Ron Paul 2012: Who should be Ron Paul’s running mate?

Ron Paul hasn’t announced a decision yet whether he is going to run for President in 2012. If he runs, who should he choose as his running mate?

This poll is now closed. It was open from Nov. 5 – Nov. 16, 2009 and attracted 9,425 voters who could select up to five options for Ron Paul’s running mate. The results are displayed below.

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If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

  • Chuck Baldwin (29%, 2,715 Votes)
  • Andrew Napolitano (27%, 2,589 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (21%, 1,984 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (15%, 1,369 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (12%, 1,135 Votes)
  • Lew Rockwell (12%, 1,133 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (12%, 1,089 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (9%, 819 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (8%, 785 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (7%, 690 Votes)
  • Glenn Beck (7%, 636 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (6%, 605 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (5%, 471 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (4%, 423 Votes)
  • Lou Dobbs (4%, 414 Votes)
  • Alex Jones (4%, 411 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (4%, 410 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (4%, 366 Votes)
  • Michael Badnarik (4%, 365 Votes)
  • Adam Kokesh (3%, 301 Votes)
  • Alan Grayson (3%, 265 Votes)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (2%, 198 Votes)
  • Michael Bloomberg (2%, 178 Votes)
  • Cynthia McKinney (2%, 167 Votes)
  • Mark Sanford (1%, 132 Votes)
  • Chuck Hagel (1%, 127 Votes)
  • John McCain (1%, 104 Votes)
  • Mel Watt (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,425

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  • Howard Parsons

    Please DO NOT run this time. Please. We need to get conservatives back into the White House and we can’t do it if the vote is watered down again.

    • Hofmanndawg

      Mr.Parsons, think about what you’ve posted. You’re suggesting voting for Juan McMexico, oops, I mean John McCain, would have put a Robert Taft conservative in The White House. Hellooooo! The only thing Mr.Run Back To Washington To Sign The Tarp Bill did that was good was to bring Sarah Palin into the national spotlight.

  • I’m for Ron Paul/Chuck Baldwin but terribly disappointed that Ron Paul FAILED to demand to see Obama’s long form birth certificate and remind folks a natural born citizen is one born of two American parents. Obama fails on every account, doesn’t he?

  • Jim

    Ron Paul has a lot of fine qualities but, he is too soft for the job. Ron would have made a superb president in the 1950’s or even that Golden Period between 1900 and 1912. With the crisis we have right now, he would be best as a VP where he could preside over the Senate and get his hands deep into the Washington machinery.

    What America needs at the top is an old-fashioned populist demagogue who can rally a nation suffering from malaise and anomie. The body-politic is paralyzed from every kind of cancer that afflicts old corrupt republics. The people cannot collectively rise up and unite on their own – not after 40 years of corrosive diversity propaganda, a stupefying culture, and equity-stripping of the economy. We have arrived at the same point that so many wrecked nations have already come to and there’s no escaping it. We need our own Great Leader. Albeit one that has arisen out of the body-politic and not out of a Bilderberg boardroom.

    For decades, we have seen the New World Order sabotage every popular candidate. This One will have to ride the wave of an angry armed population willing to push back with lethal force, however unorganized it may be in the beginning. As the muscles of revolution get flexed, the people will become more skilled and coordinated against their common class enemy. We’ve tried to play by the rules, relying on the tender mercies of a malevolent power elite, and it’s time we admit it was a failure. It’s time to declare war, civil disobedience and insurrection, against the Establishment, its institutions, and enforcers. It will take a special man to rally the people and keep them focused on the Declaration of Independence’s call to duty against against tyranny. Mao was right about power growing out of the barrel of a gun. Infowar is only a positioning device against an enemy. It will take an armed uprising and organized resistance to put words into action.

    America needs a man with fire in the belly, a thundering rhetoric that comes naturally, and knows that the tree of tyranny can only be chopped down. It cannot be pruned away leaf by leaf. Since Huey P Long and Eugene V Debs aren’t available, Alex Jones or Lou Dobbs will have to galvanize the slaves. They know how to traumatize the American people by forcing us to see our executioners but, they never quite tell us to take up arms and free ourselves. Even if we took up arms, who would we shoot? We don’t have any rules of engagement. Who is going to charge out of the house with their deer rifle, all cranked up against the Bilderberg Group but, not knowing what else to do except drive around babbling about the New World Order? How do we position ourselves to push back against police in public demonstrations, using as much force against them as they do to us? The elites will never respond to our fussing and griping unless our words are backed with a willingness to take our grievances to their private residences and shoot back against their security forces or even the police. Police who serve tyranny have no legitimate authority and are subject to the Nuremberg Trials standards.

