Who Wants War? Follow The Money…

Who Wants War?

by Ron Paul

If anyone still doubted that this administration’s foreign policy would bring any kind of change, this week’s debate on Afghanistan should remove all doubt. The President’s stated justifications for sending more troops to Afghanistan and escalating war amount to little more than recycling all the false reasons we began the conflict. It is so discouraging to see this coming from our new leadership, when the people were hoping for peace. New polls show that 49 percent of the people favor minding our own business on the world stage, up from 30 percent in 2002. Perpetual war is not solving anything. Indeed continually seeking out monsters to destroy abroad only threatens our security here at home as international resentment against us builds. The people understand this and are becoming increasingly frustrated at not being heard by the decision-makers. The leaders say some things the people want to hear, but change never comes.

One has to ask, if the people who elected these leaders so obviously do not want these wars, who does? Eisenhower warned of the increasing power and influence of the military industrial complex and it seems his worst fears have come true. He believed in a strong national defense, as do I, but warned that the building up of permanent military and weapons industries could prove dangerous if their influence got out of hand. After all, if you make your money on war, peace does you no good. With trillions of dollars at stake, there is tremendous incentive to keep the decision makers fearful of every threat in the world, real or imagined, present or future, no matter how ridiculous and far-fetched. The Bush Doctrine demonstrates how very successful the war lobby was philosophically with the last administration. And they are succeeding just as well with this one, in spite of having the so-called “peace candidate” in office.

We now find ourselves in another foreign policy quagmire with little hope of victory, and not even a definition of victory. Eisenhower said that only an alert and informed electorate could keep these war racketeering pressures at bay. He was right, and the key is for the people to ensure that their elected leaders follow the Constitution. The Constitution requires a declaration of war by Congress in order to legitimately go to war. Bypassing this critical step makes it far too easy to waste resources on nebulous and never-ending conflicts. Without clear goals, the conflicts last forever and drain the country of blood and treasure. The drafters of the Constitution gave Congress the power to declare war precisely because they feared allowing the executive unfettered discretion in military affairs. They understood that making it easy for leaders to wage foreign wars would threaten domestic liberties.

Responses to attacks on our soil should be swift and brief. Wars we fight should always be defensive, clearly defined and Constitutional. The Bush Doctrine of targeting potential enemies before they do anything to us is dangerously vague and easily abused. There is nothing left to win in Afghanistan and everything to lose. Today’s military actions are yet another futile exercise in nation building and have nothing to do with our nation’s security, or with 9/11. Most experts agree that Bin Laden and anyone remotely connected to 9/11 left Afghanistan long ago, but our troops remain. The pressures of the war racketeers need to be put in check before we are brought to our knees by them. Unfortunately, it will require a mighty effort by the people to get the leadership to finally listen.


  • This is all out of our hands, now. Ron Paul has only one critical misconception: that the markets would be any less corrupt if left unregulated.

  • finn rodgers

    some of the responses here are very interesting and valid,
    but would be worth very much more if people who wrote these put their own names behind what they had written,as that way it delivers more punch to the content.
    don,t bother about the consequenses if it,s something you truly believe in.

  • finn rodgers

    Ron Paul makes total sense.
    He truly has a lot of guts and brains.
    i hope you will be elected to run your country as you sure are the sanest and unpolluted voice of reason today.

    Ron you are my hero!!!

    • No doubt, finn, you are right on the money. The media gatekeepers, particularly on the right, do a good job trying to keep RP out of the conversation for the highest office in the land. Of course, Ron is saying what they all say this point in the game, but I get the impression he may not want to run again! We certainly need the man, the only one in American political prominence who is consistently for freedom and votes his conscience every time.

      • finn rodgers

        thank you JtW ,you are also alert alive and listening!

  • Rodman

    It is about oil again, but not in the sense many are led to believe. Its about the new pipeline that they are running through Afghanistan, and the huge deposits of oil & natural gas throughout the entire region… We will have soldiers there forever just protecting the big corps. while they put in their line….. As Ron Paul said,’Trace the money!’

    • longshotlouie

      Bingo, Rodman
      Turkmenistan to the Arabian Sea, via Afghanistan and Pakistan.

      The black gold stranglehold.

  • Austintalk

    Tonight in Austin. Author of a book on the Federal Reserve System (WOW, what a deceptive name the Fed has!)- Book is called – The Creature from Jekyll Island:
    Info here: http://www.meetup.com/WeAreChangeAustin/calendar/12030636/

  • Oprah, Obama or any of that other group of individuals are not the problem.

