Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show

Show: Alex Jones Show
Host: Alex Jones
Date: 9/24/2009


Alex Jones: Congressman, it is great to have you, sir.

Ron Paul: Thank you, good to be with you again.

Alex Jones: In the final segment I want to talk about your book coming out, titled “End The Fed”. But first, I’ve got The Times of London, The London Telegraph, AFP – “dollar under scrutiny at G20 summit”, “HSBC bids farewell to the dollar supremacy.” They say the world is now going to move away from the dollar, they’re announcing global governments. President Klaus, your friend, you’ve been over there to speak as a guest of the government, is saying this is global government at the U.N. yesterday. So people are waking up, but now the establishment is making its move. Can you speak about what’s happening with the dollar?

Ron Paul: Well, the dollar of course today bounced up a little bit, but that’s just temporary because of some announcements. But the dollar is in bad trouble, they know it. And a lot of people ask me exactly what is going on in the G20 meetings, and of course, there are a lot of announcements. But I think the really big stuff that goes on in these meetings is behind the scene where there are no announcements. My guess would be that behind the scenes they are really, really making plans for what is going to replace the dollar reserve standard because they’re sick and tired of us getting a free ride. We get to print the money, get to spend it, and they’re supposed to hang on to it as though it were gold. But they’re planning on something else. They have a job in front of them because it’s not easy creating another fiat currency. Usually when a government ruins a currency they go back to something more sound and back their currency or make gold or silver or legal tender. They don’t want to do that; that’s why I suspect a move in the direction of a new world order and I’ve heard Obama recently use that term again, they got to have a new world order’, and they’ve been working on that for a long time, and I’m sure they’re not worried all that much about a crisis coming and they might look at it as an opportunity, you know, for promoting their cause. That’s what we should be concerned about.

Alex Jones: Well, that’s what Congressman Grayson said last hour that he believes the banks have engineered this to create a crisis to vertically integrate society and then they offer this solution as this new bank of the world that will fund itself off carbon taxes and other taxes. Al Gore has called for that, this week Gordon Brown as you know has called for a new world order under the Tobin tax, and that they’re just going to have regional cashless system with the big bank reserves already going to a cashless system, and then all the nation state currencies will still be there, but they’ll be globally standardized.

Ron Paul: Yeah, but what we have going for us is that their system can’t work; it’s just sort of like worrying about the Soviet Union. We worried about them for a long time and had to be because they were very powerful. But long time ago even Mises predicted it won’t last. The system doesn’t work. So what they’re proposing really doesn’t work. It’s sort of like what the IMF and our treasury did in the 1960s and early 1970s: “We’re going to print money and it’s going to be 35 dollars an ounce”. Well, the market overwhelms. So we should be concerned, we should fight it, we should expose them and we should do our very best. But ultimately, the markets will rule. The biggest threat is probably the political threat that how much are they going to crack down on us. How far are they’re going to go and can we ever regain the influence on the government where their job is to protect us and to protect our liberty rather than serving the special interests? That to me is really the bottom line.

Alex Jones: Congressman, the Federal Reserve, as you know, has hired the top ENRON lobbyist firm to come in in the last three months and demonize the “End the Fed” protests. It’s come out in the Baltimore Sun that the army is surveying the End the Fed protests, and that all protests are now being considered low level terrorism. They’re trying to demonize us that way. They’ve also told Congress, as you know, “Oh, you’re not allowed under the Constitution to get involved with what the Federal Reserve does,” even though it’s in the Constitution that the Congress controls the issuance of currency and credit and set the monetary policy. So isn’t that the ultimate big lie that this private banking consortium which didn’t come along till 1913, can tell Congress “You’re not allowed to be involved in what we do?”

Ron Paul: It’s amazing how long they’ve gotten away with it, but we’re getting the American people informed well enough that 75% of the people now when they’re polled agree with us. I can give you a little tidbit about tomorrow, maybe Alan told you the same thing. But we’re having hearings tomorrow on HR 1207 and Barney Frank has fulfilled his promise to me and he gave me one witness and they’re going to have two panels. Ordinarily the majority has two witnesses against one, you know, 2:1. But then they have a government panel which has to represent the body that we’re addressing, which is the Federal Reserve. They were supposed to have three people testifying; only one has agreed to come. On the second panel where there were going to be two in opposition to HR 1207, and my one pick. There’s two cancelled out too, so they’re down to one person that came to testify against the HR 1207, and I suspect it may well be that they don’t want to even be out there, you know, really chomping at the bit. They might work behind the scenes, but they’re not interested in taking us on in a public forum.

