Obama Talked About Change, Yet Nothing Has Changed

Channel: CNN
Date: 01/15/2010


Ron Paul: We’ve been going in the wrong direction for a long time, not just with this administration. This administration has only had one year. The problems we have today are a consequence of bad policies for decades. It takes a long time to destroy a healthy, vibrant economy and it took these many decades to do it. And there are two parties that were responsible: The Republicans and the Democrats. It’s a much bigger issue than 1 year of politics.

[Obama] a good leader, but he’s going in the wrong directions. So I would say that I give him credit for being a good leader. But he just wants more government. He talked about change, and nothing has changed. Republicans, of course, when they are out of office, they want change too. And yet when we had our chance ten years ago to get in and make a difference, not much happened. So it’s a big problem changing the course of a nation. And I like the analogy that it’s hard to turn around an aircraft carrier. You don’t turn an aircraft carrier around on a dime.

Question: Would the United States be better off with Sen. John McCain as president?

Ron Paul: It would be neither. It wouldn’t be any better off and it wouldn’t be any worse off. It would have been the same policies. You know, Obama has followed McCain’s policy in the Middle East. He’s expanding the war, sending more troops to Afghanistan, bombing Pakistan, taking on Yemen and threatening Iran. And that’s exactly what McCain would have done, and that costs a lot of money.

Question: As a doctor, how do you feel about the health care legislation?

Ron Paul: It’s a disaster. But, fortunately, those of us who would like to go in a different direction are winning this argument and it’s the key issue of this year and next year (at the end of this year and this election). I think it’s going to bring about major changes in the Congress.

Economic concerns are the biggest issue and along with that, because it is an economic concern, is the worry about healthcare. They’re happy with what they have, they see healthcare changes being made in Washington as a threat to them. And others are concerned about the cost of it, and they see that’s related to the economy. So that’s a big issue as well.

This idea of trying to make you feel better by saying there is a jobless recovery – I mean, that is about the most fantastic oxymoron I’ve ever heard of. I mean, if you don’t have a job, how do you have a recovery? You don’t have a recovery until people get their jobs back.

Question: How has Congress changed since you first joined in the 1970s?

Ron Paul: No change at all. It’s the same old stuff. The change is occurring, though, but it’s changing in the country. The people are waking up, the tea party movement is significant. The college campuses are changing, the organizations that have been formed to try to change this country, so there are tremendous changes going on in the country. And I place a lot of hope in the next generation because they’re very interested in this subject. But, with Congress the same old stuff goes on and on.

Question: We had to ask… have you given any thought to 2012?

Ron Paul: I think about it all the time. I think about where I’m going on my vacation and when I’ll be seeing my kids and whether I’ll get my exercise in and things like that. No, I don’t think about the politics. I think about 2010 though. One year at a time.


  • There has been a change!!!!!!!! If there had been nothing done to help the ecomony, most of you idiots would be out of jobs. At least it is turning around from where it was. The soldiers are coming out of Iraq as promised. Unfortunated the fight is else where. You fools with no life just have to be negative about everything including yourself.

    • Nitroindole

      Calm down, girl.

      There is NO idiots here. I am not really sure about you though. You do not understand what changes are meant. You call “change” the fact that we are still alive and some of us are employed??? “At least turning around…..” Thanks Big Government!….. First they deliberately allowed the crisis to develop now they bail out gambling addicts with OUR money and you are thankful… Shoud we too???. What a nation of sheeps then…. So, real changes are ahead.

    • longshotlouie

      Other than the location of the troops and the name of the Big Head, what has changed?

    • John

      Aren’t there more troops in the middle east now? Aren’t we about to go to war with Iran after sending warships and other weapons over to the middle east yesterday to “deter” a attack by Iran on Israel, Dubai, etc.. Defense spending has gone up under Obama. If you think the US economy is in a better place then you haven’t got a clue about economics. Right now the GDP has been increasing, but is that all inflationary or real growth after the trillions the FED recently created? And who or what companies are responsible for the increase in GDP? Mostly, Goldman, Gov’t contractors and other big banks and corporations. This is not sustainable growth with respect to GDP. Review a bit of history look at the stock market crash of 1920 and of 1929 and the gov’t actions or the lack there of during both and then tell me which one we recovered from faster. Is the patriot act still around? Yes. Is the government still increasing in size? Yes. Are jobs still being lost? Yes. Has Obama continued Bush practice of using signing statements? Yes. Is the government continuing to usurp the powers of the state and individual? Yes.

      So what has changed other then the name of the president?

  • SS

    “If without violence the tyrant is simply not obeyed, he becomes naked and undone and as nothing.”
    -Etienne de la Boetie

  • Joyce

    Regarding CHANGE…yeah there has been change…we’ve gone from bad to worse. Hello out there!

  • longshotlouie

    Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change