    Hopefully, it will only take a few brushfire battles and lots of firey rhetoric to overthrow the power elites and put a real president like Alex Jones or Lou Dobbs in power. Ron Paul can always be the policy wonk in the background to act as a speed governor to prevent any unforeseen abuses of power by captains and lieutenants of the Revolutionary President.

  • Paul Carl

    Alan Keyes; A real constitutionalist

  • Personally I will never vote for Ron Paul no matter who he runs with even though I agree with him on most issues, because he is antisemitic and wants to abandon Israel to the Islamic Ummah.

    • James

      He is not antisemitic

    • The godless Bolsheviks running Israel into the ground are arming and training the Nazi Muslim terrorists, as is the United States shamefully.

      Ron Paul is not antisemitic but understands Israel must get its own house in order, without American money and interference.

      • Barbara

        Why in the name of common sense would anyone say he is
        antisemitic? Just because someone will criticize a country
        that has made mistakes—–does that make them antisemitic?
        Sounds like idiot talk to a whole lot of people. Grow up–
        quit talking baby talk.

    • Nick

      Israel has the responsibility to defend itself. Foreign aid is unconstitutional.

      It is not anti-Semitic to believe that.

  • The sure way for Ron Paul to win is to have Jon Stewart as a running mate!

    1. He is compassionate and liberty minded
    2. He will bring charm and humor to debate
    3. He is good looking, young, and will make RP look tall 🙂
    4. He will bring in all the cynics and disaffected voters
    5. He has minority appeal
    6. He has money to campaign
    7. You can tell he liked Ron Paul better than all the other candidates

    • Barbara


    • Nick

      Jon Stewart is a liberal, not a libertarian or traditional conservative.

  • Ruth Slater

    I love Pon Paul and checuk Baldwin , and Jesse Ventura , they will be good , but I dont want Libertarians in officce either. And votes dont count anyway the elite put in who ever they want , I am not voting anymore , this country sucks big time. None of these people voted into office are going to vote for ANYTHING that resembles help for America or Americans .

    • Barbara

      Completely INSANE IDEA.

  • chiripero

    Please remember/beware, Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager in 2008 was Richard Haass, President of CFR.

    • I haven’t forgotten Huckabee is CFR, even though I also understand Ron Paul is a Mason. He should distance himself from that vile organization, but he won’t, will he?

    • Lindsey

      Chirpero: Mike Huckabee’s campaign manager was Ed Rollins, not Richar Haass. Ed Rollins is a campaign genius and is maybe the reason Huckabee came from nowhere to almost win the Republican nomination. Haass never even endorsed a candidate in 2008.

  • James

    I like Ron Paul’s stances on both economic and foreign policy. It feels like he has more experience with economic issues. I think it would be great if he chose someone with a lot of foreign policy experience and has the same foreign policy stances as Ron Paul.

  • James

    I like Ron Paul’s stances on both economic and foreign policy. It feels like he has more experience with economic issues. I think it would be great if he chose someone with a lot of foreign policy experience and has the same foreign policy stances as Ron Paul.

  • Nick

    Who cares who RP runs with. He’ll just drop out at the last moment anyway.

    • That reminds me of the evil policy that infiltrates and smokes out various people in different organizations, pretending to be an ally or supporter, and then retreating and standing by idly as they get slaughtered – like the United States is guilty of doing when the first opposition to Sadaam Hussein came forth and were brutally betrayed and many murdered.

    • Nick

      I’d like to note that the Nick above who speaks disparagingly of a Ron Paul 2012 run is different from me, who has posted multiple times on this thread in favor of a Ron Paul 2012 run and making comments in that regard.

  • Other: Murray Rothbard. Dead anarchists are the safest rulers to have…

    • He’s too recently dead, and few outside of “Austrian School” fans have heard of him anyway. I’d go with Thomas Jefferson.

  • Matt

    How about Nick Griffin?

  • Joe Palooka

    I would rather see Chuck Baldwin in the top slot, then Ron Paul as veep…..Then fill the cabinet with such Americans as Tom Sowell,Alan Keyes, Walt Williams,Sarah, Sherrif Joe and other Americans and pro-Americans..I can not abide the thoughts of a woman in that high and powerful positon (of president), although I know and really love a few of ’em.
    Nader,Kucinich, and others of that ilk should also run…(i.e.,be run out of the country on a rail, tarred and feathered and made to stay out).
    Pencil necked geeks (SEAL terminology,see “Rogue Warrior”)like Denny K. the Red have no business in our society.As much as I admire our SEALS, Ventura is a windbag,ala Limbaugh.

