Join the Rand Paul for Senate Money Bomb – August 20th, 2009

August 20th Rand Paul Money Bomb – Please Pledge Now At

Rand Paul’s run for U.S. Senate representing Kentucky is a phenomenal opportunity for the liberty movement that rallied around his father’s presidential bid in 2007-08, which Congressman Ron Paul rolled forward into a perpetual Campaign for Liberty that has made serious leaps and bounds towards an audit of (and eventual end to) the Federal Reserve Bank.

One of the crucial elements of Ron Paul’s success was the sheer size and determined tenacity of his grassroots support, which focused their efforts into two meteoric money bombs in November and December of 2007. It is in that spirit and for that purpose that the organizer of both those money bombs has put together to raise Rand Paul $1,000,000 in one day on August 20th.

As a poor college junior, I donated to both of the original money bombs because I believed in Ron Paul’s message of limited government, strict constitutionalism, and individual liberty- and in the flawless record he had of upholding that message through ten terms in Congress. I also knew that the statists in both parties who were vying for the presidency would take a lot more than $100 from me, and that they wouldn’t ask nicely when they came for it. I was making an investment in my future.

Two years later, fresh out of college, and just as broke while I wait tables in Nashville, volunteer for political causes, and work hard to grow my website, The Humble Libertarian– I have pledged at and will be donating $100 (or more if that’s what it will take to hit our goal of $1,000,000) on August 20th. I implore you to do the same if you have not already done so. Visit the site and enter your e-mail address right now with the firm resolution to whip out your card or Pay Pal account on August 20th and drop a $100 bomb on tyranny.

This is such an amazing opportunity because it is a perfectly winnable seat. Open seats like this are very rare and Rand Paul is in a good position to win the Republican Primary in Kentucky and then move on to a General Election victory in 2010, putting another Dr. Paul in our nation’s Capitol- a very young, charismatic Dr. Paul with many years of good work supporting liberty ahead of him. But Rand Paul CANNOT win without your donation this August 20th.

His main opponent in the Republican Primary is Trey Grayson, a big government, “country-club” Republican with deep pockets and powerful friends in the Republican machine and Washington establishment. If Rand Paul raises $1,000,000 on August 20th, he’ll sail past Grayson in fundraising totals and have the budget to buy the mailers, radio ads, and newspaper ads he needs to raise his name recognition and profile in the state of Kentucky- which is absolutely necessary for victory.

If Rand Paul does not raise $1,000,000 this August 20th because you sat this one out, he will be playing catch up the rest of this primary season, and may or may not win- a risk we would be crazy to take! In total, our movement raised over $30,000,000, towards putting Ron Paul in the White House, even though we knew it was a long shot. Let’s just raise 5% of that this August 20th for a U.S. Senate seat we know Rand Paul can win!

Again, I urge you- visit right now (you can come back to finish reading this article; it won’t go anywhere) and pledge to donate your $100 on August 20th. Your support does matter and will make a difference. This is an opportunity to send a message loud and clear to both Washington and the Republican Party- “FREEDOM IS POPULAR!” Americans want to live in a free and civil society governed by the U.S. Constitution. This is also an opportunity to send a message to someone else…

August 20th was selected as the day for the money bomb because it is the birthday of Congressman and Presidential candidate- you guessed it- Ron Paul. Let’s send him a message too: that we believe in the cause he’s fighting hard for, and that we will also fight hard to send him like-minded, liberty-loving allies in Congress. He has fought this battle alone up there for too long! Want to give Ron Paul the best birthday present he could ask for this August 20th? How about a Dr. Paul in the other house of Congress?

And last but most certainly not least- after pledging at, please do just one thing to promote it to the people you know. Unfortunately, many of Ron Paul’s avid supporters are still unaware that his like-minded son is making a bid for U.S. Senate and needs our help. All it would take is to make them aware, and they would be glad to drop a money bomb on August 20th. So please do at least one thing to spread the word.

E-mail one friend right now who doesn’t know about the Rand Paul money bomb and urge him or her to donate. Or you can link to RunRandRun and Rand Paul’s campaign website on your Facebook wall. If you’re a blogger, please use one of these banners in the sidebar on your blog site. You could also Tweet about the Rand Paul money bomb on Twitter, Digg up the money bomb on Digg, or leave a comment with a link to the money bomb page on a liberty-related YouTube video, blog, or message forum.

As of this writing, there are just under 2,000 pledges at RunRandRun, and we need 10,000 to hit our goal! That means we’re 20% there, which is encouraging because that’s a big piece of the pie and it shows how realistic and doable this really is, but it’s also alarming because we now have only 10 days left to reach our goal by the money bomb date! We can make this a success if everyone who reads these words does just two things: 1) Pledge if you have not already done so, and 2) Do just one thing to promote the Rand Paul money bomb to other freedom-loving patriots.

Thanks so much and happy bombing!

