Ron Paul on his new book “End the Fed”

Ron Paul: I’m Congressman Ron Paul and this is my new book, “End the Fed”.

Well, the next book came out this week, “End the Fed”, and we’re having a lot of excitement surrounding this and I’ve had a lot of interviews on this.

Today somebody asked me, “What should I do in this country to improve our economy?” My answer was very simple: End the Fed.

The Fed is the culprit and I talk about about that in this book and explain why the Fed not only creates our problems, they perpetuate the problems and the sooner we come around to understanding that, and first of course get the audit of the Fed, but eventually we have to end the Fed if we care about sound money, personal liberties, limited government.

This is the book that you have to read.

  • steven

    I love this book! Everyone should read End the Fed!!! Thumbs President Paul!!!


  • Don’t worry Lemming, nothing will change.Policy will be made by a few large banks now too bigger to fail, for the good of us all. Open your eyes…..but some cannot see no matter what. I can promise you,I’ve avoided 2 bear mkts, and I think I have a better feel for what’s going on in this country than you obviously have, GL to you.

  • On topic. For better or worse RON PAUL is the best we have…you want him or ELMER FUDD? ABuses of power of what we’re talking about, maybe in some perfect world the FED is what keeps us on a staright path to sustainable economies, unfortunately, what we get is boom to bust cycles and a U S$ in the toilet. UNTIL someone more able to voice the wishes of a vast many people, Ron Paul is one of only a few that speak out about how the Americanpeople are usually SOLD OUT and left HOLDING THE BAG, anyone not seeing that, pass me your rose clored glasses. FED COMPLICIT….tREASURY IN THE POCKET OF wALL sTREET…

    • David B Daniels Hyde Park Mass

      Some really good points

  • Nate Y

    How in the hell is this “I’m pretty sure you yourself have suggested that the congress(national bank) coins money.”

    The same as this “You didn’t say that we should stick to the constitution and that congress should coin money?”

    I mean, come on dude. Can you honestly not see the huge differences between these two?

    Anyway, I could write some stuff about the Constitution and the powers it outlines for Congress and the States. But I’ve already done so numerous times. You so thoroughly abuse others’ posts, the Constitution, and the English language in general that the entire exercise is pointless.

    How’s your reading of End the Fed going? Go ahead and point out how the arguments presented in the book are mistaken. This thread is supposed to be about the book anyway.

    • sean

      haha, If the congress is going to stick to the constitution and coin money, they will need a national bank to allocate funds. I didn’t twist your words around. You just don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

      Stop leaving idiotic comments if you want to stay on topic.

      • Nate Y

        So how’s End the Fed coming? Go ahead and give us your criticisms. You must have plenty.

        • sean

          I haven’t gotten it yet. I’m reading a book on the roman empire for a speech i’m going to do. All my other free time goes towards trigonometry and pre-calculus.. I am looking forward to reading it when I get the chance, i’m sure it’s an awesome book.

          Did you know whenever Rome was founded there were hardly any girls? Men would marry their daughters until they had this huge festival and invited people from all over. They kidnapped all of the women which started a big war..
          The girls ended up persuading both sides to stop fighting and married the romans.

          The Roman Empire was never really a republic, only for a short period of time. They had four rulers that spread out around the Mediterranean sea. Members of the government worked their way up through the military. This was like the first time when the “middle class” started to fight in wars. That’s why the roman empire spread so big and fast, they took over everything.

  • john johnson

    I like a lot of what Ron Paul says and stands for – I attempted to be a RP delegate at last year’s Republican caucuses. HOWEVER I cannot get on board with Alex Jones – I find him detrimental to any kind of change- I think he makes things up to keep people interested in his show – he doesn’t care about truth, only ratings and if he seriously believes half the stuff he spouts he is not all there. MY question then, or my statement, I cannot continue to get in line behind Ron Paul as long as he continues to associate himself with someone like Alex Jones. I believe he needs to rid himself of this pariah and while it may be a good audience for his ‘end the fed’ platform – it’s NOT worth it. I’m sorry but I’m done with Paul until he does this.

