It Is Time The Federal Reserve Answered For Its Actions

In his latest column Ron Paul predicts that one way or another, the days of Fed autonomy are coming to an end, as they should. The Federal Reserve has demonstrated over and over again that it is a highly antiquated, unabashedly monopolistic and openly politicized creature. Its chairman, Ben Bernanke, is the politician’s best friend as he continues to enable government spending to soar to ridiculous levels that will further endanger the value of the dollar.

The Fed’s Interesting Week

by Ron Paul

It has been an interesting week indeed for the Federal Reserve. Early this week, it was announced that President Obama intends to reappoint Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to a second term in January, signaling a vote of confidence in him. Bernanke seems to be popular with the administration and with Wall Street, and with good reason. His lending policies have left big banks flush with newly created cash that covers up old mistakes and allows for new ones. By buying up mountains of Treasury debt he has also enabled spending to soar to ridiculous levels that should startle any responsible economist, and scare any American concerned about the value of the dollar.

However, these highly sensitive decisions about our money are not made by economists, they are made by politicians. Bernanke, like most of his predecessors, is the politician’s best friend. However, there is no reason to believe any other central planner would behave any differently, considering the immense political pressure on the Fed.

Fed policies have been as bad for the economy as they are good for politicians and bankers, as the recently released numbers on the debt and deficit demonstrate. For the first time since World War II the annual budget deficit is projected to be over 11 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product. It is also projected that by 2019 the national debt will be 68% of GDP. Our path, if unchanged, is completely untenable.

The administration claims that it inherited a dire situation from the last administration, which is absolutely true. However, that hasn’t stopped them from accepting all the policies and premises that got us here, and accelerating those policies to rapidly make a bad situation much worse. The bailouts started with the last administration. They have gotten bigger with this one. The last administration gave us expanded government involvement in healthcare with a new prescription drug benefit. This administration gave us a renewal and expansion of SCHIP, and now the current healthcare takeover attempts. In reality, we can afford none of this, but shady monetary policy allows Washington to continue along its merry way, aggravating all our economic problems.

Not everyone in government finds it acceptable that the Fed wields so much power and privilege in secrecy. Last week, a federal judge ruled against Fed secrecy, compelling them to release under the Freedom of Information Act information regarding which banks received emergency loans, and under what terms. The Fed will, of course do everything in its power to fight this ruling and it is certainly not the last word on the issue. Still, it is encouraging to see that the interests of the taxpayers were defended victoriously in court, while the Fed only sees the plight of its big banker friends.

Meanwhile HR 1207 and S604, legislation to open up the Fed’s books to a complete audit, continue to gain momentum in Congress as the people continue to insist on real transparency of the Federal Reserve. One way or another, the days of Fed autonomy are coming to an end, as well they should. No one should have the power to debauch the currency and gut the economy as they do. It is time they answered for their actions, so the people can understand that we truly are better off with freedom instead of Fed tyranny.


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  • longshotlouie
  • longshotlouie
  • sean

    all of this is irrelevant.. You can’t be on the gold standard and have a trillion dollar a year trade deficit. I don’t care what Nate says. Linking our money to gold isn’t going to stop us from importing goods.

    “The U.S. dollar’s surge against the world’s major currencies is making waves for Southern California’s international trade community.

    As a result of the dollar’s precipitous rise in recent months, the volume of exports moving through the area has taken a steep drop.

    Conversely, the volume of goods imported from overseas is growing as a result of the dollar’s increased buying power abroad.

    At the Port of Long Beach, for example, exports in the fourth quarter of 1996 were up a scant 0.4 percent over the like period a year earlier, while imports surged 17.4 …”

  • Eric S. Dunn

    Gold has no value in and of itself. You can’t eat it or wear it or start a fire with it. It was used as money principly because it was NOT a readily available commodity and more importantly because it could NOT be created out of thin air at anyones whim. As such it provided stability to the economy.

    The only possible conclusion to a system with no standard and with the ability to create money out of thin air is collapse.

    • sean

      Gold was around back then. Have you ever heard of the 1849 gold rush or the 49rs? Do we mine gold now? NOT HERE, BECAUSE ITS NOT FOUND HERE NOW.

      • longshotlouie


  • Oh, yeah, we are going to be able to get the federal reserve to disclose all of their corruption and fabricated crisis!

    Yes, we need transparency, disclosure and accountability.
    Do you really think we will get it?

    This administration is fabricating anything and everything they can to hide the truth, tear down and rebuild and they are using our tax dollars to do it!

    They are inciting hate and racial distension against the American people.

