Ron Paul 2012: Who should be Ron Paul’s running mate?

Ron Paul hasn’t announced a decision yet whether he is going to run for President in 2012. If he runs, who should he choose as his running mate?

This poll is now closed. It was open from Nov. 5 – Nov. 16, 2009 and attracted 9,425 voters who could select up to five options for Ron Paul’s running mate. The results are displayed below.

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If Ron Paul runs for President in 2012, who should be his running mate?

  • Chuck Baldwin (29%, 2,715 Votes)
  • Andrew Napolitano (27%, 2,589 Votes)
  • Peter Schiff (21%, 1,984 Votes)
  • Jesse Ventura (15%, 1,369 Votes)
  • Rand Paul (12%, 1,135 Votes)
  • Lew Rockwell (12%, 1,133 Votes)
  • Sarah Palin (12%, 1,089 Votes)
  • Dennis Kucinich (9%, 819 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (8%, 785 Votes)
  • Pat Buchanan (7%, 690 Votes)
  • Glenn Beck (7%, 636 Votes)
  • Mike Huckabee (6%, 605 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (5%, 471 Votes)
  • Jim DeMint (4%, 423 Votes)
  • Lou Dobbs (4%, 414 Votes)
  • Alex Jones (4%, 411 Votes)
  • Other (specify below) (4%, 410 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (4%, 366 Votes)
  • Michael Badnarik (4%, 365 Votes)
  • Adam Kokesh (3%, 301 Votes)
  • Alan Grayson (3%, 265 Votes)
  • Wayne Allyn Root (2%, 198 Votes)
  • Michael Bloomberg (2%, 178 Votes)
  • Cynthia McKinney (2%, 167 Votes)
  • Mark Sanford (1%, 132 Votes)
  • Chuck Hagel (1%, 127 Votes)
  • John McCain (1%, 104 Votes)
  • Mel Watt (0%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,425

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  • Erkin

    Pat Buchanan

  • Didyouknow?

    The following statement was made by Ron Paul in an address to the House of Representatives in 2001:

    “There’s nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency…. The effort in recent decades to unify government surveillance over all world trade and international financial transactions through the UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO, ICC, the OECD, and the Bank of International Settlements can never substitute for a peaceful world based on true free trade, freedom of movement, a single but sound market currency, and voluntary contracts with private property rights…. The ultimate solution will only come with the rejection of fiat money worldwide, and a restoration of commodity money. Commodity money if voluntarily and universally accepted could give us a single world currency requiring no money managers, no manipulators orchestrating a man-made business cycle with rampant price inflation.” (Congressional Record, 13 March 2001)

    • Nick

      A world commodity currency (like gold or silver) with no central bankers would be a good thing. It’s a world fiat currency with central bankers that is a threat to freedom and national sovereignty.

  • BeachBumSon

    Thomas Sowell, and as I picked only 3 from your list,
    Fred Thomas
    Actually, I would take Sara Palin With any of my picks.
    We Have a Pal in
    Our Freedom Fighter Sara Palin!

  • My first choice to run on a presidential ticket, with or without Ron Paul, is stand up comedy legend Doug Stanhope. Stanhope is young, edgy, atheist, and lives in the west. He has a devoted following, and with his irreverent humor, would make a good counterpoint to Dr. Paul’s earnest sincerity. Most importantly, he is also strongly libertarian, and won’t sell out or compromise Ron Paul’s message. He is not tainted by association with the political establishment, and is able to communicate important truths via humor, often more effectively than they can be communicated via other means. Before you dismiss the idea of a comic running for president (Al Franken just got elected Senator), check out some of his video clips on YouTube. I think he would be a media hit on the campaign trail, and really get people fired up, especially youth. If you get a chance, go see him live — an experience not to be missed!

  • My first choice for a running mate for Ron Paul would be Alan Keyes. Why isn’t his name up there? He would be a tremendous, intelligent, Charismatic, Christian VP (OR President, himself). And he would finally refute the “racism” that those of us who dislike Obama are constantly accused of. Alan Keyes SHOULD be president, but having him as a Vice President would still be pretty wonderful. He’s an awesome man! A man that the blacks could TRULY be proud of!

    • Gayle Powell

      ALLAN KEYES would be the Greatest. Why isn’t he in the list?
      Put him on it!

      • Lindsey

        One thing is for sure. Alan Keyes wiped the floor with Obama during the Illinois Senate debates.

    • Eric

      Keyes is not as bad as a lot of people who are on this list. So I can see adding him (as well as adding Goldwater, Jr., who was one of the few prominent politicians who endorsed RP in ’08). But understand that Keyes positively hates Ron Paul. Keyes loves how Lincoln subjugated the confederate states, and he loves that the US government is policing the world at the expense of the American taxpayer. And I think he’s still bitter about the Constitution Party not nominating him in 08 because of those positions and instead nominating Ron Paul supporter, Chuck Baldwin.

    • Nick

      Dr. Keyes is liberty-friendly in many respects; it’s mostly his foreign policy that needs some serious work.

  • marcos

    Ron Paul/ Bernie Sanders 2012
    Ron Paul/ Jesse Ventura 2012

  • There are many good choices in that list…no doubt.
    But I would say that the top three would be Ventura, Palin, and maybe Glenn Beck. But only for name recognition purposes.
    As far as being in line with the patriotic constitutional based ideas with the past record to prove it…we have to look at Baldwin, Ventura, and Badnarik, or maybe Schiff. Or how about James Traficant? Why is he not on that list? Because here is a guy that talks the talk, and walks the walk, and also has name recognition as well as knowing when to put his foot down…(or somewhere else need be).
    It’s a tough call at this point.
    But it is good to see the field getting bigger, and loading up with potential possibilities.
    And to the beanhead that thinks Ron Paul is antisemitic…
    Why? Because he wants to take care of our country “AMERICA” first and foremost? Hello! We’re floundering over here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are not the global police force in case you didn’t know. We GIVE BILLIONS to Israel every year, and have for a great many years. Do you think they ever intend to pay that back? And while we are sinking fast…they want even more.
    It is time to take care of our country and get our own house in order. Or pretty soon, we will be unable to help anyone…even ourselves. Get a freaking grip.

