Ron Paul to Ben Stein: Let’s Talk About Foreign Policy

After their recent exchange during a Larry King Live interview, Congressman Paul challenges Ben Stein (and others who share his position) to a public debate over our nation’s foreign policy and what truly motivates terrorists.

Date of recording: 12/30/2009


Jesse Benton: Dr. Paul, there has been a lot of activity on the Internet about an interview you did on Monday night on Larry King. Why don’t you tell us just a little bit about that?

Ron Paul: Well, that was an interesting interview, so it caught me by surprise. But this is a sort of run-in with Ben Stein when that happened, when he challenged me and challenged my credibility as far as what I was talking about when dealing with Yemen. It sort of reminded me of an incident during the campaign. The Giuliani incident… all of a sudden I was shocked about the charge. He had never heard such a thing that maybe our policies have something to do with the desire to come here and harm us. It’s the old blowback theory that has been around a long time and was devised by the Central Intelligence Agency.

So I was a bit shocked. But what I really didn’t enjoy was the shouting, and I have to confess I was a participant in that. But, you know, obviously it was a little bit upsetting to me. But I think it was very, very important issue and he took a position that was exactly the opposite of what I think we should be doing. He was defending it and he felt very strongly about it. But I think it’s very harmful to us. But I think this whole idea of foreign policy and what it means to us and whether it helps us or not, I think it’s very, very important.

Jesse Benton: Obviously, this is a very important issue and an issue that a lot of Americans are still learning about and making up their minds about. How would you like to see us work towards resolving this?

Ron Paul: Well, I think we have to have open discussion. And I do take the television interviews with the hope that I can get information out and persuade people that the founders were right, that we shouldn’t have entangling alliances and we shouldn’t be the policeman of the world, and we can’t afford it. And I think our side is making some progress. I think a lot of people in this country agree with that issue. But policies aren’t really changing; whether it’s Republican or Democrat. I think the most important thing is discussion. But unfortunately even though I would say there was a net benefit to going on Larry King and having that so-called discussion with Ben Stein, I think we should have more than that. I’d like to see a real debate. Matter of fact, I’d be very pleased to debate Ben Stein. I’d like to see if he would. That way we could have a balanced time, have a good moderator, and really seriously discuss this issue. So I think somebody like Bob Schieffer would be just a great moderator to do something like that. Or maybe some school or somebody do it. But this would be a challenge not only to me and to those who believe as I do, but it would be a challenge to Ben Stein and the neoconservatives who think that we should have this massive presence around the world and that we should be bombing these countries in the name of national defense. So I hereby challenge Ben Stein. Would you like to debate? If you do, I’ll meet you.

Jesse Benton: I don’t know about you folks, but I sure think a Ron Paul – Ben Stein debate would be pretty cool.

  • Papa Schimmelhorn

    Ben Stein is a fraud. He has already admitted that the first thing he does as a matter of course is accuse anyone who opposes him of being anti-semitic. He even went on to say this is a standard Jewish tactic; apparently he didn’t realize the microphone was on. He’s a punk who roams the land collecting speaking fees; cut him off and shut him up!

    Ferris Bueller? Bueller? Thats his claim to fame?

    So yes, please lets not manipulate innocent people. Ben Stein is a leech and thats the truth. Take a good look at him, thats what failure looks like. Debate him? Lets put him in the ring with Rube Goldberg and let them sort out their Khazar Hassidic differences, and leave the truly Semitic Arabic people alone for a change. The European occupiers of Palestine are the real anti-semites.

    • Joan

      Ben Stein became good friends with Glenn Beck, and Stein is the one who told Beck to do that documentary about the communist and socialist dictators. Stein wrote a book about 4 years ago called “Can America Survive?” and in his book, he writes all about the things Beck had in his documentary. Stein was on Beck’s show, they were eating Chinese food together on air, joking and laughing. Stein saw Beck got people in the country mobilized, started the Tea Parties, so Stein buddied up with Glenn Beck and got him to blame all of the problems in the country on socialism, that’s why Beck never talks about the corporations sending hundreds of millions of jobs overseas, why businesses in this country hire illegals for below minimum wage, why Wall Street made billions betting against the mortage crisis. This is why the Tea Party people made fools out of themselves protesting socialism, saying don’t touch my Medicare, which is socialized/free medical care. When the conservative Jews in this country see any group of people gaining political power, they try to take control of it.

