Ron Paul on his new book “End the Fed”

Ron Paul: I’m Congressman Ron Paul and this is my new book, “End the Fed”.

Well, the next book came out this week, “End the Fed”, and we’re having a lot of excitement surrounding this and I’ve had a lot of interviews on this.

Today somebody asked me, “What should I do in this country to improve our economy?” My answer was very simple: End the Fed.

The Fed is the culprit and I talk about about that in this book and explain why the Fed not only creates our problems, they perpetuate the problems and the sooner we come around to understanding that, and first of course get the audit of the Fed, but eventually we have to end the Fed if we care about sound money, personal liberties, limited government.

This is the book that you have to read.

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  • Richard Mecca

    Bring back term limits to the supreme court …..
    maybe then we can reign in…Big gov…Big bank
    move with the times rather than be stagnent

    • sean

      It doesn’t matter who is in the supreme court. The supreme court doesn’t write the laws and they aren’t nominated by the people, they are picked by the president. It does no good to put dozens or hundreds of members into the supreme court, all with the presidents ideology. Either which way we would need a great president to have a great supreme court justice.

      We should put term limits on member of congress. That’s the only way to put new fresh faces in government. I guarantee you, if we the people pick a libertarian congress and a libertarian president, it would not make a bit of difference to whom would be in the supreme court.

      • sean

        I believe in our system of government, but first you have to believe in the people to make it work.

      • hotfive

        I can’t decipher your message here. You’re saying that it doesn’t matter who sits on the Supreme Court; and then you’re saying that a libertarian Congress and president wouldn’t make a difference to the members of the Supreme Court. Why?

        • sean

          No, i’m saying it takes a libertarian president to get a libertarian supreme court.

          All we have to do is vote on a libertarian congress, than really the supreme court becomes irrelevant. Our country would become libertarian without the need of the supreme courts ruling. There is a balance of power that I guess you don’t quite understand..

          Congress represents the people, so it is easier to change our country through the congress, rather than the supreme court.

          • hotfive

            Please don’t attempt to guess what I do and don’t understand.

            You wrote that a libertarian Congress and president “would not make a bit of difference TO WHOM would be in the supreme court.”

            There is an english language that I am certain you don’t understand.

            And, sure, “Congress represents the people,” just as the people elect their representatives, all of those elections are fair, and Columbus discovered America. Also, there is a fairy who gives money to children in exchange for their baby teeth.

            What is really going on isn’t covered in grade school, and has nothing to do with the Constitution. Even if the majority voted for a truly libertarian Congress and/or President, neither would win their elections.

          • sean

            If we had a libertarian president and congress, it wouldn’t make a bit of difference to our country to whom is in the supreme court. I said that correct the first time, you’re just stupid.

            The term limits of a supreme court wont change the ideology of the supreme court. The ideology comes from the president because they are the ones who elect justices.

            If we get a chance to have a libertarian president who were to chose a libertarian supreme court, we would want them there as long as possible. We wouldn’t want term limits.

          • christine

            That said, we know about Sonia Sotomayor because we know Obama politics.

          • hotfive

            Again, sean, you said exactly this:

            “if we the people pick a libertarian congress and a libertarian president, it would not make a bit of difference TO WHOM would be in the supreme court.”

            TO WHOM would it not make a difference whether we elect a libertarian congress and a libertarian president? To whomever would be in the Supreme Court. That’s precisely the way you worded it. I was simply asking you whether you meant what you wrote, giving you a chance to correct your phrasing, since it is more and more obvious that english is not your first language. To call me stupid is juvenile, presumptuous and incorrect.

            Back to your convoluted point: a truly libertarian Congress or president would never be elected in this corporatist nation. It’s a nice thought, I suppose, but completely unrealistic, and therefore adds nothing to the conversation.

            Good luck!

          • sean

            Don’t you have anything better to do than correct someones english? I bet you feel like a big boy now.

            You should go around and correct everyone on this webpage. Maybe you will feel special then.

