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Date: 01/07/2009
Show: Alex Jones Show


Alex Jones: He’s now all over mainstream television, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, The Houston Chronicles say, “Ron Paul is right”, from outsider to mainline. And thank God he’s been there telling the truth so that people now have a choice between collectivism, big government, and tyranny. He’s with us for the next 30 minutes to talk about a host of issues. Congressman Ron Paul, out of the gates, our first interview with you of 2010. What do you think is most important right now?

Ron Paul: Well, the big issue is how much of our freedom we’re going to have in the next year or two. Are we losing it? And I say we are, and that, to me, is the biggest issue because I have such confidence in free people that when we’re free and left alone and allowed to keep the fruits of our labor, things take care of themselves. We can do a much better job than the government. But if you go more specifically, I would say there are two: one is our expanded involvement overseas which poses the danger to us, physical danger as well as the danger to the men that have to go over there. And then the next thing I would be most concerned about is what I think is going to happen to the economy. I don’t think this is past us. I think we’re just barely into the correction, because they’re doing everything possible to prevent the correction, and you always have to have a correction in order to get back to work again.

Alex Jones: Well, I want to go over that in some detail, what’s happening with all these expanded wars, coming up in the interview. But first off, secret healthcare conference going on this week. Obama had promised to put it on C-Span but I don’t know how he has the authority over Congress. But now Obama says, “Okay, one hour”, kind of a staged event with talking points, the public can see that. Your take on that, congressman?

Ron Paul: Well, it just shows the hypocrisy of the whole thing – what people say in campaigns and then what they do afterwards. But most of the time the important things that come out of Washington are done in secret. I’ve known that ever since I’ve been in Washington. The conferences have always been very, very secretive. And I think one time in 1980 they had The Monetary Control Act come up, and the most important part of the bill came up in the conference. They stick it in the conference. Theoretically the conference is supposed to bring the numbers together. If the House has 50 and the Senate has 100, you’re supposed to agree on a compromise and go with 75. But the conference is where they do all the mischief, and that’s where the big deals are made. When the conference report comes back to the House floor, it’s usually brought back with a one hour debate, no amendments, and most people think, “Oh, we’ve fully discussed this. How did I vote for this before? Oh, I voted against this, I’ll vote against it again”.

So this is what’s going on. I’m not surprised at all. They’re never going to tell us exactly what’s in there. And it will be months, if not years, to figure out exactly what the consequences will be. Because then we will have delivered a lot of power to the agencies of government and the agencies write all the rules and regulations. There will be tax code changes, and we won’t know for years exactly what happens. I know there is a lot of condemnation of people not reading those bills and, of course, it’s impossible to read them or understand them. But I don’t think there is one individual that could read both of those bills and know what’s in it. They’re so bad. That’s why anytime we come upon a situation like this, any member of Congress ought to just vote no on it, because they know it’s no good. And this fact that they do it in secret means that you can’t trust what they’re doing.

Alex Jones: It’s over 4,000 pages with both versions, and jail time and new taxes and cutting benefits. Even socialists like Dennis Kucinich in the House with you and even the head of the Democratic Party have said it’s not a good bill.

Ron Paul: No. There may be some on the left that will oppose it. But they will probably only oppose it because there is not enough government. And, fortunately, the Republicans are doing a better job of sticking together on this. If Bush were president, that wouldn’t be the case. We would be getting some more prescription drug programs. Right now Republicans are sticking together and opposing it. Let’s hope we can stop it.

Alex Jones: Congressman, stay there.

Well, his new book has been out for months and has been at the top of the best seller charts, “End the Fed”. And, of course, he had a number 1 New York Times best seller, “[The Revolution: A Manifesto]” and you can find out a lot more at Campaign for Liberty. Ron Paul, again, is our statesman, our champion out there, really exposing the fake Republican Party and the fake Democratic Party. Congressman, getting back to healthcare here briefly, a month ago on the show you said it looks like it probably will pass. Is that still your prognosis?

