Ron Paul: Cut Government Spending Now!

Spending Freeze Not Likely

by Ron Paul

Last week politicians in Washington made a few things clear about how they really feel about the state of the union. First, they are beginning to hear the growing discontent with the size and scope of government and the broken promises that keep piling up. Certain events in Massachusetts recently made that statement loud, clear and unavoidable. In the face of those events, the powers that be made the determination that some populist rhetoric was in order, and the idea of a spending freeze in Washington was proposed, albeit with several caveats. These caveats to the proposed spending freeze ensure that we are not at any real risk of actually doing anything about spending.

First of all is timing. It wouldn’t go into effect until 2011, which allows plenty of time to increase spending levels quite a bit before they are frozen. If the administration really understood and cared about our spending problems they would not freeze spending a year from now, but cut spending immediately and significantly. But, spending cuts almost never happen in Washington, and they are not likely now or a year from now – if the politicians have anything to say about it.

The second caveat is the huge areas of the budget that are shielded from this freeze. The entire State Department budget is exempt, as are all entitlements, all military industrial spending and almost all foreign aid. Fully 7/8 of federal spending is excluded from this freeze, and some areas to be frozen were actually set to decrease, which means a freeze actually guarantees a higher level of spending.

Especially insulting is the idea that in spite of our own fiscal problems at home, taxpayer dollars will continue to be sent overseas in the form of foreign aid where it often does more harm than good. When need is demonstrated to Americans and they can afford it, they can be counted on for a tremendous outpouring of private, voluntary charity to worthy aid organizations, as we recently saw in Haiti. By contrast, government-to-government aid is taken from the poor by force and too often enriches the corrupt. It is counterproductive and wasteful. But the idea of eliminating, freezing, or reducing foreign aid is not up for serious debate any time soon.

The third caveat is what is included in the freeze that would make it politically impossible to pass Congress, for example air traffic controllers salaries, education, farm subsidies and national parks.

I do not necessarily want a cut in spending in this country – I just want to change who does the spending. The spending should be done by the people who earn the money, if they choose, and on what they choose, without any government interference. That is what makes the economy work. Politicians should stick to the very limited roles given them by the constitution instead of allocating such a sizeable portion of our capital and intervening through regulations and tax policy. But because politicians have disregarded the constitution, and the people have no idea what rule they will break next, there is already a very real spending freeze underway in this economy, by the people. If government would stick only to what it was authorized to do, and leave the rest to the people, most of these problems would resolve themselves.


  • Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thanks!

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  • NIcole

    Not sure if Obama is creating government jobs or not…all I know is that I work for the government and my overtime has been taking completely away.

  • The Parents and the students themselves need to disciplined theyreselves and help themselves before they can get help from others! You need to work on your grammar Man with all due respect!

    • Forest

      Hrm. Hello pot, this is kettle…

  • I voted for Ron Paul and most of the country just laughed at him. I knew all along he was the answer. Now, the goofy, hypocritical, religious, corporations-in-pocket, right-wing, neo-con republican Sarah Palin and Dick Armey types, who have tried to snuff him out for years–are hijacking his movement to get tea party votes. Doesn’t anybody have any cooth anymore?

    Problem is not Palin and company, the problem is the American people who are uneducated and not able to critically think. They are the ones who let themselves be takne advantage of. I just wish Ron Paul runs for President again–and before that–exposes this train robbery the republicans are pulling on the tea party movement. Go Schiff, go Rand–and go Ron. If these guys and others like them don’t get hired within the next 2 years–this country is doomed–2012 and before is the last chance–hope the country gets smart real fast–or it’s worse than the grapes of wrath–period.

    Go Run

    • What happen to the party of Abraham Lincoln & Ronald Raegan? Not the party of Rush Limbo! Ron Paul is a true conservative with real solutions and don’t just bash! I agree with Palin on some of the things she said when she attended the Tea Party movement that Paul had an idea of creating! While I agree Government is not always the answer! I think Palin should have more solutions on creating jobs and getting people out of welfare and poverty Without Government intervention! I think Dr. Paul would be a better choice for President!
      I also think that Medina would be a better choice for the Governer of Texas even though I am not from there! She is more serious about keeping the state’s fiscal house in order! I think Dr. Paul’s son would be great for Kentucky because McConnell is not taking the people there real seriously!

