Ron Paul on H1N1: Freedom of Choice for All Americans!

Date: 10/26/2009


Ron Paul: This weekend I was asked several times about the national emergency declared by the Obama administration regarding the H1N1 flu. In many ways I see it as a mixed bag because I think it’s interesting to note that the reason they give for doing this is to get out of the way of bureaucracy. They’re running into all kinds of trouble distributing the H1N1 flu vaccine and they found out that the government bureaucracy is getting in the way, so their excuse, of course, is to facilitate this distribution and to take care of the problems that they say we have.

But on the other hand, it’s a rather dangerous thing that it may be just another one of those things that the government does to condition us that they’re in charge if there is an emergency, because under this emergency, they do get a lot more power. They can have power to dismiss regulations. They also have power to do a lot more and if they want to regulate the movement of people and watch them, this could be a very bad, bad thing.

But this whole idea of immunization is worth thinking about because when people ask me about it, I say I have two opinions. One is a medical opinion and the other is a political opinion. My political opinion is very simple. The government shouldn’t be involved. There should never be a collective decision to force people to either pay for or take immunization. On immunizations, I think the country and the medical profession promotes too many inoculations, but I’m not against them all. I saw polio being wiped out and I took a polio shot, so I think discretionary choice making is fine.

But this whole idea that we’re getting inoculation after inoculation, I do believe there’s something to natural immune systems being knocked down by this. But you know, it’s interesting to note also that, you know, this distribution of the vaccine has really been a total failure. By the middle of October, they were supposed to have 120 million inoculations, and vaccines distributed around the country. It turns out that about ten percent of that has been done. So it really has been a total failure, in that sense.

So here it is, they’re providing free vaccines for everybody, but it’s not available and the tactics they’re using of scaring people, they don’t even test most of these people. They’re declaring that they have H1N1, but the story now is that a thousand people have died in this country from H1N1. Possibly, that’s true. It’s a serious disease. It’s not to be totally ignored, but how many people were already sick and how many people really had the disease and is a thousand a catastrophic event where we have to have a national emergency and do all the things that they’re doing?

Between January and April of this year, there were 13,000 people that died in this country from the ordinary flu. That’s 800 per week. I mean, it wasn’t even mentioned. So here we have come up for the total year of 1,000 and there’s a bit of hysteria going on regarding this program. But if they have totally failed in distributing this vaccine, which they’re in a way admitting because now they’re suspending the rules because the rules are getting in their way… if it was a total failure, why would anybody want to turn over their whole medical care to this group of people who are distributing this vaccine? It makes no sense.

The people who are developing the vaccine, of course, got their money. They got $2 billion of taxpayers’ money and they’re supposed to do their job. But you know, the whole purpose of a free society is to distribute scarce resources in a more efficient manner and this is a typical example of how government gets involved and they mess it up. The more they mess it up, the more they want. So I think it’s time for us to step back and think about this for a minute and not endorse this whole idea that the government should be running the show and that is exactly what we’re moving toward on national healthcare, it’s the same people that have given this very complex and confusing mess and a lot of wasted money. As far as I can see, more control and more power and that don’t make any sense.

Question: Who is getting the vaccine, and who is not?

Ron Paul: You know, it’s interesting to note that the President’s children have not gotten their shots and the explanation for this is it hasn’t been available to them. Now, that’s a little bit hard to buy when you think that probably anything the President wants can be available for his children. So in a way, he has made his decision not to give his children these inoculations, so if he has freedom of choice on this, I would like to make sure that all the American people have the same amount of freedom of choice.

You know, it reminds me also that when presidents talk about public education and the biggest champions of public education make sure their kids never get public education. They always get private education where there are a lot of better choices than the type of system that they’re promoting and that, of course, is what would happen in a socialized system of medicine. There will always be some who will be privileged to make these decisions outside of the rules of the government.

Question: Why should we be concerned about the federal government declaring an “emergency”?

Ron Paul: It’s also interesting to ask the question of why we should be worried about an emergency, especially when the emergency is designed to get rid of some government regulation. Well, some of the concerns I think are justified because in the law, when there is an emergency declared for medical reasons, the government gets more power to invoke quarantines for a large number of people. So this once again is decision making at a central level by government, not by doctors and patients and local communities, so even though that is not likely to happen right now, I think this conditions the people to accept the idea that the government is our protector and when the government declares an emergency, then we have to, you know, go along with whatever they say.

