Stop Bleeding the Social Security Trust Fund!

Earlier this week, Congressman Ron Paul sent a letter to all Members of Congress asking them to support his legislation HR 219 The Social Security Preservation Act, which simply states that all monies raised by the Social Security Trust Fund will be used only in payments to beneficiaries or invested in interest-bearing certificates of deposit.

“This year the Social Security trust fund will pay out more in benefits than it takes in in taxes, is only 5 years away from being permanently in the red, and will be totally bankrupt by 2037,” Congressman Paul states.

The letter goes on to point out that despite Social Security’s pending financial crises, big-spending politicians continue raiding the Social Security trust fund to hide the true size of the federal deficit while they create new spending programs at the expense of America’s seniors and taxpayers.

“Whatever long-term Social Security plan you favor, I hope you agree the first step in treatment is to stop the bleeding,” Paul concludes.

HR 219 was introduced in January of this year, has been referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and currently has 14 cosponsors.


  • Frebo

    Thank you Mr. Paul for all you do for us. HR 219 sounds great… Everything I here you say regarding Social Security you refer to it as a tax. Yes it is a tax but all Americans do not pay into it. What % do pay in & what % does not pay. Eventually all will be receving Checks because they all know how to get it. Federal & State employees should not have a choice.
    How solvent would Social Security be if everyone payed in to it?
    My time is up I thank you for your’s…

  • C.Cardinale

    Changes made to improve Social Security and Medicare are all well and good, provided the laws apply to EVERYONE including ALL members of our government. I’m amazed that so few people are unaware of the “Golden Umbrella”. The government has their own retirement and healthcare systems plus a long list of perks they are not required to pay for. We the taxpayers pay for it ALL.


  • Steven Carter

    I totally agree with Ron Paul, first pass HR 219, protect social security. We also have to stop the theft and bleeding from Medicare. I personally, would like to see the federal reserve gone, pay the principle and dump the Reserve once and for all. Yes get back to coinage to be distributed interest and debt free again.

  • Joan

    I read an article yesterday about how when a government starts giveaway programs, eventually everyone wants their piece of it, and most people always think someone else is getting more free stuff than they are, and everyone wants all of the free stuff. Social Security started out as an insurance for a few people who would live beyond their life expectancy, giving 1 out of about 200 people a few dollars for a few years, and minimal health care long before advanced medicine came along. It has turned into paying 110 million people 1,000-1,500 a month each in cash, with them living to be almost 100, receiving 700,000 or more per couple from SS for paying maybe 30K into it. Then they receive millions in health care over a 20-30 year retirement period. The payee receives it, the spouses and ex-spouses of payees receive it, children receive it, disabled people receive it, almost everyone is on the gravy train. If someone works for 30 years and goes on the disability component of it, everyone screams it is welfare, how dare them, but then a woman who never worked and never paid one cent into it proclaims she is entitled to 1,500 a month for the rest of her life because her ex-husband paid into it. It’s only okay if everyone else is on it, if everyone who never paid into it is entitled to it, and each person perceives themselves as judge and jury of who is entited to it and who is not, depending on how many trips to Europe rich retired people want to take and so on. I’ve met women from rich families who never worked a day in their lives, married three times, have kids and grandkids on welfare, spent all of their inheritence money on gambling, then they run down to the SS office the day they turn 62 to get that free money from one of the three ex-husbands having paid into it, while his current wife does the same thing. I see all of these people on welfare get declared disabled to go onto the SSI component of it, then they get their kids declared disabled to get them on the SSI component of it. A lot of married women who never work get their children on SSI for the extra free money, then expect another 1,500 a month the day they turn 65, just because they exist. Whenever, wherever a government hands out 1,000-1,500 a month for free, each citizen will claim they are the one who is entitled to it, and according to each citizen, they are to decide who is and who is not entitled, always judging in favor of them receiving the free money and free health care, and always deciding everyone else is a slacker on welfare for taking same, that way they can get everyone else off of the free stuff they want, so they get more of it.

    This is the real reason behind the Tea Party people. Most are retired people on SS and Medicare. When Dick Morris came out and told everyone this new health care bill cut 500 billion out of Medicare while 70 million more people are beginning to go onto it, we all saw Obama is basically getting rid of Medicare. So, they figure get rid of the illegals, get rid of welfare, that way those funds can go to SS and Medicare. That’s why they say no socialized health care but don’t mess with my Medicare. It would take 85 trillion dollars to pay them all 1,500 a month and to pay all of their medical bills. With they knowing this, they don’t care about larger government, taxing their kids and grandkids, nor about 85 trillion in debt. They care about getting their free stuff.

  • Andrew Struss

    Social Security has become a ponzi scheme. Stop the bleeding!!!

  • Chuck

    HR 219 is a great move in the right direction. Next let’s have the Government start paying back the $2.5 trillion borrowed from the SS fund since 1984. The Medicaid fund needs checks and balances. This fund is breaking the SS system. Take notice, Medicaid is rarely mentioned. Now Pres. Obama and his team are trying to add another 30,000,000 people to this program. The benefits for Medicaid are better than Medicare yet they want to remove more medicare benefits in the interest of medicaid. The people on medicare earned the right by paying into the SS system for all their career. The Medicaid mostly earned the benefits by being irresponsible, becoming resident aliens, being untruthful about their situation, and the worst part, they get away with it. In addition to poor fund management, this system is taking care of the non-producers in our society. This country owes the benefits to the producers that made the SS system possible. The non-producers, irresponsible, shiftless & lazy and illegals have earned very little by supporting the SS system yet through politics they are the largest contributor to breaking the system

    • Yvonne

      The medicaid/welfare is just money which is stolen from medicare/workers.
      When newsmen say medicare/medicaid as if it it one and the same they are in essence saying bank accounts/stolen money as if they were the same.
      Medicare money is collected from workers by the government through taxes.
      Medicaid is welfare money given to people who never ever worked or paid taxes.
      Medicare money is stolen from workers and given to non-workers in the form of medicaid.

      • Yvonne

        By the way I have no problem with abolishing social security AS LONG AS the workers who paid into it get their money back.
        For fourty years you pay a bank every week and are told that the money is going into a retirement account.
        Then you retire and are told ”what to you want…there’s no one around to put money into the bank so you can’t get your money out”..
        But you’re scratching your head and asking ”what about the money that I gave you and that I paid you for the last 40 years?” Didn’t it go into the account?
        And you’re told ”no…that went to your next door neighbor, the guy who never worked”…

  • I aplaud you Ron Paul and other political representive Congress , Senate or other wise. Tim Geithner is just another one protecting the devil in the details. Take that little bull by the horns and you know what to do. Take back our constitution article #1 sec.#8 first amendment states: Congress shall have the right to coin , create the value of the dollar thereof; get rid of the federal reserve corp. and bring back the almost exstint department of weights and measures created from the coinage act of 1792 and manufacture our dollar and coins then distibute it interest & debt free again.