Critical Vote on Audit the Fed Today!

by John Tate

A few weeks ago, the Campaign for Liberty sent out an alert that Representative Mel Watt was attempting to water down HR 1207 in the House Financial Services Committee.

The latest reports we have received have informed us that a vote on the Watt amendment could come today!

There’s still time for us to stop this attack on Audit the Fed! Click here to get a full list of Financial Services Committee members, along with their contact information.

Financial Services leadership seems determined to include Audit the Fed as part of a regulatory reform package instead of passing it as a standalone bill.

While C4L will still do everything in its power to fight for a standalone vote on Audit the Fed on the House floor, it is critical we challenge Watt’s amendment in Committee.

It will become much easier for our representatives to claim they still support Audit the Fed on the House floor if the Watt version passes, when, in reality, Representative Watt’s amendment puts restrictions on Government Accountability Office audits of the Fed.

For example, Watt’s amendment prevents the GAO from auditing or reviewing decisions to authorize, modify, extend, or terminate loans or liquidity facilities.

Congressman Paul will offer an amendment in Committee restoring an audit of the Fed’s entire $2 trillion balance sheet, but we have received word that some of the Democrat members may be waffling on their support for his amendment.

Help us turn up the pressure on these members! Below is the list of Democrats on the committee who have cosponsored H.R. 1207. Please call them and urge them to vote “Yes” on Ron Paul’s amendment. Click on their names to get their web contact information.

1. Rep. John Adler, NJ (202) 225-4765

2. Rep. Travis Childers, MS (202) 225-4306

3. Rep. Steve Driehaus, OH (202) 225-2216

4. Rep. Alan Grayson, FL (202) 225-2176

5. Rep. Rubén Hinojosa, TX (202) 225-2531

6. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, FL Toll Free: 1-877-956-7627

7. Rep. Dan Maffei, NY (202) 225-3701

8. Rep. Brad Miller, NC (202) 225-3032

9. Rep. Walt Minnick, ID (202) 225-6611

10. Rep. Ed Perlmutter, CO (202)-225-2645

11. Rep. David Scott, GA (202) 225-2939

12. Rep. Brad Sherman, CA (202) 225-5911

13. Rep. Jackie Speier, CA (202) 225-3531

When contacting these members, remember that up to this point, they have been allies on this issue. A civil yet firm tone should be kept during these calls. They should be thanked for their cosponsorship, told that Mel Watt’s changes to the bill are unacceptable, and urged to hold the line and honor their promise to support transparency at the Fed by voting “Yes” on Ron Paul’s amendment.

And don’t forget to click here to get a full list of Financial Services Committee members.

For more information on the Watt amendment, check out this article by The Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim.

We are continuing our work to achieve a standalone vote on H.R. 1207 on the House floor, but we must first stop the Watt amendment in the Financial Services Committee.

Make sure the Financial Services Committee members hear from you as soon as their offices open Thursday morning!

A vote could come any time today. Call, email, and fax the Financial Services Committee members to vote “Yes” on Congressman Ron Paul’s amendment.


  • I get. these emails from John Tate at campaign for liberty. Is this for real? Is that his real name? Is this campaign more propaganda or are they really standing and doing what they say they are? Who even knows at the end of the day? Is this just so that I think something is being done, when nothing is or very little at most??
    How do I know? Tell me,, give me a reason or some answer.. skeptical here because only wolves keeping pulling the blinds over my eyes. I hope there is such a guy named John Tate who is real. I know what is going on in this country. I just hope that the liberty campaign is for real. I heard Rand Paul does things differently than his father too.. so this makes me think that anything with his name on is bullshit. ?

  • they are now try-ing to take are armed forces away this needs to stop and Rothschild and rock-fellers prosecuted for war crimes against humanity there is no money there never was they are counter fitting to make slaves and robing business to commit murder they are counter fitting debt system is fraud the money for what it is nothing and crimes make them an enemy of the states why are our troops not coming home yet they are using them to steal peoples country’s and murder there people wile murdering our own for approval I thought the UN was made to stop this but they just aloud these people to call shot’s he is not an american and is directly violating are laws with these treaty’s why is no one impeaching him yet if it this don’t happen soon we will have make war against him to get him off the seat we should not even have to after him attacking the constitution

  • Douglas

    Granted the first 100 years of our Nations development struggled with the proper constitutional implementation of currency issuance. This was simple because of the relentless efforts of private individuals to take unconstitutional control over the issuance of US dollars.

    Their greedy, ludicrous and foolish will to take into private power the most sacred function of our Nation has created a civilization of complete economic chaos. Had a civilized constitutional method of issuing NEW dollars developed over the past 200 years I honestly believe We the People would have evolved a much more relaxed and peaceful civilization.

    Clearly the US was born out of its desire to separate from the private control of currency. The $Continentals clearly showed how faithful the first Americans were. Subsequently, the $Greenbacks also showed a great move by a great President who refused to barrow money from the same individuals that were playing both sides of the Civil War.

    Their comes a time when We the People have to stand up for what is right and what is unconstitutional. It is times like these that we must expose to true source of our chaotic economic situation. Failing to do so will be tragic and doom humanity to repeating the mistake.