      • Lindsey

        Bottomline: I still wonder why Ron Paul is attending CPAC and skipped the Tea Party convention. Last year CPAC tried to sweep Ron under the rug! I know that he would have been welcome at the Tea Party Convention and he may have been able to get on Prime Time like Sarah Palin. I’ll gurarantee you Ron won’t get any publicity at CPAC. Ron needs to hang with Sarah and he’ll get lot’s of free publicity. By the way, I don’t believe that Sarah Palin is all that pro-war! After all, remember she has a son in the infantry. She has to be concerned about his welfare as I am about mine when he goes overseas.

        • My hat goes off to her son for serving our country! I give him lots of respect! However I was watching one of those sunday morning news interviews and she said that the only way that Obama would defeat her in the next election is if we would bomb or have occupation in Iran! & She suppose to live up the frey? I’m sorry to question some of her motives! Although the “Hope and Change” Crap that we here from this administration is just an optacle illusion! Which Palin scored real well on! The only jobs I here that are being created are Government jobs! & the majority of government workers get paid more than the rest of us who work in private sector jobs! Which is fishy!

  • Ben Petty

    Dr. Paul,

    You must endorse Debra Medina immediately. The past few days have been VERY SUSPICIOUS. First Sarah Palin (Ms. Neocon) comes out and endorses Rand THEN SHE ENDORSES PERRY. That confused me, but what confused me more is you not endorsing Medina. Now is the time.

    • Lindsey

      Ben: Sarah Palin is our partner in liberty and freedom. She also has 20 times more pizazz than Ron. I have always thought that Ron and Sarah would be a winning team. McCain could have won the election if he had let Sarah loose instead of trying to control her every word. People on this blog need to realize that it takes more than just brains to win a campaign and govern effectively. (By the way, I’m sure Sarah would endorse Ron Paul for re-election if she hasn’t already done it) Why is it that you think Sarah’s endorsing Rand is suspicious? I’ll bet Rand Paul is not thinking that way!

  • Sean

    Just so Longshotlouie can understand the difference between a top-down and bottom-up approach..

    In bottom-up organized organizations, e.g. ministries and their subordinate entities, decisions are prepared by experts in their fields, which define, out of their expertise, the policy they deem necessary. If they cannot agree, even on a compromise, they escalate the problem to the next higher hierarchy level, where a decision would be sought.

    In the opposite, a top-down approach, where regular public servants enjoy no other task than simply to execute decisions made by their superiors. As those superiors also require consultation, this consultation is provided by members of a cabinet, which is distinctive from the regular ministry staff in terms of staff and organization. Those members who are not members of the cabinet are not entitled to make any suggestions or to take any decisions of political dimension.

    The advantage of the bottom-up approach is the great level of expertise provided, combined with the motivating experience of any member of the administration to be responsible and finally the independent “engine” of progress in that field of personal responsibility

    • longshotlouie

      Still having trouble focusing, huh?

  • longshotlouie
    • Sean

      Too bad Medina isn’t getting much coverage.. I like the idea of her getting rid of property taxes, but that is money that goes to the schools to pay teacher salary. Instead of schools being controlled locally, she’s going to centralize and delegate that power to the state government.. That plus shes going to raise taxes somewhere else to pay for it.

      • longshotlouie

        She has gone from 4% to 24% in eight weeks. Must be some coverage, huh?

        Your statement on schools shows an ignorance of the situation.

        • Sean

          Well I live in texas and I watch the news everyday. Trust me, shes not getting the coverage that perry and hutchison are getting.. MAYBE her ratings have gone up because of all the attack adds that perry and hutchison show on tv against eachother. Did you ever think of that? Probably not.. And please explain how Medina intends to fund the schools mr. know it all. I bet you didn’t even know that schools were funded locally through property taxes.

          • Sean

            ok well i read her proposal (i bet you didn’t) she says that the state government already funds schools (to a certain degree). She said she is going to build on that premise, on top of programs are already set in place.

            HMMMMMMMM…. where have i heard that before. OH Yeah!! Obama wants to build up medicare… No matter how you look at it, she is centralizing power. Instead of a bottom up approach where our tax dollars go to our own city, she wants to take our tax dollars and spread it equally throughout texas.. HAHAHAHAHA! i bet you don’t know the difference of a bottom up structure from a top down.

