Ron Paul on the Alex Jones Show

Show: Alex Jones Show
Date: 11/5/2009

Alex Jones: [asks about HR 1207]

Ron Paul: Well, actually right now, we have 309 and that’s a 130-some Democrats as well as all the Republicans and at one time, Mel Watt had indicated to me that he would get a provision put in the bill by Barney Frank, which would be a very, very limited version of an audit, which would be a distraction, if nothing else. Even though the little bit of what he was doing, it was okay. He was just so small. It was canceling out most of what I wanted to do, but his provision didn’t get put into the bill. We are now in the middle of doing the bill. I thought there was even a chance today that I would get to offer my amendment, which is 1207 to the bill, but it was just announced a few minutes ago that Barney Frank said that well, the controversial type of amendments won’t be done until after the Veteran’s Day break, which is next week. So it won’t be this week and it won’t be next week, but the following week. I suspect they’re just lining up their ducks and there will probably be lots of attempts to water things down. But I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.

So we’re in the middle of it. We’re coming close to, at least, an initial climax of the bill on what the banking committee will do and it has to survive. It has to come up there pretty hard or things won’t look so good for us. But I’m consciously optimistic about it.

Alex Jones: But the momentum has clearly shifted, 27 years ago, you might get two or three co-sponsors. Now, you have over 300, a giant House majority.

Ron Paul: Yeah.

Alex Jones: So the momentum is shifting against the secretive organization.

Ron Paul: Yeah, and if we can get a clean vote, I can’t imagine very many wanting to be on record to vote against this. Just it’s going to give them a lot of grief especially…

(Phone cut due to technical problem)

Alex Jones: Congressman, do we have you?

Ron Paul: I’m back. I don’t know what happened.

Alex Jones: Gremlins in the House switchboard. Okay, we were finishing up with the Fed. On monetary policy, Congressman, you have long talked about the central banks using the dollar to prop up the empire. Now the G20 is discussing abandoning the dollar. What is happening from your research perspective with the dollar right now and what would happen if the dollar is fully abandoned?

Ron Paul: I don’t think anybody knows right now. If they just let it go and the dollar is rejected, then it will be that people will have to resort to sound money and they’d have to resort to commodity money. But as you say, the G20 or the IMF and the world leaders, so to speak, are going to try to replace it. I think the market has replaced the dollar reserve standard. They’ve gotten rid of that. I don’t think they can rebuild on that, so they are rushing around and trying to figure out what they’ll replace it with.

Maybe what they’ll try to do is come up with a basket of currencies. They even might be tempted to put a little bit of gold in there, but it’s not going to suffice. They don’t have even a little bit of gold. Even if they come up with another worldwide fiat standard, I don’t think it’s going to convey trust. I think they’re between the rock and a hard place and it’s not going to be easy for them to push something on us, but one thing’s for sure, I think there is going to be a lot of chaos and I think there is going to be a lot more economic problems and more poverty and more depression in the world just because of this.

Alex Jones: Absolutely. So just to be clear, you agree with the big economic headlines we have seen in the last month that the dollar as a world reserve currency has been abandoned. China, India, the European Union, the Arabs are now buying more foreign currencies than they are of the dollar. They still hold an overall majority of dollars at around 62 to 63 percent, but they are now abandoning the dollar as a reserve currency. A, do you agree with that? B, what will this do to our economy?

Ron Paul: It’s going to hurt the economy. I wouldn’t say it’s abandoned, but it’s less important all the time. I mean, the fact that they can still have 60 percent reserves means it’s still there. But the market, I look at the market, and I think this thing that happened this week was very, very significant. That is when the IMF announces that they’re going to dump 200 tons of gold on the market.

Well, you know, ordinarily, those who are thinking, they were hoping. “Well, with all that gold out there, that’s going to drive down the price of gold and make all the fiat currencies look better,” but what happened? A bank from Asia, India buys the whole block which sent a signal, I think, to the world market that in essence gold has been remonetized. It never got demonetized, but it has less importance as money when all the countries reject it. But I think this is a major, major signal that the dollar is getting closer. It is on its last leg and gold is getting more important and as the Chinese buy less and less, they have already started buying gold and they don’t want to buy too much too fast and you know, shoot the price up, you know, too quickly.

But I think that’s coming. I think the gold price is destined to go a lot higher and the dollar is going to go now a lot lower and they cannot dethrone gold. They can disrupt and play these games for a long, long time, but in many ways, this is very, very good because it tells us that the governments no longer can get away with just printing money to finance their schemes. And it’s those schemes that are what so damaging to us, whether it’s the welfare or the warfare, it all hurts the people because they have to pay the bill. So some of these things are good signals, although it means we have to be concerned about the chaos that might erupt.