    • Nate Y

      Good lord. I’m no fan of Alex Jones either but I really don’t see what the big deal is. So Alex Jones is a blowhard and supports Ron Paul. So what? That seriously makes you “done with Paul”? What a shame.

      You may as well turn your back on Paul and the ideas he holds for other equally absurd resaons. He considers Bernie Sanders a friend! I’m done. He calls Washington corrupt? But he’s a congressman! He’s a hypocrite! I’m done. And on and on…

      • sean

        Same with ACORN and Obama..

  • I only wish Ron Paul was even more vocal about the backroom deals going on. my blog deals with those and the stock market, I just posted link to new Vanity fair article exposing how NO CONTROLS of all that money given (stolen) and how it was to be used, Paulson at last minute after getting OK from Congress telling them he would buy up bad mortgages, then turned tail and just sent money to the banks with NO STRINGS I am aware of, time for a revolution..

    And instead of this stimulus, we got had, the banks and friends sent this in the form of SPX futures trading and are ready to line their pockets big time with HUGE bonuses as the REAL economy whithers. DIRECT relationship since March with DECLINING DOLLAR and RISNG EVERYTHING ELSE>


  • Jerry

    Ron Paul is right we need to Repeal the 16th Amendment ‘AND’ Abolish the IRS.

    But I think we need to go a step further, get rid of all taxes.
    Be rid of ALL income tax, FED and State.
    Especially business and corporate.

    Let the Congress survive on tax the way it is originally written in the Art 1, Sec 8 of the Constitution.

    This would be a POS, point of sale consumption tax, the end tax.
    If you paid for a house, you would only pay the tax at the sale.
    Not for the roofing materials, the nails…

    This, based on 15% of GDP, would give the FED over 2 Trillion, how much do they need.

    The States can have the POS tax from alcohol, gasoline and tobacco…, this would be based on population.

    Do you realize how this would stimulate the economy !!!!

    This government now is out of control, all of this Health care reform, Cap and Tax…just more and more tax…

    Too bad Ron Paul does not want to finish in Iraq and Afghanistan to make a stable democracy there.

    But I like his END the FED.

  • Non-credit money is the necessary additional quantity of money in circulation (dM) as percentage (k) of existing quantity of money in circulation (M). dM = kM ; k = (supply – demand)/demand ;
    If non-credit money is emitted according to the cited formula, inflation cannot exist. Also, taxes are annulled for the amount of non-credit money. The consumers pay less and producers get more than today, in the order of credit money. All get the gift from non-credit money. USA must introduce non-credit money. China and Australia use non-credit money.

    • Lindsey

      Stojan: In other words we must eliminate deficit spending and limit the quantity of money to a percentage increase (k) based on, I assume, population increase, replacement of worn out money etc.

      • sean

        Money spent overseas.. I don’t understand why everybody ignores the fact that we have had an 8 trillion dollar trade deficit over the past 25 years. The federal deficit accommodates loss revue over seas. If we ignore these problems than nothing will be fixed. Even if we get rid of the fed, we will still need ever growing capital to make up for our ever growing loss of capital overseas. It’s not rocket science. It’s common logic that real people outside this ron paul bubble understand.

        CRS Report for Congress:
        The Budget Deficit and the Trade Deficit:
        What Is Their Relationship?

        • sean

          For every dollar we spend, 45 cents goes towards imports, overseas.

          • Nate Y

            Yeah you got it. First nation to the bottom wins when it comes to currency. Hopefully the Chinese start dumping Treasuries and the Fed continues to monetize. Heck, hopefully they speed it up! Get the dollar down to 40 on the index. Maybe get it to something like 4 bucks per euro.

            Don’t you dare raise interest rates! Nope that won’t do. Keep them at zero forever! Free money will get the job done. Henry Hazlitt was wrong! Dollars WILL save the world!

