it work in the USA?

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  • VR

    Movie Night

    ‘Fatal Contact: Bird Flu In America’
    (90 min.)

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  • VR
  • Mike

    After reading articles on Mises.org for over a year now, and they continuously tear apart Paul Krugman’s support for Keynes, I was forwarded this URL to a gem of a clip on Youtube.

    Krugman gets p3wned on Canadian Health Care:

    As a Canadian citizen, I can fully endorse the crappy quality of care we receive. The long lines are ridiculous, many months just for a basic appointment. They don’t take Emergencies until after 2pm!! lol omg. The shortage of doctors as mentioned above… wow. To get urgent care, ones who can afford it or have insurance go to the USA.

    For the love of God, don’t follow our model!!!


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  • Coacha Quintero

    Presently, the United States uses the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles set by the Financial Accounting Standards Board to create the financial statements for investors

    to base their investment decisions on. The International Accounting Standards Board wants to implement the International Financial Reporting Standards for 2013. When it

    does–IF it does, chaos will most likely ensue. They will further confound investors with a principles (rather than rules) based accounting system.

    Detractors of the principles/objectives based approach argue the absence of detailed rules opens the door to even more abuse. The Financial Accounting Standards Board is

    considering whether to move towards the objectives-oriented standard setting.

    The FASB’s Standard Setting Process:
    1. ID the problem: A measurement/reporting issue is identified by the Emerging Issues Task Force and placed on the FASB’s agenda.
    2. The Task Force: about 15 knowledgeable people appointed to advise the board on various matters.
    3. Research and analysis: FASB’s technical staff investigates the issue.
    4. Discussion Memorandum: The DM is prepared and disseminated to interested parties.
    5. Public response: Public hearings are held to discuss the issue and letters of response are sent to the FASB which then analyzes this feedback.
    6. Exposure draft (ED): It details the proposed treatment for the problem.
    7. Public response: Written responses to the ED are accepted and analyzed. The ED is revised, if necessary, depending on the board’s analysis.
    8. Statement issued: An SFAS is issued if four of the seven FASB members support the revised ED.

    It makes me wonder who is sitting on the Board and whose interests they have at heart.

    Still, 5. And 7. Involve public response. We should all get involved in THIS if they don’t want to audit the FED! They should be stopped before they put the last nail in America’s (and our) coffin!!!


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  • Lancelot

    Well im moving out of this country if this bill is passed. Screw any American who supports this bill in the slightest way.

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    • codemonkey


      i agree with you about not being in support of this bill. only problem is… what country can you move to that isn’t already further along the socialist-path? if you find one, let me know so i can move too :)

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  • longshotlouie

    Conyers Sees No Point in Members Reading 1,000-Page Health Care Bill–Unless They Have 2 Lawyers to Interpret It for Them


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