Poll: Ron Paul 2012

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Our latest Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from Feb. 18 – March 1, 2010 and attracted 21,796 voters. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (92%, 20,060 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 912 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (2%, 346 Votes)
  • It depends. (2%, 475 Votes)

Total Voters: 21,796

Check out the updated Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • I think Ron Paul is a great choice for presidenf because he doesn’t take sides from the left and the right! He is a true independent voice of America! Seeing how I live in Michigan I am no fan of Romney because he’s an embaressment! I think also he should have a young running mate to spread the message of Freedom and Liberty from big government and big business.

  • The First Ron Paul Billboards were put up in Cottonwood, Arizona by the Phoenix Crew: Morpheus, 4409 and Tesla. Check out the of the 28 x 8 foot billboards and video here http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Article/063778-2010-01-13-the-phoenix-crew-puts-up-28-x-8-foot-ron.htm

    Now get out there and Rock and Roll the Bones.

  • Gabriel

    The fact of the matter is.. Congressman Ron Paul’s vision for America is the vision our founding fathers had in mind. I’m sure they would all be ashamed to see just what kind of down turn the American empire have taken.

  • forest

    So, now that ron paul has called for ‘angry mobs’ since 1981, and he now finally has the anger he wants – texans killing texans… W0W.

    Conspiracy, louie? Lolololol.

    • longshotlouie

      Still having trouble focusing?
      That crack pipe isn’t helping you much.

  • Lindsey

    Seamus: We’ll see what happens I guess. I don’t think Mitt Romney has a very passionate following and thus an endorsement from him won’t do much. I do think that Ron’s son Rand will help him a lot with publicity if he gets elected. Senators get a lot more press than House members. I don’t necessarily think that Sarah Palin will run for president like a lot of people but I think she has so much sway that her endorsement can be a “kingmaker” for the Republican nomination.

  • Seamus Bradley

    I don;t know Lindsey, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul are polar opposites personality wise. Plus Sarah does not have the like-ablity that many people thinks that she has. She is brash and a little crude. I mean i like her but i know a lot f people who don’t. Many people that hear Ron’s arguments for smaller constitutional government a swayed by those alone. If Ron doesn’t need to look for a running mate now. What he needs is an endorsement by people like Mitt Romney and Scott Brown. He already has been spoken highly by Glenn Beck and Judge Napolitano. Ron Pul needs to grab the center, the right will follow because if he gets the nomination they will have to… Hell we all had to vote for McCain for god’s sake!!!! Sarah left a bad taste in the mouthes of many independents and many “Blue Dog Democrats” dislike her for trying to play on the whole “getting a woman in the white house” ploy that the McCain campaign tried. I don’t think a nod from her is what Ron needs, instead let Sarah be the lightning rod and let Ron spend the next 3 years working on a gearing up a campaign and raising money and getting out the message. He is getting quite a bit of face time without becoming a massive lightning rod for the far left. That allows him to position himself as an “outsider” and a “maverick” and that is how McCain got the nod from the RNC and that is how Ron will too… only with better politics and judgment on his side.

  • Lindsey

    Ron Paul needs more media coverage. Many people on this post don’t like Sarah Palin but she IS the media lightning rod. Ron should take the endorsement of Rand Paul by Sarah Palin as a cue that she wants to possibly join with Ron on a presidential run. If Ron got an endorsement from Sarah Palin like Rand got it would go a long way in getting his message out!

  • Rob

    Ron is too Republican for me and so is Sarah Palin, their religious views influences too much of their politics!

    • Lindsey

      Rob: Why do people with religion scare you?

    • Frank M.

      What are you talking about? If you said Huckabee I’d be inclined to agree but Ron Paul’s politics & his vote are influenced by the Constitution. Example: He doesn’t think that it’s the Federal government business if gays or lesbians get married. He believes it’s a state issue.

    • longshotlouie

      The Magna Carta and the US Constitution were influenced by religion, as well.
      Are they too scary for you?

  • Trent

    I would like to see father and son run together. Together they would be uncorruptable and unstoppable. We would finally get someone in there who stands for the human bottom line and not the corporations bottom line, and as much as I used to like Sarah when she was governor, she has sold out and has been compromised in playing the corporate game. Even the best of them sellout, its how the system has been set up by those who are really in control of our legislation.

  • Frank M.

    In a perfect world, Dr. Paul’s running mate should be Peter Schiff or Judge Andrew Napolitano or his son Rand. It still unnerves me that people think that Sarah Palin is even qualified for the Presidency. Her convictions & principles shouldn’t be written on her hand, they should be ingrained in her core. Something that Ron Paul has had before Sarah Palin was even a glint in her father’s eye.

  • If he picks a running mate like Sara Palin he would be a shoe in. Then I would vote for him.

  • Dee

    I would love to see someone with Integrity and wisdom run. I only ask if Ron does run that he starts his campaign ASAP…to get his support strong so the media has to allow him in on the debates. He had no chance w/ the media shut-outs which cost him and his campaign dearly. He’s the only politician I’ve seen who ‘sees’ the whole picture and isn’t looking for a Celebrity status…Ron cares about the integrity of this Country and can see where we’re heading if things don’t change (for real) and not in the wasteful spending direction and moral decline we are now facing. PS…Ron how about giving incentives for companies to stay ‘IN AMERICA’….so we can be viable and see potential of being debt free.

  • Mike G

    Please run Dr. Ron Paul so you can continue to bring to light the short sightedness and opaque politics on both sides of the political spectrum. Ron Paul 2012!

  • Zach

    Rand just doesn’t have that spark. Maybe something he’ll gain with age. But for right now I think Ron should run, and if nothing else make people on a national level more aware of him and what he’s all about.

    Age is only going to be made into an issue by the media and those opposing him.

  • Ross Johnson

    I would dearly love to see Ron Paul being the next president, however on this site we are preaching to the converted and the masses I think, will not vote for a person approaching 80.Perhaps I’m wrong since Ronald Reagan became President at a similar age.

    Ron Paul should run with a younger candidate of credibility ,intellect,and integrity similar to himself.This will give the public the security of a backstop if Ron does have health problems and thus will make him more electable.

    The American people want surity,continuity and integrity.Ron can give them all these things with a younger ,credible co-runner.

  • Loe

    As long as he runs with the same positions as the previous election then sure. I’m a little leery of this “Tea Party” movement. It seems that there are GOP members and ideals that are starting to permeate the movement and redirect it’s goals. I hope I’m wrong on that.

  • I’ve researched canidites countless of times.. if there is any Republican I support.. it’s Congressman Ron Paul. His anti-war efforts, responsible use of marijuana, and government powered by the people theories are simply ingenius. If anyone is going to bring change to this debt-stricken country.. it’s him.


  • Grant

    I live in Ky and as much as I like Rand Paul, I still like Ron Paul better

  • Frank Spaeth

    Yes…Ron Paul needs to run again and keep the message of liberty on target as much as possible.

    It is almost a certain thing, that Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney will be competing for the Republican nomination for president….and having Ron Paul present for the primary debates will add some balance to the usual Neo-Conservative ramblings we hear from today’s Republican party.

  • Ron rules, but lets get Rand in there.