Ron Paul 2012: Who should be Ron Paul’s running mate?

Ron Paul hasn’t announced a decision yet whether he is going to run for President in 2012. If he runs, who should he choose as his running mate?

This poll is now closed. It was open from Nov. 5 – Nov. 16, 2009 and attracted 9,425 voters who could select up to five options for Ron Paul’s running mate. The results are displayed below.

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If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

  • Chuck Baldwin (29%, 2,715 Votes)
  • Andrew Napolitano (27%, 2,589 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (21%, 1,984 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (15%, 1,369 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (12%, 1,135 Votes)
  • Lew Rockwell (12%, 1,133 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (12%, 1,089 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (9%, 819 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (8%, 785 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (7%, 690 Votes)
  • Glenn Beck (7%, 636 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (6%, 605 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (5%, 471 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (4%, 423 Votes)
  • Lou Dobbs (4%, 414 Votes)
  • Alex Jones (4%, 411 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (4%, 410 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (4%, 366 Votes)
  • Michael Badnarik (4%, 365 Votes)
  • Adam Kokesh (3%, 301 Votes)
  • Alan Grayson (3%, 265 Votes)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (2%, 198 Votes)
  • Michael Bloomberg (2%, 178 Votes)
  • Cynthia McKinney (2%, 167 Votes)
  • Mark Sanford (1%, 132 Votes)
  • Chuck Hagel (1%, 127 Votes)
  • John McCain (1%, 104 Votes)
  • Mel Watt (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,425

Check out the new Ron Paul 2012 Overview


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  • We have a very eligible single male billionaire candidate and possible running mate for Vice President of the United States; Who wants to be the next 2nd Lady of the US? I know you know people? yes GOP. Yes, Tea Party. Yes, Ron Paul possible mate. 2674363168, billionaire matchmaker..Hold on to your seats (HA,HA, delegates) This is the game changer. a total knockout!!!

  • Jeffrey

    I think that Jesse Ventura should run with him and one of the first things they should do is try BUSH/CHENNEY in a court of law for falsifying war and profiteering from it/no bid contracts, ect.

    What happened to that 1.2 trillion in the pentagon that couldn’t be accounted for the day before 911 Chenney? They should also try/investigate members of the CIA for past assassinations of American leaders!

    These are a few of the places to start to get justice for the American people.

  • anonymous

    where did ralph nader go? was my nader vote wasted?!? not again! [sarcasm]

  • RecoverylessRecovery

    Perfect cabinet for Ron Paul:

    Elizabeth Warren, VP
    Andrew Napolitano, U.S. Attorney General / Chief Justice nominee
    Peter Schiff, Treasury Secretary
    Jesse Ventura, Secretary of Homeland Security

    Alan Grayson and Nancy Kaptur would also be naturals to head a Cabinet Dept.

  • jim mckinnis

    it never ceases to amaze me how some cannot see the neocon agenda in trying to assume the guise of the ron paul revolution and the tea party movement–fiscal conservatism and personal responsibility are two tenets of our philosophy–not policing the world and tracking down imagined enemies while expanding america’s “domain” while bankrupting us–palin herself is a vacuous fool who’s programmed to spout slogans, other foxist neocons such as beck are in bed with the other side of the coin, the media liberals, in trying to steer us under their control towards an internationalist agenda–

    peter schiff, jesse ventura, gary johnson, the judge and a number of others are true patriots who would be excellent independent teammates for resurrecting the american constitution and the blessings of liberty before we become simply one among any number of socialist states. it rests on our shoulders to choose wisely and insightfully, looking through the rhetoric and jargon of the deceivers–

  • Keith

    Very encouraging stats. I had not considered who mght be a good running mate for Dr. Paul and I think “The Judge” would be a great one. If Dr. Paul decided not to run, “The Judge” might be a good recruit if he would take on the task. I also like Gary Johnson. As much as I admire Jesse Ventura, I don’t think that is even a possibility. The disgusting media would have a field day with him and I am not sure he could hold his own with them in the same way that Dr. Paul and Judge Napolitano have become skilled in dealing with their nonsense. Jesse migh body slam one of them!!!!!! Seriously, keep spreading the word about the movement. A few years back I was one of the “party animals” who just kept believing that oen day “our guy” would get the job done and only after reading about and hearing about the comon sense approach to government as advocated by Dr. Paul did I beome a convert. We have to talk it up and use logic with people, every chance we get. Just keep asking people; “What have the two traditional parties gotten us so far?” Even if they don’t give you a good answer, and seem defensive, I promise you most reasonable people will start thinking. The unreasonable ones are beyond help so don’t waste too much time on them. Just wish them well and hope they don’t live in your neighborhood.

  • Ralph wiseman

    Andrew Napolitano would be my selection for VP. He is a constitutional Judge, he knows how to handle the Media (which the Bible refers to as a Tell Bearer) and often times sturr up more trouble than they can report on, and he knows how the political system works, and or should work. He is for a fair or value tax and doing away with the IRS and the Federal unReserve, thereby reducing corruption almost to a stand still in D.C. … The problem I see as far as Paul running is he must come up with a plan to end the war that sounds reasonable. You can not just walk away from the tiger when you got him by the tail. He will follow you home and eat you there.. That thought scares people to death especially us older generation. Future wars should be done legally, and declared constitutionally, but there is something to be said for taking the war to a place where they will come to you on your terms. That is what President Bush did in Iraq. Ralph.

  • Terrence A Gilbert

    I’d like to see Tim Pawlenty, governor of MN on the VP ticket. He’s a staunch Ron Paul supporter, like thinker, and is working hard to implement the ideals.

    • Pawlenty is not a “staunch Ron Paul supporter”. Please provide some evidence before making such outlandish statements.

      • Charlotte Webber

        Pawlenty has handlers and they aren’t his constituents.