2 responses to “Ron Paul: No Sanctions on Iran!”

  1. Henry

    Ron Paul is the only congress elected person that stand up against US lies and Israeli hijacking of the US state.
    israel is the sole threat to, not only mid-east but also the whole world, they are a belligerent, racist, occupying and a nuclear state that could start another war. Sanction israel. NOW!

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  2. christian gleisberg

    i am christian and i arrive in the us 7 years ago from alsace (france) maybe the most conservative region in the world. i am very
    sad to feel (not only me in europe) that the us ‘lost the track’ since R. Reagan and the end of communisme. the republicans and
    democrates have exactly the same foreign politic and they want to let 80 000 000 of turkish muslim in europe, and it s for us an invasion and almost and act of war. 7000 us soldiers are dead in irak for nothing because every body in europe knew it was bin laden and co. and the french, german,etc media dont beleve what the hell happen in us??? Since bush senior, we think realy…
    its israel witch control the us governement. it s politicaly incorrect but everybody say that in private.
    i pray for you to be the next us president.
    restore the us dream

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