Alex Jones: Absolutely. Congressman, the private central banks as you know are financing the Copenhagen treaty. I have the treaty here in front of me, all 200 pages of the framework convention on climate change. It states as Ban Ki-Moon wrote last week in The New York Times that this is global governance and that select groups of private interest are going to be able to decide who can have a factory, who can have a business. They can decide who is going to get the carbon credits. This scheme was designed by Kim Lei as Congress has reported. The Senate committee has now approved the climate bill as Reuters reports. If our economy, under globalization and NAFTA and GATT is already sputtering, what’s going to happen if we allow the very same central banks to create this new derivative system?

Ron Paul: Well, if it works, it would work for a short while and companies like Goldman Sachs and a few other will rip us off and they’ll, you know, get even more wealth. But it can’t help the economy. It has to hurt the economy and it can’t possibly help the environment because they’re totally off track on that. It might turn out to be one of the biggest hoaxes of all history, this whole global warming terrorism that they’ve been using, but we’ll have to just wait and see, but it cannot be helpful. It’s going to hurt everybody.

Alex Jones: What’s the inside baseball word in Congress? Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Baxter say they’re going to pass it this year or next year, but more and more evidence on the ground shows that we’re going to be able to beat the House and Senate version of the climate bill that is meant to tie into the Copenhagen/UN takeover.

Ron Paul: I think there is a chance and I think these elections might send a signal. I think the continual presence of the tea party movement and the people speaking out might wake them up finally, you know, and say, “Hey, maybe we are doing too much too fast,” and they might back off. Right now, they’re not absolutely positive. They have the votes from this medical bill. We’ll know shortly whether the House will see if they have the votes. They think the House can do it faster than the Senate. They’re going to try to do that on Saturday of this week. But they have two problems. It’s not automatic and thank goodness for radio talk shows and the Internet for us to get this information out. That’s what is rallying the troops. It certainly isn’t the mainstream media.

Alex Jones: Speaking of the Internet, we’re talking with Congressman Ron Paul, we now have the Cyber Security Act, three days ago. Finally, the national security blocked copyright treaty has now leaked and it says open taxing, open regulation of the Web. ICANN being handed over to the UN. Total control. Guilty until proven innocent. Copyright rules. Shutting down websites, ISPs, and really UN control over the Internet. Where do you stand on that, Congressman?

Ron Paul: Well, it’s very frightening and I think that if they’re successful, let’s just hope that the Internet is too big and too complex for them ever to have controls, but they’re making the attempt. They would love to put us out of business. But I am hopeful we don’t ever allow them to go that far, but they are doing everything in the world to control the Internet and that to me would be a real tragedy.

Alex Jones: A lot of people say it could never happen. It’s too big. They’ll never try it.

Ron Paul: I hope so.

Alex Jones: They are stating on record, the White House, the NSA, repeatedly in the last month, the White House has said, “We may have to shut the Internet off to save it, and during the flu pandemic or other emergency, only let you go to government sites.” That’s quite a trial balloon by the White House.

Ron Paul: Yeah, and all those authorities are packed in, you know, emergency legislation. They don’t really have to come to the Congress to do that. They do that on occassion just to get it rubberstamped. But there has been so much emergency legislation passed and besides, if it isn’t passed, you know what, how much license they take with executive orders and the various procedures that they use. So no, if they claim this is for national security reasons, they just go ahead and do it, so it’s a very dangerous time in which we live.

Alex Jones: You’re a medical doctor and you’ve also worked with the von Mises Institute and received awards from them for your economic understanding and, of course, this flu situation is economic for the vaccine makers. The government gets to have a power grab, but you’ve pointed out that Obama won’t give the flu shot to his daughters. Now, even Times Magazine is reporting the German government military won’t take the shot with the squalene or the mercury or the interleukin or any of this, so the governments is taking one vaccine, the people is getting another. Your take on that, Congressman?

Ron Paul: Well, that always happens that way and I did see a report after I made that announcement because he had said it in public about Obama’s daughters not getting the shot. But since that time we are told “now they have gotten it,” but you’d wonder whether which one they got and whether or not it had the mercury in or what not. But you know, we’ve done it to our own military personnel. You know, in the Persian Gulf war, they got a lot of inoculations and people came back with Persion Gulf War syndrome. It was a combination of chemicals and inoculations, so to me, though, it’s a mixed bag because a lot of people don’t want it and they’re fighting it and you know, they are being forced to take it. And other people get panicked into it and now, lining up for hours and hours and hours waiting for it as if this was a really, really serious crisis. It’s a serious disease and people do die, but even these few, the numbers of people that have died from it, they are significant, but they are very small compared to regular flu. And many times the individuals, I think over two-thirds of the children that died so far had other serious medical problems.

