End the Wars and Bring Our Troops Home!

Event: Florida Liberty Summit with Ron Paul
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: August 7, 2009

Ron Paul: If we are to have a small government, that government should be restrained and limiting its power and authority to the protection of our liberty and nothing else.

There shouldn’t be a perpetual war on the people. They say there is always a war for the people, but too often it is a war on the people. You know, there is a war going on in Afghanistan that’s expanding, is that supposed to be for us? There has been a war going on in Iraq now for over 6 or 7 years, a trillions dollars spent, and thousands of American lives have been lost and hundreds of thousands of others lives have been lost. And that war is not for us, that is a war against us. It’s consuming us.

What about this war on drugs? We don’t need a war on drugs. Then they’ll say we have to have a war on poverty; we’re opposed to poverty. Who’s for poverty? Guess we’re going to have a war on poverty, and what do they give us? A lot more poverty.

Personal liberties are obviously part of this, but in order to have liberty protected we have to come to our senses on foreign policy. The founders were correct on foreign policy and they gave us strong advice. It’s written into the Constitution that we need to defend our country, but we are not supposed to be the policeman of the world.

And now that we’re broke and more people are starting to recognize that we’re broke, it’s getting more opportunistic for us to say “One of the solutions may well be to just bring our troops home.”


  • Dr. Gary Mudd

    The only terorist this country have to worry about is the white house and congress.

    • Dolores Y


      We need our precious ones home. I used to believe that fighting for our country was the right thing. But what I did not realize is, this is not fighting for our country. We are being used in a big game. These poor souls are doing what they are told to do thinking it’s patriotic. I use to believe that too.

      This is not patriotic. It’s insane. Most of the countries we help end up hating us anyway. Why waste another drop of our children’s blood?

      I have one more son left who is in the Army. I hope to God he never goes overseas to war. He has Chron’s disease so he will most likely not have to go due to this disease and he is too kind hearted and full of Love to have to pull a trigger and kill someone. Don’t want to see it happen.

    • christine

      I’d add big corporations, financial institutions and the FED who bring money to the table for any covert planning AGAINST the American people.

      The game is being started behind the scenes by covert operations who go in and target a country, destabilize the country to make the American people believe we need to go in with military force to help. Originally covert operations caused the problem…and we now have it within our own country. When a government starts operating against its people to take liberties and financial means away…they are destabilizing our country for a takeover.

      It is mandatory for the military to take vaccines.

  • christine

    We need them here, in America! There is information that in the event of a pandemic, the US is to allow the UN to take over the United States and all of its resources. There is something you can do…….. Visit Jane Bergermeier’s website. She is the one who has filed a criminal indictment against WHO and Obama for their part in the planning and orchestrating of the upcoming pandemic soon to happen in only a couple of months, Fall.


    Print and pass out

    CLG updates: WHO and FEMA harness US Military to carry out their forced vaccination agenda


    Information to be sent to the US military concerning the upcoming combined UN/WHO counterterrorism exercise and pandemic “drill” (to take over the United States and all of its resources)


  • christine

    Heart-Wrenching Propaganda Video of Bowe R. Bergdahl, the U.S. Soldier Captured by the Taliban.


    Bring our troops home from every country! Americans are not the police of the world. Peace is not brought about in this way, by force. It only causes more devastation and ruin, worldwide.

  • A Watchman
  • Dolores Yablinsky

    Being a Marine’s daughter, I used to think that being patriotic meant, agreeing with everything our government did. They had to be right afterall. They are educated and looking out for you!

    My father was a parapalegic from the Viet Nam war. I remember when they had the Contra hearings on t.v. and Oliver North was being run through the ringer. My father who was alive at that time stated “I love my country, fought for my country, my brother died for this country, but I will never trust the government again and I don’t believe them”

    I was shocked he said that. But I didn’t realize the full meaning of what he was saying until later in my life, in other words, now.

    We are in sad shape and this has been going on for decades.

    Yes, the bankers run this country and the politicians are their puppets. I am still in shock over this. My boyfriend told me this a few months ago and I dismissed it.

    Now I am seeing he was absolutely correct.

    “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”

    Rothchild stated this, correct?

    Which convinces me that the Federal Reserve is also part of this conspiracy and they are running the country.

    Forgive me for my ignorance, I was never into politics or what was going on in our country. Another reason most of them have been able to pull this off. Too many distractions.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge!”

    I am guilty.

    • christine

      And welcome into the fold! We are waking up and paying more attention than ever. We’re connecting the dots to an agenda that we never had the priviledge of knowing even existed. Healthy minds tend to not think like this, so the very idea of devious plots is foreign to us. They live among us, though, so we need to protect ourselves and make sure our decisions are not playing into their agenda.

