2 responses to “Ron Paul on RT: Haiti Earthquake, Body Scanners and Yemen”

  1. Bryan Dougall

    What a seriously uninformed interview. Ron Paul is a brilliant person who did no homework on the subjects at hand this time. the Scanners he is referring to are MR scanners, not xray. And new xray scanners coming out on the market are 10,000 times lower doses than medical xrays but can see everyhting.

    as far as Chertoffs, company, the scanning tech was ahead of it’s time, but will soon be replaced by safe and effective xrays. The terrorists are MUCH more dangerous.

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  2. Bottomline

    The people there live in a Communist Country where the dictator there! They are living in poverty with no jobs to help them get out of it! Most of the time when we give out money to third world countries! The wrong people get the money and there lives are not better! We got to make sure that the money that we the people donate does not fall in the wrong hands! In many cases the Free Market has worked to control comapnies’ profits!& things would be less expensive! Take for example MacDonalds got rid of the fat grease and also provide healthy foods like salads! Subway has also provided healthy alternatives to fast food without Government Intervention!

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