Poll: Ron Paul 2012

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Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

This poll is now closed. It was open from Oct. 27 – Nov. 16, 2009 and attracted 9,312 voters. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (94%, 8,727 Votes)
  • It depends. (explain below) (3%, 267 Votes)
  • No. (3%, 259 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (0%, 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,312

Check out the updated Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • Mark Woychik

    I really don’t think there will be another election in this great democratic experiment of ours. We are now in a defacto dictatorship after the national emergency was declared. If president Obama doesn’t get his way watch out. Some things on my wish list if Dr. Paul were to get a chance would be.
    1. Elect the supreme court by popular vote every 4 years. 2. Have every bill stand on it’s own two feet, (no riders on any bill). 3. Abolish executive orders nationwide (in every state as well as nationally). 4. Public funding of all elections. 5. End federalism. 6. Abolish the secrecy act (let’s have some real transparency in government, no more hiding their lies under the veil of national security).
    7. Last but certainly not least END THE FED.

    • akaphsyco

      How bout popular vote for president instead of popular Supreme court? And what pray tell would we replace federalism with? A confederacy? That’d be absolutely moronic with the size of our country, not to mention against our constitution.

      • Mark Woychik

        Federalism is basically a huge out of control government taking control of all the states. Our constitution states that the federal government should take control to protect our country in the event of a war. Not hold the states hostage withholding money collected in our states if we don’t do as they wish. Take the bridge to nowhere in Alaska, or West Virginias highway system, arguably the best in the nation (Robert Byrd was head of the that bureaucracy and got funds for most anything he wanted) what I am saying is that when more and more power is granted to people far from home the problem is that money becomes the carrot and the stick. Do as I say or I won’t send the money, I have collected from you, for you, back to you. I agree that in the event of war we should have a strong national government. What I don’t agree with is that the secrecy act gives the government the right to cause wars, blame the aggrieved party for the war, and then lie to we the people as they beat the drums of war. All the while sending our sons and daughters to fight the war. To say nothing of our sending our money which is printed with fractional banking to fight the war. I’m sure if you look closer at who owns the war machinery you would find they are making tons of money and spending it to elect those under their thumbs. Of course it’s not to say all politicians are under their thumbs. But they can and do let them know once they are in how to get re-elected. Go along with the status quo.

    • Well spoken Mark! Very well spokeen.



  • Will


    I am suprised to here you say that it is a democracy. Shame on you… Lol

    Won Love,

  • Will


    Ron can not do it by himself and as we know he has been purposely ignored in the primaries. We need to email, pay for our own advertising, blog, and whatever it takes to support him in this coming primary. We need to make sure he makes it to the general election.

    Won Love,

  • Paul

    If no one of similar views and graviyas steps up…I would hope Ron Paul could see his way to run but, and it’s a BIG but; Ron is well over 70, has campaigned diligently for liberty and has seen his wife recover from serious illness. He is not, nor does he want to be a one man movement. The whole purpose of the Campaign For Liberty, start-up groups and more is to bring in new talent to nurture and grow the movement…it is not enough to sit back and say “Go Ron go”. This fine man deserves our help in developing leadership that transcends and builds upon his work. In this spirit I devoutly hope another candidate will pick up the mantle and run a fervent campaign with Ron’s blessing and help.

  • Will


    I agree, I believe it is imperative that we the people join together making sure that the candidate we believe is best for the job gets in. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. We should start right now getting the word out to the people about Mr Paul. We need to take control of the next election and send a message to the fascist bureaucratic regime currently in office. Just to let you know I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and Allen Keys in the general election.

    Won Love,

  • John

    Absolutely Dr. Paul should run in 2012. We didn’t need “hope” and “Change”. We needed Paul, the someome with some common sense, intelligence, able to take criticism and not look out for the interest of factions and the few, but looking out for all the people, their rights and liberities. Most of all a person who hasn’t taught the Constitution but actually knows the meaning of what the Founders meant and will apply it, not alter it to fit an agenda.