  • Neal Richard

    Bobby Jindall

  • Brother Chuck: Rand would be a mistake because of his age and inexperiance handling the liberial media. What about Michel Steel,
    or that fellow McDonell the won Govenor of Virginia? He impressed me as being a strong Christian. Sharah Palin would be a good for drawing card, but I would hate to see her one heart beat away from being Command and Chief if you kknow what I mean. Pat is too old and I don’t think he is up to the task. At one time sure, but someone with his ability to debate the issues is what we need. I am glad you did not include Newt Ginrich. He has dipped his colors. Brother Chuck, I would pray that GOD would allow you to do it, but it is more important that you keep your eye on the main thing, and that is winning souls.I am going to a large flea market near here tomorow, and rent a both to witness, kind of like Amazing Grace does at the Fairs, but we have added soem of what Ray confort does. We have seen 160 people saved since April and handed out 6000 tracts. That will win our Country back. Ron Paul hurt his self by jumping out agaist the war so quick last year. I think to protect Isreal we did the right thing. Why they refuse to admit Sadam had WMDs, I will never understand. The man had three months to hid them in the desert, or even Seria.He used them on the Kirds, and even his own people, so go figure.
    I want to say thanks for your News letter. I have been following you for eight years. I have convenced a lot of gainsayers to Brother. Keep it up. God has HIS hand on you. Maybe you will read this.
    In HIS grip
    Brother Ralph Wiseman

  • FreeThinker

    Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin?? Uhhhmmm ……NO.

  • Barbara

    Has anyone ever thought about Dr. LAURA S.? She would be excellent
    in some part of the plan—-a true believer in LIBERTY.

  • SVK

    Jim Traficant

  • eric

    ted nugent= VP
    alex jones = AG
    andrew napolitano= sc

  • I chose Michael Badnarik, but unfortunately too many people do not know him well. If you ever got a chance to watch his educational videos on the constitution, you would see that he is very well versed in the law and it’s practical use to protect us. After I started reading other comments, I realized I had completely forgotten another choice as an ‘other’. That would be sheriff Mack, the Oath Keeper. It is great to have a local sheriff to protect the citizens, but it is equally important that we have one (V.P.) on the National level. Too bad he can’t deputize congress and fire them if they violate their oath!

  • GMDMartyr

    The Judge, Andrew Napolitano !!!

  • Rod Morley

    As a Canadian, I am hoping that soon some sanity will prevail in American politics. I believe than America has lost its moral groundings and has lost its position as the leader of the Western World but there is still enough resources and power for the U.S. to regain its spot and it is the main country to still influence whether or not free humans will survive on this planet.

    • Christine

      Haven’t you noticed America doesn’t care about survival in this country anymore. Just look at ABORTION.

  • fawn martinez

    Voted for Ron in 08 (wrote his name in)and If he runs again I will vote the same, we need someone with a brain & understands the consitution

  • drawlr

    Ron Paul and Andrew Napolitano. What a team. Then they could appoint Peter Schiff as head of the Fed and someone else like him as Treasury Secretary. No one from the CFR in cabinet positions. But face it, the descendants of the Jekyll Island mob and the other one-world-government types will never let it happen. They are too powerful.

    • Hofmanndawg e

      Mr. Drawlr nailed it. The Jekyll Island international banking/one world government fraternity is too entrenched and powerful. Have we forgotten 2008 with all the ground swell Ron Paul had caused and the ‘conservative’ Fox News Channel ridiculed him every step of the way and refused him to attend one of their Republican presidential debates. Not even to mention virtually nary a word in the media about the THOUSANDS that answered Michele Bachman’s call THIS WEEK to show up at the Capitol in Washington.

  • Mac

    Ron Paul and Sara Palface
    This would get media attention. Baldwin was told no media would tutch him, so why do it again. Baldwin stay home! Balwin can’t win with the entire system against him. Balswin can not run his own camp so how can you expect him to run the country? NOT AGAIN!!!

    Baldwin, NO, No, not again, no, no, no. I had my fill of hatfull mismashee that he picks to run his camp into the ground. Let him get money to build a new church from some other effort…

    • Christine

      What are you afraid of. I wouldn much rather have a man of God running this country than the bunch of demo satanist that are running it now. YOU GO CHUCK.

  • I voted for Adam Kokesh but I think James Traficant would be a better candidate in 2012. I also like Schiff, Rockwell, Ventura, and Badnarik as possible choices.

    • chiripero

      Justin, I think it is a bit early for a 27-year old Kokesh to run for VP, so I would get him elected to the House and establish his Constitutional governance there before moving up.

      Now for James Traficant. Did his railroading into the slammer label him as a felon ? If so, wouldn’t that make him ineligible to serve in high office ? Just wonderin’……….

      • Adam Kokesh wouldn’t be eligible to run for President in 2012. I believe that he needs to win in Congress first. Traficant ran for Congress from prison and recieved 15 percent of the vote.

    • Nick

      I am inclined to say that Kokesh should be Secretary of Defense, but I don’t think he has enough military experience to handle it.