Ron Paul: Yes, but I don’t think anybody knows what will be in it. I don’t think it will be everything that Obama wanted. And I wouldn’t put a whole lot of money on exactly what’s going to happen. Because the right-to-life people in the House are very, very determined. Democrat Bart Stupak said he’s going to stick to his guns. So maybe something good will come of all that. But then again, I think something will pass; the government is going to get more control of medical care.

Alex Jones: In every poll, you get Gallop polls of 99% against the banker bailout takeover of 2008. You see 91% against open borders. You see 70%+ not wanting government financed abortion. But it all just continues even if the people are against it. Take Copenhagen, the Denmark event, congressman. As you know, they couldn’t get the treaty, so Obama and Gordon Brown say they’re just going to implement it at the executive level. Is this not tyranny?

Ron Paul: It is, and they do a lot of that. And they’ve been doing it for a lot of years. Probably about 99% of executive orders are illegal. There are some conditions where the president is allowed to issue an executive order. But you have the executive orders, you have the signing statements. I mentioned before about how agencies of government legislate – that’s unconstitutional. And it’s just growing by leaps and bounds. And when you think about what the CIA does and how we run our foreign policy, it’s all out of control.

Alex Jones: And it seems from studying history that that’s what tyrannies do. They just get you trained to accept corruption. No one is for it, but they just do it. And the people kind of get a broken mindset or a broken attitude. And I’ve seen polls in Europe of 76% against the naked body scanners. We have medical reports that it does bombard your body with dangerous radiation. The media blurs the images, but we’ve posted and gotten the real images; complete images of women’s breasts, genitalia, men’s genitals. This is a literal recording of your naked body. The Guardian reports that England has to change their law because it is child pornography under their laws. I mean, who would imagine Stalin putting people through naked body scanners. Congressman, can you speak to that? And could you sponsor a bill to have Congress get control of the TSA and not let them put in these machines? And we have Chertoff making money off the company that got the government contracts. I mean this is just an incredible conflict of interest.

Ron Paul: Well, we’ve already had a vote in the House on this (to ban these scanners) and it passed in the House. So that represented what the people were saying. That was several months ago. But it is almost like this is the reaction to it. “We need to prove that we need these machines.” And they had this incident come up. So I think the people back then said one thing. But now they’re using the tactic. You’re wondering why the people, even those that are opposed to it, go along. And I think the reason the people finally go along, even though they’re numbers are against it, is because of fear. The government knows how to build up fear. You know, fear of the financial collapse of the system and they say, “Oh yea, that’s why we have to bail everybody out”. Fear that Osama Bin Laden is on the verge of having a nuclear weapon and Saddam Hussein is going to bomb Washington DC. It’s always fear, fear, fear. And then the people get frightened and then they sacrifice their liberties and it’s a continuous process. It’s a hard thing to combat, but hopefully we will be able to do it.

Alex Jones: So, carbon dioxide is going to kill us. We’ve got to have a world government, and a world tax to save us. The swine flu is going to kill us; it’s killed around 11% so far that the regular seasonal flu does so far, according to the Associated Press. But we’ve got to have those forced inoculations in New York and Massachusetts. That failed. It does seem that their selling of fear, though, is having less and less effect, and the people are starting to get wise to it.

Ron Paul: Yeah, this is it. This is the great thing that has happened; there is a loss of credibility of government. And this comes along with the acknowledgment that the government is bankrupt, and both parties are bankrupt, because governments make promises and they can’t fulfill them. Even this foreign policy adventurism is not going to pan out either. There will be a point where you can’t afford it. That’s why the Soviets left; it wasn’t because we fought them. They found that the economic system couldn’t be sustained.

And there is as much concern on the left as there is on the right about government and its credibility because the people on the left say, “Hey, maybe my benefits aren’t going to come. Is it true that Social Security is bankrupt? And where are they going to get this money for this medical bill?” You know, eventually they’re starting to wake up because government is losing their credibility, and I think this is very, very healthy. But our job is not just to harp on their total failure as much as to say, “What are we going to do about it? Is there an answer to this?” and this is where when I talk on college campuses they’re delighted to hear that there are alternatives, there are things to do.

