Ron Paul Attends Premiere of Vince Vaughn’s New Movie “Couples Retreat”

This Monday night, Ron Paul and his wife Carol attended the premiere of Vince Vaughn’s new movie “Couples Retreat“. Ron was the special guest of Vaughn, a fellow opponent of the Federal Reserve, who had endorsed Ron Paul’s book End the Fed with the following words: “Everyone must read this book–Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans–all Americans.”

Ron Paul in "Couples Retreat" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
Ron Paul and Carol Paul at Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California

Ron Paul and Carol Paul at Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California

Vince Vaughn at Mann’s Village Theater in Westwood, California

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  • Lancelot

    I know couples retreat has some sexy stuff, i can only imagine the awkwardness felt when Ron and his wife had to watch it. Carol probably duffed Ron right in the face. Ron is very charismatic knowledgeable, on every important issue. He proposes shutting down our militarist global domination, securing our borders and ending the subsidizing of illegal immigration. Ending the fed which will in turn, make us transition into a sound monetary policy. Hes for being friends with every nation, but not favoring any. Hes the last remnant of the founders. Why is he still in congress and not Americas greatest president of all time yet.


  • Dfens

    McCain is an idiot. He’s a pawn of the big defense companies. His “reforms” only make things worse for the US taxpayer, not better.

    You people amaze me. You see that Boeing squandered $1.5 billion in tax dollars to make their $150 million in profits while providing you with nothing at all in return and doing all of this legally, and you aren’t out raged at all. You don’t even know what to make of this stiuation unless your dear leader tells you what to believe. If that’s your American, then I want no part of it. I believe in reason and rule of law, not some cult of personality.

  • Jody Carrillo

    Wow Vince supports Federal Reserve truth?? AWESOME!! Finally someone in Hollywood is AWAKE! Remember the Federal Reserve charges interest on every dollar they print! Thanks to the fed the dollar has lost 98% of it’s value since 1913 when the fed was created! If you don’t believe me, look it up! Better get your gold or silver now, the dollar WILL soon be worthless!!! GO RON PAUL, WE LOVE YOU! WHAT A HERO!

  • Hacj

    Dfens is probably just another anarchist who loves to complain and hate everything and everyone around him

  • Timo Smitty
  • M.Nixon


    Excuse me if this is getting a bit off topic, but who are some good Congressmen or candidates that are doing a good job or have good ideas, if any? What kinds of sensible solutions are they proposing?

  • james robinson

    It’s great to see someone like this support Ron Paul. I’ve seen the Brad Pitts and the Matt Damon’s supporting Obama. It really doesn’t mean that much to the people who have caught on. Ron has already won us over with his message along with his character.

    To dfens… Ron Paul attacks the problems he sees as the biggest. I think Blackie_Chan has gotten it correct. You can’t attack everything at once that you think is wrong specifically.You do have to focus your attention.

    I’m assuming (and will admit I can posssibly be wrong) that you know little about doctor Paul’s belief system. He believes deeply in liberty. That means you and every person and institution have a right to the fruit of their labors. If this was truly the case, goverment would have very little of the people’s money. This being so, passing out money to people in goverment would mean very little because they would have very little to give back to their supporters. It would in fact destroy the lobbyists in Washington.

    The U.S. can to be so prosperous for the simple reason that at one time the constitution was strictly followed. There are not very many ammendments to it, meaning goverment power was limited. This was the intent of the founding fathers. It worked superbly. Following it strictly is a practical way to achieve many of Dr. Paul’s ideas. That is why Dr. Paul is so popular with his followers. He has a strong moral base that he starts with and very achievable and practical solutions.

    It’s really ok if you disagree with Ron Paul supporters. We’re libertarians. Which means everybody has the right to live their lives as they see fit as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else through force. That said I don’t really see why you would come to this site if you’re only looking for an argument that isn’t civil. Civil debate is great for opening up minds. Being argumentative for it’s own sake isn’t productive or shows ones’ beliefs.

    If you support say Obama healthcare, or any other socialist agenda you will not likely found much support on this site. But if you are likely to find people who will debate rationally and calmly with you. I would ask you to be more polite here especially to Blackie-Chan because this person gave you a civil response.