Fortunately, though, I think the American people are waking up on this since I personally don’t think that it’s critical that everybody gets one of these H1N1 flu shots. I think I saw one statistic where 65 percent of the American people have chosen not to get the flu shot and those who have, ironically, they can’t find it because, of course, when something is free, it’s also very scarce.


  • Dfens

    This is Ron Paul’s Trojan Horse. The truth is, no one is forcing anyone to take the vaccine. There is far more demand for it than supply and has been for the entire flu season to date. The virus yeilds from the eggs has been much lower than hoped for. What Ron Paul doesn’t want you to know is that nearly all of the vaccine is produced outside the US. We’ve lost the capability to produce vaccines here. Free trade has caused all our vaccine plants to be closed. We buy 90% or more of our vaccines from overseas. But don’t worry. If there’s a really serious epidemic, I’m sure those overseas companies will honor thier contracts with the US first and not look after the interests of their own nations before ours. Nooo. That would never happen. Just ask Mr. Free Traitor Ron Paul. He’ll tell you.

  • Web

    Hey Billy BOY, I’m still waiting. What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? or was it the flu shot? Get one for me too, MORON!!

  • Michael Cosgrove


    I’m the person who wrote the article about 70% of French people not wanting to get vaccinated referred to above by Carol and Matt.

    Matt regretted that I hadn’t linked to a source, so I am only too pleased to provide one here.

    Difference is, the figure has now gone up!! To 83% “won’t” or “probably won’t” get vaccinated.

    Excellent day to all.

    • Matt

      But no source for supporting Carol’s statement of: “I urge you to seek out an article I read that 70% of the French population is suing their government for “trying to poison them by injecting them with the H1N1 vaccine”?

      Certainly interesting, that is a bit different than what seems to be prevalent vaccination sentiments in the US:

      “Seventy-eight percent (78%) of Americans believe flu shots are at least somewhat effective in preventing flu outbreaks. Twenty-seven percent (27%) say they are very effective. Only 13% say the shots are not very or not at all effective.”

      • Michael Cosgrove

        “..70% of the French population is suing their government for “trying to poison them by injecting them with the H1N1 vaccine”?”

        Nope, there’s no source for that Matt, because I didn’t write it and I didn’t write it because it’s not true lol! I wrote that nine people have sued in the Isère region of France, which is correct as you pointed out. Carol obviously got something a little mixed up there.

        Thanks for your USA figures and the link. Very kind of you. Wow!! Another world!!

        I shall be posting an article later today on the same site about how the French military is going to get vaccinated….

        Regards, MC

  • OBAMA is not all that much different from “GEORGE THE JUNIOR BUSH”!How do we know that the Swine Flu virus vaccine is safe for us? Besides this is no real solution to this epedemic and most of them are not made in the U.S.!

  • PHILesq

    The only difference between OBAMA and GEORGE THE JUNIOR is that OBAMA can correctly pronounce, spell and knows the meaning of “STATUS QUO”!

  • PHILesq

    I suggest that people find out about C.B.S.’s 3 month investigation into our government i.e. Obama, H.H.S. and the C.D.C. and what is really happening concerning the H1N1 virus. For starts…when C.B.S. asked the C.D.C. for their statistics on the H1N1 they refused to give any info to the investigators. The C.D.C. did state however that they have not kept records on the H1N1 since August 30th. 2009. So where is Obama and his administration getting their info that allows them (Obama) to say that the swine flu is out of control in OUR country? C.B.S. says that of the 100% of cases reported to be H1N1 are in reality only about 2-10 %. This would follow suit for what happened in the southern hemisphere this past winter ( it’s summer down there now). Mind you that this is the same government that was going to allow the federally banned ADJUVANTS THIMEROSAL and SQUALENE to be used in the H1N1 vaccinations….the same government that recently passed legislation that prevents anyone from suing the federal government and the drug (vaccine) manufacturers for any side affects you or your loved one’s might incur from the vaccinations…even DEATH! This is the same government that wants to bring to you a national (socialized) health care system! For more info please go to Dr. Mercola’s web site and listen to his interview with Ms. Barbra Zoe Fisher of the National Vaccination Information Center (N.V.I.C.) and what they have concluded about the government, the drug manufacturers, C.B.S.’s investigation, and the so called swine flu PANDEMIC! You can also go to the N.V.I.C. web site to attain more information.