And I am convinced in my own mind that if we truly had a free society and sound money and limited government and a sensible foreign policy, and we just got out of the way, and everybody lost 75% of their wealth tomorrow but they were left alone, I think we’d recover quickly; quicker than anybody would ever dream of. So the whole issue is how free we can be and whether we can have self-reliance and take care of ourselves and push us back to depending on local communities and family. It is so remarkable how successful that is. But, unfortunately, our country has lost confidence in that. But now the question is being asked: if government can’t deliver, what is the option? Too often, though, they’re saying… you know, the people that you fight all the time are the one-world people who say, “Oh yes, there is a crisis. There is a financial crisis. That means we need a single central bank for the whole world.” But the other option is maybe introducing the notion of gold and silver coinage here in the United States, like the Constitution mandates.

Alex Jones: Congressman, a few minutes ago you alluded to the fact that they couldn’t get their multi-billion dollar airport scanners in. People were refusing en masse. And so magically, Christmas day, I heard on the radio about the underwear bomber. And then I talked to eye witnesses, they didn’t hear any explosion. They saw another man aboard the flight, they saw a man lead the underwear bomber on to the flight in Amsterdam. They had body scanners in Amsterdam, he bypassed security. The underwear bomber’s father said he was training in Yemen, but he wasn’t put on the watch list. On and on and on. And you talk about letting this happen, or how convenient that this came along. Even Rush Limbaugh now admits there is a global government forming. And he admits that the government wants to wreck society so that we all become dependent on them.

So the good news is, mainline conservatives are now finally having to admit what you’ve been talking about for 20, 30 years, what I’ve been talking about for 14 years. But can you speak to creating crises or using existing crises, or letting terrorists hit us? You know, Gulf of Tonkin was staged, never happened. In 1953, overthrowing Iran by funding radical Muslims to attack the government… I mean, we know who has the motive in all of this. And within minutes of the underwear bombing reports Sunday it came on Fox News radio, I was listening with my family on Christmas. And they said, “Don’t worry, the scanners are going in next month”. I mean, you talk about perfect timing.

Ron Paul: Yeah, the question is whether or not government could be that inept. And sometimes I think they’re quite capable of being very inept rather than just conspiracy people who have planned every single thing. But there are events that occur, and they make good use of them. But, really, can they be this inept? It just seems like they can’t be that stupid to miss so many warning signs. And I’ve been harping on this that every year we spend 75 billion dollars on gathering intelligence to try to protect our country from being hit. Of course, they won’t talk about foreign policy. Then they get this hot lead and they say, “Oh yes, we knew about that guy. We were worried about him.” And it would have cost them a telephone call to say, “Why don’t you watch this guy”. But where does the 75 billion dollars go to collect all this intelligence? It seems to me like we don’t have very many intelligent people analyzing this, unless somebody is in the business of allowing these things to go forward, which is going to be hard to prove one way or the other.

Alex Jones: Well, my issue is this: let’s say there are real terrorists that blow up a few airlines every year. I would rather, and I’ve seen the polls; so would everybody else, I would rather walk right on those planes and have the chance that’s going to happen. I mean, I get on the highway everyday; that’s the number one cause of death. I take my children on the highway at 70 miles per hour with big 18 wheelers besides me. Yesterday I drove past an overturned 18 wheeler that was a fatality. I mean, do I suddenly start chewing my finger nails and say “Naked body scan me, record my naked children in the body scanner”. It’s ridiculous.

Ron Paul: […] logical but it won’t pass politically to take that. They will consider this that you’re not really concerned. But what I do instead, even though I’m not saying that what you’re saying is wrong. What I’m saying is that there is an alternative. I don’t believe the government should be involved in giving us our privacy or our safety. The government doesn’t give us our safety in our houses or our buildings or our farms, our business establishments or our chemical plants. But on the airplanes, if the airlines were responsible, there is technology available now that every individual could be issued something no bigger than a cell phone that would be your identification badge. The airline can have that registered so they say, “Oh, I know. Your little gadget there belongs to Ron Paul, so I want you to put your fingerprint on it”. You put your fingerprint on it, and they get the recording. They have no record of your finger print, no records kept. The government doesn’t know anything about it. But I’m a frequent flyer, but I have my pass. I have a card which I have voluntarily gotten.

