5 responses to “Ron Paul: Healthcare Reform is Economic Malpractice”

  1. Defendanteverybody

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  2. jones

    And the main aim of the health reform should be to rehabilitate the human population so that self control is back in place where it should be: each person in control of their self, no phony high tech interfering with the true talent and potencial we were endowed with.

    For that we need order, law, justice, reasoning, all human capcities.

    This, i think, is the main reason why no major and useful breakthrough is taking place, because crazy useless ideas have been thrown in that are taking away the true talent of human beings.

    The crap has to stop, and now.

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  3. jones

    The healthcare system needs reform, it’s not working as it is.

    You can convince yourself by how people look and act: too fat or too thin, ill, agressive without cause or provocation, crime prone, reproduction out of balance (either too infertile or too much fertility), etc.

    The questions are: how, when and for how long.

    Also, ask yourself why is it that people need so many insurance policies? as if your life is constantly under threat.

    If that is what is meant for new world order I can tell you the previous order is the best, but it needs just a few improvements: clear and simple regulations, accountability, and the recovery and fixation of the limits of liberty and privacy. It should apply to all people.

    Any politician that commits to that will gather millions of votes and loyal supporters for them and their followers and their descendants. But it has to stand by the promise and deliver, not as a religous figure but as a man, or woman.

    No magic tricks allowed, the crowd will not be fooled.

    if the Pauls can do that, they will win, but they would need to deliver results, and the question is why would they if the last run of politicians all change into the same.

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    1. jones

      And there are already examples of succesful independants or third party leaders making a big difference and a worthy job.

      I don’t like a two party system anymore, maybe is one of the needed changes needed.

      If any new world order is needed, third official party is one essential.

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  4. Cherie LW

    Sooner or later, Americans had better wake up to the fact that Congressman Paul knows what he’s talking about.

    Please keep up the good work, Congressman. And I’m glad to see that your son is continuing in your footsteps!

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