Ron Paul Co-Hosts CNBC’s Squawk Box

Congressman Ron Paul’s message of freedom, peace, and prosperity continues to garner unprecedented coverage.

This morning, Ron Paul co-hosted CNBC’s Squawk Box from 8-9 am eastern.

Watch the appearance below and support Ron Paul’s message of economic freedom!

  • Ned Ford

    I saw your performance on CNBC and was a bit dissapointed in one of your comments. You talked about replacing the U.S. dollar with a basket of commodities and “currencies”. I think this is confusing and departs from the Constitution. Please, stick with your position that the U.S. adopt ONLY a hard currency based on gold and silver. Do not compromise this position. Thanks.
    Best regards,


  • Mark West

    Dr. Paul held his own. He’s addressing a bunch of monetary-robots that are stuck in the old guard FEDCANDONOWRONG mindset and people who lust after continuous financial bubbles. This is like Galileo emphatically stating that the earth revolves around the sun for years only to die in prison for his ‘crazy’ beliefs. Today he is a scientific hero. Its only a matter of time before our favorite congressman is lawded as not only a genuis of monetary policy but also a latter day prophet -and in my mind a hero in his own right!

  • GB

    The NH Senator seemed to be employing an “if you can’t be right, be loud” approach in his debate.

  • Jack

    Ron Paul needs to be more assertive.TV viewers are not intelligent enough to understand the real issues.They look for cues on personality rather than substance.

    How can the Fed be a credible organisation in anyone’s mind when they have failed their most basic charter,ie the reponsible supply of money?

    If a baby sitter lets a pedophile get access your children,do you employ them again for a repeat performance?

    Mishkin should have been taken to task more aggressively.

  • Lindsey

    Gregg is an idiot and I hope he loses his seat in New Hampshire! I’m sure he voted for the bailout and I’ll bet he owns a lot of bank stock!

  • Shane

    I think Ron did well this AM and I watched the entire thing. I think it would serve Ron well though to frame the argument a little different at times when debating the “Fed” lovers. I would put the pressure back on them by clearly stating what the objectives are for the FED. When you frame it as they are totally incompetent in regards to price stability, unemployment, and moderating interest rates, you have them. History and especially recent history shows that they are incompetent and need to be audited for the understanding of how and why they are making mistakes. This is easy for uneducated viewers as well as economists to understand. Then you have an argument and a segway into the Austrian belief that really they cant do “it” effectively, and are the cause of the problems not the solution.

    • Good Idea, Shane. Ron Paul does this sometimes, I think also in the recent RT video, for example.
      It sometimes seems to me, that in the end, Ron Paul doesn’t take it totally serious in all these mainstream media arguments. I think Ron Paul is of the opinion that even the 100% perfect arguments will not End the Fed…probably will not even audit the Fed….he knows that the only thing that will audit/end the Fed will be a dollar collapse….only then the majority of the american people will care…it’s sad and pathetic..but it is how it is..

      Dollar Crash is coming..and then for the first time in Ron Paul’s political life, he will be on the offensive, instead of on the defensive. My support and prayers are with him.

  • Jeffrey Killman

    Dear Mr. Paul,
    I know it is very unlikely you will read this but hopefully someone will relay it too you or other reader may take note…Where do you stand on the upcoming CODEX ALIMENTARIUS (Latin for “food code”)?? From what i understand it is a law of some sort that takes effect on December 21, 2009. It has some very disturbing things included in it. It pretty much Names all the big dealers of food(of every kind from bread to meat)and there involment in this law. Plainly put, the nutrition is taken out of ALL food, and the WHO has documented and stated the forcased deaths are near 3 billion. just from the mal nutrioton and diseases alone. I am no conspiracy theorist. I just came across this law and was very disturbed and wanted to know where you stood or if anyone else new anything about it. If so please contact me [email protected]. Thank you