But the drumbeat for the fear, the build-up is to me is all done that for that reason, for the people to become more obedient and more dependent on the government.

Alex Jones: So they’re trying to set the precedent for this medical tyranny to force their will on us?

Ron Paul: I think this is just another attempt. I’m sure there are a bunch of people who believe, “Well, no, if this is very serious, the medical people have told us this and this is what we have to do.”

But let’s say it was a reasonable thing to give people a shot, I think the real message here is, why should the government be in charge of it? You know, if they’re in charge, there is a shortage. The people who don’t want it are being forced to take it. The people who want it can’t get it. It’s costing a lot of money. The other vaccine, regular flu shots, are not available and it’s on and on and right now, I saw a chart just a couple days ago that shows that this individual believed that swine flu is going to peak, you know, within another week or two. And if it peaks, it starts to drop off naturally, that’s about the time we’re going to have all these flu shots coming in and not have the flu shot that maybe is much more important.

Alex Jones: Sure.

Ron Paul: The point being, why should they be in charge and why should we turn over our health care to this clowns who are trying to distribute a vaccine. So either way…

Alex Jones: It’s bad. Congressman.

Ron Paul: It just proves the point that we shouldn’t be doing it.

Alex Jones: On top of that, all over the country, schools are injecting children even when their parents say don’t do it and the schools are saying, “Oops, it’s an accident.” Clearly, that premeditated.

But shifting gears now, we saw Republican wins in New Jersey and Virginia. The President’s approval rating when he was first elected up in the 80s are now the low 40s. But Republicans still, by and large, have low approval ratings, unless they’re like yourself who is actually a constitutionalist, we know that in 2010, there is going to be a huge backlash. Republicans will take back a lot of seats, but if they don’t deliver on smaller government and fiscal, sound constitutional policies, then we’re going to have a real crisis on our hands and if we wait to get politically active until 2011 and 2012, so much of this globalization would have already been expanded and submitted.

Ron Paul: Yeah.

Alex Jones: I know that this is still off in the future, but LA Times, New York Times, everybody is talking. I get calls every day saying, “When is Ron Paul going to announce for 2012?” Because if you announce early, you can build a coalition. You can get an even more elevated position in the media. You can speak for the people that don’t want war, that don’t want big government, that don’t want banker bailouts. If you wait to announce until 2011, after your congressional win coming up, but I guess I’m being presumptive. I mean, you’re not even saying you’re going to announce it in 2011.

Ron Paul: No, I’m still thinking a lot about that. Right now, it just doesn’t seem like the best thing to do, even long-term or even on a short-term basis. So I’m just undecided about the whole thing. You know, so I’m not about to say that I’m planning to do one thing or another.

Alex Jones: Congressman.

Ron Paul: But I still think you make some good points, but I think time is still a little bit early to start talking about it.

Alex Jones: But so much is happening and if you step up even further and no one is saying that you haven’t done more than anybody else, and start building the coalition now, I’d really, unless there are many election fraud, I see no way that you could lose the Republican primary. I mean, how can we allow a rhino, someone who is not really a constitutionalist like another McCain, another Mitt Romney to lead conservatives and libertarians down another rathole. I mean, you are the man for the job and I don’t pretend to understand your political strategy. I know you’re much more intelligent and wise than I am and have more experience.

It just makes perfect sense for, at least, sometime in the next six to eight months to announce, but you’re saying you’re not even sure at this time. I mean, even if you didn’t win, you would have huge fundraising. You would be able to buy ads. You would be all over the media. You’ll be the only candidate that will inject real issues. I mean, you’re the only man for the job. I mean, faith and responsibility and destiny says that you are the man for the job.

Ron Paul: Well, you have to realize you’re not the average Republican primary voter. You’re a little bit more optimistic about what we might be able to do. But we still have a lot to contend with. When you get involved in partisan politics so you follow that stuff that was going over in Nevada, how they really handled this. I think we’ll do better if we ever did it again, but you know, they’ll just close down shop if they think you’re going to win, so you have a lot of obstackes to overcome. But the most important thing and this is what you have emphasized as well, politics are very important, but also is getting these issues out and talking about the philosophy and why we need it and get the people energized and that should be ongoing. Of course, that is why we keep Campaign for Liberty moving in that direction because people have to understand things like the Federal Reserve. Just think, a couple of years ago, not too many people even talked about the Federal Reserve and now they can do national polling on the Federal Reserve to get opinion. So in that sense, I think we’re making progress.