  • Bill


    Read this updated version:

    • Carol

      They are talking about pills, like Tamiflu. Of course this is from the Obama controlled CDC. They never get it right the first time around, so they will keep updating so that they will encompass the entire population. All BS.
      You take the vaccine, I will opt out! I have never, again, never had a flu vaccine in my life; and I have never had a flu! So I am not about to take a shot now. If it means jail, then to jail I go. Probably will be a FEMA concentration camp. I would rather be shot then get that vaccine and subject myself to the diseases it will cause down the road.

      Again, what is your rational or proof for calling Dr. Paul an idiot? I believe that a medical doctor who knows about vaccines and flus and diseases would be more trustworthy than some guy in a blog calling him unfounded names. Are you employed by the white house?

      BTW, I am 66 years old and I lied. I had the polio vaccine as a child. My girlfriend’s sister had that same vaccine, and we use to go to visit her in the hospital. She survived in an iron lung. Depending on your age, you may not know what that was. Look it up.

  • Bill


    Why should I comprehend your idiotic ad homeium attack? Obviously you have nothing to say about my fact that Ron Paul is an idiot who likes to spew false facts against the required age to take the vaccine.

    • Carol

      Ron Paul is a medical doctor. You should be so lucky to know half of what Dr. Paul has forgotten in medicine!

      Again, do some research so you know what you are talking about and have the facts correct. If you have young children (and no child under 6mos. gets any type of flu vaccine)over age 2 and or you and your wife, if you are married, are under 50, you are targeted for the vaccine.

      I urge you to seek out an article I read that 70% of the French population is suing their government for “trying to poison them by injecting them with the H1N1 vaccine that is known to contain carcinogens and other poisons (mercury). Be safe, trust yourself and do the research. Don’t take anybody’s word when you and yours’s safety is in question.

      • Matt

        Wtf! Aahahahahah. Really? “70% of the French population is suing their government for ‘trying to poison them by injecting them with the H1N1 vaccine'”? Where is this article? Are you busy typing it as we speak?

        I found one where NINE people made those allegations. That would be a solid 0.00001% of the SIXTY ONE MILLION residents of France.

        And that is assuming ‘fleshandstone’ is a reputable and reliable news source. Trust yourself and noone else!!!!! Well, except Ron Paul – then worship him!

        • Carol
          • Matt

            Yes, that was the one article I saw, along with two others that quoted this one. You seem to be confusing ‘Nine’ with ‘Forty-two Million’. Big difference, so nine crackpots are suing the government for ‘intentionally poinsoning them’, forty-two million are ‘not sure if they are going to get vaccinated or not’. Nay, that would be a HUGE difference from your completely inaccurate and baseless statement of “that 70% of the French population is suing their government for “trying to poison them by injecting them with the H1N1 vaccine”. Right?

            To clarify:

            “nine individuals have filed formal charges claiming that the H1N1 campaign is a deliberate attempt to poison the French population.”

            In addition “various polls taken over the last few days put the figure for those who do not intend to get vaccinated as high as 70 percent.”

            Fine, don’t get the shot, whatever. It would also be nice if this article cited it’s source for the French polling – I looked for a bit, couldn’t find anything.

  • blakmira

    Ron Paul is absolutely right to be wary of the government’s “real” reason for declaring a state of emergency when none exists. (I don’t believe for a minute that the Obama kids will ever be given the authentic toxic “shot” — maybe some saline water for show)

    And hey, if you’re not sure if these vaccines “work” or not, why not just go directly to the “source,” so to speak? Yes, the very scientists who created them and the doctors who oversee the vaccination programs. Let’s see what they have to say, hmmm?

    –Dr. Anthony Morris, a distinguished virologist and former Chief Vaccine Officer at the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA), states that “There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza” and that “The producers of these vaccines know they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway.”

    –Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of first polio vaccine stated: “Live virus vaccines against influenza and paralytic polio, for example, may in each instance cause the disease it is intended to prevent.” -(Science 4/4/77 Abstracts)

    –Dr. A. Sabin, developer of the Oral Polio vaccine stated: “Official data have shown that the large-scale vaccinations undertaken in the US have failed to obtain any significant improvement of the diseases against which they were supposed to provide protection.” -(lecture to Italian doctors in Piacenza, Italy, Decemebr 7, 1985)

    Oh, there’s a lot more quotes from very distinguished and knowledgeable fellows here:

  • Bill

    @Dean: Read clearly

    @Web: I don’t drink Ron Paul fanatics kool-aid but of course you do.