            “You’re saying that it doesn’t matter who sits on the Supreme Court; and then you’re saying that a libertarian Congress and president wouldn’t make a difference to the members of the Supreme Court” – Hotfive
            You know that is not correct grammar.

          • sean

            Applications of the semicolon in English include:
            Between closely-related independent clauses not conjoined with a coordinating conjunction:
            “I went to the swimming pool; I was told it was closed for routine maintenance.”
            “A man chooses; a slave obeys.”
            Between independent clauses linked with a transitional phrase or a conjunctive adverb:
            “I like to eat cows; however, I don’t like to be eaten by them.”

          • hotfive

            I was simply after your meaning. I wasn’t attempting to correct an obvious typo or spelling error, but to flesh out the insipid idea behind your completely unclear language.

            As far as what you quoted and claim I know to be incorrect grammar—I should like you to explain the incorrectness.

            Also, please explain to me how a libertarian Congress and president would come to pass in reality.

          • hotfive

            I’m glad you are aware that there is help for your grammatical deficiencies in cyberspace.

            Per your copied and pasted examples of semicolon usage, I believe my “transitional phrase” were the words “and then”.


          • sean

            haha okay. I would think that anyone would be able to interpret the meaning behind my statement. You are making a huge deal out of nothing, enough said.

            “Also, please explain to me how a libertarian Congress and president would come to pass in reality.”

            You know that’s the wonderful thing about a republic government.. You can voooooote for them. You should take political science if you want to learn more. There has to be a movement by the people, a revolution.

          • hotfive

            I’m all for a revolution, because I don’t believe that the powers that be would allow a truly libertarian Congress or president, no matter how many votes cast for those libertarians.

            Regardless, the lion’s share of the populace are always going to vote for one or the other of the two [major] parties’ candidates whose faces dominate the media. They think either, “Anyone else running must not be worth my vote,” or, “My vote for anyone else won’t matter, because no one else will be voting that way.”

            Frankly, I don’t see a clear way out of the problem at hand [corporatism]. I’m optimistic, but I can’t fathom the logistics of how to break all the ties that currently bind us to this awful system.

          • sean

            A libertarian can be in one of the two major parties. It depends on the parties philosophy which can change if the people insist it (revolution). This has happened several times throughout history. Oppression cannot last forever, and always dies out.

            Are you trying to say that all of Ron Paul’s efforts are worthless because there is no chance for liberty and we should just give up? .. So you don’t think he should run for president in 2012 because it is hopeless? I believe in the people and I believe in liberty. Even if a libertarian candidate doesn’t win in 2012, that doesn’t mean they can’t win in 2040.

          • hotfive

            I’m not saying Ron Paul shouldn’t run again, even though I don’t believe he’d be allowed to [pretend to] run our country. And, like you, I do believe in liberty. I just don’t see how we’re going to get it all back from where we’re currently sitting.

            And oppression has indeed lasted forever. When’s the last time nobody on the face of the Earth was being oppressed? There have always been people being oppressed, people oppressing, and people who are more or less “free”. Since corporatism has sucked all the profit it can out of oppressing the [traditionally] oppressed, it now has to turn to oppressing the “free”. Has globalism ever failed? I guess we’ll see.

          • sean

            “You know my friends, there comes a time when people get tired of being trampled by the iron feet of oppression … If we are wrong, the Supreme Court of this nation is wrong. If we are wrong, the Constitution of the United States is wrong. And if we are wrong, God Almighty is wrong. If we are wrong, Jesus of Nazareth was merely a utopian dreamer that never came down to Earth. If we are wrong, justice is a lie, love has no meaning. And we are determined here in [America] to work and fight until justice runs down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

            “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The yearning for freedom eventually manifests itself, and that is what has happened to the American Negro. Something within has reminded him of his birthright of freedom, and something without has reminded him that it can be gained.”

            – Martin Luther King, Jr.

          • hotfive

            Those are indeed pretty words. It is nice that their author was free to express them–for a while.

            How ’bout these?

            “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.

            “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national
            auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

            – David Rockefeller

  • steven

    I love this book! Everyone should read End the Fed!!! Thumbs up President Paul!!!