7 responses to “Ron Paul to Washington: Stop Raiding the Social Security Trust Fund!”

  1. Glenn Simcox

    Wow, a whopping 7, now 8, responses to this salient and important message. I really don’t care where the American public places its allegiance in 2012, I just wish more people were getting involved and researching the issues. I believe that it may be a “now or never” proposition in 2012, as our fictional economy can only last so long before the cards fall. And when they do it is the working class that will suffer and I’m am gravely concerned that “suffer” is putting it lightly.

    Please tell your neighbors, work mates, and anybody who will listen to look closely at the liberties being dissolved and financial meltdown that it inevitable. It is time to act, and we must act swiftly. Our Federal Government is has lied for years and we are then blinded by the media, political spinsters, and the inevitable scare tactics.

    I am absolutely sick and tired of the drain of money and work out of the United States, when it’s gone we have to pay to get both back, as planned.

    My thoughts are simple and any academic who disagrees could easily defeat my simple arguments so let me put it another way as I had to do with an academic at work.

    If I see bellowing smoke coming from a residence I don’t need to know the cause of the fire, nor do I need to see the flames or know the cause. I already have enough information to make the sound decision to sound an alarm and alert those who can respond to the emergency. In the case of our country I am calling upon Ron Paul to put this fire out. I hope you will at least consider joining Ron Paul in his honest and courageous effort to defeat the media, the GOP, the FEDS, the IRS, ETC…and most importantly, restore the United States Constitution to its rightful place and rightful use.

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  2. John S. Carrio

    Someone is using MY NAME. I did not author the above letter.

    John S. Carrio

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  3. Jones

    Hi, nice letter and most people would agree with you in several issues you are mentioning. Perhaps even in the traditional parties.

    But unless real actions that benefit the population follow any of these elections and proposals the problems will not get solved.

    What I am most tired of is the serial repeat of getting elected with good ideas, and then those ideas cannot be implemented.

    And I don’t like pointing fingers at somebody on every little situation just because is from the ‘enemy party’, because there might be honest people there, just like there has to be some great people that do not belong to any party.

    Example: the idea of keeping clean the environment is a good one, it should open new jobs too; the idea of reforming what is wrong with the health system is also good, because each one of us has encountered difficulties that are critical to you or your family and turned out to be unfair or just plain wrong; most people want to enjoy the freedom of getting to places via your own car, but when a car become dysfunctional too fast and too expensive (let’s say that for ‘magical reasons’) you realize the importance of safe efficient public transportation that will also keep many jobs home, and wonder why that option is not allowed to happen, which makes you wonder about the magic of new cars breaking and having to look for old ones or even set up an updated version of the old west public transportation. For which you still need a legal permit and depend on the government.

    So having good ideas happens frequently, that are also much needed and easily justified as well, but the problem of implementing them is the ‘challenge’.

    The government seems busy fighting each other, polishing their party ideals, and looks like forgot the early reason to be there.

    Maybe is because that reason has changed, somehow. Or because having high tech communication sets up a false reality and makes it look like is in efficient ‘auto pilot’ mode.

    All these happening is making the public feel like we are not wanted, we are in the leadership’s way, and it really does not matter what good citizen and hard working and honest person you are, or how educated you are. This last is a worst case: too disrespectful of the real and valuable education and money invested in it. What seems to be wanted from this last group is that you have to mirror the image of a smiley and drooling wolf to be respected.

    So change is sought, I wonder if it will happen.

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  4. Perception

    The West is at the cross roads of worthwhile existence,or absolute decadence and decay.The few are now raping the many and thus we are all on the path to destruction.Once the parasite sucks the last vestiges of life from the host,then the whole system fails.

    Real weath exists in the minds and aspirations of your people.You cannot monetorise trust,repect,truth or integrity.

    The West has lost the plot and our leaders like Obama,Brown etc,betray us all.

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  5. Jackson

    See: “Fall of the Republic” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VebOTc-7shU I’m not a real fan of Alex Jones,but this has very credible commentary and is executed brilliantly.There is no hype and is a serious expose of the debacle we are in now.

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  6. Mladen

    Well, inflation is something which looks like as not being tracked correctly in States for certain, however according to many sources i.e. Cost of living in United States, US has among highest purchasing power in the world. So people from US should stop complaining.. and realize that 10% of unemployment is much lower than 20% in Spain or 23% in Serbia….

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  7. Jackson

    A Govt big enough to satisfy most of your needs,is powerful enough to take everything you have.They are doing it now!

    Part of this Govt is the US Federal Reserve.They are the unelected Govt and we are fast approaching an era not unlike the middle ages, whereby the masses owned no land or capital and only worked for their masters for the right just to exist.

    They are using the ruse of Global Warming/CO2 pollution to achieve their aims.CO2 levels have been 18 times greater than present day concentrations and the earth has experienced ice ages.Where are the long term scientific studies?

    It is totally immoral and unjust.We must fight this to the bitter end.

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