4 responses to “Ron Paul on CNN: Medicare is Broke, Socialized Healthcare will Fail”

  1. TruthFocused

    Stan Brock is an true hero.

    When you subsidize (AKA give money to) something the prices become higher.

    For example, prices in education and health care have increased over the last 20 years, while prices in gaming and electronics have decreased.

    If you want higher prices and lower quality get government to fund it.

    People are confused about the health care debate because they are confused about economics in general.

    If you don’t know how supply and demand operate how can you understand price changes?

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  2. Ross

    Nothing is free,so why should we delude ourselves that health is the exception.Health is about individuals taking responsibility.It is about looking after yourself with proper exercise and nuitrition.Alternative medicines can play a constructive role.

    Mutual private heatlth societies are a great idea but everyone should have freedom of choice.When you totally socialise medicine standards fall and so does service.In Australia people not insured have to wait for months/yrs to get operations.Many of our hostpitals are now like 3rd world countries.No one wants to admit that the system for ordinary folk has failed.In my State the health bureaucracy is the only thing that grows,while the availability of beds shrinks.What they do is reduce the number of beds in a hospital comeasurate with their budgets.

    Everyone should pay something to see a doctor,otherwise you have over servicing and poor standards.

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  3. Jones

    I like the idea of a universal system because it prevents discrimination, facilitates job performance, and allows better evaluation of health improvements and innovations.

    I love the idea of option, of privacy and the best care, and have payed the extra money in the past.

    I like the idea of co-op insurance together with co-op care.

    So, why not run all three for 5-10 years with the same people and evaluate results? kind of like a clinical trial for the health care system. Fair?


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  4. Jones

    My concern about the ongoing discussion on health care reform is that confusing information coming from everywhere will make it worst. And no question that there is a lot at stake for both, doctors and patients, that the time is now to improve the system. Is urgent for obvious reasons.

    A pressing issue for some people is actually the health, and for everyone is COST, and insurance because of cost and I guess profit.
    So why can the public be informed of the current breakdown of costs of the whole system? Like $ amount per drugs, $ per labs, $ per surgeries, $ per standard visit, $ per specialist visit, $ per ER visit, in the whole current population and according to age groups and gender.

    That is not a big report to publish and data should be already available from the experts in each field.

    For the public is important to choose the best insurance, public, private or co-op. And a real eye opener for those in real need of preventive medicine.

    Can the doctors get that for the public and publish it here? We appreciate it.

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