Ron Paul Speaking at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore

Congressman Ron Paul will present “The Case Against the Fed” at Loyola University Maryland on Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 7 p.m. The event, which takes place in McGuire Hall on the University’s North Charles Street campus, will be followed by a book signing and reception.

Dr. Paul, a Republican and an obstetrician by training who has served Texas’s 14th district for 20 years, will discuss many of the key themes outlined in his book End the Fed, a New York Times bestseller. Dr. Paul is also the co-author of a current bill requiring an audit of the Federal Reserve.

“Dr. Paul presents a very convincing case that the Federal Reserve is not only the cause of much of our current economic condition, but is continuing with policies that will lead to greater difficulties in the future,” said Thomas DiLorenzo, Ph.D., a professor of economics at Loyola who arranged Dr. Paul’s appearance. “In addition to calling for the first audit of the Fed, he also proposes several alternatives for managing the U.S. money supply.”

Dr. Paul, a graduate of Gettysburg College and Duke University School of Medicine, serves on the House Foreign Affairs and Financial Services Committees as well as the Joint Economic Committee. He was a candidate for the Republican nomination during the 2008 United States presidential campaign.

The event, part of the Moral Foundations of Capitalism lecture series led by DiLorenzo, is supported by a grant from the BB&T Foundation.

  • Instead of Campaigning for a Maryland Octogenarian supported by his aids and staff, Mr Paul should support someone who has the energy to take the fight to the enemy, the enemy being big Government. Check out my website and leave a message for Dr. Paul if you agree.

  • SS

    ‘Time Bomb’

  • longshotlouie

    To our fellow Americans,

    We are making a big noise in Texas.
    Debra Medina has shocked the establishment after two debates where polls showed her crushing Good Hair Perry and Kay Bailout Hutchison.

    We need your help.
    Medina For Governer Money Bomb is today!

    Live Free or Die!
    Medina For Texas

  • F. Gleicher

    The thing about it is, we need to get seriously involved with this, donate money, speak up to everyone we can, our senators and reps, etc, and make ourselves heard about what we want here, or it’s not gonna work. RON PAUL for president in 2012 !


  • longshotlouie
  • Signy S. Ellerton

    Whoops! I just saw on the Loyola website that Dr. Paul’s event has been sold out and there are no tickets available….too little too late on my part. I’m glad, and not surprised, that he’ll have a full house! Signy Ellerton

  • longshotlouie

    To Understand Congress, Just Watch the Sandpile

    The sand grains represent units of political pressure.
    It’s time to dump a few more truckloads of sand in the halls of Congress.

  • Signy S. Ellerton

    I just heard that Dr. Paul will be at Loyola in Balto tonight; I will call in to let Loyola know (required), and hope I can make it. My 12 year old g-daughter is sick,(we’re raising her) so I’m not positive I can make it. For the entire time former Rep. Barry Goldwater, Jr. was in the House of Reps, almost 14 years, I was his Press Secretary and then Chief of Staff (we used to call that job the “AA” for administrative assistant…we always admired Dr. Paul, and we cheer him on, and do all we can to spread the message. I probably would not have a chance to speak with him – he’ll be mobbed, and I’m sure he doesn’t remember me, but I want him to know that WE* are out here……*constitutionalists, and Do Not Foist Your Style of Religion On Me (I’m a pro-choice Republican woman)….so, thank you Dr. Paul, for taking this on.