Ron Paul: G-20 Talking About New Worldwide Fiat Currency

Date of Recording: 9/17/2009 or 9/18/2009

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  • I think usa should wake up and find an alternative way of raise their currency.there are much work to be done to stabilise our currency.we American we should not give up easily on economic crisis of currency.there are more effort to be done to stabilise our currency. The issue of china currency yuan to be under value power currencyg, it would not solve the problem of global unemployment rate.because if yuan being suggested to be used as the value currency, then what the impact will be in africa country? African development bank and other bank of africa will collapse meaning marketing index will go i think i should suggest for G20 to rethink again and should not conclude without look impact to global.china should not over pressure USA to make a decision.its time for America to come together and pray for a nation to retain his power on currency. I would try to contribute my thoughts as much as possible so that america to retain the power of currency.god bless America and their people Amen.


  • Dear Sir,

    Your post imho shows that you have not read the many
    statements of Rep. Ron Paul over MANY YEARS! OF COURSE he knows that Congress is SUPPOSED to set the value of the dollar BUT YOU don’t seem to know that the CONGRESS abdicated that Constitutional responsibility in 1913 when the FEDERAL RESERVE was written into
    law! Do some research into his positions and see. Also he does NOT
    DEAL for taxpayer money from Federal Government for his district
    commonly known as “earmarks” BUT gets re-elected without any
    opposition (now 11 times) SOOO the people in his district must
    be more intelligent than most. As to the G20 — this meeting
    was truly a FARCE and who will pay? The worker in the US. We
    are truly being “taken down the garden path”!

    • Dfens

      Yet another zombie speaks. Ron Paul is all for “ear marks”. He said so himself and his comments were carried on this very site. I have no arguement with his stand on that. Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constituion says, “The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;”

      Ron Paul says: The principle of the earmark is our responsibility. We’re supposed to — it’s like a — a tax credit. And I vote for all tax credits, no matter how silly they might seem. If I can give you any of you of your money back, I vote for it. So, if I can give my district any money back, I encourage that. – Fox News

      I am a thinking person and I’d encourage you to be a thinking person too. What we need is a nation of thinking people who act and vote in their own best interests, not the best interests of China, the Repulicans, the Democrats, or Ron Paul. Hell, I remember when people like me weren’t such a rare commodity.

  • Dfens

    The G20 was talking about balancing trade by creating a world wide fiat currency, which is not entirely unlike what Ron Paul is recommending when he says we should go back to a gold standard and allow competing currencies. Only the US Congress is allowed to set the value of the dollar per the US Constitution. Ron Paul would know that if he was as serious about following the Constitution as he is about protecting his comrades the Communist Chinese.

    What most of the G20 protesters want is for the US and other countries to reestablish fair trade and abandon these phony “free trade” treaties. Comrade Paul doesn’t have any problem with the Chinese dumping cheap crappy tires on the US market that kill American families who use them, just like he is all for those f’ing Chinese killing our children by painting their toys with lead paint. Yeah, he’s a real American hero, just like Benedict Arnold, except without the military credentials. Well, not even like Benedict Arnold, really.

    • Catfish Joe

      lmao, which way is up?

      You couldn’t find logic if your teacher pinned it to your shirt.

      • Dfens

        Treason upon the U.S. Constitution in “globalizing” and merging our economy with that of the rest of the world to begin with, facilitated by Washington and its economic alliances outside of purely trade agreements that such meetings as this represent.

        And during this economic meltdown of the U.S. economy which is being facilitated in order to pump up the economies of the European and Far Eastern countries, just goes to show how little true leadership we now have in Washington as representatives of the people of this great nation and our intended form of government.

        Since the meeting itself could only be likened to a “global” Board of Directors meeting for World, Inc.

        Much spin also occurred with respect to rogue protestors and the damage that was suffered by local area businesses during the protests. Many of which, since they were miles from the actual site of the meeting itself, would be suspect insofar as whether these were G20 protestors at all, or rather “professional” protestors meant to also propagandize the dissatisfaction in this country of the true Americans who are becoming increasing outraged at the impact that such Constittuional violations as this meeting itself represent. – Ground Report

        First we had Republican and Democrat zombies. Now we have Ron Paul zombies. Great, just what we needed more people without brains, doing and saying whatever their dear leader asks. Why don’t you idiots wake the hell up?

        • Catfish Joe

          You have no trouble pointing out the symptoms, but much trouble with the diagnosis. Cause and remedy evade you.
          They will continue to evade you until such time as you can have a civil discussion with those that share many of your concerns.

          Until next time,

          Bite Me You Psy-Op Troll

          • Dfens

            Keep following your dear leader, you brainless idiot. No one is going to con you.

  • sean

    The G20 was talking about balancing trade. Obscuring the facts a bit..