Ron Paul to Obama: Don’t Assassinate American Citizens

Date: Jan/Feb 2010
Location: unknown


Ron Paul: The post 9/11 atmosphere that really worries me. It worries me about how much our CIA is involved overseas. And this week I could not believe a headline that said the president was considering the legality of assassinating an American citizen. No, it’s true. It’s true. He was born in this country, and he’s a Muslim and he’s identified to be with people who don’t like us. So they want to declare him an ‘enemy combatant’ which they can do like the attorney general of the president says, “Oh, he’s an enemy combatant, and therefore he has no rights. But he’s a terrorist.” Well, no. He is maybe a suspect, and nothing has been proven. He might be a bad guy, but is that the way you take care of bad guys? Talking in the White House about assassinating this guy?

I mean, what happens if conditions get really bad and we start talking to each other about some of the terrible things that Washington DC is doing to us. Are we going to be ‘enemy combatants’ because the precedent has been set already for American citizens to be imprisoned indefinitely?

This is why we should protect the civil liberties of all suspect and we shouldn’t be putting people in prison in secret rendition and without a trial, without due process, without an attorney. And then on top of that, add on torture. That, to me, is not what America is all about.

So these fears that I have and that you may have are connected to the economic system. Because if the economic system breaks down, then there are going to be more challenges. Most Americans, endorse the idea that after 9/11, “Oh, we’re under attack. What do you want us to do?” and just so many times I would hear even if going through the lines at the airport, “Well, if this is what it takes, you know, we have to give up some of our freedoms to be free.”

And, you know, it was said a while ago, which I strongly endorse, that you don’t have to give up your liberties to be free. Matter of fact, if you give them up, you can’t be free. And yet a lot of people believe that and if we have trouble in this country, the same thing is going to happen. Yes, there will be a lot of poverty and a lot of problems and law-and-order breakdown. They’ll say, “Well, do whatever you can to make us safe and secure”. Governments can’t make you safe and secure. You think you’re safe in your house because there’s a policeman guarding your house? You’re probably more safe in your house because of the second amendment than you are because of a policeman.

But because of the threat and the undermining of our civil liberties and the possibility of losing the right of Habeas Corpus and the potential of our system breaking down, this is why the monetary system so important.

  • Steve

    Isn’t a title, obviously chosen with “care,” like Don’t Assassinate American Citizens, over the top?

    Yet more right wing trash talk designed to inflame it’s base? I have seen Ron Paul on TV, he seemed pretty moderate for a Republican, but this sounds like more typical hate speech. I’m pretty disappointed to see a truly extreme claim like that from a supposed moderate.

    While I appreciate that Paul spoke up about Republican wild spending I believe it was only over the last few years of Bush/Cheney. I don’t think he seriously tried to stop the incredibly wasteful, unnecessary, Iraq War either. It will cost, including interest, $ 10,000 for every American adult and child.


  • wana

    Dr. Paul speaking at Loyola University, Baltimore Maryland 01-27-10

    Rep. Ron Paul on the CIA’s Assassination Policy

    Rep. Ron Paul Demands: “Audit The Fed!”

  • Perception

    Jacob perhaps you should save your feigned outrage for those who like reading lies and deception.Ad Homein attacks do not, an argument make.I suspect your venom without substance, is a measure of the self evident truths which Obama reveals by his actions daily.

    Answer the real questions about the Patriot Act,Preventative Detention and now assassination of perceived illegal combatants.Who determines what is illegal when there is no court of law?

    Obama’s rhetoric in no way matches his actions.He has made the very organisation responsible for the destruction of the US economy,even more powerful.That is the real travesty.

  • alextcs

    i lived somewhere far away from the great USA…today we celebrate Chinese New Year peacefully among the many tribes and races in our country. But sadly the western culture has crept into our society so much so that our modern generation lost the mutual respect for each other especially towards the older folks. They think that to be able to tweet, or facebooking is so cool and up to date thus abandoning their fillal responsibilities.

    Today i feared the politicians of the USA more than anyone else…as they have the capabilities to lie and get away with it convincingly (just look at bush and blair)…here we are expecting the invasion of iran to be soon and brutal…with the news agencies propagating an evil empire to rise against the innocent good old God fearing nation of USA….

    We will continue to watch how the powers of this world manipulates, hoodwinked the entire human race for the sake of greed n absolute power….

    perhaps that how it is supposed to end oneday….I pray God blast America.

  • Dr. Paul is one of the most underrated and most humble member of congress by the American public! & The majority of them are buying into the political machines!

  • JR

    Jacob——YES! lol silly you for being ignorant, the western world has greed filled humans. we’ve all been failing since the beginning of our time, STOP you greedy self-centered mind and you dwindle down the evils. But evil’s always going to be an option, so hopefully we’ll have a new age upon us in 2012 where a majority can put there own human wants aside and see what humans really need, self-reflection. Realize your human mind is and always will be the problem you hate, for then you can help push yourself for whats pure, good, and right. a free world that actually uses their free mind for all creatures not just to benefit themselves. We are evolving creatures of this world, nothing more. Stupid humans thinking this human “world” is natural and doing the same over and over. Indeed it takes getting to this evil greedy point of mankind to let yourself evolve with God aka the universe. Figure it out or you’ll always feel enslaved, because you are to a mind just like your own that has the power of current human popularity, therefore “control”. Open your human mind and do what only humans can do over any other creature; realize what you are then realize what you could be.

  • ale

    DUUhhu Gorge Bush Good

  • Never buy in to the corporations Dr. Paul!

  • Lindsey

    We are a nation of sheep aren’t we! Ron really hits the nail on the head here!

  • Audit the Fed, keep your eye on the ball.

  • “Every one of his words rang true and glowed like burning coal”.

    Paulistas must find a way to influence policy. We should try to elect a Senator who will represent our views the way Bernie Sanders does for Socialists.

    Why not organize to elect a libertarian Senator from New Hampshire?

    • Lindsey

      Terry: How about Sen. Rand Paul?

  • Sean

    Off with their heads!

  • Perception

    Obama is playing the old game of offering us something totally outrageous we reject and then offer us something more palitable like “Preventative Dentention” so everyone is a bit relieved.Gone will be ‘habeas corpus’ and the right of trial for suspects accused of terrorism.Has the Western World gone mad?

    • Right on Lindsey!

    • longshotlouie

      Is your point, that since Bush did it, that we should just not mention it now? Or was it just a chance to show a lack of civility?