Ron Paul on the Ed Show

Show: The Ed Show
Channel: MSNBC
Date: 10/14/2009


Ed Schultz: … meeting in Greenville, South Carolina on Monday. The protesters were shouting that healthcare reform and the Federal Reserve are unconstitutional. They accused Senator Graham of compromising. They claim that, “God doesn’t compromise and all US lawmakers have taken an oath to God when they are sworn in.” A good number of them are supporters of former presidential candidate Ron Paul and they didn’t like what Graham had to say to them. Here it is.

Lindsey Graham: I am not going to leave the Republican Party. I’m going to grow it.

Male Speaker: Yeah, right.

Lindsey Graham: We’re not going to be the party of the angry white guys.

Male Speakers: Ron Paul will grow it. Ron Paul. Ron Paul will grow it. Ron Paul.

Lindsey Graham: We’re not going to be the Ron Paul party.

Male Speaker: Oh, yeah.

Lindsey Graham: (inaudible)

Male Speakers: Ron Paul is the real conservative. Ron Paul is the only conservative.

Lindsey Graham: … absurd, but he said George Bush was a war criminal.

Male Speakers: He is! You are a joke.

Ed Schultz: It doesn’t seem like too much was accomplished there. Joining me now is Congressman Ron Paul to respond to all of this. Congressman Paul, I appreciate your time tonight and I want to know, do you deserve to have a United States senator say that he doesn’t want the Republican Party to be that party of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul: Well, I have to admit I was a little bit surprised that I was on the verge of taking over the Republican Party. That’s pretty amazing, but you know, there are some important issues here because there are some disagreements just like there are in the Democrat Party. You know, you have the liberals and you have the blue dogs and there is a disagreement here because modern-day control of the Republican Party has been taken over by the neoconservatives and they don’t have a lot to say about limited government. They talk about more war, more Patriot Acts, more unlimited detention without counsel, more spending, TARP funds, bailout funds and cap and trade. You know, that’s what they’re for, but we’re for something different. We’re for something different.

Ed Schultz: Yeah, yeah, I agree with you there. But I also think that it looks like you are becoming a target of the Republican Party. How do you feel about that?

Ron Paul: Well, I look at the positive things because you might argue that case because one senator attacked me in public, but what about the fact that I have every single Republican on the audit bill in the House of Representatives?

Ed Schultz: Well, we’re going to talk about that.

Ron Paul: Wait, I have 125 Democrats, too. So I would say that I’m working pretty well with both parties.

Ed Schultz: Yeah, well, Congressman Paul, I’m with you on that. I am with you.

Ron Paul: Okay, good.

Ed Schultz: We need to audit the Fed. This is a serious issue and you’ve got some Democrats over there and I want to tell our audience tonight that Congressman Grayson, who is the new hero of the progressive movement for all the aggressive comments that he has been making, he is with you on this, is he not?

Ron Paul: That’s right.

Ed Schultz: Okay.

Ron Paul: He has worked hard and he has helped me get those 125 Democrats.

Ed Schultz: Yeah, and we’re going to talk about that in future shows because I think it’s very important to audit the Fed. I think the American people need to know what’s happening. But in your situation, it looks like you’re being made out to be a target. But I want to talk about these people, you’re also being accused of these are your people that are shouting down this conservative senator, a Republican from South Carolina. Is that a fair picture to paint?

Ron Paul: Oh, I don’t think so at all. I’m sure there are people who are very sympathetic with what I’ve said and they believe in limited government, but it sounds like I’ve instructed them, I have control over them,lLike the tea parties. We had the first major modern-day tea party. It was fantastic in the campaign. There are a lot of tea parties now and everybody comes and everybody talks and I have no responsibility for those. We might have lit the flame a bit and excited people, but for me to be responsible, as a matter of fact, I don’t like the noise sometimes. As a matter of fact, but I listen to what…

Ed Schultz: Have you asked any of your supporters to back off at all? Have you encouraged them to go out there and shout down senators?

Ron Paul: No, I tell them to use the proper decorum and they know exactly how I feel about it because… and I also like to not have it personalized. I’ve been sort of pushed into saying things about Lindsey Graham because the issue comes up. But even when Bush was president and I just couldn’t stand his foreign policy, I never went after President Bush, after President Bush and I don’t do this with Obama.

Ed Schultz: Yeah.

Ron Paul: But I do go after bad policy, interventionist foreign policy, unnecessary wars, PATRIOT Act, and all these things, those that are important; defending the Constitution by both left, right, and progressives, we go a long way to solving some of our problems and mellowing this debate out a bit.

Ed Schultz: Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul. Dr. Paul, thanks for joining us tonight. We got to have you back to talk about that audit of the Fed. I appreciate your time.

Ron Paul: Good idea. Thank you.

Ed Schultz: You bet. But for more, let’s bring in our panel tonight, Democratic strategist Chris….

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  • sam christian

    Dear Ron Paul, You are our last hope for the future of America. I believe it’s time to worry about saving our country now instead of saving the Republican party. Please put the Republican party on the back burner for right now and run 3rd party with another 3rd party winner…Jesse Ventura. Jesse has proven that 3rd parties can win and he would make a fine V/P.

    We could have Chuck Baldwin as secretary of the treasury, Willie Nelson as the secretary of agriculture and last but not least….The secretary of defense would be ….Chuck Norris…We just send the trouble maker a picture of Chuck and tell them…”There’s nothing to fear but Chuck”….. all kidding aside…..

    As a former Navy Airman. I would not question an order from a Commander and Chief like YOU sir. As a matter of fact, I would fight the devil to the gates of hell if I knew you were the top dog giving the order to do so. In my opinion we need a leader and a Commander and Chief that our military can respect, trust, and love with all our hearts. I see that in you.

    From one American who loves his country to another….Please do whatever it takes to become the rightful president of our great nation and save our butts one more time. You won’t be sorry and we won’t let you down in showing our gratitude by never letting this happen again. I’ll see you in 2012 if Obama hasn’t completely wrecked us by then.

    “Never give the enemy a break! SEND EM TO HELL!” [The late great…John Wayne]


  • Whitney

    This email is being passed on.
    What is this?

    Still wondering why they backed off of Cap N Trade…hmmm, shouldn’t be now.

    NOW, more than ever, we need to populate:!




  • Palmetto Derek

    Edward I couldn’t agree more, I was so disappointed with my fellow South Carolinians who didn’t give Conley a chance simply because he had a “D” beside his name. As for Graham,,,,,,I am truly embarrassed whenever he opens his mouth.

  • Ron Paul and his supporters are to blame that Graham is in the Senate right now. Very few Ron Paul supporters (myself included) sent donations to his pro-Ron-Paul opponent Bob Conley in last year’s elections…Graham received millions in campaign contributions while Conley was almost broke…even with the lack of donations Conley managed to get 42% of the vote.

    Bob Conley should have received an endorsement from RP and there should have been a money bomb for him. With an endorsement from RP and hundreds of thousands in donations like BJ Lawson received Conley could have beat Graham….now we are stuck for the next 6 years hearing Graham’s trash talk.

    It’s obvious that Graham now has a grudge against Ron Paul supporters because he sure hasn’t forgotten that it was a Ron Paul supporter who had the nerve and dared to take away his precious Senate seat last year.