I’ll see you this August 20th on Rand Paul’s donation page at RandPaul2010.

-W. E. Messamore

  • longshotlouie

    The Money Bomb Is On !!

    If you can help, please do.
    Donate a little, Spread the link a little.

    $248,725.00 so far

  • christine

    That’s what I want to know. Where are they? Why are they not talking about what is facing us very soon? When the public legitimately asks “what can we do?” at the health care town halls, they say they will take suggestions back to washington or there is this long processes of wading through government to exercise our rights… and that we certainly made a mistake by voting in this president. But I don’t really think we did. I’ve learned about the mechanics of the voting machines to know there is fraud. So where does that leave us?

    I do know that a gal in my state did file her claim on the mandatory vaccines, not so much to win a case as to bring the attention of the public and the lazy politicians who are not now seeming to know or act…according to our constitution. This gal is now taking it to the media. We’ll see if they air any of the concerns.


  • Dolores Y

    What difference does it make with why someone got a birthday cake when our country is falling apart?

    It is so easy to get distracted when folks who hate everything good come here to sideswipe the issues. I know, I got distracted and apologize.

    We get postings here that divert our attention and energy to put our heads together to help each other towards a goal.

    Same thing at Urban Conservative web site. They get bombarded over there too with trolls from radical agendas that jump in and try to argue and divert from the real issues at hand.

    What I would like to know is where are any other elected officials who give a rats as_ about this country and the direction it is going?

    Happy Birthday Ron. Your son is a wonderful attribute to you and awesome reflection of your character.

    Nice cake. Hope it was delicious.

  • Ross

    Happy Birthday Ron,you are a really good man.In many ways you remind me of my father,though he was not as smart.There are some who have the wisdom and courage to realise that freedom of the human spirit is worth more than all the power on the planet,since lust for power just a reflection of our inadaquacies.

  • spauken

    Of course he’s using his father. In this situation, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Child Hacker

      There’s nothing wrong with it because its ron paul’s son. But if it was anyone else like Jay Rockefeller, we would think otherwise. Just like we thought otherwise for George Bush.

      • Nate Y

        Yeah. People can’t judge others based on the ideas they hold, the words they say, and the actions they take. Nope. It’s all to do with pedigree. Give us a break.

        • Child Hacker

          George Bush had good ideals till he was put into office.

          • Nate Y

            Not really. He talked a good game regarding foreign policy but everything else was pretty crappy.

  • jacob

    Can someone give me a good reason not to support Rand Paul, other than “He’s riding dad’s coattails?” I’ve read up on him, and I think his views on the issues are good. I don’t think he’s ‘using’ his father at all.

    • Child Hacker

      Of course he’s using his father. How else would he raise millions of dollars to run for office? Just look at all the campaign contributions he is looking for on this and other ron paul sites.

      • Child Hacker

        His opponent has the same views.. The only thing that makes him “special” is that he is ron paul’s son.

        “Please join us this August 20th for Rand Paul’s largest one day political donation event yet. Our goal is to bring together 10,000 people to donate $100 each, creating a one day donation total of $1,000,000.”

        What other politician would be able to do this??

        • Child Hacker

          I can’t believe Rand Paul’s largest one day political donation event seeking to raise one million dollars is on Ron Paul’s birthday..

          • Nate Y

            Believe it.

            Ron Paul is on record saying he supports his son and his decision to run. As such, Rand isn’t using his father in the least bit.

          • Child Hacker

            Oh I do believe that they are actually doing it. I just can’t believe that he would use his father like this to gain political power. Of course he is going to support his son, that doesn’t mean he isn’t using him.

          • Nate Y

            You have a loose definition of the word use. Given your abuse of the term, how is it even possible for Rand not to use his father?

            You use the word “use” to mean “exploit”. You argue that Rand is exploiting his father to gain political power. But Rand is not exploiting his father. One party cannot exploit another if the other (supposedly exploited) party is fully conscious and supportive of the actions being taken. Also, Rand does not want more power concentrated in the federal government. In fact, he wants the exact opposite. He wants to see more power in the hands of the people.

            You are (like the other trolls on her) abusing the language and making a very disingenuous argument.

          • Child Hacker

            You can exploit someone with or without their acceptance.

            George Bush took advantage of his father to gain political power, even though his father accepted it and supported him.

          • Nate Y

            To exploit another PERSON is to use that person unfairly or in a mean spirited way. That is not what is happening with Rand and Ron Paul.

            You say “George Bush took advantage of his father to gain political power, even though his father accepted it and supported him.”. No, he did not. It is impossible to take advantage of someone if he/she supports what you are doing. I don’t understand why it is so hard for you to grasp this.

            You may as well say that a husband takes advantage of his wife every time they make love. “He’s USING her!!! He’s taking advantage of her to obtain sexual pleasure!!! Yes, I know she wants him to do it, she’s a conscious and active participant, she initiated the action, and she’s very much enjoying it. But it is exploitation!! I have absolutely no concept of mutual benefit!”