Alex Jones: It’s a corporate passport.

Ron Paul: Only I can turn that ID badge on. And that technology is available. I mean, that at least would take care of 90%. Even if he didn’t fly a whole lot. You can get pre-screened for this. That’s what I would do if I was running the airlines. I wouldn’t say, “Oh, anybody come on”. I’d be very careful.

Alex Jones: But congressman, we know what’s really happening. Take Austin, Texas. A 150 million dollars spent on Capital Metro that 1% of the city rides, at a cost over $35 per ride, the person pays too, and 70 million is spent on Austin roads. So more than double the money is spent because the government gets to control the buses. Then what? All the rest of the people are using cars. They only get half of the money or less – of their own tax money. And it’s the same thing with big government. Big government with revolving doors, with homeland security people, they’re all making money as consultants. They recommend the body scanners and the surveillance, and then they make money off of it. It’s criminal.

Ron Paul: There is no doubt about it. When I heard that thing about Chertoff, it’s hard to believe. Somebody was interviewing him asking, “By the way, I know you run this and how did you guys know this was so important.” And he was really smart, he figured this out. It wasn’t like, “is there a conflict of interest?” That question never even came up when he was being interviewed.

Alex Jones: Well, that’s like in Congress. Whenever Paulson, head of the treasury, was asked, “You’ve got tens of millions of dollars of your own bailout money”. He’d say, “I gave myself a waiver.”

Ron Paul: That made it legal, huh?

Alex Jones: I mean, can I give myself a waiver, congressman, to rob banks?

Ron Paul: You know, I can’t remember which company it was, but they were bankrupt and we bailed them out and all. And they still had a tax problem. So they just wrote the taxes off; hundreds of millions of dollars, “Okay, those last 3 years taxes, you had a lot of trouble so you don’t have to pay those taxes”. Can you imagine if you had a tax problem and you had difficulty with the IRS and they said, “Well, we know so had trouble, so you don’t have to pay those back taxes”. But that’s the way the system works, unfortunately.

Alex Jones: Dr. Ron Paul, Congressman Ron Paul joining us. We got about 8 minutes left here. Sir, I saw a Bloomberg report where Goldman Sachs is arming its employers literally against the public with pitchforks. In Washington are they starting to get the same sense that Wall Street is, that the people are recognizing their criminal activity, passing unconstitutional bills without even reading them? Because it seems that Washington is only getting more criminal; they don’t seem to care. Or is it more like rats running off the sinking ship with the loot?

Ron Paul: Well, it is some of that. I work on the assumption that Washington is usually about 10-15 years behind what the people are thinking. So I don’t think a person like Nancy Pelosi is aware of what the people are really thinking. You know, if she heard about the Tea Party movement, she writes it off as “1% or 2% of the population that are all nuts”. And she just totally dismisses it. So that’s where generally Washington is. I just don’t think that they’re quite aware of what’s happening with the grassroots and I think that’s where the real changes are occurring. And, of course, I’m always hopeful that there are some real changes with the young people. That’s why I keep talking to myself so that I’m always hopeful.

Alex Jones: Speaking of hopefulness, it looks like Iceland may say, “No, we’re not going to pay off private debt.” England is listing all Icelanders basically as terrorists so they can grab and hold the money that’s in British banks. Goldman Sachs has been caught engineering that crisis, that’s come out in the news. I mean, shouldn’t we just tell these private banks we’re not going to give you any more bailout money?

Ron Paul: Well, we should have never given it in the first place, and we shouldn’t give anymore. Besides, pretty soon it will be worthless and won’t matter much. The more you give away and create money out of thin air, you may temporarily help some of their friends. But it’s just more of the same thing. That’s how we got in this trouble, that’s how they’re going to keep it going.