Alex Jones: Exactly, we’ve gone from almost no one knowing it’s a private cartel, to over 75 percent wanting an audit or for it to be abolished. It’s only a win-win for you to run because it will elevate you, it will have you in the debates and I don’t see any way you won’t run unless you’ve got medical problems and you’re in great shape. You look like you’re 60, Congressman, and I’m just begging you for millions of other people to kick off the campaign sooner rather than later. I want to commend you for helping to get your son to run for the Senate. People need to get behind him right now and as you said, you know, the biggest movement now in the universities isn’t the burnout fake left or the burnout fake right, it is the libertarian, free market, non-collectivist movement that you have helped to grow and energize and you are the ombudsman of liberty, the leading light for freedom worldwide, as even the Czech president has said and I just want to salute you and thank you. In closing, we got thirty seconds, are they going to be able to ram through, the government takeover of health care?

Ron Paul: Oh, they are going to get it through the House, but whether the whole thing gets through, I think they’ll get a part of it, but not the whole thing, so we’ll wait and see and we have adapted in this country to incrementalism. We never socialize all at once. We just take it by pieces and think that we’ve really resisted something, so unfortunately, it’s going to get worse rather than better.

Alex Jones: Thank you so much, Congressman. God bless you.

  • steven

    hey from canada,
    ive been following Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul for quite some time now and everything he has ever said has been true and what he believes in, not once have we caught him slipping like all these other phonies.

    i would like it if Ron would come to canada and similar to him goin around the states raising awareness do the same here, start out west then work his way east to the maritimes where i will be able to come out and see him. I believe (no offense to anyone) here in canada we have a very high amount of intelectually enhanced people. alot of americans really dont know whats goin on and we can blame that on the education system. Not only will raising awareness here in canada help us become enlightened but like myself (getting the message out to the world, especially americans since we need them to vote for ron paul in 2012, because i cant vote for jack here in canada lol) i think alot of canadians will be more then happy to raise awareness of all that is going on, and especially start gettin this out to americans so they will be knowledgable about these subjects making them prepared to make an educated vote, rather then voting for somone who says WE CAN CHANGE then do nothing in the way of change or say NO MORE TAXES, NO INCOME TAXES, NO CAPTIAL GANES TAX, NO TAXES, and then go ahead and try to raise taxes for everything lol. bunch of crock obama is..

    anyway, like i said come to canada where we have a lot less of a population but a higher % of knowledgable people which i think will have a huge effect on the events of america because we as Canadians know what ever happens in America happens here in Canada, i mean america bacsially runs our military, huge business partner for us and jus is bascially like our very violent big brother country.

    Thanks for evrything you do uncle Ron and for everyone keeping this site up to date, i know its a full time job, ive tried to get a few sites on the go but cant really keep up with all the info myself, its muchly appreciate.

    peace to all and merry christmas? lol yes christmas is almost here. spend some time with your familes and enjoy the time we have together.


  • De

    I am Devon from Jamaica, this has been a very spirited discussion, how on earth does the fed held the American people hustage for so long?

    The fact the media is controlled and owned by these plutocrats. Thanks for the Internet’s revolution. Ron Paul message and you Alex and many others of like minds and thinking are gathering momentum globally.

    One of the problems I am having in Jamaica to get the message across people is, they are failing to acknowledge the reality although the facts are before our very eyes.
    will it takes another crash which of course is imminent for the people to awake. Obama and his cronies needs to change course on his fiscal and monetary policies.

    He promised that he will bring change to the American People that they can believe in. Mr. Obama you are in the White House demonstrate this change by fixing the monetary system which was deceptive introduced unto the American People for almost a century ago which has impovrished the citizen of America which is seen in scores Americans loosing their jobs, homes and are living in tent cities “do something Obama for the American People” and act very quickly! You do not have a lot of time on your hand before a major catostrophe. The world is wising up

  • jim

    I wish that he would declare now but that’s why America is ideally a republic and not pure democracy. The truly wise should lead. I’d be hard pressed to second guess Dr. Ron Paul. I’m very hopeful he’ll run but whatever his decision I’m sure he’ll make the right decision for all freedom lovers. My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I stupidly said the CD documenting his run for presidnt. I shoould have bought it myself. I’m dying to watch it.

  • Perception

    You can run too early or too late.It is a matter of timing.The next collapse will make even more people aware of Ron Paul.

    I think that the Ron Paul revolution should emphasise the integrity and wisdom of a whole team approach.They are not only getting a President,they are getting a group of people who share the values and aspirations of the millions of Americans who have been wronged.

    Even if Ron’s health should fail,there will be many of like minded values to take up the challenge.That said,he looks mighty healthy to me.

  • Coleman

    That was a fantastic interview, I like how hard he tried to get Ron to say if he was going to run in 2012. I pray that he does run ,and if not that someone would run and stand on his sholders.