Alex Jones: They don’t want to give any attention to it. They think it may be covered by the news networks if Ben Bernanke or somebody like that is there, but it’s too late as you’ve said many times. The momentum is now beginning to shift. The people are asking, “Why can’t we audit the Fed?” They’re realizing that the real power structure, the real government is the private run-for-profit Federal Reserve. And I meant to get to this issue of the hearings. Can you talk about what’s going to happen tomorrow and then how do you see the process unfolding in the months and years to come in brining this corporate, private banking dictatorship to heel?

Ron Paul: Well, I think tomorrow’s hearings will be pretty bland. That would be my guess. Probably not much media. But we’ll get a recording of it and Tom Wood is the economist and historian from the Mises Institute who will be testifying for us. He will have a very good statement and he is a very bright person who knows how to handle a debate like this. Barney Frank will probably be not antagonistic nor derogatory towards the bill and he will try to publicly pacify the people who are concerned and worried about it. But I don’t think it will be big news tomorrow, but it is big news among our circles because we have gotten them to a point where many others who have tried over the many, many decades have never gotten this far. You now, Henry Royce, Wright Patman and Henry Gonzales all coming from a liberal populist view point have always – and they were chairmen of the banking committees – and they never got this far on auditing the Fed, so we are making progress. But this also might be a sign of how bad thing are to wake up the American people and finally say “Hey, what is this all about? What about this Fed?” So I think it’s the crisis that we’re in as well as the time has come around and I think our communications are much better with radio talk shows like this as well as the Internet. This has really spread a massage among people. Today I just walked out of my office, I was visiting with one of my constituents. And I had a young guy from college in Arizona came up to me, and his biggest issue was the Federal Reserve and I think my constituent looked at him and said “Wow!!”. He was so impressed that some college kid from Arizona State came up and he was fascinated with the Federal Reserve. So we are making progress.

Alex Jones: Is this the beginning of game over for the Federal Reserve, because once they’re identified as the true shadow government, the financial oligarchy, as long as they can operate in the shadows and pose as a federal agency, they were invincible. But once the curtain drops on the little man who we though was the big powerful Wizard of Oz, once the illusion is shattered, which is now happening, it begins the process of their fall.

Ron Paul: I think it might be beginning, but I don’t think we’re very far along because I don’t think they have yet begun to fight. I mean, they’re going to be tenacious. Look at what they’ve done with the lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act. They are resisting, they are fighting it. Those court cases are going to go on for years. They’re going to fight this. They’re going to resist and argue about turning over records. So it’s not going to be real easy.

I think what will happen is that you will have a dramatic change when the dollar quits working. I just think they’re going to fight us tooth and nail, and they’re going to make it very, very difficult. They will find the ways to further imprison people who demand that they use silver and gold. So I just think that there will be runaway inflation and high interest rates before the American people will say, “Yeah, I think we were told about this Federal Reserve”. And we need to do more and they will lose all credibility. And besides, printing the money won’t help that much. The more they print the worse it will be. Right now they printed a lot of money to try to patch this system together. In some ways they have patched it together, but they dumped all the bad assets on the taxpayer. You can’t have a wealthy country by doing that. That has to have bad results. But when the dollar collapses, there is nowhere else to go.

Alex Jones: Congressman, I don’t even pretend to know what’s best to suggest you do tomorrow in these hearings. But I know you’re a very polite, focused, intelligent, scholarly person. I would just encourage you to call them out and to be as aggressive as possible because that more firmly cements you as the leader – and I think you’re the man for the job – against these people.

And I would also hope that you would entertain and allow me to perhaps ask you what your opinion is about this, to bring up the conflict of interests issue; you have this revolving door between Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and Chase, and the governors of the private Fed like Geithner, Paulson, Bernanke, the campaign contributions to both parties. Of course, Barack Obama getting four times the Goldman Sachs money, almost five times that John McCain got. I really think if you just discredit them out of the gates, that’s the one thing that I’ve noticed in these hearings and I’ve watched scores of them. And you’ve been in scores of them and I watch them at night when I get home. I record it, hours of it. And that seems to be the cross or the holy water for the vampires, just to call these people out. They’re the ones that changed the regulations, they’re the ones that created the derivatives, they’re the ones that are a revolving door and they’re robbing the bank.

Ron Paul: Well, there will be a limit to how much of that I can do because I’ll have a 5 minutes opening statement and 5 minutes to quiz the individuals. But they’re not sending the people that you could really hit on those questions. They’re sending the general counsel. Now he’s going to be a legal guy. He’s going to explain the law and that sort of thing. They’re going to hide behind the technicalities of law. I think your suggestions are good; we should call on them. But I will have to decide tomorrow exactly how I am going to hit him and what the atmosphere is like.

Alex Jones: Sure, we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag and let them know our plan of attack to defend the Republic. Obviously you’re going to be asking them questions for a future hearing. Can you go back and ask him how the treasury department and the Federal Reserve gives itself waivers to allow them to give money to institutions they own stock in?

