Poll: Ron Paul 2012

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Our latest Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from Feb. 18 – March 1, 2010 and attracted 21,796 voters. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (92%, 20,060 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 912 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (2%, 346 Votes)
  • It depends. (2%, 475 Votes)

Total Voters: 21,796

Check out the updated Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • Eliseo Resurreccion

    Yes. It’s about time.

  • Lyn

    I think anyone who seriously believes that most of those who voted for Obama will not vote for him again is in need of a reality check. Any Marxist candidate promising them some Yellow Brick Road to Oz with the least effort has and always will appeal to them. The one keeps the other in office.

    Likewise, those who voted for McCain will vote for another fascist solely because he’s a “republican” who considers himself a Christian.

    This will continue despite the fact that there are no differences between the republican and the democrat nor do they remotely resemble what God would judge to be Christian. And despite the fact that both parties are in reality, two sides of the same totalitarian coin. Their left leg needs a right leg to move along on just as you do.

    Worse, a fair majority, even many Tea Party participants whom I met, fail to grasp these concepts from one election to the next. Adding to that disappointing and abysmal state of affairs, our elections are a fraud with the monied buying the candidate and assuring they will win. They pick our choices which is no choice at all. Try telling that to the average person or, that it is not the president who wields the power. They do not want to hear truth. They want to keep believing fairy tales. Whatever makes them “feel” better.

    While I support Ron Paul I do not think he, nor any other honorable candidate, will be successful. They will, because of the way the deck is stacked by the invisible and the monied, only siphon off the votes from either the Marxist or the Fascist, assuring that one or the other of these COMMUNISTS remain in office.

    A fixed system requires serious legislative changes, along with a widespread understanding, and acceptance, of the need for it…followed by impeachment and imprisonment of those complicit in it’s establishment and continuance.

    Unfortunately, the only way to change that requires a fundamentally critical change outside of government. It requires an intellect among an overwhelming majority of the populace voting that is actually capable of deductive reasoning between one party and the next, between one election and the next, and a majority who actually gives a damn between one election and the next. I do not believe most people fall into that category resting apathetically on their laurels that those whom they believe they elect to govern them will actually do so with their own best interests in mind, while completely ignoring the fact that they themselves have a responsibility, and obligation, to be aware of what those they elected are actually doing. When they forfeit their own responsibility, they forfeit their right to actually govern themselves along with any power they assumed they held.

    Good luck finding that majority among a populace that appears more often than not, far too busy in the pursuit of entertainment & fun in their spare time, and/or far too long accustomed to feeding at the public’s purse to be up to the task. Such people will always wind up voting for the candidate who promises them what they want to hear. And the fascist and the marxist have always known this. It is a doctrine that has historically played to, and appealed to, man’s basest instincts.

    That, America, was where God and his guidance was to intervene in order that man did not fall prey to his own base instincts or that of another man. Yet some continue, even now, to eschew this moral guidance, lest it “cause a division among the lumpen populace at the voting booth and might spoil the chances of their preferred candidate to win”. And this, despite the fact that God himself warned of compromising Him for man.

    From the immorality of the big banks and the big businesses considered too big to fail among the communists themselves, to the moral degeneracy of the people themselves, it really should come as no surprise to most them when they wind up being governed by the devil himself. Yet many even now focus their attention on blaming someone else, some other party, some business, always something or someone else…without ever once honestly considering how they themselves have been repeatedly been complicit in the rise of corruption they alledgedly eschew, not to mention their own sad stories.

    My grandparents, my parents, always instilled in us that when you made your bed you laid in it. You are always responsible for your own actions just as much as others should be responsible for theirs. You always have an obligation to think for yourself before acting and being prepared to accept the consequences for those actions. Blaming others for failing to do so does not obivate one’s own responsibility despite the complicity of others . Expecting a corrupt government to socialize your own losses haven chosen to act with negligence, stupdity, or apathy does not make such people responsible any more than it does the corrupt politicians, the big banks or the auto industry. It perpetuates irresponsibility, negligence, stupidity and apathy throughout.

    What does surprise me over the past four decades is when I consider the most distinguishing characteristic between some people and the lowly rat is the rat’s always inherent ability to ascertain the rise of water around him regardless of which side of the ship it appears on, and regardless of whose to blame for it, and changing his course accordingly.