    • Web

      I never said I was a Ron Paul fan but I do know an Obama cool-aid drinker when I hear what they spew out of thier pie hole. Your one of those hopeless morons who spews without knowing all the facts and that’s apparent just by reading your little rants. You are pathetic, just like all the other Obamites that sit there like baby birds with thier mouths open waiting for scraps from Obama’s table, you couldn’t fend for yourself if you had to. Let me know how that hope and change is working for you when you wake up in a concentration camp some day. Oh, did you get your shot MORON?

      • Web

        Well, I’m waiting Billy BOY

  • Bill


    Grammar Nazis are just another way to distort an argument. Clearly you have nothing to refute the fact that children age 2 or younger is required to take the H1N1 virus while Sasha Obama who’s 8 is clearly not in the risk zones.

    • Dean

      The age group is 6 months and up being the H1N1 target. So his kids do fall under that category.

    • Web


    • Lindsey

      Bill: I suggest you read the Center for Disease Control guidance posted under Dean’s post.

  • mindy

    Allow me to correct your numerous errors; perhaps then we can determine who is a “moron” (look for the brackets “[]”):

    Ron Paul is a moron. Why don’t [improper structure aside, ‘doesn’t’ is still more appropriate] Ron Paul read what [the] age requirement is to take [the] H1N1 [vaccine] before bandwagoning on Neocons’ pathetic propaganda/whining of why Obama’s children [are] not getting it? That’s right: [,]age 2 and the elderly. What’s [what are] Obama’s daughters’ ages?

    “It’s interesting to note” my ass! You can shove your “Freedom of Choice for all America” up your butt, Ron Paul!”

    Clearly, you win.

    • Lindsey

      Mindy: Bill doesn’t understand what you’re talking about here. It is pointless to argue with someone like him. This man votes by looking for all of the D’s next to the names on the ballot. That is his highest level of grammar.

      • Web

        BINGO!!!!! ;-D

  • Whitney

    So Obama says his children are not getting the swine flu shot because its not available to them? You’ve got to be kidding me?

    He should be put in jail just for making a statement like that.

    Poor Obama. His Billion dollar campaign supporters can’t help him out mmm.Maybe Oprah can lend him a hand. She’s generous. Gee no family physician for him, no money no resources. Poor man.

    The American people would be more than happy to donate to him and his children their share of vaccines that they don’t need or want. It’s one way we can serve our gov’t.


  • kat

    Hey, Nicholas Wind, I think we may have something in common. Something called, possibly, the North American Union.

    You got tomatoes?? Keep growing them, here in the states they are going to regulate our farmers to the point where they will be out of business. “Organic is no longer cool.” However, Michelle Obama has a beautiful organic garden outside the White House. You might want to look at codex alimentarius or irradiation of food. I am talking about the FDA now, please understand. I do not want to alarm you. What is going or growing in Canada, well I wish I knew where it was or will be free to grow your own garden. The big Pharma wants to outlaw all vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements here in the U.S. and it will be mandatory to get a RX for supplement. Big pharma in bed with big government, as well as big banks, corporatios…. etc….

    If you can, grow your own food. I’m not sure how it is there, but from what I hear, how it is here in the U.S., the LAST bastion of freedom, well, I will tell you, we need all the resistance fighters we can get, and some of you Canadian military are already here to fight us resistors, as well as Mexican military, and even Russians. WE NEED A RESISTANCE AND DO HAVE ONE, GO TO OATHKEEPERS.ORG. We need people, to help us.

  • Jones

    Dr Paul,

    if I were in charge of the health sector I would advise to make the vaccines for the USA in the USA by USA companies and manufactured by USA personnel, with everything monitored for the best quality control and under the eagle eye of US personnel.

    That would restore confidence and jobs to the US people.

    The vaccines should be payed, but the profit stays home. And best of all it means that the health care is under the care of home grown US personnel.

    Do government people and the big money companies need real medical care to heal the cognitive problems they obviously display?

    Why don’t they enlist in the army and go fight terrorists in Pakistan?

    Connect the dots, indeed.

  • Bill

    Ron Paul is a moron. Why don’t Ron Paul read what age requirement is to take H1N1 before bandwagoning on Neocons’ pathetic propaganda/whining of why Obama’s children not getting it? That’s right: age 2 and the elderly. What’s Obama’s daughters’ ages?

    “It’s interesting to note” my ass! You can shove your “Freedom of Choice for all America” up your butt, Ron Paul!