    “PRESIDENT OBAMA: We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. ”

    Obama’s czars, in particular, Van Jones is just one behind this takeover.

    Radicals have been playing the race card for decades and it was a lie then, it’s a lie now!

    “VAN JONES: This movement is deeper than a solar panel. Deeper than a solar panel. Don’t stop there. Don’t stop there. No, we’re going to change the whole system. We’re going to change the whole thing. We’re not going to put a new battery in a broken system. We want a new system. We want a new system. ”

    They want a “new system” and they are implementing that new system, as I speak.

    “VAN JONES: And our Native American sisters and brothers who were pushed and bullied and mistreated and shoved into all the land we didn’t want, where it was all hot and windy, well, guess what, renewable energy. Guess what, solar industry. Guess what, wind industry. They now own and control 80% of the renewable energy resources. No more broken treaties. No more broken treaties. Give them the wealth. Give them the wealth. Give them the dignity. Give them the respect that they deserve. No justice on stolen land. We owe them a debt.

    “VAN JONES: The white polluters and the white environmentals are essentially steering poison into the people of colored communities.

    It seems to me that under the constitution, we should be able to take these people down and throw them out of the white house!

    Where’s the FBI or CIA in this? Who is doing anything to stop this communist take over?!

    What does the constitution say about marxist/communist over throwing our country?

    What are our rights as a people and who the hell is doing anything about it?!

    We are a nation in distress!

    Does anyone realize how very close we are to being completely restructured as a nation?

    Do you wonder where the damn money is for “bailouts?” We are being distracted with this health care bill and other issues while they are busy implementing their new socialistic agenda with the aid of their self professed czars!

    They are using the money to rebuild the government to a socialistic/marxist/communist nation!

    Right under our noses and we are being distracted with other crap while they are doing this!

    We need to get them out of our government, media and take down the strongholds unions, etc. that have orchestrated this takeover.

    This is bigger than anyone could have ever imagined.

    They have been implementing this stuff before he got elected because they knew “the one” was going to be elected! It was guaranteed.

    This is not a conservative/liberal issue. It’s a re structuring of our country by a well planned, decade long in the building agenda, which has now been set into motion like a freight train out of control!

  • Sleuth

    Urbanization Class – The Indoctrination Continues

    • Nate Y


  • Sean

    You were led to believe that banks actually loan out other peoples money (fractional reserve banking). This is not true. Banks lend out money that doesn’t exist, they are called promissory notes (debt). That promissory note is pledged with collateral so if you default on your debt than the bank can seize your asset that you put up as collateral.

    Our financial system is market driven. According to how it works, there will always be enough supply as demand. Supply is created whenever demand is needed(bank loans). As long as credit is flowing there will be an efficient supply of money. Whenever credit freezes and there is not enough capital to go around, the whole economy slows down.

    Just look at the great depression. The reason why banks could not increase the money supply is because it was fixed to the gold standard.. Whenever they removed the gold standard, banks could then provide capital and credit to businesses. Soon after the economy stabilized.

    The only reason why the gold standard was so effective for so long is because it was a readily available commodity. Gold was everywhere during the 19th century. Now we are living in exponential times where population is doubling every 40 or 50 years. New discoveries of gold are declining, so there isn’t enough gold to go around. Not now and especially not for the future to come.

    • Sean

      It is called a “Negotiable Instrument”

    • longshotlouie

      How did an intrinsically worthless piece of paper issued by governments acquire the status of money?

    • Nate Y

      Complete nonsense. All these arguments have repeatedly been answered and calmly destroyed by plenty of people on this site. I will not bother to do it again.

      I will simply point out that the money supply does not need to increase as population increases. Why? Because prices adjust.

      • sean

        No. You don’t understand Nate. Businesses need money to function. Inflation(growth of the money supply) is allocated towards businesses and the purchases of homes and cars, something of value.

        It’s not a matter of price stability, its whether or not there is enough money for the majority of our businesses to run.

        • sean

          Inflation is the growth of the money supply and the growth of the economy.. That is why GDP matches inflation.

          I don’t think you understand how fast our population is growing. If businesses ran out of available capital and our economy stopped growing… than we would end up with what is known as a retarded economic growth. This is when population exceeds jobs.

          I did scientific research on the subject in my urbanization class.

        • Nate Y

          Essentially everything you write is incorrect, nonsensical, or ridiculous.

          There’s really no need to respond to your posts. You already do an excellent job making yourself look foolish. I doubt anyone could do better.