          • Sean

            and shes going to raise the sales tax on everything but groceries, medicines, basic health care and other basic needs to pay for it.

          • longshotlouie

            My fellow Texan,

            Debra Medina will be the next governor of
            The Great State of Texas.

        • Forest

          She certainly is getting more coverage:

          Heartache: Tea Party candidate in Texas a 9/11 truther

          • longshotlouie

            Tea-o-con shill, Glenn Beck, recruited to do the hit on Debra Medina

          • Forest

            I suppose ‘they’ all are:

            From 9/11 to the birth certificate

            There’s a universe in which the truth behind 9/11 and the “birth certificate thing” are part of the same broad framework, and Medina seems to be operating in that cultural context without quite realizing how damaging it will be as she tries to court a broader audience.


  • The answer is Ron Paul

    Ron Paul is the answer. I really don’t get how Americans can be so ignorant to elect a president with nothing of value but great speaking skills. The mistake of electing Obama should be apparent to all Americans at this point. Not only has he destroyed the dollar, he has brought socialist ideas into the White House. I feel as if Ron Paul is our only solution to the corruption of our current government, as his true liberal ideas will help us become the free country we were meant to be.

    • Which means more bailing out the banks! More war spending and too much government!

      • & what’s this I hear in this disfunctional government of ours that some how free trade means more jobs? What a load of “TRASH”!BUSH & CLINTON PASSED THESE SO-CALLED FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS! SOON OBAMA WILL BE PASSING MORE FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS TO GET RID OF MORE JOBS FOR CHEAP LABOR!

  • RP
    • Perception

      You can tell that Ron Paul is having an effect by the volume of venom,and attempts at ridicule spewed out by the likes of “RP says.”

      The real traitors are those who have destroyed the US economy and now play dangerous power games with China in the vain hope of regaining power and status.

      The Oligarchs have their backs to the wall and will increasingly do desperate,stupid things.China has the productive capacity and rapidly advancing technologically.All the US has achieved is to push Russia and China to become convienent allies,who now have mutual infrastructure projects happening,as well as energy/resource trading.

      If the Oligarchs think that they can take on the combined might of Russia/China without a global catastrophe,then their heads are buried deep within their own fundamentals.

      The USA has trillions in worthless derivatives and a ruling class killing creativity and productivity by their lust for power.They have destroyed the genie which granted them this undeserved power.

      Weapons of MAD-ness are not bargaining tools.It is akin to two opposing suicide bombers in a room threating to pull the pin.

  • jim wuppere


    I’m just wondering if Mr. Ron Paul read my old Landlord’s book, which I believe was an indictment of the fed. Published back in 1980, It’s title was “The Truth in Money” by Ted Thoren & someone else.
    Just Curious,
    Jim Wupper

  • why no new video updates?

  • Libertarian777

    Ron Paul said it best when he said income tax is socialism, the government is basically saying “you’re allowed to earn this much, we take the rest”, much like the military draft is saying “your life belongs to us, we’ll decide where you’ll go {and die}”.

    Instead of tax and spend, the government should tax less, and spend less. Free market capitalism lets ME decide where to employ my capital (spend it or invest it). Obama and the current administration saying “government spending is vital to the economy” is a LIE. Instead of tax credits and government spending, imagine instead if the government stopped all spending for a year, and stopped all TAXES for a year. I bet anything growth would have been faster since capital would be better employed. Cutting income tax instantly increases employed people’s spending power by 20%+. Even if they saved 50% of that there’s still a 10% boost in spending

    The problem is with the welfare state growing, the poorer people will be more readily willing to vote for a government that promotes welfare (and by ‘tax the rich’, they mean the middle class, NOT the super wealthy bankers as the lower classes like to believe)

    • jones

      Well, I think there are many problems piled over time.

      Taxes are needed to collect money for the government work, but the question is on what, how and why?

      So from now on people need to see actual numbers and need to see where the money goes. It should be kept as simple as possible, or made very accountable to spot corruption.

      Allowing the superich to get more money is backfiring on everyone, including government and the ‘too big to fail’. Because more power goes into the wrong direction and that could buy anything and everything (corruption takes over).

      I don’t see the point of ‘conserving’ money for the richest, if you think about it will take any society to exactly where we are: lots of money in the wrong places, lots to cover up in any possible way power can, lots of people globally at drift.

