Cut Money Overseas, Deal With Problems At Home

Source: Interview with National Journal
Date: 02/03/2010 (date of recording unknown)


Ron Paul: Speaking, I think, from my viewpoint, what people come out to hear, I think it’s the failure of government. People are recognizing that government talked a lot and they produced a modest amount. You know, they made promises and yet now people are recognizing that they can’t fulfill their promises. They know about the debt, they know about the entitlements that can’t be paid, they know about the problems that we have around the world, they know about the corruption dealing with Goldman Sachs and others.

Obama is talking about a freeze on discretionary funding. That would freeze the money on air traffic controllers, but it would not freeze the money on foreign aid. And most Americans would say, “Why do we give these tens of billions of dollars away in foreign aid?” and don’t you think if he had priorities you would at least fund and take care of the air traffic controllers. So that’s the kind of disenchantment that people have, and that’s why I think we should have priorities. That’s why I guess I get such a favorable reception when I talk about cutting money overseas and then dealing with our problems here at home.

  • DebinFla

    I am wholeheartedly in favor of adding stipulations whenever we give aid to other countries. I think we have a duty to assist whenever we can, however it should come AFTER we’ve cleaned up at home. We should consider our own country/citizens first and we simply do not have the $$$ to give away.

  • Foriegn Aid is not aid at all… It is foreign waste! We give billions of dollars to countries that hate us, and vote against us at that UN whatchmycallit. I think we should have some stipulations on aid to other countries. “You take our money then you vote with us.” No vote, no money. PERIOD!

    I wish we had a whole passle of people like Ron Paul in congress!


  • We have become to generous towards other countries by giving away our money! & ignoring the problems here in this country! YOU ARE RIGHT ON POINT DR. PAUL!