2 responses to “Ron Paul on CNN: How Wall Street Corrupted The Government – And What To Do About It”

  1. Richard Mecca

    Congress should pass a Constitutional Ammendment stating

    "that no provision of any International Agreement can supercede the Constitutional Rights of an American Citizen"


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  2. Jones

    I am not sure the idea of little regulation is good in a time of such corruption. What make sense for the general public is to have just enough number of regulations that are sufficiently clear so that the public can spot when corruption is going on. Particularly when people receiving salary for that for some reason can not spot it.

    So how about revising the current regulations and implementing what is needed, making them available to everyone.

    I support free market, at least what I think IT is. But I am not sure free market is beneficial anymore. Not with all the corruption and robberies taking places, and those we don't know about.

    Maybe Ron Paul should write another book on this subject, educating the general public on the subject and the due or applicable regulations, so that it does not turn into 'free money' for a few.

    If globalization continues, power across the globe continues to have free market access anyway, regulations are not set for everyone, and governments have no saying it will turn out to be an even bigger mess that wall street in NYC, it will be a movable wall street.

    Little and medium businesses should by default have a shot in a global economy if the free market (regulated trade) have some laws to compile with.


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