      • Dolores Yablinsky

        Put on the armour of God.

        For we war not against flesh and blood….

        • christine

          Yes, and the bible defines God. God is what? Love. Put on the armour of Love. This armour is your protection. Feel like you are in a game of virtual reality? Suddenly our spiritual teachings come to life and we need to put down the book and actually use what we have learned in our heads to see if it has reached our heart.

          • Dolores Yablinsky

            That was kind of one of my dreams….I’m coming out of a hotel, big city, like vegas. I notice the streets are quiet, dead quiet, strangely quiet. I look to my right, people carrying sticks, knives, weapons are coming.

            Next thing I know I am at my house on the back porch. They are coming and carrying weapons. I start to get frantic looking for something to stop them but there are too many of them.

            Then, Jesus appears, puts his hand up to me to stop me from looking for a weapon and says “your weapon is not what they are using. tell them I love them and died for them”

            So I did but when I did, it was like it was him talking and not me. They stopped, put thir weapons down and wept.

            That was a nice dream as far as the outcome.

            I just feel it has meaning and it is so easy to get angry and want to fight back right now.

            The problem is, just like being attacked by radicals on the blog sites, they don’t understand or listen and nothing you say convinces them they are out of touch.

            And I keep remembering my dream after I respond to them. Some are so lost!

          • christine

            Your dream has encouragement and guidance in it.

            The only time I recall Jesus ever getting angry, really angry and loosing his cool and peaceful disposition was when he dealt with the moneychangers. Think about that. Who are we dealing with today? He knew something about the moneychangers, now so do we.

            Wars are created by these same folks, funding both sides of a wary and pitting one nation against another. If we know that, then we can stop contributing to it and falling into the propaganda.

  • wana

    Full Ron Paul Speech!!!

    Congressman Ron Paul speaks in Orlando, FL in August 2009.
    Filmed for RepublicMedia.TV by Mark A. Adams

  • Dean Allen Money Bomb on September 15. Dean is running for Adjutant General in South Carolina and smart enough to know “The National Guards of the fifty states have been pressed into a poorly crafted plan to use them as long term reserves for the Regular Army. This is not the correct function for the South Carolina National Guard. They need to be here, ready to respond to the Governor of South Carolina in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.” It comes from the issues section of his website.

  • VR
  • longshotlouie
  • longshotlouie
    • christine

      Now we’re talking, minds are changing in the direction of the truth.

  • longshotlouie

    Get Ready, Washington !!

    We Want Our Country Back
    And We Mean To Have It


    Who else will step up?

    • christine

      Great video! I was filled with lots of emotion and cried watching it. Thank you for sharing the link.

      The people are ready for truthtellers. We hunger for it. We’ve all been lied to so much, so much pain and senseless suffering. Nothing else will do but the truth and a free republic.

      These candidates will educate the masses during their campaigns. The truth will be obvious. They’ve got a record of telling the truth for many years, when few were listening.

      • Lindsey Brutus

        Louie and Christine: I too watched the video and was impressed! Maybe the next generation of great patriots can be elected in 2010. I will pray for that! Anyway, in reference to praying I urge you folks to go to Wallbuilders.com and look at what this great website has. It is dedicated to “Presenting America’s forgotten history and heros with an emphasis on moral, religious and constitutional heritage.” PLEASE let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!

        • longshotlouie

          Great library!


  • E Perez Jones

    Hi, agree there are too many wars going on, and the new generations are being conceived and nortured by all a war must really mean. Is it imprinted and then called upon when needed? Knowing history and the present facts is important, being prepared is part of survival. But mind manipulation just set the stage for mas creation of innocent victims.

    About the war on drugs:

    Is it left to the ‘imagination’ to figure out if it’s meant legal or illegal drugs?

    How can you even attempt to battle something that by default is needed by a population to function? or has the need risen to grow and manufacture your own ‘medicine’, for the sake of economic improvement?

    Why do people need stimulants or relaxers to the point of becoming criminals?

    So, first define and undrestand whether most people actually need drugs to leave and produce. And if so, why? and since when most people or populations became dependant on drugs to function?

    That is a problem, and shouldn’t be. No where in science or medical literature there is reproducible documentation that humans, or any organisnm, need narco compounds to function, at least not to the extent of today’s need. And, they lived fruitful and relative long life, and reproduce with little difficulty.

    Something is wrong, very wrong Dr Ron Paul. Please read and think a little about these ideas.

    On my count you legalize what you want, but PEOPLE need a sure way not to be fed unwanted and addicting drugs on every day public consumption items.

    • E Perez Jones

      Why so many transportation accidents?

      is this a real site or just created to increase ratings in web searches.