          • Child Hacker

            exploit- to utilize, esp. for profit; turn to practical account: to exploit a business opportunity.

            You can take advantage of a situation good or bad.

          • Nate Y

            See what you did there? You are accusing Rand not of exploiting a SITUATION, you are accusing him of exploiting a PERSON (his father, Ron). There is a difference. This tactic is called “switching the goal posts”. But I don’t think you’re even aware you’re doing it.


            exploit (transitive verb)

            2 : to make use of meanly or unfairly for one’s own advantage (to exploit migrant farm workers)

            Of course, as anyone familiar with the terms “inflation”, “liberal”, and many others are aware, dictionaries aren’t the final authority on the definition of words. Definitions change over time. But you asked.

          • Child Hacker

            take advantage of-
            1. To put to good use; avail oneself of: take advantage of all educational opportunities.
            2. To profit selfishly by; exploit: took advantage of the customer.

            I believe Rand is #2. He is being selfish by profiting off of his father.

          • Nate Y

            Oh I’m well aware that you believe Rand is being selfish by profiting off his father. The problem is you offer no evidence or argument to support this claim. If Rand and his father had great ideological disagreements or if Ron Paul didn’t support Rand’s decision, you would have an argument. Happily, neither of these scenarios is a reality. Also, as has already been pointed out, an action cannot be considered selfish if the other person (who is supposedly exploited) is fully conscious of and supportive of the action(s) being taken.

            If the two parties share a common goal, it cannot be considered selfish when action is taken to achieve that goal. You may as well criticize quarterbacks of selfishly profiting off their wide receivers when the receivers catch passes and score touchdowns. After all, the quarterbacks stats improve as a result, don’t they?

            It is also important to note that being Ron Paul’s son is viewed as a liability by others. There are those who do not support the ideas held by Ron and Rand (and many others). As such, I could easily make an opposite (and equally vacuous) claim that Rand Paul is losing votes damaging his chances simply because he is Ron Paul’s son.

            How would it even be possible for Rand NOT to profit (in the eyes of some) by virtue of being his father’s son?

          • sean

            You are both right.. Rand is “riding the free train,” but it is good for the both of them. Rand is not disrespecting his father in any way.

            Haha, I don’t understand why all of you drug this out so long. lol, nate and his dictionary. Stupid people arguing.

          • sean

            Nate would argue to cut down a tree that the government planted, because the government is “evil.”

  • Dolores Y

    I don’t want to think about another birthday! lol

  • Dolores Y

    I don’t know. I guess women are different. It’s the thought that counts. It may have been a little joke to humor him. We never know what a private, family gathering was like. This looks like it was at an office. I just think it’s sweet. He may be grateful that he has a child living to do this for him.

    • Child Hacker

      His son would never try to become a senator if he wasn’t popular.

  • Dolores Y

    Well, if he is doing a good thing, does it matter? Does his father support him? By support, I mean, stand behind him.

    Seems to me that alot of folks in history, past and present have done this. I would think if it is an honorable thing he is doing. His father would be so pleased that his son is following in his footsteps.

    As long as it is a good thing, and he’s doing it for the right reasons. Perhaps he is compelled to pick up the torch.

    • Child Hacker

      I’m sure Ron Paul will always support his son and stand behind him, but i’m also sure Ron Paul knows that his son is using his success and his supporters to gain political power.

      • Herewe Goagain

        Uh huh, what’s the problem?

        • Child Hacker

          Rand Paul is USING his father so he can become a senator.

  • Child Hacker

    Ron Paul doesn’t look to thrilled. That’s not a very good birthday present. It’s great to have a son who surpasses you and all, but not when they use you to get there. Lets just rub it in by putting a picture of his of his son on his birthday cake!

    • Child Hacker

      I guarantee if ron paul didn’t become famous, rand paul wouldn’t of stepped up. Thats pretty messed up.

      • Dolores Y

        I guess I am in the dark on that. Is it Ron Paul’s birthday? oh..just went up to read that…yes, it is his birthday. His son give it to him? Seems like he may be having a moment of proud reflection to me or just taking it all in. Of course I am not sure what you are referring to since I don’t know that much about either.

        Heck, there are alot of parents out there who’s children don’t speak to them much less honor them.

        Guess it’s just me but I don’t see anything wrong here and I if I am mistaken, sorry…

        • Child Hacker

          Ron paul’s son is using him to run for the senate and rubbing it in with the birthday cake. Instead of celebrating ron paul’s birthday, they are celebrating his son trying to surpass him.

        • Child Hacker

          For my birthday, I want a birthday cake with my name on it, Not my sons logo.

          • Herewe Goagain

            You’ll have to settle for eleven candles (one to grow on).

          • Child Hacker

            Oh ya.. You wont be invited to the party. No cake for u!

  • spauken

    Even if you can’t give $100, give something!