  • Will


    I totally agree with you. However, I like to dwell in the solution and I think that GOD is the answer to this evil empire that the powers that be has created. I think that the state of the country is our fault because the constitution has provided us with the means to keep this from happening. We the people have allowed this to happen during Reagan, Bush, and Clinton years. We sat back and watched president Reagan take the books, instruments, and recreation out of our kids hands. We sat back and watched him close the institutions that would house our mentally challenged. We sat back and watched while he armed the Iranians and now they are a problem for us. So I believe the only SOMEONE that could save this nation we don’t want anything to do with HIM. However, I suggest that the people that now the words of prayer should band together put our theological differences aside and fast and pray for this nation. Ironically we put GOD out of our major institutions and now we need HIM. HE is the only SOMEONE that could save this nation. After all HE is the author of man.

    Won Love,

    • Mark Woychik

      I do agree that GOD or his son as the perfect sacrifice is the answer. However if we look at it from mans standpoint I think a little freedom of the press wouldn’t hurt either. A democracy cannot exist without it. I know we are a constitutional republic. However with democratic principles. When a president can say that we can’t see Oliver Stones movie on the plane crash in 1996 of t.w.a. is that freedom of the press? Ok it was a movie but what I’m getting at is by what authority does a president do that? The bible says the dragons power is in it’s mouth. Lies and more lies, fed to a people hungry for them, spoon fed with a great fear factor under the guise of executive or should I say dictator orders can sway a population. I do believe you are right however in the end the only thing that will wake the people up is the word of GOD.
      Romans 10, 9-10

  • C. Hawks

    If Ron runs he should have Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. He should run on the platform that he will change the health care bill so that it is NOT mandatory,that he will audit the fed and that he will balance the budget. AFTER he has straightened out the mess at home, maybe he will have time to deal with the other parts of the world who hate us but will constantly ask us for money and help anytime something happens to them – but will never come and help us when we need a favor in return.

    Once elected he should start investigations on ALL of the congressmen and women and all of the cadre who went along with Obama’s schemes and expose them for the “Chicago mob” that they are. He should then work to restructure the government around the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and get America back on the right track AND give us back our freedom (unless we’ve revolted by then and taken it back ourselves. In that case, he would need to quiet the anger and produce proof that he will be the leader of the people, NOT Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Enviro or Big Gov.)

  • Lane

    I will never vote for another republican. Not after the way they treated him and us during the 2008 primaries. A vote for a republican or democrat, in todays time, is a wasted vote. They didn’t want us then, and they won’t want us in 2012.
    But I would vote for Ron Paul as a Libertarian, Constitution Party, or Independent.

    • That’s exactly what the Neo-Conservatives are betting on. The only thing that will change the corrupt 2 party system is us. We must take over the Republican party, because the Democrats all ready have their candidate. Seriously, I know Ron Paul could take on Obama, but we’ve got to get him past the Primary Elections. Otherwise, he won’t be able to make it to the big show. With that said, become a Republican, Vote for Ron Paul, then decide when Ron Paul is on the Ballot against Obama and whatever 3rd party there is, who you want to vote for. Otherwise, you’re going to get another dumb vs dumber race.

  • sunya

    If he wants to run for president, I think he should. If he wants to run for president, he will continue to have the energy and inspired action for this kind of service. He holds a unique and important understanding that I think many people are calling for and many more people are now open to. In connection with his world, if he feels called to run for president and continue sharing and educating as he has, I think it would be great for all if he does. I am very glad to have people hear him, inquire into their preconceptions and learn, if not vote for him.

  • Max Hovila

    Ron Paul should run again. However, he should run as an independent, not part of the republican party.

    • Mark Woychik

      My question to your comment is what if Ron ran as an independent and won? Do you really think the electoral college would let him in? Just a question.

  • Ron Paul fan

    I’m not sure whether Ron Paul should run. It might be a health drain on him and his family. He might do more for liberty some other way.

    But, if he does run, I will work hard to spread the word and to encourage people to listen to him and to shun his rivals.

    To that end, I am working to get my chores done and save up cash. If he runs, I want to start early, put in the good effort, and finish the race with Paul. I suspect others feel the same way.