            That’ll get our manufacturing base back.


          • sean

            I never said any of that. Your wild assumptions make yourself look foolish in my eyes. You think money alone controls an economy and I believe that there is more to economics than money.

          • sean

            Obviously what this author said has come true. When they raised interest rates it did hurt housing and the economy. I wouldn’t think you would forget that. Nobody said “keep interest rates at 0.” Keep your insane gibberish to yourself.

          • Nate Y

            Again, you belong with LaRouche and the so-called “American Economists”. They all seem enthralled with Hamilton and think we just need the right philosopher kings in the proper positions of power to dole out stolen goodies to the brainless masses.

          • sean

            I dunno what that has to do with a balanced trade. I would rather not have a national bank, so I don’t believe you know what you are talking baout. I’m pretty sure you yourself have suggested that the congress(national bank) coins money. I would rather see more state chartered banks, but thats me.

          • Nate Y

            Nah I never said that. But you have trouble with reading comprehension so I’m not surprised.

          • sean

            You didn’t say that we should stick to the constitution and that congress should coin money?

        • Nate Y

          Better destroy the value of the dollar to encourage exports!

          After all, money is capital!


          • sean

            Too bad the strong dollar ruined it for our whole economy.

            the appreciation of the dollar from 1995
            to 2004 lowered U.S. manufacturing investment by
            61 percent. It also lowered the manufacturing capital
            stock by 17 percent relative to what it would have
            been in 2004 had the dollar remained at its 1995 level.
            This has structurally weakened the U.S. industrial
            base. It also makes the future task of trade deficit
            adjustment more difficult as the U.S. may now lack
            the capacity needed to produce many of the manufactured
            goods it currently imports.
            These developments have implications for future
            U.S. living standards. Manufacturing is key to long
            run prosperity, being a major source of the innovations
            and productivity growth that drive increased
            income. A reduced manufacturing base means a smaller base from which to draw such benefits. Additionally, when manufacturing moves offshore, associated research and development activities can move too, thereby diminishing future innovation.
            The trade deficit also carries significant adverse financial implications. In particular, growing foreign indebtedness that results from borrowing to finance the deficit makes U.S. financial markets vulnerable to a loss of confidence in the dollar.

          • sean

            If financial investors – foreign or domestic – decide they no longer wish to accumulate dollar denominated assets, the dollar stands to fall and interest rates will rise as investors exit the U.S. economy. Higher interest rates would then have severe adverse effects given the high indebtedness of American households. Additionally, a dramatic weakening of the dollar would likely accelerate inflation because of heavy reliance on imported goods and limited domestic manufacturing capacity to replace those goods.

          • Lindsey

            Sean: You and Ross Perot heard “the giant sucking sound” that resulted from Nafta and other misguided trading policies. I hope you voted for him. I did twice! You are correct that we need to re-gain our lost manufacturing base and to do that we need to start charging tariffs on many of the goods that are now imported. We also need to abolish the Fed. (I can hear all the free-traders chiming in!)

          • sean

            Well I wasn’t old enough to vote for Ross Perot but my family actually knows him. I was rooting for him the whole time. I never liked Bill Clinton. We had three Al Qaeda terrorist attacks while Bill Clinton was in office and he did nothing. Many people say that he invited 9/11..

            Ross Perot is a cool dude. I follow up on him from time to time. He was the first liberty icon I took hold to.

  • Instead of ending the Federal Reserve, let’s do what Eric Williams says – turn it into the People’s Bank. He also says why going back to the gold standard is NOT the best idea.

    The People’s Bank would fund the government through interest on private loans, so money is constantly going back into the economy.

  • Keith

    National Economic Securities And Reformation Act!!!


  • christine

    The FED is underfire today! c-span – Watch Dr. Paul and others in action questioning the FED.