    The problem, is the whole economy political structure, is controlled by a Federal Reserve System that is a private cartel.


    “On March 21, 1960, Congressman Wright Patman used a simple illustration in the Congressional Record of how banks “create money”.

    “If I deposit $100 with my bank and the reserve requirements imposed by the Federal Reserve Bank are 20% then the bank can make a loan to John Doe of up to $80. Where does the $80

    come from? It does not come out of my deposit of $100; on the contrary, the bank simply credits John Doe’s account with $80. The bank can acquire Government obligations by the same procedure, by simply creating deposits to the credit of the government. Money creating is a power of the commercial banks . . . Since 1917 the Federal Reserve has given the private banks forty-six billion dollars of reserves.”

    How this is done is best revealed by Governor Eccles at Hearings before the House Committee on Banking and Currency on June 24, 1941:

    ECCLES: “The banking system as a whole creates and extinguishes the deposits as they make loans and investments, whether they buy Government Bonds or whether they buy utility bonds or whether they make Farmer’s loans.

    MR. PATMAN: I am thoroughly in accord with what you say, Governor, but the fact remains that they created the money, did they not?

    ECCLES: Well, the banks create money when they make loans and investments.”

    On September 30, 1941, before the same Committee, Governor Eccles was asked by Representative Patman:

    “How did you get the money to buy those two billion dollars worth of Government securities in 1933?

    ECCLES: We created it.

    MR. PATMAN: Out of what?

    ECCLES: Out of the right to issue credit money.

    MR. PATMAN: And there is nothing behind it, is there, except our Government’s credit?

    ECCLES: That is what our money system is. If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn’t be any money.”

    On June 17, 1942, Governor Eccles was interrogated by Mr. Dewey.”

    There is no political system if it’s all run by the Federal Reserve!

    Why do we not have a congress that completely puts this Fed in check, since they created it & we allowed them to create this!
    Tell me American people why, why on earth do you have such a deceptive system controlling everything????

    • J

      Government bonds.

      Utility bonds.

      Governments securities.

      Government’s credit.

      How do they differ? how are they related? what backs them up?


      • That’s the thing….


        We loan out money that does not exist except as debt to wealthy creditors who control everything.

        • J

          Yes, the economic system needs explanations and readjustments to something better, more clear and accountable. Because that way anyone that gets to control the when and why currency is issued will have the total power of everything, including what backs up the worth, including the quality and quantity of people, what they actually produce.

          No wonder why no one is answering my questions about what is the economy, people simply say, ‘is complex’. In part it is.

          It sounds like a difficult subjetc and a lot of responsability to deal with all this ‘banking’ in a responsable and fair way. But hidding the system does not help them a lot. Maybe the audit will clarify that they did a fair job.

          But the system needs improvements, as it is more imaginary, and prone to create false values.

  • Another things is that idiot that use to work for Wall Street! Geithner! He will send more TARP money to these Dummies in Wall Street! It’s like living One Joke after Another!

  • FearNOT

    The way governments or, more correctly, the global elites that select puppet politicians control the masses is by generating FEAR. Public fear allows them to justify war and intrusion at the expense of our freedom. In fact, many of us foolishy look to governments for protection! What a joke! Anyone with an ounce of sense can see that the 9/11 official version of that disaster just doesn’t add up. If you don’t believe me, just take a moment to investigate for yourself at http://patriotsquestion911.com/. So one must ask – WHO would gain from perpetrating such a horrific event? Repetitive scenes of planes hitting the twin towers along with endless cries of “War on Terror” have convinced the American public that we’re under attack, when in reality, the only thing we have to fear is our own government. They used the cruel hoax as a way to remove more and more of our civil liberties. And then they shrewdly use mainsteam media to further deceive. I am old and unafraid to die … and others must also speak out so that eventually truth will surface. Keep up the great work Dr. Paul! You are THE man I erroneously thought Obama was!

  • JustMe

    Let me also add that I had such high hopes for Barack Obama. He drew me in with charm and what appeared to be sincere honesty. But I now see that it was all a cruel hoax and a brilliant deception. He has only continued to escalate war and serve the wealthy Bildeberg / military and corporate greed villians. Unfortunately I was not the only one misled by this handsome and charming young man. As well, although I watch little TV, I have, over the years, enjoyed a few Oprah Winfrey programs … and she, too, seemed genuinely concerned for the poor and for equality and justice. If that show was also a hoax, then she is truly the greatest actress on earth. Interesting though … ever since Obama was elected, not one Oprah Winfrey show has tackled an important issue or attempted any empowerment of the people (for which she is well known). All the recent shows have been about stupid topics like fashion, make-up, shopping or sex … all of which I quickly turn OFF. I don’t know what has happened to her but her show is nothing like it used to be. I still have a hard time believing that Oprah is in favor of depopulation via genocide or other horrific crimes that the military / industrial complex engage in. I cannot believe that of her. If it is true, then I have REALLY been incredibly deceived, not just by Obama, but by a woman that I had admired and trusted for so many years. We all live and learn but it is painful to discover some truths. Best to you, Dr. Paul.