      Something is wrong with the economy concepts used before, they are no longer working.

      • jones


        -fair taxes that yield balance

        -clean and clear regulations

        -accountability, does not mean harrassement

        -balance in funding the core structures of society

        -higher number of bussinesses rather than few massive companies

        -If everything goes into defense and weapons life won’t survive

  • I agree in general with Dr. Paul on this issue, and others, but I’m afraid I have to take issue with the inside-baseball approach to getting our hands around this problem. Politicians have never and will never substantially limit their own abilities to borrow money and increase our debt. I very much respect the idea of agitating within the system to act for progress, but sometimes change must come from without.

    I’m advocating the passage of a constitutional amendment to require a 65% majority in both houses of Congress to increase the debt limit. The benefits would go far beyond a simple freeze (which we all recognize is voluntary at best, deceptive at worst). It would mean that borrowing even to continue paying interest on the national debt would require either explicit cuts in government programs or a broad and energized majority to increase the debt ceiling.

  • jones

    Can people find out the amount in taxes collected, their distribution back into the country, or whatever path they take? and where?

    I think it is a fair thing to do and in everyone’s interest. That and the communication of today should be a public form of continuos ‘check and balance’ for any system that claims to be based in liberty and freedoms of all types.

    Besides, when people have too many things to do some important details can be overlooked even by an ‘expert team’ assisting management, or when influenced by particular interests. A benefitial feed back directly from the mass requires reliable information, and does not mean the managers or experts will loose their jobs.

    I would consider that part of an economic and political reform positive in the direction of growth.

    But needs to be sheltered from specialized predators and their tools.

    Do I get a feedback in this comment?

    • Chris
      • jones

        No Chris, a summary of how much in taxes is collected yearly from taxpayers, from what, out of how many (no ID necesary) and in what salary range, AND where is the money going or reinvested.

        I assume that management/government then uses that for budget, as we have authorized the politicans to do it.

        People need to have a more global picture of that for assessment of what government do, I see it as quick reference tool for the population to decide issues of the economy, a way to get at better decisions for the economy and budget.

        Then we look at the propose ideas of leaders and read all the info for that.

        An efficiente yearly reference of taxes collected, at least from the legal economy.

        • Chris

          It would take a lot of work, but you can get how much people are taxed based on incomes from the IRS. Then you’d have to look at the budget, which is available online. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone hasn’t done this already, but I’d imagine they’d charge a whole lot for it.

          • jones

            Yes, and thank you. People that work on the field and get payed to do that must have that data. I hope so, since it would be a good way to keep track of money for a budget that works.

  • Van Wilder

    I feel like not enough people even care and the amount of people that do cant trump the corruption that is already in power or the dependant members of society. There is no such thing as liberty and the saying that ignorance is bliss couldnt be more true. I feel haunted by the fact that this may only get worse. Im a school teacher in an Urban school district and I constantly ask my self where are these kids going when they leave here? The kids have no drive to succeed or better themselves because they know they can survive without an education. If we cut entitlement programs there will be war on the streets. Take a look at detroit I dont think that is ever coming back. There is plenty of land to start new settlements though, but the ingenuity of the american people is stifled by the government. I thinkit would be easiest if some states actually did leave the union. Smaller would be better for a fresh start. Im sure you would see mass populations move to the new united states in a hurry. Sorry for ranting, and im sure my grammar is not totally correct so people who are looking at the branches instead of the forest feel free to pick…


      • Van Wilder

        I make learning very fun and am by no means your average teacher. Thats why it kills me to see the slugs still moving about.If there is a voucher to other schools, who pays for that? What about when good schools become to overcrowded? The problem i think now is that we make school mandatory rather than it being a privledge. There is no ownership in thier education from the students or thier parents thats the issue. granted there are many students that make the job worth it and its great to see them grow up and become successful. Problem is the slugs eat up most of the teachers time and energy. I know Ron Paul is the only hope. He is the only politician I have ever believed in and had ideals that make sense. Even if he did get elected dont you see how broken our system is? Im all for a change its just impossible when congress is inept and partisian. We have done so much damage it would take forever to get the system back and the government small again. Im all for trying but again i think a fresh start would be the easiest and most effiecent way.

