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  1. Jack

    After Zbigniew Brzezinski sucked the Russians into Afghanistan and the warring tribes ousted the Russians,the USA had a lot of kudos with these tribes because they supplied weapons and intelligence,but it wasn't for free.

    The USA did not have to declare war on Afghanistan just to get and oil/gas pipelines from central Asia. All they had to do was to spend the money on education and infrastructure so the Afghan people would progress.

    No,they had to make money selling arms and trading opium for guns,thus creating hate for the West.The Taliban stopped the production of opium.Remember the heroine drought? Now the US have invaded Afghanistan the opium fields flourish again so the Taliban can again trade drugs for guns.Who makes the really big profits? Not the locals I assure you.

    The two most economic routes to the sea are Afghanistan and Pakistan.Lo and behold the other most economic route is through Iran.Notice that all these countries are under seige. see


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