Ron Paul: Well, it should be shocking but unfortunately that’s about the way they run everything. They are always skirting the law. It’s only the people who have to… if they have any infractions on not obeying an illegal law or obeying the Constitution then the roof comes down on us. But for them that’s just routine activities. But they should be called on it and that’s exactly where the American people are waking up. They’re sick and tired of hearing it, and the more they hear it the better.

Alex Jones: Congressman, looking at thism just a pep talk to the people … not that they need much of one. Folks are seeing victory, they’re smelling blood, they know that the Federal Reserve and the private cartel isn’t invincible. But Congressman Grayson pointed out last hour that you in 1983 first introduced this Audit The Fed bill, and then now here we are 25/26 years later. And even though it may take a few more years to really have victory over these people, we are now, I believe, in the end game here. And can you speak about the power of perseverance and focus with you literally on the frontlines toiling to do this? And then what is it like for you to actually see Jerusalem, to actually be going into the promised land, to now be able to look over the mountain and after this 10,000 mile journey you’re now only a few hundred miles away.

Ron Paul: Well, I don’t like to address that in a personal way as much as in general. I think if an individual wants to change things they have to deal in principle, they have to have an ability to state it clearly and they have to preserve. Perseverence is very, very important, but you have to have truth on your side. And eventually you do win. Actually, I did not believe we would get this far, I did not believe that the campaign we ran last year would get very far. So it was a much more encouraging to me to realize that there were a lot of people. I believe when I came to Congress – as a matter of fact when I ran I never thought I would make it to Congress – my role and responsibility is to try to leave a record saying, “What would it be like if we had somebody who took the oath of office very seriously, how would that person vote?”, realizing what I was up against because I realize you would use the term “We can’t really run against Santa Claus,” that you’re not going to get re-elected. So I was surprised I got elected, and surprised I got re-elected. And pleasantly surprised to find out that this attitude of perseverance and standing for principle really can bring about good results. So I am pleased with it, but it’s the power of the ideas more than my personal abilities, quite frankly.

Alex Jones: Sir, I appreciate your humbleness. I’m not here trying to lavish praise on you for praise’s sake. I think as a model or an example of perseverance, you are the standard. You’re the blood of courage and I want you to know that I have three children, just like you have a lot of children and grandchildren, and I care about them and I know that we’re going to be a third-world hell if you’re not successful, if I’m not successful. And I just really do admire you and I know everybody, for everybody out there does too. And we want to thank you for all you’ve done.

Ron Paul: Well, thank you very much, I appreciate that. Evidently our numbers are much bigger than any of us knows. You know the story about the remnant, nobody can count the remnant, nobody knows where they are. But they’re out there and I think each and every one of us are looking to each other and it’s just great to find allies. I always tell people at my crowds, “You know, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring and I don’t have over-expectations, but in the meantime we ought to have an enjoyment of associating with like minded people and having these goals and ideals because at least we can say that we made the effort and we communicated.” Fortunately for us today we have seen some fruits of our labor. Can you imagine fighting this battle in 1939 or sometime back then when the New Deal was in and then the world empire was really starting the militarism of the world? I would have thought back in 1938-1939 in the Roosevelt era it must have been pretty humbling for those who were trying to hold these principles together.

Alex Jones: We’ve only got 7 minutes left with the congressman; I’m going to skip this break so we have time to talk to him. Before he leaves we’re going to talk about his new book “End The Fed”, really a manifesto, a constitution against this abomination, one arm of this larger private crime syndicate. But Congressman, what can we do, briefly, to fight and help you and others that are leading this charge to defeat the Fed quicker in this battle, in this war for truth? And then what do you think their counterstrikes are going to be? The Governors Association a month ago wrote a letter to the Pentagon and the White House asking, “What are you doing sending 379,000 troops they now want for Brigade Homeland through NORTCOM.” That’s also in the progressive AP. I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but suddenly we are getting YouTube videos from Arizona and Louisville, Kentucky of regular National Guard and army running checkpoints, searching people. We’ve gone and interviewed them now, and it appears that we’re seeing a slow takeover and former Congressman and former Republican leader was on the Dallas morning’s news, Dick Armey was giving a quick briefing. I’m sure you know about most of it, saying yes he believes Obama may use the flu scare to kind of smokescreen passing healthcare, gun control, open borders, financial reform, giving the banks more power. So can you speak to what we can do to fight these people, and to the whole police state that’s really expanding right now?