        • Lindsey

          Van Wilder: Do you have social promotion in Michigan? In Florida you can not get a diploma unless you can pass certain minimum standards tests. There are other grades where the same thing applies. Do you have magnet schools or charter schools? Competition is a good thing when it comes to public education and private. (As a teacher, you really need to work on your grammar and spelling. No offense!) I would suggest that you start separating your slugs from the non-slugs early so that they don’t hold up the achievers. The main thing you need to do is get rid of social promotion.

          • van wilder

            Im not from Michigan im from Ct and yes we have social promotion… when i taught 8th grade there were 115 kids that failed but the principal told the teacher to cut it down to 15… sickening. Im actually a product of the school i teach at now and i know my grammar is poor but im ok with that because my independant thought train is running quite strong… We cant get rid of social promotion because there would be 1000 kids in the 8th grade and no where to put them. Not to mention it would be a heavy burden on the kids that are there to learn.

          • Lindsey

            Van Wilder: You can’t get rid of social promotion? No where to put them? You put them back into the same grade next year! The negative consequences of flunking a grade can do wonders as a motivating factor! A burden on kids there to learn? You don’t have to put them in the same class with the really bright ones. Separate them out! We do that here in Florida! Besides, they need the motivating factor and sometimes a little tutoring from the younger kids is beneficial!

        • Lindsey makes another great point! You should have to make a painful decision to put these destruptive kids back in the same grade and put them in seperate classes so they can be watched more closely and want to be motivated! I’m glad that there are some of the kids that want to learn and not live on welfare for the rest of their lives! For the ex-convicts that come to the school and tell them kids not to do what they do is not helping all that much either! They should have successful people to come in the assemblies to teach them right from wrong!These kids that aren’t motivated are crying for help! I think that a little tough love with boot camp might help!

    • Ignorance and lack of morals is bliss in this world…but only temporary. The evil hedonists won’t enjoy their materialism and money printing and borrowing and statism forever. Judgment Day is coming.

      • I agree with ThomasPaineReturns.Net with that statement! Hey Van Wilder! Did you ever talk to all of the troubled students parents about their distruptive behavior?

        • Van Wilder

          I have and thats the funny thing cause when you finally get them in you say to yourself… oh now i understand. The phrase the apple doesnt fall far from the tree definatly applies. Half the time though you wont even get a return call…

          • Lindsey

            Van Wilder: Please hang in there! We need good teachers and I know from reading your posts that your heart is in it!

          • That’s terrible! Their parents deny that they have problems and they need help! I agree with Lindsey don’t give in! What you should do is round all of the other caring teachers like you! & come up with a strategy to make these kids wake up and to the fact that if they don’t want a good education! They will be on welfare or live on the streets for the rest of their lives! I know I am not that good at giving advice! Just get the school principal involved to watch the kids and give them the cold hard facts! That life without an education is rough!

          • van wilder

            The school im afraid has it backwards they bring in ex cons to talk to the kids about what is wrong and what they shouldnt do rather than successful people and what you should do. Im a teacher and a real estate broker with my own buisness and i try to pass on the morals of persistance and hard work but for the majority it falls on def ears. The kids dont see a problem with welfare cause its all they know and its the easy way. I know i sound negative but the truth is there in front of me. There are some kids like i said earlier that make the job worth doing and its nice to see them succeed but it pains me to wonder how much better they could be.

          • longshotlouie

            Just like a doctor, you won’t save everyone.
            Enjoy your successes, and keep on truckin’.

            All of the teachers in our family moved to small town schools or retired because noone had their back in the urban schools.

          • just observing

            Van Wilder – With every comment you post, the more obvious it becomes that you are not a teacher (or perhaps shouldn’t be). Your grammar is horrible, which makes me wonder if you are even qualified to be instructing others, especially our youth.

          • Van Wilder

            Rest assured i am a teacher, why would i pretend to be one? I’m amazed at how so many people fret over a person’s grammar. This is exactly the reason Ron Paul didn’t get elected. Not because he doesn’t have great thoughts or ideas, but because he may not be the best speaker, wrong ethnicity, too old etc.. People are to concerned with petty things like that rather than truths and whats best. Believe it or not there can be intelligent thought with being fully punctuated or having every word spelled correctly… Just observing

  • We also should cut spending for the military as well! Too much money is being spent on Iraq and Afghanistan! Also Iraq is in a huge surplus fiscally! China and the other countries’ money we’re barrowing and spending want them back!