  • Ross Johnson

    What a magnificant man!Ron has spent 30 yrs reaching this nemisis. No amount of monopoly money can corrupt Ron and that is what sticks in their gullets.Ron Paul knows the truth along with a growing mass of hard working Americans.Your wealth is always in your people,and the Fed have been the orchestrators of their own demise.

    “Fed on the Reserves of our humanity,they know no depths of their depravity,”

    The entire planet is linked by intelligence,be it primates or invertebrates like the Fed.

    Freedom or liberty is the most precious asset we all possess,since without it,our creativity diminshes and so does the prosperity for all humanity.

    • David B Daniels Hyde Park Mass

      Truer words were never spoken!

  • Douglas

    My God! This is terrifying! First this private corporation (The Federal Reserve) issues trillions of US dollars without constitutional proper representation and creates economic chaos. Now they want to remove a trillion dollars from circulation. This could be genocidal! This is a National security breech. Congress must adders this action immediately. How can they pull out circulation without proper representation after they issued it without proper representation? Insanity!

    • christine

      This small little group of people are handling far more money now than they were when first instituted in 1913. They have far too much control over all the rest of us. We can go to work and create our own personal wealth and with a simple decision of the FED it can be stollen. Then we have the government doing the same with bailouts and healthcare plans. It’s a wonder we have anything left to feed ourselves! I can hardly wait until the FED is fully exposed for the criminal activities and the harm they do to all the rest of us. Their reach is worldwide. They lend money to foreigners and are not simply dedicated to America. There kind of “dedication” is questionable to Americans. I’m for a humanitarian-based society instead of a money-based society. We have never been able to make sure everyone has what they need worldwide with the money-based system, nor have we ever had peace with world governments. If we could tap into the heart of everyone, with that kind of energy/currency in a humanitarian-based society, we would be able to resolve many of our social and personal difficulties. We could pursue ever good thing in a humanitarian way without monetary concerns inhibiting and controlling great ideas for the betterment of the entire world. Check out Not that this has to be the way, but it shows how creatives have been working on alternative ideas to the devastating money-based system.

    • christine

      I call this The Illusion of Money
      Zeitgeist: Addendum /13

  • Forgive the non-sequitur, but thanks to Congressman Ron Paul for voting no on H.R. 1256. Too bad, Congressman Bilbray of my district was among the few Republicans to co-sponsor it. End the fed and the FDA! Or else let them ban Big Macs next time, since there is too much fat in the brains around here!

  • sean

    Just so SS and everyone knows, I am for a hard currency. This is how I feel..

    “Mercantilism is an economic theory that holds that the prosperity of a nation is dependent upon its supply of capital, and that the global volume of international trade is “unchangeable.” Economic assets or capital, are represented by bullion (gold, silver, and trade value) held by the state, which is best increased through a positive balance of trade with other nations (exports minus imports). Mercantilism suggests that the ruling government should advance these goals by playing a protectionist role in the economy; by encouraging exports and discouraging imports, notably through the use of tariffs and subsidies.”

    I would rather see tariffs without subsidies…

    • sean

      Or how about the American School Of Economics..

      I do enjoy Austrian economics the most. I like all economics, I don’t believe we should be in debt. That would be stupid for anyone to assume that. Just because I lay down some fun facts doesn’t mean i’m hitler.

    • J Locke

      Hume famously noted the impossibility of the mercantilists’ goal of a constant positive balance of trade. As bullion flowed into one country, the supply would increase and the value of bullion in that state would steadily decline relative to other goods. Conversely, in the state exporting bullion, its value would slowly rise. Eventually it would no longer be cost-effective to export goods from the high-price country to the low-price country, and the balance of trade would reverse itself. Mercantilists fundamentally misunderstood this, long arguing that an increase in the money supply simply meant that everyone gets richer.

      Mercantilism, the economic cancer from across the pond.