    • Ross L. Gillum

      Joe, I agree, unless folks could actually see the true wisdom of Palin in the mix. Not just her notoriety from ’08, but tell the story about who she was as governor. She held the HIGHEST security clearance of any other official in the nation other than the Pres, due to being Governor of Alaska. If her story was told she could push a ticket over the top. Women are ready to be represented and I believe that the Dems will bring a woman into the VP spot in ’12. In order of what I think is most winnable…..Baldwin/Palin, Palin/Baldwin, or Baldwin/Paul with the announcement that Palin will be Secretary of State during the candidacy….not just at the convention. the women will not feel left out. Any of these have merit.

      • Leslie

        Amen, Ross. Baldwin/Palin or Baldwin/Paul w Palin as Sec. of State. Although I think Palin would be a great Pres., I don’t believe people would vote for her at the top spot. I’ve been keeping up with Baldwin. Check out . This man has character, if that means anything to anyone anymore.

  • Marty D.

    The Republican brand is dead, a footnote in history, at least I think it should be after the last two decades of misdeeds, misadventures, and profligacy. Let’s move to higher ground. Why should our candidate have to carry the last half-century of neocon (liberal Republican) baggage that will be heaped on it by the media in future election cycles? It isn’t as important the name of the ticket as it is the conservatism of the candidate, and a return to God, Nation (Constitution), and family. We’re shouldn’t be electing the Republican Party, which is focused to serve its own narrow interests more than the nation’s best interests, as much as we should be choosing a leader to take us in a constitutional direction, a candidate motivated by ethics, initiative, excellence, integrity, self-reliance and a fiduciary responsibility to American taxpayers – not to mention the Rule of Law. There is alot not to like in the Republican Party. Most Conservatives (capital C) would openly support some combination of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Michelle Bachman over the other choices on the list. Save the other excellent names for critical positions of administration responsibility.

  • Frankie

    I will not vote for anyone who runs on the republican or democrat ticket. Period

  • Oh c’mon… The GOP had to break its own rules, even to the point of annoying a lot of Republicans who didn’t care beans about RP, just in order to keep his numbers and people suppressed. Don’t underestimate how much his campaign shook the cardhouses of power. Don’t underestimate what a passionate few could do. And don’t underestimate what a passionate few, plus some amazing, record-setting fundraising has already done.
    Whether it’s RP or somebody else, or lots of somebody elses; if we lose it’ll be because we screwed up; not because of some evil genius plot.
    We’re succumbing to our human default state of oppression, slavery, genocide and war because we’ve been too stupid and complacent to oppose it.
    It’s like dying of bad dental hygiene, for goodness sakes.
    We should be winning; and we would be if just a few more of us would get our Randian Objectivist head out of our collective derriere.

    • Barbara

      You are RIGHT on. Keep talking, and talking, and talking.

  • David Webb

    Even the folks who are considered ‘fringe media’ don’t recognize Ron Paul – or his supporters as anything other than ‘wackos’ and ‘nutjobs’. That is no way to win a rigged election, people! Oh, did I say, “rigged”? What I meant was: “Hopeless”. They’ll have us sucking down the Kool-Aid in Camp FEMA before any sort of intellectual, common sense Presidential hopeful can get the approval of the PTB. (Powers That Be)

    Cynical… Party of One… Your table’s ready.

    • Barbara

      To Hell with the Powers that be. Aren’t We the People supposed to be The Powers That Be? Wake up people. Don’t we have a God that is more powerful than the powers that be?
      “All glory comes from daring to begin” Let’s Begin.

  • Lindsey

    Ron Paul is not on the radar screen as far as candidates for 2012. The top three Republicans are Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin. I don’t think Ron has even polled in the top ten so to worry about a VP is pointless. Ron needs to get with a major player in order to get his message out. Maybe he should try to appear on the “Huckabee” show on Fox on Saturday night. I think Huck would be glad to have him on as he has had many left wingers etc. on his show. Paul needs to get his message out or he’ll never be more than a candidate for his narrow group of intellectuals. After he succeeds in getting his face in front of the public then he can worry about a VP. (Or maybe he could be somebody’s VP) Until then we will all sit here and blog about why he needs to be president and nobody will listen because nobody will hear us.

  • Some odd choices; many good, obvious choices.

    For mass-appeal and name-recognition, how about these:

    Willie Nelson
    Bruce Willis
    Dave Ramsey (emphasis on reducing debt)