Ron Paul: Well, I’m afraid Posse Comitatus is about dead according to what Obama wants. You know, when they passed the HIPAA law, the HIPAA law was the one that said they were going to protect your medical privacy and in actuality it was exactly the opposite. Because in that HIPAA law it said that in case of a national emergency the government has a right to all your records. Now, you talk about a scare. They keep scaring and frightening people and they put the high executives taking these flu shots and how dangerous it is and on and on. So I think they’re almost just welcoming and waiting thinking, “Boy, with just a little bit more we can declare all this national emergency stuff.” But they have set the stage for doing it under medical control and control of diseases, always for these wonderful things. But unfortunately I’m afraid the American people are going to suffer the consequences, but all we can do is expose them for what they are and hopefully the American people will wake up.

Alex Jones: Well, this really hit home for me, and I’ve talked to the county that Pittsburgh is in. You grew up there, what’s the name of the county?

Ron Paul: Allegheny.

Alex Jones: Yeah, Allegheny. And I talked to the police officer and got his name. My guys were trying to interview the military and trying to ask them questions. There were some 2,500 of them there; including regular army and air force and National Guard. They said, “May we speak to your public relations officer?” And they said, “No, we’re not going to talk to you, get out of here.” And they followed them, got their license plate and then the police department called up posing as the rental car company, and then when they told them who they were, the police officers switched gears and said “Well, you’re now on terror databases and you’ll never get off of it,” and they laughed them. My employees are freaked out; these are just camera guys I’ve hired. And I called the police officer and I asked, “Did you really do that” and he said, “Yeah I did that.” He thought it was funny to ruin people’s lives.

Ron Paul: That is pretty bad. We don’t know many are doing that, but people enjoy doing that. They get this sense of superiority and they have this power. But it’s sort of pervasive throughout the system with anybody that has this power. IRS agents love it and they just like to lord it over other people.

Alex Jones: But people of true words like yourself are incredibly humble. I wish we can get these control freaks to realize how fulfilling it is to be good.

Ron Paul: Hopefully we can convert some people. I think the true satisfaction in life comes from being productive, producing something worthwhile and being able to take care of oneself. But most people, you know, we’re oriented towards saying that the only way that you can be moral and upright is to have a welfare state to make sure everybody is taken care of. Steal from one group and give to another. But I believe true satisfaction for individuals comes from work, hard effort and the satisfaction that you can take care of yourself and your family. Regardless of whether you’re very wealthy or you’re not wealthy, that you maximized your abilities. Today we do everything to de-emphasize the use of our abilities to assume responsibility for ourselves.

Alex Jones: Well, they want us to be dependent so they can control us; the classic sharecropper system.

Ron Paul: Right.

Alex Jones: Two final questions and then we’re going to let you go, Congressman. We admire you and we’re praying for you in the hearings tomorrow. In closing, tell us about “End the Fed”, the new book coming out. And please give us your take on when you believe the dollar will die.

Ron Paul: Well, on the dollar … I don’t know. Nobody knows exactly when. It could come anytime, but my guess is it’s going to be a couple of years yet.

Alex Jones: And it will be devastating?

Ron Paul: Oh, I really do. I think it’s going to be a very bad time, a lot worse than what we’ve seen so far. And that’s when it is more likely to be riots on the street because people are going to be very, very angry. They’re already angry, but they will get much angrier. I just hope they can divert their attention the right way.

“End the Fed” has been out for a week and it’s doing pretty well. The best vote for our movement is to buy the book because it’s the political vote on this. The more books you sell and the more you show up on the New York Times list, the better off it is and just as I set aside I do not take personal benefits from this book. This book was donated to the FREE Foundation. So I can push the sales of this book not for personal gain. But it is a vote. It is a vote and in many ways if we can get it up to No. 1 which “The Revolution” was for a short period of time, it will be noticed. It will be noticed. So buy 1, 2 or 3 books. They’re not all that expensive. It will be a vote that sends a message to a lot of people.

Alex Jones: And you’re not taking personal gain. I’ve read the book, it’s incredibly powerful. It is a manifesto against tyranny. Folks, get “End The Fed” even if you know all about it. Buy 20 copies, give it to friends, family, neighbors. You can go to Amazon, book stores, everywhere. What are some other places they can link to and get it? Where are some of the best place to get it, Congressman?

Ron Paul: Well, I imagine the best price is probably Amazon. But you can go to too and get it through there. I’m sure it will be available through a lot of websites. But right now the quickest way to get it recorded is Amazon.

Alex Jones: End the Fed, by Congressman Ron Paul, climbing up the top charts. Sir, we have 30 seconds left. Final comment?

Ron Paul: All I know is that we’re making progress and I am very pleased. I just hope we can continue this way and if we do our job we can win this but we live in very dangerous times.

Alex Jones: God bless you, sir. Godspeed and say hi to Carol and the rest of the family and say hi to Wayne and everybody for us. And again we’ll see you next time.

Ron Paul: Very good, thank you.

Alex Jones: Thank you. There goes Congressman Ron Paul, ladies and gentlemen.