2 responses to “Ron Paul: The Federal Reserve Creates Money Out Of Thin Air!”

  1. Perception

    Do we need a gold standard if we have banking system that is only allowed to produce enough currency to equal pop growth and the increase in GDP? There have to be restrictions on the creation of money from nothing.If this is done,is gold really a necessity?

    Gold only has value because of it’s scarcity.It has limited uses in industry and is not a source of energy or useful raw materials.Common sense and logic is a real scarcity these days,perhaps this should underpin our currencies.

    What we need is a banking system in which those who work and produce share in the system of money creation instead of being made serfs by an evil system of currency depreciation.

    Destroy the dreams and aspirations of your population and you destroy the real economy.We are witnessing it’s demise right now and our so called leaders betraying the very essence of what made the USA great just to exist in a comfort zone of decadence and decay.

    Unless leaders of real substance and integrity now come to the fore,I see economic ruin and wars that could well see the end of civilisation as we know it.

    Presently we have MAD economics,(Mutual Assured Destruction) making overtures to MAD wars a solution to chaos.Nobody wins a nuclear war.The so called global elites of the NWO can no longer distinguish reality from fantacy,since their super egos won’t entertain the idea of defeat,even to the point of self annihilation.

    Sanity must prevail soon.

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    1. Nate Y

      Gold isn’t a necessity but some tangible commodity is. There does indeed have to be restrictions on the creation of money. Happily, commodity money naturally provides such a restriction.


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