          • sean

            haha. whatever nate, but you seem to keep on responding with nothing to say for yourself. Why don’t you just shut up or prove me wrong. You are the one looking foolish from a pretty pathetic attempt to argue.

          • Nate Y

            Sure. Keep beating that drum. You’re obviously gifted at deluding yourself. I have no doubt you’ll be able to convince yourself that I’m looking foolish. Ask yourself, how is it that I find so many like minded individuals on this board while virtually everyone on here is hostile to your posts? How is it, if I am the one looking foolish, that no one has asked me to leave this site while numerous people have demanded you do so?

            Here this will help:


            It’s Rothbard’s The Case Against the Fed…pretty damn awesome.

            You gonna buy a bunch of Ron Paul’s new bookEnd the Fed” and distribute them for Christmas like you claim to have done with The Revolution?

        • Sleuth

          Almost sad to watch someone defending a failed system.

          Almost. LOL

          • sean

            There’s a law that says, “what does not stop must go on forever.”

            There’s another law that says, “when something can’t last forever, there will always be people trying to elaborate ways to make it last as long as it can.”

  • Sean

    Whatever nate, you think that the federal reserve creates all of our money. That proves you don’t know anything about economics.

    If we did substitute commodities for money than you would either have to produce those commodities or work for them in order to have some means of exchange. Again like Matt said, commodities are only as valuable as their importance of use..

    Lets say you work for a steel company and that is the commodity that you will be paid with for your labor. Who is going to accept steel as a mean of exchange? I know the farmer has no use for the steel, so you would not be able to trade your commodity for theirs.

    This isn’t the Babylonian Period where a market only includes the bear necessities, and where all goods are wanted. Commodities will never again be excepted as a method of payment in general terms.

    • Nate Y

      No. I’m quite aware that our fractional reserve system of banking allows for the pyramiding of debt/money, is inflationary by nature, economically damaging, and morally corrupt.

      The rest of your post can be dismissed out of hand as it is merely more nonsensical claptrap.

      • Sean

        Which part did not make sense? Do you think that the farmer would accept your steel as a means for exchange? Please explain.. You have never explained anything. You have never proven yourself to be able to have an intelligent conversation, so why should I just trust you on good faith, and dismiss logic and explanation from my own view?

        • Sean

          hahaha! YOU HAVE NO CLUE. Most of our money is not created through fractional reserve banking. THAT’S SO FUNNY!!

          Again, just so you can stop making yourself look stupid, 98% of our money is created through PROMISSORY NOTES.

          Whenever a businesses takes a loan to buy products, that number is digitally punched into their account.

    • longshotlouie

      Sound money is a commodity.

  • VR

    Notice that fiat monies have always emerged through their initial tie to commodity monies. We can trace back the purchasing power of U.S. dollars until the point when the notes were redeemable in gold or silver, and at that point we need merely explain the purchasing power of gold and silver.


    • Nate Y

      Indeed. The market has never selected paper splashed with ink as the preferred medium of exchange. Paper/fiat monies always emerge through corruption (usually government corruption) of honest money.

      • Matt

        “Paper/fiat monies always emerge through corruption (usually government corruption) of honest money.”

        Really. “Always”. Every single time. It’s that simple and universal.

        And because every nation in the world is on a paper/fiat standard, you are saying every government of every nation has not chosen to have a fiat currency because of perceived benefits, but they have all HAD to do this because of corruption? Really? Every single one?

        If you are simply saying adopting a fiat standard is ‘corruption of honest money’ that is kind of a circular definition/your opinion.

        • Nate Y

          There is no such thing as a “fiat standard” because fiat money is created by removing the standard. It is a contradiction of terms. There is no standard under a fiat system.

          No doubt countries have moved to fiat money because of perceived benefits. But we know who gains and who loses under a fiat standard. Government gains while the people lose.

          When I wrote “Paper/fiat monies always emerge through corruption (usually government corruption) of honest money.” It was merely to emphasize the previous statement that paper bills have never been selected as money by the market. I think you’re reading a little too much into my words. It’s almost as if you’re hoping I think goverments are full of malevolent and vicious people. Perhaps my writing style suggests I think this. But I don’t don’t see how it could.

        • Sleuth

          Having abandoned the sound-money principle, governments’ central banks are in the very process of forcing down the interest rate over time, by way of strongly expanding credit and money supply. This, in turn, leads to asset price inflation, misallocation of scarce resources, inducing cyclical swings (“boom and bust”).