    • Carol

      Do some research so you know what you are talking about. The H1N1 virus targets children over 2 and young adults. The elderly, per CDC, seem to have a natural immunity to this virus. So the people targeted at this point are between the ages of 2 and 50. The Obama girls are within that range, so Ron Paul does know what he is talking about.
      You, on the other hand, are a typical “Progressive Dem”. No facts, just name calling. An Alinsky tactic in Rules for Radicals. They taught you well!

    • Are you a Taliban ?

      Shove your “freedom of choice for all America” up your butt.


      I do realize Bill that you voted for this man child and his idiot adminastration and that explains your comment.

  • kat

    Thank you, Ron Paul, for helping to wake some people up. Your son, Rand, (I hope I spelled that right) is running for senator here in KY against incumbant Jim Bunning. I understand Rand is from Bowling Green…I am from Louisville, however, he can count on my son and me for the vote…

    What is disturbing to me is that I discovered on You Tube from a lady in reserves who is on border security that by Dec. 31, all border security will be no longer needed there. This woman, who is on You Tube, is a reservist and she read to us some alarming news;

    To make a long story short, I understand that Marshall Law is already warranted and ready to go; I am thinking that this H1N1 will mutate with the Avian virus. I have thought this for a long while. Now, that the vaccines here in Ky will not be available until the end of NOV—!

    Dr. Paul, my concern is that this virus could mutate with another and be lethal, I have been researching cytokines storms, however, what I found out through Wikipedia is that an agency was doing research on how to deal with cytokine storms, well, I cannot remember the name of the company, they were doing drug trials…then they were bought out by another company…(I have this info in favorites) and now I cannot find any information on this “other company” that bought out the former company that was doing the GOOD WORK! So, the powers that be do not want us to know about how to fight these cytokine storms, or things that squalene and “Avian flu” causes…

    So the more I try to learn, the more I realize someone is hiding soomething…. However, there are GOOD people out there, such as Dr. Mercola, who warns us against this vaccine.

    Sir, I want to vote for the right people… So many of us know what we are up against. I have written my state legislators by e-mail, and my son actually receive a letter back, thanking him for his concerns.\

    My concern is that we are going to see times like never before. And we may not even see 2010 elections….It looks to me like the feds will be on our streets after the first of the year. This woman on You Tube is in the reserves and she got a copy of the letter that all borders will be shut down on Dec. 31. She is on You Tube, and she believes Marshall Law will go into effect anytime, Marshall Law already is in effect, at least on paper and can go “viral” pardon the pun, anytime.

    What I am most concerned about at this time is a lethal virus, such as bird and swine flu being released, causing a “cytokine storm”

    I wonder, is THAT what they are waiting for? Then, of course, the virus would not work.

    God Bless.


  • Alastair Carnegie

    This is an untested vaccine, please allow us to evaluate a range of pessimistic and optimistic hypothesis, both are quite alarming. There are about 300 million, who would get this ‘mandatory’ flu shot, Let’s be ‘optimistic’ first, and say the death rate is only one in a million. (remember ‘actual’ death rates are often ten times or more the ‘reported’ death rate.) Then 300 Americans will become victims of this untested vaccine. OK one in one hundred thousand, still quite optimistic. then 3000 deaths will occur. how about one in ten thousand, perfectly possible, and slightly pessimistic, 30,000 deaths. finally, let’s be pessimistic and say one in a thousand will die as a result of this vaccine (not necessarily immediately!but later due to adverse health effects) Then we are looking at the grim statistics of 300,000 long term deaths. OK lets not go down the ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ scenario, with one in 100, or one in ten! That is just too frightening to contemplate!

    • kat

      Who are you? Did you just make up numbers like the government, with the 787 dollar stimulis? “We just wanted a big number”, they said.

  • I am a Canadian and a big fan Sir.
    I am 53 years young and live in Toronto Canada ( San Francisco lite).
    I too want a smaller government with much less intrusion from any government at any level.We here in TO are overwhelmed with rules from all levels.
    Our main stream media are also Obama bum boys and this all makes me sick.I get a kick when they say again at all levels ” Gee we just don’t know where to get the money for such and such.”

    I wrote an answer into our local paper here which is on my blog basically saying “Why not lay off some of the redundent government workers.” That includes probably 20-30% of them in Toronto.
    This does not even occur to them.It’s astouding.
    You know here we have more government workers making 6 figures than ever before.
    I know from reading and listening that it’s the same down south in the States.I am Canadian but when America farts we are affected in many ways.
    Keep up the fight all of you and I’ll keep taking tomatoes with my views everywhere across the internet.