      Can somebody answer my comments? a real person, not an e-clone.

  • longshotlouie

    Sunday Afternoon Movie

    ‘Orwell Rolls In His Grave’

  • VR

    Architects and engineers are not snickering or making snide remarks. They are asking questions.

    • christine

      Brave Patriots, human beings, pursuing the truth.

      Perhaps we need to keep cells open in Guantanimo for those guilty of these high crimes against Americans. I hear they treat the prisoners well there.

    • Ross

      VR ,the more you get into the detail of 911 ,the more anomalies and questions are raised.I forgot all about flight 93.Supposedly it crashed at Shanksville but there was nothing more than a hole in the ground with a few pieces of shrapnel and some smoke.Where was the plane debri,fire like the twin towers and the bodies or any evidence of blood?

      I think that flight 93 was intended for WTC 7.There were supposed to be 3 planes for the big show and this was the fly in the ointment.Larry Silverstein was left high and dry but they demolished the building anyway and thus have been caught out.

  • Ross

    see http://www.com/watch?v=7WYdAJQV100 World trade building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition.Larry Silverstein the owner of the entire complex admits this himself.

    These wars are all about the big banks financing the US Govt to fight them.They are the primary source of poverty in the US and around the planet.

    • christine

      Well said. They are the source of poverty, and a lot of ill around the world. Since they are the source, they cannot be the solution. I think without them and their maniuplations, we would all get along nation to nation. I hope and dream of that.

      • Ross

        The link should be http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WYdAJQV100
        When are we going to have a proper investigation into 911?

        I did not believe the other theories about 911 until I viewed Larry Silverstein and WTB 7.The truth was too impossible to believe,but when we look at the enormous power of these banks,it begins to make sense.49 of the world’s richest banks are located mostly in Europe USA and Japan.Their total net worth is $56 trillion.If we divide the pop of their country’s of origin,which is 850 million,then their worth for every person is $65,882.00.What Govt could stand up to them? This is why their power is so pervasive.

        The next 8 congressmen needed for HR1207 to pass,is going to be very difficult to achieve,since money does buy silence and complicity.The really big question is;What sort of world do they want to leave for their children and grandchildren?

        • Matt

          Lolol, ‘controlled demolition’ proof.

          *sigh* You should get out more often, sitting in a dark room has been known to cause twisted fantasies that the government/zion elite is the cause of all evil:

          Silverstein Did NOT Order His Building Demolished

          • longshotlouie

            Thanks for the video, Matt.
            The video itself is debunked in the comments, not to mention that the video debunks nothing.

            When you start your reply with the little laugh followed by a condescending remark, it’s not hard to figure out that you have nothing.

          • VR

            “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance; that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”
            — Herbert Spencer

            “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”
            — Albert Einstein

            “A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.”
            — Ian Williams Goddard


          • christine

            It’s easier to see ourselves in a mirror.

            7/7 Ripple Effect

            Dr. Reynolds exposes 9/11 TV fakery on FoxNews

            Do a search on youtube for “911 no plane”. I won’t list them here but there are plenty to watch.

            While the truth of 911 is difficult for all of us, very difficult, it’s important to know the truth of it. Knowing that it is not beyond the ability of our governments in England and America to attack it’s own population helps open our eyes to all else we are fighting against (flu vaccine). Other citizens in other nations are not the origin of the continual wars and disturbances on this earth. They are tricked by their governments into hating and fighting (manufactured terrorism), all for the banker’s profits and world domination and control. That’s the goal of the severely insane among us. I always wondered how the mass of people under Hitler could have executed the atrocities human against human. One day we fight them, next we are friends. Who changes our feelings and attitudes towards other nations? They use the media to create what they want so we follow what they want us to believe. Now I see. If it were not for the internet, I don’t know if we would ever have come to know the truth.

            We will not have peace on this earth(or in our economy and stability in our households) until people stop feeding and following the severely insane. True patriots seek freedom from this tyranny.

          • Matt

            So you think Silverstein is so diabolical as to participate in the orchestration of this entire thing without a single hitch, and the only slip up occurred on PBS where he figured he would tell the reporter he ordered the destruction of the tower? Really?

            You are right, the only hatred in the world comes from rich people, banks, and the government.

            Try googling ‘World Trade Towers Never Existed’ while you are at it. That is a legitimate conspiracy too.

          • longshotlouie

            So you think that one straw man is not sufficient.

            Previously you would just insert a straw man into each of your rants. Now each sentence is one.

            We’ll leave the ‘Never Existed’ conspiracy for you.
            Conspiracies are by definition secret, while the questions we are asking are not about secrets. They are about what can plainly be seen and to which there have been insufficient answers. No answers from the government and sure as hell no answers from you.