          To make things worse, central banks allow credit supply growth to systematically outpace income growth, and so the economies’ overall debt-to-GDP ratios are brought up over time. Such a development is economically unsustainable, even though it might go on for quite some time as the central bank keeps pushing down the interest rate.

          As the debt burden rises further and further, however, “public opinion” must sooner or later start calling for debasing of the currency via inflation to get rid of their obligations. Mises knew why abandoning the principle of sound money would be so problematic: “In the opinion of the public, more inflation and more credit expansion are the only remedy against the evils which inflation and credit expansion have brought about.”

          • Nate Y

            Like a breath of fresh air.

  • VR

    Van Jones must be the hero of Matt and sean:

    • Sean

      And your hero’s are the power rangers.

  • Are we surprised?

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    “Money is power or shall we say, the monopoly to create credit money and charge interest is absolute power” : Alex James

    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”: Amschel Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838

    Rothschilds’ favorite saying who along with the Rockefellers are the major Illuminati Banking Dynasties: “Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!”

    Today, you can replace “the throne” with “Obama” for he truly is, a puppet.

    Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.”

  • Eric S. Dunn

    Basing money on moon rocks is not a bad idea as they are hard to come by, in fact if you backed money off the rocks in your driveway the money would be more valuable than the U.S. dollar which is backed by nothing.

    Money is a commodity used to buy and sell other commodities. In essense a 3rd commodity in every transaction. Without money I could trade you my moon rocks for your water and all is well. With money, Ceasar’s is able to tax that transaction. This is why the money always has Ceasar’s image and inscription on it. It is Ceasar’s tool for taxing the fruit of everyone’s labor.

    Christ chased the money-changers(bankers) out of the temple. He did not kill them, but I bet that whip hurt. As they were not killed we can assume that bankers have a place in the world, it is just not in the seat of authority(i.e. the temple). We need to chase the money changers out of our temple. They can’t be trusted there.

    • Agreed 100%, with interest!

    • Matt


      “Basing money on moon rocks is not a bad idea as they are hard to come by”

      Poop that smells good is hard to come by as well. Just because something is scarce does not mean people are going to assign even remotely the same value to it. Great, you just tied your money supply to an arbitrary item with no discernible value.

      “in fact if you backed money off the rocks in your driveway the money would be more valuable than the U.S. dollar”

      Why don’t you take those rocks to the store and buy something, or mail those rocks when you purchase something off the internet, or pay your bills with them. The fact that noone wants your rocks is proof that storage and transportation costs would make it prohibitive to back the dollar with something that people ACTIVELY do not want. That is an idiotic statement.

      “Without money I could trade you my moon rocks for your water and all is well.”

      I couldn’t give a whit about your moon rocks, and if I have the water, what will you do then? Why is it so hard to accept the concept that money (and you can quibble about sound money or not) is necessary and far more efficient manner of executing transactions.

      • VR

        I am fairly certain that you are not the only entity with which Mr. Dunn would have an opportunity to trade.

        • Matt


          This has to be a half-hearted attempt at a knee-jerk disagreement.

          Right, we could all just go through life without a currency and just trade stuff to each other. That would just work so great… We could all carry purses with our random stuff, and buying a club sandwich for lunch would be so fun! And imagine being a cashier at any business!

          One slot for the moon rocks, one for the live chickens, one for the kazoos, one for the shiny buttons, one for the baby dolls, etc etc etc…


          • NateD

            You thinking that is ludicrous, and you’ve gone way off topic just to reach that absurd assumption. Money is useless, and only trading goods that can’t be manipulated by banks is what i’m arguing. We need sound “money/trade”

            Why is it so hard to accept the concept that money is not necessary. I know it’s all you’ve ever know, but try to think about it for awhile. It doesn’t mean you can’t borrow, that’s different. Money is to make transactions easier, but it also allow the FED and banks to make money out of thin air. The fact that you guys are arguing this is stupid to begin with. Especially if you believe what Dr. Paul is telling you.

          • sean

            The law doesn’t forbid people to trade. It’s a matter of an agreement between two parties. Most businesses will only agree upon money as payment. I know I wouldn’t accept buttons for beer.

  • NateD

    Money corrupts. We have to look beyond money…

    • VR

      Money corrupts?

      And water drowns?

      • NateD

        yes, money corrupts.
        No, people drown in water, without the people no one would be drowning. The same applies with money.

        • VR

          So it is not the money that corrupts?

          • NateD

            It is, without the water(money) people (countries) would not be drowning (in debt). You can never have equality when money is in the equation. Never

            Watch money as debt. Watch the GAO documentary, there is so much info, I will never hope to change your mind, only you can do that.