      • sean

        haha what are you talking about? YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Gold is universally priced. If a country acquires more gold, the gold doesn’t become less valuable.. That’s flawed thinking anyway. If we acquired more gold and it became more valuable in different countries, we could buy more goods without losing our original supply.

        “During its American System period (protectionism) the United States grew into the largest economy in the world with the highest standard of living, surpassing the British Empire by the 1880s.”

        • sean

          Are you trying to say that gold became less valuable during the 1849 gold rush? That is the very thinking behind your logic.

        • longshotlouie

          Did you read something different than the rest of us?

          “As bullion flowed into one country, the supply would increase and the value of bullion in that state would steadily decline >>>>>”relative”<<<<< to other goods."

          Good Luck with that degree.

          • sean

            That is not true.

          • longshotlouie

            Again, good luck with that degree.

          • sean

            England grew wealthy because of protectionism and so did america.

          • R Bahtri

            The offspring of mercantilism is war.

          • sean

            We got attacked in WW2 because we cut off japan from oil, not because of protective tariffs.

          • Darryl

            Don’t forget his little brother, Cronyism.

          • sean

            No, crony capitalism did not happen when we had protectionism. Crony capitalism started happening because we got rid of tariffs. Subsidies actually started occurring to help balance our trade.

            “The United States of America has held a trade deficit starting late in the 1960s. It was this very deficit that forced the United States in 1971 off the gold standard. Its trade deficit has been increasing at a large rate since 1997 [34] (See chart) and increased by 49.8 billion dollars between 2005 and 2006, setting a record high of 817.3 billion dollars, up from 767.5 billion dollars the previous year.”

            You can think whatever you want. We can’t just import 800 billion dollars more than we export every year. It doesn’t take a GED it understand that.

          • longshotlouie

            Still curious about Sean? Still wondering what his ilk is protecting?

            A look back into history will illuminate.

            ‘Abraham Lincoln and The Triumph of Mercantilism In America’

            Grab a coffee and enjoy

          • sean

            I’ve got proof, just look at China. China is the largest exporter and they have the strongest currency. The same would would work with gold. If a country dominated the gold market through exports, than their currency would be the strongest. That’s common sense.

            And yes I know all about Lincoln and the divide from the north and the south. The north wanted tariffs to protect the industry that the south didn’t have. That was the main reason behind the civil war. Maybe you aren’t civilized, but i think we can handle it.

          • sean

            In my opinion, the south won because they got what they wanted after they killed Lincoln and the north lost their industry.

          • longshotlouie

            How could anyone be a winner with almost 700,000 dead?

            The South killed Lincoln?

          • Lincoln was killed because he opposed the Federal Reserve. Same as all the other dead presidents.

    • longshotlouie

      A zero-sum gamer. That explains alot.

      Surely you are a neo-mercantilist?
      If not, how do you differ?

      • sean

        That is just not true. The cost of goods did not increase during the gold rush. Gold did not lose its value. It’s false, show me proof of this ever happening.

  • VR

    Rand Paul Breaks The Million Mark


    Please join us:

    • longshotlouie

      Thx VR

      Rolling in about $7500.00/hr now.

      Please give what you can.

  • Lindsey

    By the way, Palin “kicked ass” in Hong Kong today. See for speech

    • sean

      Why is Palin in Hong Kong? She needs to stay in her own country, that one up north over by Russia. That’s so funny, Japan went through the same crisis all throughout the 90’s. They don’t need a lecture from some average woman on how to control their own government. She probably doesn’t even know about Japan’s economic troubles and how they don’t relate to government.

      • VR

        We can always depend on your ignorance, sean.

        • sean

          I can always expect you to show up out of nowhere and make ridiculous off topic remarks.

          Why don’t you defend sarah palin instead of attacking me. sad…

          • VR

            Does Palin need my defense? She would probably prefer someone that cares.

  • longshotlouie

    Brother Can You Spare a FRAUD?

  • We have Acorn members “INSIDE” congress and this one is the committee chairwoman: