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  1. BothPartiesAreResponsible

    Jack, both parties are responsible for the downfall of the dollar because both of them follow the completely ludicrous Keynesian model.

    Libertarian conservatives have never been in charge of this country for long, we lost our hold in government during the early 70s.

    We have been pointing out what is wrong since the beginning, that Charles Keynes is truly a fraud and the answer lies in a new economic system and new party.

    Democrats and Republicans have brought us absolutely nothing, after 60+ years. That is why so many people are now voting for third party candidates, under the disguise of some party like republican or independent.

    That is truly the only way to fix this mess, is by changing the policies. Not the politicians as they’ll never fix it. The policies, which both parties follow to the hilt, are entirely flawed.

    Every piece of legislation should be read on the house floor like old school conservatives would do. They don’t even do that anymore. We should not be in the United Nations at all either, and they don’t care about that anymore. Personal liberty is more important than enormous government, that dream started to fall apart in 1970.

    The truth is, your “parties” have had all the time in the world to fix this and they never have. Both democrats and republicans.

    And the only one who can fix this, is always, the true conservatives of the independent Boston Tea party.

    You may find yourself agreeing with our position once you read the truth of these policies, and see that the parties have failed.
    http://mises.org – He was NOT the first to point it out, only one of the most articulate.

    That is why the most important legislation after Audit the Federal Reserve is the "Freedom of Currency Act 2009" -

    It gets right to the root problem, eliminating legal tender law. Educate all boston tea party members and defenders of liberty about this so we can reign in the criminal bankers & massive fraud.


    The truth is we need to send these criminal fiends to be hung or rot in prison, including Christopher Dodd, who covered up for Bush Senior, Henry Kissinger and the rest of the traitors for years. Then and only then can we get liberty back.

    Dismantle Legal Tender Law and that will ensure the New World Order scam has very few, if any more dollars. None of our dollars will be used for slavery or un-needed wars. These wars bankrupt the country, and only Ron Paul has been saying it as truth, for thirty plus years. End them, repeal legal tender law.

    Study the "LAW" that would open up competition of currency, that is what all citizens need to really support and rally around now.


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    1. jones

      I agree in that changing the policies as a focus will do better than in targeting either parties or persons, otherwise we are cheerleaders clapping for celebrities of the times and even history. It seems to be the reality we are leaving, any where in the world.

      The word 'establishment' should come into focus too. I am guessing that is the same thing that I'm calling the 'mould'. And that I've spotted indirectly, because no matter who gets elected their proposed policies shift to something else, gets 'commanded', and it might very well be contrary to the needs of people, at the country and world level.

      If it's the same thing that the buzz word 'framework' so used widely it also applies.

      Both buzz words seem to be twisted in true definition to cause problems. Because it (establishment/framework/mould) is the main structure of any society, is essentialy a support, and should be composed of the core values to all humans, and even whole ecosystem of that nation.

      Now, ideologies are a reflection of diversity, which is healthy and an indicator of what you all call freedom and liberty. And they might change or adjust to the times, and according to the present population. Ideologies are more variable, basically are subject to worth it revisions. Depending on the part of the mould or skeleton of a scoiety the ideology affects it will impact the structure of the fixed establishment.

      There's room for discussion. But they main thing that people are deducing and living through is that all these essential aspects are being twisted just because some spoiled bratts, and powers hidding somewhere from the public, are manipulating the structure to the wrong interest, their own, yet call it commonwealth, common sense, comunism, socialism.

      I say that the United Nations is worth keeping, but cleaning from ills. Because it a brige to all sovereign nations, the mediators of common ground policies. I like it because if it works with accountability to the nations public it should discourage the fantasies of world governements or dictatorshisp called NWO.


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  2. Lindsey

    Maybe Rachel Maddow should listen to Ron Paul instead of merely interviewing him. It is obvious she doesn't agree with him when you listen to her editorial comments on MSNBC.


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