    • Brian

      Very nicely written. Although I didn’t know how to put it, you’ve stated what I’ve been feeling for quite a while now.

  • Steve

    Yes , Ron Paul needs to run for Republican so he can get the chance to show the American People his plans on National TV , but he can’t run as a third party cause he won’t get that exposures on National TV .
    So by running as a Republican will give Ron Paul a great chance to show the American people what his plans are and also a good chance for him to win.
    We have a big mess in this country to get back on our feet and the way it’s going it’s going to get worst.
    Right now we need Ron Paul to win, Ron has the right plans with good ideas but also he is a smart man and Ron Paul can fix this mess up in this country.
    Ron run for Republican we need you to win.

  • Ron,

    Don’t run. You’ll be blamed for the collapse. Wait until after the collapse. The leaks in the dam won’t hold much longer.

    John Galt

  • Debi Seibert

    It is a struggle for most of us as living women and men to refuse to allow ourselves to continue to be subjected under the corrupt jurisdiction of today’s defacto Federal government. The Founders did not craft the Constitution for our country with the incorporation of the Federal government in mind, nor did they intend for the greed of the Bilderbergers, World Bank, CFR and New World Order control freaks to infiltrate our sovereign borders. Time has finally arrived for a de jure government to regain our former federal and state positions in order for the sovereign folks to retain our natural rights the current form of government so readily treads upon. Dr. Paul will make one of the best de jure managers as President of our original government, if we can all support one another – Tea Party members, sovereign groups, militias, the military, other “third” party organizations – working together for the same end. The elite “New World Order” campaigners vastly underestimated We, the people. Thinking they were getting over on us since the late 1800’s, then again in 1933 without a revolution was their error. We may have been sidetracked and misled, but seeing the masses finally opening their eyes and forming support to restore America is encouraging. Stand together and stand true – it is simply a matter of removing the corrupt from offices and supplanting them with good, sovereign folks… .and cancelling the millions of corrupt laws that were effected against the people. Many good representatives FOR the people are already in there, such as Dr. Paul. It is now the time and many are acting on it.

  • Truman

    Ron Paul may be the only one in an elected position serving in Washington who can be trusted. I may not agree with every thing he has to say, but I can trust him to do what he says, and he listens to the people. I would vote for him for president, senator or whatever office he chooses to seek.

  • kurt

    Ron needs to run as a third party candidate. He has no way of winning as a republican, but there are enough republicans and democrats that feel neither party is listening or working in the true spirit of compromise and would embrace a alternative.

  • Jess Cook

    I hope Ron Paul decides to run! You’ve got 2 votes coming from my house Dr. Paul!

  • MD

    While there are some Libertarian premises with which I disagree; I have more faith in Ron Paul than other current potential presidential candidates. At this time, I am inclined to vote for him once I’m clear on his stance on some issues. I’d love to see him have opportunity to debate other candidates and clarify things.

    Bottom line, I believe we need more and better choices in our candidates.

  • Casey

    Yes Ron Paul should run for president. He has many more supporters and even has some media support this time around. He’s too large to ignore if he were to run. The primary up and comers would at the least be forced to debate him and work to prove they deserve the vote. Dr. Paul has also managed to get a huge movement going that will allow many constitution believers a chance to get into office.

    If not Ron Paul then who?

  • Brian

    If he runs, I just hope he can separate himself from the radical right paranoia hype and stick to the real reasons of how and why our country needs to change. I don’t need to hear about what we have to be afraid of or how liberals are the enemy for God knows how many ridiculous and hypocritical reasons. I need to hear what will be done to make this country great again and why it will work. United we stand, divided we fall. It’s about time we get a president that operates outside the red or blue biases and can actually make something good happen.

    It would also be a shame if his age plays a negative roll in how people see him as it did for McCain.

  • I’ve never joined a political party, but if Dr. Paul were to run in 2012, I would be willing to change my registration to Republican simply for the opportunity to vote for him in the primary.

  • Suzanne

    I love Ron and all he stands for, and my family voted for Ron and will again. However, without the support of the Republican party, our efforts and support for Ron may prove fruitless, and we can’t afford to lose this time. I say the primaries have to tell the story. Let’s put all our efforts there, and put Ron in position to win the Republican party’s nomination. This will take a reformation of the Republican party, obviously, and a break from the party’s ‘special interests’ and ‘handlers’ or we will have won nothing except endangerment for Ron Paul and the ideas we hold so dear. This is a knotty problem!