          • NateD

            I’m all for sound money, but there is even a better way.

        • Nate Y

          And that way is?

          You’re losing me with this water/money analogy. Water is essential to biological life. Money is essential to economic life.

          We can either have pure and pristine water/money or corrupt and polluted water/money. Best to go with the former, no?

          • NateD

            “Money is essential to economic life” It’s sad you believe that. I would take food over money for my economy any day. Go to mars and you’ll see how useless money is for the survival of the colony. Money is a leverage a way to barter for goods. However, in a sane economy we would only barter goods. MONEY IS NOT A GOOD. I’ll say it again, Money is useless and there is a better way. Even gold lost its value in our history. Digital money is way better than gold, cause you track it, and track all of it.

            Nothing in this world gets solved unless money is to be made. Which means charities lack support. That’s why there are problems in the world, and millions of people die from starvation. No money to feed the poor, means no will to do so. We are a corrupt nation as are all who use money.

        • Nate Y

          It is not sad at all. You are merely demonstrating a common misunderstanding of money.

          Money emerges naturally out of barter. The most readily accepted commodity becomes money. The people tend to select gold/silver as money for very good reasons. Why does money emerge naturally out of barter? Because money solves numerous problems with barter such as the double coincidence of wants, a greatly impaired ability to save, lack of pricing mechanism, inability to perform accounting, etc.

          What would back this “digital money” which you claim would be better? If nothing backs it, then it is essentially no different than the current fiat system. We’ve seen how well that system works for the poor. Such a system makes it much too easy to tranfer wealth from the poor and laboring classes to the political class via inflation.

          Our concerns about the poor and the shameful and distorted distribution of wealth would be better solved through sound (commodity/commodity backed) money.

          • sean

            What about countries that don’t have any commodities or countries that don’t have workers able to come up with commodities? What about people in Africa? How is there economy supposed to work? Should they not be allowed to borrow money just like we do?

            Either we don’t have many valuable commodities, or we don’t have the labor and industries, because we import all of our steel, oil, and other goods. So do you think we are supposed to live like Africa where credit is not available because the commodities aren’t?

            All of our money is digital. The coins and paper only represent the digital money. We only have like 2% in actual coins/paper.

          • sean

            Commodities aren’t readily available here in the united states, so how are we supposed to base our money off of them if they don’t exist?

          • sean

            We might as well base our money off of moon rocks.

          • VR

            1 : an economic good: as a : a product of agriculture or mining b : an article of commerce especially when delivered for shipment c : a mass-produced unspecialized product
            2 a : something useful or valued ; also : thing, entity b : convenience, advantage
            3 obsolete : quantity, lot
            4 : a good or service whose wide availability typically leads to smaller profit margins and diminishes the importance of factors (as brand name) other than price
            5 : one that is subject to ready exchange or exploitation within a market

            Sean, where is this place without access to commodities?

          • Sean

            Do you have any economic goods? do you have any agriculture goods or valuable metals? PROBABLY NOT. Then you would have no money.

            All you have is your mommy and your computer. You would be considered worthless in society.

          • VR

            Yes, my cupboard does have commodities.

            I eat commodities. I drive commodities. I drink commodities. I trade commodities ……. etc.

            I see that you have not let go of that condescension, of which other posters have remarked. And, as usual, you don’t answer the question.

          • Sean

            That is wrong. You eat other peoples commodities, you drive on other peoples commodities and you drink other peoples commodities.

            Did you really grow your own food and drill for oil in your back yard? I don’t think so.

          • VR

            Is that your final answer?

          • Nate Y

            I’m afraid your confusion and delusion is beyond all help anyone here could possibly provide.

            It is as if every economic and rhetorical fallacy has taken up permanent residence inside your brain.

            The arguments/statements you make are so incredibly absurd one can only hope you are joking.

  • Eric S. Dunn

    Whatever is done to the Fed now is probably a day late and a dollar short. From where I sit, I see prices going up and up and up. I make a fairly decent paycheck, but these days it evaporates very quickly. More and more people (nearly everyone whether democrate or republican) are talking about rebellion against the government or succession from the union(here in Texas). At this point it seems it would be best to wipe the slate clean and start over and I hope that whatever new system of government that rises out of the ashes will not allow corporations to run the government, if there is even a nation left to run when this settles.

    As long as corporations have vast amounts of money NO FORM of governement will ever serve the people! Politicians are people and as such they are subject to the weaknesses that all people fall victim to. While people still succumb to greed and love of money, corporations with vast amounts of money will rule the world.