Alex Jones: A lot of economists are saying we could have total depression within the next year. The real economy has over 20% unemployment. All the numbers, that I know you’re well aware of, are really bad. Well, the mainstream media says this is a great economy because the big banks are making money off the bailout. The dollar is continuing its slide. It went up for a little bit, but still overall it’s going down. Where do you see us in 2 years, congressman?

Ron Paul: I think we’re going to be much poorer as a nation. I think unemployment rates are going to stay very high. I think by 2 years it will be acknowledged that there was no recovery. I thought there were some very good articles, and I commented on one this past week, about Paul Krugman. He analyzed the past 10 years and he had a good analysis. We’re all worse off. The real income has not gone up, and investments have not gone up. He did say that you’d be in even-steven on your stocks from 10 years ago. But it is actually lower; if you take into account the inflation you’re down about 20%. But, of course, he said what we needed was more spending and more regulations and that would have solved all that problem. But no. I think it started 10 years ago. I think we started slipping into the recession-depression. I think there is no sign that we have reversed things. They talk themselves into thinking that things are improving. When the .com bubble bust, they did not allow the correction to occur. So they created a housing bubble. Well, they started feeling better. But it didn’t solve the problem. Now a lot of people don’t have houses.

Alex Jones: But you don’t believe gold is a bubble?

Ron Paul: No, I don’t believe that.

Alex Jones: So that’s an inflationary issue.

Ron Paul: I think if anything, gold is way behind. The real bubble, I think, is in the bond market because the prices of bonds are so good because the interest rates are so low. But that’s just being held together. I think this is what the Fed does in collusion with other central banks: they prop that market up. But the market will rule.

Alex Jones: So if gold met inflation, what would it be, like $2500 an ounce?

Ron Paul: It would be a lot higher. I don’t think the market has been allowed to adjust to that yet. I think that’s the other think they might not reveal: how much they’re involved in the gold market. Governments have always been involved in gold even when they had gold 1,000 years ago. The kings would dilute the metal or clip the coins and do different things. You know, in 1971 we dumped gold to try to keep gold at $35 an ounce, and that was a joke.

Alex Jones: Absolutely.

Ron Paul: They do it a different way now. But they’re working very hard. They know that a high price of gold is a vote against paper. And they can’t allow the people to question the paper money because their kingdom is finished when the people question it. They’re only beginning to question it. So if anything, gold is a long way from a bubble. The real bubble is in the size of the currency market and the value of the dollar is artificially high and the bonds are artificially high.

Alex Jones: Congressman, I totally agree with you. In the last minute and a half we got left, homeschoolers in California, they ruled a couple of years ago that homeschooling is a privilege, that the state owns their children. That got overturned. CBS News reports, “These people moved to the town, didn’t register their kids. It was a civil matter.” But the CPS said, “Yeah, but that’s child endangerment”, and so they were arrested through […] law. And the school is on television saying they deserve to go to jail. I mean, this is slavery, in my view. I mean, if we can’t raise our children and be left alone by the state, we might as well be the Soviet Union.

Ron Paul: Yeah, this is tyranny. But unfortunately we sold that out a long time ago when we decided the federal government was involved in education always, you know, for these good reasons. So once we allowed the government to take charge of it, there has been some up and down. They’ve tried to really stop homeschooling in the early 1980s, and there were some court fights and we won those. But no, they will never give up on that. They never give up on control of money, they will never give up on the control of the education of the young children. Just think of how they brainwash young children on global warming and some of this radical environmentalism. So that’s a big fight, but hopefully it will backfire on them and it will just wake the people up. Because there sure are a lot of homeschoolers around these days and they’re very strong on the Constitution. They’ve learnt the Constitution which they would never have learnt in the public schools.

Alex Jones: And that’s right. There are many more homeschoolers than there were in 1980s. We beat them back then. The message is stand up against this tyranny and we can turn it around.

Congressman Ron Paul, thank you so much for joining us in the New Year. Everybody should get your book, “End the Fed”. Our website is Thank you so much for spending time with us.

Ron Paul: Good to be with you. Bye bye.

Alex Jones: Take care.

  • Gary V

    Just a huge thank you to Dr Paul. I weap a bit every time I think that you are truely the only person in DC that cares about this coutry and its people.