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  1. steven

    hey from canada,
    ive been following Doctor and Congressman Ron Paul for quite some time now and everything he has ever said has been true and what he believes in, not once have we caught him slipping like all these other phonies.

    i would like it if Ron would come to canada and similar to him goin around the states raising awareness do the same here, start out west then work his way east to the maritimes where i will be able to come out and see him. I believe (no offense to anyone) here in canada we have a very high amount of intelectually enhanced people. alot of americans really dont know whats goin on and we can blame that on the education system. Not only will raising awareness here in canada help us become enlightened but like myself (getting the message out to the world, especially americans since we need them to vote for ron paul in 2012, because i cant vote for jack here in canada lol) i think alot of canadians will be more then happy to raise awareness of all that is going on, and especially start gettin this out to americans so they will be knowledgable about these subjects making them prepared to make an educated vote, rather then voting for somone who says WE CAN CHANGE then do nothing in the way of change or say NO MORE TAXES, NO INCOME TAXES, NO CAPTIAL GANES TAX, NO TAXES, and then go ahead and try to raise taxes for everything lol. bunch of crock obama is..

    anyway, like i said come to canada where we have a lot less of a population but a higher % of knowledgable people which i think will have a huge effect on the events of america because we as Canadians know what ever happens in America happens here in Canada, i mean america bacsially runs our military, huge business partner for us and jus is bascially like our very violent big brother country.

    Thanks for evrything you do uncle Ron and for everyone keeping this site up to date, i know its a full time job, ive tried to get a few sites on the go but cant really keep up with all the info myself, its muchly appreciate.

    peace to all and merry christmas? lol yes christmas is almost here. spend some time with your familes and enjoy the time we have together.


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  2. De

    I am Devon from Jamaica, this has been a very spirited discussion, how on earth does the fed held the American people hustage for so long?

    The fact the media is controlled and owned by these plutocrats. Thanks for the Internet’s revolution. Ron Paul message and you Alex and many others of like minds and thinking are gathering momentum globally.

    One of the problems I am having in Jamaica to get the message across people is, they are failing to acknowledge the reality although the facts are before our very eyes.
    will it takes another crash which of course is imminent for the people to awake. Obama and his cronies needs to change course on his fiscal and monetary policies.

    He promised that he will bring change to the American People that they can believe in. Mr. Obama you are in the White House demonstrate this change by fixing the monetary system which was deceptive introduced unto the American People for almost a century ago which has impovrished the citizen of America which is seen in scores Americans loosing their jobs, homes and are living in tent cities “do something Obama for the American People” and act very quickly! You do not have a lot of time on your hand before a major catostrophe. The world is wising up

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  3. jim

    I wish that he would declare now but that’s why America is ideally a republic and not pure democracy. The truly wise should lead. I’d be hard pressed to second guess Dr. Ron Paul. I’m very hopeful he’ll run but whatever his decision I’m sure he’ll make the right decision for all freedom lovers. My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I stupidly said the CD documenting his run for presidnt. I shoould have bought it myself. I’m dying to watch it.

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  4. Perception

    You can run too early or too late.It is a matter of timing.The next collapse will make even more people aware of Ron Paul.

    I think that the Ron Paul revolution should emphasise the integrity and wisdom of a whole team approach.They are not only getting a President,they are getting a group of people who share the values and aspirations of the millions of Americans who have been wronged.

    Even if Ron’s health should fail,there will be many of like minded values to take up the challenge.That said,he looks mighty healthy to me.

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  5. Coleman

    That was a fantastic interview, I like how hard he tried to get Ron to say if he was going to run in 2012. I pray that he does run ,and if not that someone would run and stand on his sholders.

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