      Charles Krauthammer does the same thing. He writes articles and goes on Fox News all of the time and talks about how the U.S. must help Israel. He got ahold of the Tea Party people too and tries to tell them what to think. And, then there’s Palin selling book number two to them right now, trying to make millions more off of them. I wish the Tea Party people would get behind Ron Paul and other Libertarian candidates, get more knowledge, stop believing everything Glenn Beck tells them and think for themselves. Otherwise, it’s too easy for conservative American Jewish people to get ahold of them and brainwash them. You are so right, who is Stein supposed to be? He’s so old and ugly and takes money for books and for being on TV. He’s no actor, he’s no talk show host, not a news person. He’s just smart so he’s in there influencing what the American people should do with regards to Israel.

    • Allen Fenster

      Now now, Ben Stein was in psychiatric therapy when he said that… or at least, shortly afterward. I think he needed some Valium. Leave the fat old man alone… to face his demons. I imagine he’s the type who can’t do solitary confinement very well, but really, its the safest place for him.

      Historically when the system breaks down, influential people meet secretly to clean house and if its severe enough, secret societies form to carry the load.. We’re there now.

  • longshotlouie
    • longshotlouie

      oops, that was Monday 01-04

  • SS

    “Fear is a degrading toxin, and there’s no doubt that it has been the primary fuel over the last decade. As the events of the last week demonstrate, it continues to spread rapidly, and it produces exactly the kind of citizenry about which John Adams long ago warned.”

    • Tim

      I thought the suspension of habeus corpus, extensive spying, censorship and propaganda had greater effect. I don’t think the guy who crashed his plane into the IRS building was afraid of anything, do you? I’m positive that if the political criminals weren’t hiding the body count would be much higher.

      IMO people are more angry and disgusted than afraid.

    • Allen Fenster

      I have to disagree with you SS, we only get the kind of ignorant, servile cowards Adams described after the defiant, effective, tactical leaders are all rounded up and killed. Since a majority of 2 generations has not trusted this government since JFK was murdered 11/22/1963, I’d say the elite minority have good reason to hide. I think they should dig alot deeper, but then I can follow the money to their burrows anyway.

  • charrob

    For Libertarians who believe the Tea Parties / Sarah Palin represent them, think again. CaseInPoint: Sean Casey and Frank Luber Show: am-680 WCBM Baltimore:
    On January 4, 2010, at approximately 8:50am the disc jockey stated on the air: Because Ron Paul says ‘they’ (ie. the muslims) hate us because of what we do to them and because we are occupiers, that this shows Ron Paul has anti-semitic beliefs. So now we have the am-talk radio hosts attacking Ron Paul.

    It’s clear that the orthodoxy is not to be questioned. And, anyone who does so is personally attacked… calling someone an anti-Semite is a personal attack meant to undermine the person in our age of political correctness.

    Of course things should be questioned. It’s cliché that we’re to “think outside the box”. Yet, when someone does, they’re attacked. To not examine the enemies motives but just make them one-dimensional is very unsophisticated and is to one’s own disadvantage.

  • guardiangel

    If the debate is in foreign policy, and anti semitic charges are going to be mentioned, might be a good idea to define for each one of the gentlemen what they mean by that. And that way the audience is in sync with what is disscussed, rather than making the wrong assumptions.

    I actually can not follow the reason to hate, or be anti, Israel or jewish people. But could decide on whether an action or decision is wrong if the correct information is put forward.

    Please do not manipulate innocent people.


    • Meyer Lansky

      guardiangel, if you carefully study the unadulterated history of the last century you’ll find a disproportionally great number of aggressive, hostile, immoral and unlawful activities committed by Jewish people that were so severe as to wreak havoc on the rest of the planet. To be sure, they did use many non-Jewish accomplices. When you do your research and read about the ‘atrocities’ committed against Jews, be sure to dig deep and determine the first act of aggression: jewish media, jewish spin. Very often some Jewish people did something really evil, then claimed to be the victims of the defenders – the ones they victimized.

      Study the 1967 Attack on the USS Liberty and their wars of aggression on Egypt, Syria and Lebanon in violation of UN law; Israel is a UN member, after all. Take a good look at the genocide of Palestinians and the way they are being forced off their lands, lands the Jewish Israel acknowledged were Palestinian in numerous treaties.

      Study Jewish tradition: if you aren’t Jewish, you are prey;
      Count the nukes in the Middle East;
      Examine the Communist revolution in Russia;
      Examine the causes of WW2;
      Survey the member nations in censure for UN law violations.

      Make sure what you study isn’t more lies.

      Not all Jewish people are vicious criminals, but I can not remember any that I have known who didn’t eventually demonstrate a blatant disregard for the law and the rights of others, and I have Jewish inlaws. The kids seem alright until they get to be about 25. I have friends who assure me that their experience of Jewish people in the arts and colleges was all very positive, but I have no first hand experience of this.

      I am sure many hate crimes have been committed against innocent Jewish people, but 2 wrongs doesn’t make it right, it just makes more criminals who need to be caged for the safety of everyone else.