            Matt, why don’t you read the bedtime story for us.
            The one about ‘Thermal Expansion’.

          • Matt

            No, I think the biased and intentionally misinterpretation of his terminology, while ignoring both context and verbiage is more than sufficient enough to render this ‘argument’ meaningless. If you wish to ignore my other points, then do so.

            The temporal aspect highlighting the glaring idiocy of describing a single phone call and whereafter admitting the same on PBS that you ordered the building destroyed via the process of initiating a controlled explosion orchestrated in concert with firefighters and within a larger scheme of organized chaos as controlled by the ultra-devious zionist elite can be whatever fallacy you want – it is still unexplainable idiocy. Idiocy you would not expect from an asserted highly-organized and yet unprovable manipulative cabal.

            Please louie, tell me what kind of a fallacy work like these are. You won’t be able to, not by a long shot:

            How about a structural engineers take

            Or a more ‘dude it was freaking right next to two gigantic buildings that just came crashing down’ take that came to the same conclusion:

            Or just skip to the end and read the last sentence and issue some irreverent one-liner, as you are wont to do.

          • longshotlouie

            “No, I think the biased and intentionally misinterpretation of his terminology, while ignoring both context and verbiage is more than sufficient enough to render this ‘argument’ meaningless……..”

            “Please louie, tell me what kind of a fallacy work like these are.”

            Learn English, bro.

            You keep spinning the chamber, but alas, no ammo.
            You give us A paid shill, We give you 700+ architects and engineers.
            BAM …. say good night, Gracie.

          • Matt

            “Learn English, bro.” *sigh* don’t go there Louie, it’s a bottomless pit. I’m not rewriting my college thesis. Ad hominem attacks get nowhere so leave that petty crap alone. It’s not for lack of ability.

            ‘You give us A paid shill’

            Paid shills? Really? You don’t know that. Isn’t that a ad hominem fallacy as well longshotscarecrow?

            You take your 700 engineers and architects and your insane burden of proof fallacy, I will take the rest of the TENS OF THOUSANDS in the community WHABLAOW go back to your corner, Louie:

            “As generally accepted by the community of specialists in
            structural mechanics and structural engineering though not by a few outsiders claiming a conspiracy with planted explosives, the failure scenario was as follows:”

          • christine

            Stand back…he’s imploding.

          • Herewe Goagain


          • longshotlouie

            Damn, I missed your spontaneous combustion. Hope there was video.

            “TENS OF THOUSANDS” ….. bwahahhaahahahahhaaa
            Now who’s pulling my middle leg?

            Go back to sleep

          • Matt

            “You give us A paid shill, We give you 700+ architects and engineers.”
            ““TENS OF THOUSANDS” ….. bwahahhaahahahahhaaa”

            Hmmm, well I guess out of 1.5 MILLION engineers and 132,000 architects currently employed (the petition also collects retired professionals, so i will be generous and only add in an additional 50,000 retirees) in the United States, you got all of… Wow the percentage (and I know Austrian proponents generally abhor numbers so i apologize) is just like Louie’s middle leg – it’s miniscule: 0.0004% of engineering and architectural professionals to be exact.

            Yep, you just gooooo ahead and take your 700… You really want to use that number anymore to support your weak burden of proof fallacy?

        • christine

          Ross, the link you provided says “video not available” on youtube.

        • christine

          Now the link works. Has anyone else been having troubles with viewing youtube videos? Lots of timing, then error or not available messages.

          • Ross

            I’m not in the USA.Youtube has censored videos on behalf of the Chinese Govt so keep on your toes.

            Larry Siverstein uses these unequivical words,”….the smartest thing to do was to pull it and we watched the building come down.” Pull is a demolition term used to blow the foundations from a building.WTC 7 had the classical crimp in the middle.The middle foundations are blown out first so the building falls in on itself.

            Also this year Pro Niels Harrit has it has found proof of nano thermite in the rubble of 911 buildings.This is a highly sophistocated explosive that would not be available to terrorists.see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_tf25lx_3o
            If it doesn’t work just google Niels Harrit nano-thermite.

          • christine

            For me,there is enough evidence to point to our government as guilty of high crimes and treason against American people in the twin towers and building 7 events. The only thing holding back the prosecution …is again, our government…unless and until we have liberty-minded freedom fighters in our congress and in the white house. Then, heads will roll and the house will rock!

  • christine

    How to create an Angry American

  • christine

    P-E-A-C-E and sanity.

  • VR

    Former deputy commander of US forces in Europe has recommended a devastating military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, should negotiations fail.

  • Rafal Glowacki

    Great speech!