    Everyone hear agrees with true conservative values. Please do not confuse this with neo-conversatism, a strong connection with christainity, isolationism or the republican party. Most people here are very informed (many of us because of Ron Paul) and see through the smoke -screen that is omnipresent in the world today. We understand it as a unified philosophy, namely globalism, and not just examples such as your Boeing problem. If you want to discuss your problem with true conservative values i.e sound money, personnel liberty, a belief in limited goverment etc. it would be much more beneficial to yourself and others. You’d probably have alot of takers here. Peace out and to you too Blackie_Chan.

  • Dfens

    Great, now he’s got the Hollywood celebreties in his corner, just like the Democrats. Too bad he hasn’t been doing anything about Boeing’s latest scam. They “won” the C-130 AMP by buying the services of federal government procurment chief Darlene Druyun. When they bought the win, it was a $400 million development over 4 years. By their incompetence Boeing was able to string development out for a decade and up the cost to $1.5 billion. Again through their incompetence they managed to get the US Air Force to cancel the progam before a single airplane had been successfully modified. Boeing, for all their incompetence, made a mere $150 million, and you, the stupid US taxpayer will not even get a sharp stick up the ass for the billion and a half they wasted.

    Now someone tell me, what is Ron Paul doing about that? Going to a show opening? Why is he silent on this waste, fraud, and abuse? Too much else to do while he’s in Congress?

    • Blackie_Chan

      I think you can chalk this up to pick your battles. It’s easy to go around and look under every rock in the system and find corruption, waste, and the like. If you did so everything is a fire and therefore nothing is important.

      Besides that, your issue is really symptomatic of the FED having too much money in the first place. Imagine if the government only had $400M a year and then Boeing messed up and couldn’t fund the project and Congress had to up taxes to pay for it. Do you think the US would be in an uproar over it? Well when you have the FED Reserve creating money out of thin air then you have no need for the taxation and therefore its not a big deal from public accountability.

      You get rid of the FR, assert the 10th ammendment, reduce the Fed taxation, then you force the FED to actually live within its means and fear additional taxation of the people. Its a scary concept.

      • Dfens

        Another zombie. If this isn’t an RNC site then it must belong to the DNC.

        • Andy

          Dfens, I would really love to know why you get such a kick out of going on Ron Paul forums and bashing him. Out of all the political figures to take shots at, despite whatever differences you two have, you decided to pick on the one who has been consistent in his voting and principles for 20 plus years, believes in a strict adherence to the Constitution, and is finally being recognized as an intelligent voice concerning the economic crisis after hes been talking about it for decades.
          Seriously, what is your deal? Why do you go searching for things to get Ron Paul with? If you really believe that the man intends to do anything he believes is not in the best interests of the people than I think you may be sorely mistaken. Jesus man, there’s so much corruption and nonsense in Washington politics, and you choose Ron Paul to bash??? You’re the kind of person that would go on a forum concerning some volunteer work some missionairies did and bash them for their religious beliefs you disagreed with. Come on man, if you like talking shit about politicians you picked the worst candidate for your case ever.

          • Dfens

            Ron Paul is as full of crap as McCain or Obama. He never addresses any real problems and his one and only answer to all problems (end the Fed) is as phoney as a 3 dollar bill, and I don’t have any great love for the Fed, but, hell, even I know that ending it isn’t going to answer every single problem in the world. That’s just stupid. He thinks our solution to every foreign problem is capitulation. His only solution to defense issues is to get rid of bases, which (I don’t know where he’s been) we’ve been doing for over a decade and I feel neither safer nor have I been taxed any less. The only visible result so far is defense companies have gotten richer. He might not be on the payroll of the Chinese or defense contractors, but if he’s not, he is certianly a useful idiot. Either way I’m still screwed. So I should like him because he’s so sincere? Right. That’s what we need. Hell, Obama is sincere. He’s probably just as nice a guy as Ron too. He’s still an idiot, and I’m damn tired of idiots.

    • Lindsey

      Dfens: I suggest that you look at John McCain’s record on working to cut waste in the Defense Department. All of our elected representatives can’t be experts at everything. I’ll bet you are more informed on defense issues than others. (Hence your name Dfens)