    I hope I am enthusiastic but not rude. I hope to be steadfast in communication, but clear. I hope to let the LOVE in Revolution shine. Just as Paul was a gentleman to his rude opponent this past week, I hope to be a good ambassador for Paul.

    Unfortunately, I cannot write the campaign song. I hope somebody does that. A song that represents liberty and the character of Paul. Maybe something humble and loving but with a good strong finish. Oh, and for me, the words should be easy.

    In summary: If Ron Paul runs, I’ll be there.

  • Wanda

    I would love for Ron to run for President, but only as a REpublican. A third party only assures another Democrat win. We just need to change the Republican party to reflect our conservative views by only electing conservatives. Stop electing RINOS. (Republican in Name Only7)

  • Nui
  • Johnny

    Ron Paul should run for President, but I see a only a slim chance of him winning. As long as the mass media is controlled by the powerful elites (international bankers, corporations, etc.), he will not get fair campaign coverage. The elite will only allow a few, whom they can control, to win.
    Change we can believe in…. yeah, right. The only thing that changed in the White House is the skin color.

  • Dr V

    The current two parties have collectively ruined this country. If Ron Paul formed a third party, which I believe is possible given the understanding of all but the sycophantic party believers, he would get lots of support. The problem today is the escalating cost of elections – BO’s cost upwards of 3/4 $Billion – ridiculous. That has to be changed.

    • Sara

      I agree. With the disgust that the American people seem to have with both parties, now would be the time to establish a new party that was “For the people.” I think the country is ready and begging for it. However, the left wing news media would have to be trumped to carry out a win. Otherwise, it would be their loud mouths against the truth once again. The way Mr. Paul was eliminated from debates and censored during the last election was down right unconstitutional.

    • Great to see that you’re going to become a Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 Primary Elections! Strategically, that’s how we’ll get to choose (in all 50 states) for a good candidate.

    • Third parties have no chance in this country the fix has been there for many years. Infiltrate and destroy the two party system however we have to may Americans that are considered imbeciles, stupid is to intelligent for them.

      Also as long as we run our government by fear there will never be change. He who controls the money control the government.

  • Will

    I believe we have a foreign faction in government that is neither for, by, nor of the people. The government is supposed to protect it’s people yet our government seems to want to break the financial back of it’s people. Government has partnered with big business by way of campaign finance, and special interest and the voice (will) of the people is equaled to an annoying noise. It seems to me the more we get away from GOD the worse things get. Yet we think that GOD has became obsolete. For those who know the words of prayer please get to praying. We are headed for a collapse of this GOD given experiment in freedom, and liberty that we call America. For the love of money is the root of all evil. VOTE People and don’t let the government tell you who to vote for. Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. (JFK)

  • It’s been said that Ron Paul is getting old, but they allowed John McCain to run, and he’s both half dead and wholly unknowledgeable about…well…anything of significance!

    Ron Paul was in 2008, and remains the most informed, open and HONEST politician in North America. If he could run for Prime Minister of Canada, he’d probably win!

    Hey, Ron…something to think about, eh? At least when you have a “Beer summit” in Canada, you get real beer! d=^)

    Age creates ignorance and antipathy in most people…not Ron Paul! The citizens of the USA are finally STARTING to wake up to the truth that Ron Paul has spoken loudly and often for decades already…with Peter Schiff as financial advisor (as though he needs one at all!) there’s absolutely no way he can lose, if the public is honestly and completely informed of the realities the world currently faces, and the lies we’ve all been force-fed for decades.

  • Corey

    No Ron should not run for president. He is already 74 years old and he has no real chance of winning. I would love to have him as president, but it is truly unfortunate that his popularity is peeking this late in his career. I would rather see him keep his seat in Texas and continue to advance the cause. The financial burden of a presidential campaign may actually force his retirement. He IS having an impact and some republicans are finally starting to come around. We need a younger, dynamic leader – like Barrack Obama EXCEPT the polar opposite politically!! Young libertarians to stand up, run for office and return our country to its orginal principles.

    • Lee H

      You never know if you dont TRY. IF thier’s anything left of our country to salavage when obama’s done we’ll need someone who “KNOW’s the constitution, andthe bill of “rights” These guys do’nt know anything but “cheat & steal.