  • JustMe

    How do you do it, Dr. Paul? Your strength, courage and persistence are more than amazing. You’re telling the truth against a force so great that one wonders if there will ever be an answer. Most people have no idea what the military industrial complex is and I’d highly recommend the DVD called “The Corporation.” In any case, I just want you to know that your selfless efforts ARE greatly appreciated. The outcome may or may not be favorable but the fact that you stood up and fought for what you believed in will ALWAYS be remembered. You are a truly noble servant and far above any who might win the game of money or greed. The deception by those in power is beyond belief, but many are waking up to their lies. They who prosper on the suffering of others will eventually be punished. Continued good health and loud applause to you.

  • Dfens

    I would like to add my support to Ron Paul’s position on this endless war in Southwest Asia. If we were serious about winning the war on terror, we would fight it economically rather than militarily. We would mobilize this great nation to get off of oil, not just foreign but also domestic sources, since oil is a commodity traded world wide and demand here in the US figures significantly in establishing the price of oil internationally. We should do everything possible to cut our use of oil including developing electric powered transportation as well as clean and efficient nuclear power.

    If oil were $1.50/barrel, terrorism as we know it would cease. If it were everyone’s war and not just a war we send our kids to fight, we would have won this war by now. We would have starved our enemies into defeat. Instead we sacrifice our bravest men to Bigthree, the god of the SUV gas tank. We pay for the weapons and send our kids over there to be killed so that we never have to pay the price for our laziness and stupidity.

    • Somebody

      I agree on getting off of oil by starting diligent work on alternative energy, preferable renewable. It just makes sense in several ways. I am not so sure about nuclear, because of safety and the track record of endless wars and disagreements in the issues that should not be the priority.

      Another commodity in the international trade are drugs. There’s a high demand for that in the developped countries. Dependance of oil and dependance on drugs, both get their fingers in the people’s pocket but the second one has additional powers.

      Think about it.

      • Dfens

        Nuclear energy is vastly safer than other forms. World wide, coal mining kills over 1000/year. Nuclear power has never and will never kill that many in a year. Most of what scares people about nuclear power has been as a result of propaganda from the oil and coal industries and Soviet Union operatives. Radioactive waste could be vastly reduced by allowing breeder reactors to operate in the US. Most of the case against breeder reactors was developed by Soviet propaganda.

        The fear of nuclear power is absurd. It is fear of the very power that keeps the core of the Earth itself in a molten state. Geothermal energy is nuclear energy. Our planet would have a nearly solid core now if it weren’t for radioactive decay. A solid core would result in the loss of the Earth’s magnetic field that (ironically) protects us from much of the radiation of space and our own sun. The Van Allen radiation belts are a result of the interaction between Earth’s magnetic field and this radiation.

        It is well past time we all got involved in the fight against terrorism. Our mothers fought World War 2 with victory gardens and by going without when it came to commodities like rubber and copper and gas that were necessary for the war effort, yet here we are a nation of spoiled children who won’t lift a finger to help the effort against terror. That’s not America. That’s not what we stand for.

        • S

          You know the subject well, I don’t.

          However, I do know that the handling is important (waste and the process), and that some people are irresponsable. So the concern is the handling, the accountability and the projection for future.

          If anything on the subject of nuclear is important is to show that people can come to a reliable consensus, now. But as you see we can not even have an economic system to be trusted.

          If nuclear is easily available but unsafe we might as well give up on everything else. Or stick to fossil fuel, find a way to artifically generate it to make it renewable, and control the CO2.

          Got to go.

  • Thank You Dr. Paul for speaking for the majority of us Americans! Who unfortunately have been ignored by our elected officals and this president! When will they all learn that they aren’t leaders of the world? They’re leaders of the United States! We have another Bush in the White House! Bush #3 who is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing and posing as a peaceful leader! I think that we should re-call everyone that supports more troops in Afghanistan including Obama! I will gladly take a stance against our endless occupation in the Middle East!