  • viki

    How can people compare sarah palin to Ron Paul, have they forgotten she is all John Mccain stands for? Where was sarah in 2007, if she is so much for the country why didnt she run for the presidency when ron paul was running or supported Ron Paul in 2007?can anyone answer that please.

  • brittany

    Ron Paul should run on an independent ticket, – or a party that denounces through its actions the kind of cr*p we have seen in WDC.


  • william

    Speak from the heart when addressing the public. use your own words instead of manufactured scripts. keep your distance from the teleprompters, it will give a touch of authenticity of character and sincerity that cant be purchased.

    • Marie

      William: We have heard President Obama use his own words and bully tactics. When you have to give a grown man advise on how to speak, you can fergetaboutit! Instead, why don’t we Americans vote for someone with business experience and not a street organizer.

  • chester

    Like Obama or not, you have to credit him/his supporters (many of whom are not happy with what he did with their support – he betrayed their support and good faith. Too many people missed that he was talking a talk he would never walk….) – but credit them – they were able to get a lot done without any help from corporations – they were able to get a president elected without help from corporations. He had no experience and his suporters took him at his word. Ron Paul has genuine grass roots support but it needs to avoid corporations! I do believe Dr. Paul’s supporters can make a difference. He is not about to sell out to banks and corporations,

    Tea Partiers – the Country needs you to realize this and take action:

    “From the FreedomWorks website:

    With your help, we have been able to organize hundreds of Taxpayer Tea Parties across the country, from Santa Barbara, California to Amarillo, Texas, and all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


    ‘If you are not able to organize or attend a Taxpayer Tea Party, you can still help the cause by donating or buying a t-shirt. You can also spread the word via email, facebook and word of mouth. If you would like to post updates on tea parties in your state, or if you’d like to get in touch with other people planning tea parties, visit our Tea Party HQ. We have created an interactive Google map that you can use to locate a tea party near you!’

    The “donation” for the Tea Parties page goes to — you guessed it — the FreedomWorks Foundation. The “thank you” lettter is signed by Matt Kibbe, President & CEO, who cut his teeth working for Lee Atwater. He was behind the attempt to get Ralph Nader put on the ballot in Oregon in 2004, prompting a complaint to the FEC of illegal collusion with the GOP.

    FreedomWorks was launched a GOP version of MoveOn. “We believe that hard work beats daddy’s money,” said Dick Armey at the time. Armey seems to be a bit irony challenged — Steve Forbes is on the FreedomWorks board. As Krugman notes, their money comes from the Koch, Scaife, Bradley, Olin and other reliable funders of right wing infrastructure including Exxon Mobil.’

    I don’t know which is sadder — the fact that the Teabaggers don’t understand … that they’re being manipulated by the very people they appear to be raging against who are only looking to channel their anger for their own purposes.”

  • Paul Revere

    Ron Paul, is the only Constitutional choice America has! The other choices are Republican Elitists atendees and members of Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Nations, hence we end up getting more of the same as what we got from President Obama and President George Bush! Other independants ( Constitutionalists and Tea party candidates ) lack experience and a track record! Ron Paul has accomplished a super feat in that he was able to get, “Audit the Fed,” confirmed with many sponsors in the House and the Senate!

    I respect and would like to see Congressman Ron Paul acquire the presidency 110%, I am concerned however, of his age – but that has to do with Ron himself!
    How do you feel Ron? I know you are a very hard worker , but in your heart do you believe, you will have the energy to withstand the job?

    Did you have othe plans in your life? God knows you deserve them – you have worked so hard!
    What I am saying – should this be your goal and it is your heart that you believe, you can handle it, you will do great!
    I am going to vote yes, that I believe you should run for President! I know that you are the man that can bring back freedom to America!

    But know that you are not forced, the answer is in your heart Ron!
    God Bless!

  • Eric Svenson

    Ron Paul is a great American and he has what we need to support our Constitutional rights. But I don’t think he’s electable by the masses so its better he stays in Congress where he can do the most good. An independent party isn’t the answer either as it only dilutes the vote. The best option is to reform the Republicans and have them present two charismatic candidates, one being Sarah Palin.

  • John(smokey) Tenuta

    Would like to see someone like Judge Andrew Napolitano run with Ron Paul