Poll: Ron Paul 2012

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Our latest Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from Feb. 18 – March 1, 2010 and attracted 21,796 voters. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (92%, 20,060 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 912 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (2%, 346 Votes)
  • It depends. (2%, 475 Votes)

Total Voters: 21,796

Check out the updated Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • PM

    If he ran as a Republican and didn’t cause a split by running independent.

  • Brian Vliet

    I would be more than willing to vote for Ron Paul. But, I would rather him be under the Libertarian ticket. I don’t feel the Republican party is a good fit for Mr. Paul and his ideals. Ron is a brilliant man, he knows his finance, and he knows what the people want. I just can’t see him as a serious Republican canididate. Plus, it’s time for the third parties to take a stand against this two-party system that we see every four years.

    • Jared Allen

      I understand where you are coming from, it would be great if Ron Paul could make a stand with the party he is more affialited with, however if Dr. Paul has ANY sort of chance of being elected he must go with the Republican ticket, which his conservative ideals were originally stemmed from.

  • Nate

    Ron Paul, I plead with you that you run for President, stay away from the greedy Republican ticket that will undoubtedly have neoconservative bias against you, and run as an independent. The hopes of pulling the “traditionally conservative” GOP to an actually conservative level will be impossible. End the corporation we call our government, and make it a government that’s comprised of people, not greedy warmongers.

  • chester

    Stevep: With $5 and $10 donations online, Obama defeated the big machine behind Hillary Clinton and won the nomination! The Republicans imploded. Had Obama not beaten Hillary, Hillary would be president. Obama backtracked on everything he said he supported, left the big bankers in place with their big bonuses that we are all paying for. Used to be that banks had to have 10% of what they were lending – now you have nothing but a big gamble on worthless securitized debt. Used to be that a bank was one thing and an investment bank was another thing. Not Obama’s fault that the economy collapsed before he was elected – but he kept the same people in charge. And there is no accountability. And look at all the unemployment (that is our responsibility too – we don’t make things in America any more) And Ron Paul wants accountability. And that should be what we the people demand, too, no matter who is president, or which party. Our country is on a big bender if you ask me – and has been for decades.

  • Rick

    I would support Ron Paul, as an independent or Republican running mate, however, the powers that be (entrenched Republicans) may not be as supportive of a man honest enough to criticize the flawed policies on both party sides.

    A 3rd party is definitely needed, even if many Americans do not know it yet. The two established parties represent the big businesses with lobbying money in my humble opinion.

  • JIM

    Yes, definitely run, but go with Palin as your running mate…………You guys could clean both sides of the street at the same time………

    Run the jerks out of Washington…….Time for a “New Deal”…..

    Go Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry McCune

    Plz, swallow your pride and do not create a 3 party race:)

  • Jerry McCune

    Run as a Republican. Lead the party back to where they should be.

    • Jared Allen

      Agreed. Ron Paul’s ideals were original Republican ideals. And if he is to stand ANY chance of becoming close to elected or becoming more well known, it will be debating the Republicans.

  • Jerry McCune

    You need to beef up on the military issues around the world. It would be great to bring everyone home but can you imagine the chaos that would begin, trust me there would be chaos. Could many of the operations be scaled back? Sure they could however, we can not put our heads in the sand.
    I think you have the message America wants to hear but security of the American people is the number 1 issue.
    Jerry McCune
    CWO2 USN (ret)

  • Nando

    Ron Paul should run as a total independent, with no kind of connection to the US corporate Republicrat party.

  • Tony

    Obviously people who visit Ron Paul’s website will vote that he should run again. Honestly, I would like to see either Kucinich or Gravel, but if Paul has a chance, he’d definitely be my vote.

  • Karl Tienken

    It will talke someone like Ron Paul to restore honesty and integrity and someone who considers the Consitution not a suggestion but the actual law of the land and is willing to defent it at all cost. I believe Ron Paul is such a man, a man of integerity.


    • Marie

      I think Ron Paul leans more libertarian than Republican. You just can’t look away from problems and not get involved or like Ron Paul wants to pull all of our troops out of Europe. That’s crazy! I just hope we can retire all the politicians who voted to put our country in massive debt. No more life time politicians, please!

  • William J. Darlington

    I would like to see you run for President in 2012. But… I think you have to get someone on the ticket, say Mitt Romney, who has some Repulican name recognition. I think there are enough true Conservatives out there that filling post-election Cabinet posts with good people would be achievable.

    You would certainly get my vote and most of my families. Keep up the good work !

  • Regina

    I said “it depends” I would vote for Paul in the primary and I hope he will run. If he does not get the nomination I hope he would bow out so he does not split the vote BUT ONLY IF AN ACCEPTABLE CONSERVATIVE IS NOMINATED. If the RNC gives us another progressive in sheeps clothing like McCain it does not matter if he splits the vote. America will be done for. That being said, I can’t imagine voting for anyone but Paul right now! READ THE BOOK END THE FED!

  • Run for president. Get elected. Fire the Fed! Enough said.

  • Stevep

    Chester I hate to say this but your wrong about Obama, and yes Obama got help from corporations because after Obama won the election CNN showed who was Obama supporters and yes he got plenty of support from corporations.

    Yes , Ron Paul needs to run for Republican so he can get the chance to show the American People his plans on National TV , but he can’t run a third party cause he won’t get enough exposures on TV.

    Yes , Ron Paul needs to run for Republican so he can get the chance to show the American People his plans on National TV , but he can’t run as a third party cause he won’t get that exposures on National TV .
    So by running as a Republican will give Ron Paul a great chance to show the American people what his plans are and also a good chance for him to win.
    We have a big mess in this country to get back on our feet and the way it’s going it’s going to get worst.
    Right now we need Ron Paul to win, Ron has the right plans with good ideas but also he is a smart man and Ron Paul can fix this mess up in this country.
    Ron run for Republican we need you to win.

  • Joe Garnier

    Yes, he should run, but he has to court the liberal pseudo-intellectuals. His vice-presidential candidate needs to be someone who on the surface is attractive to them, IE female, ethnic, maybe an athlete or an Olympic medal winner; someone with a pretty face that appears Barbie-ish, but is really a shrewd conservative, someone with international experience.

  • DC

    I vote “It depends”.

    I am a Democrat, so I would prefer to see Sarah Palin capture the Republican nomination. Failing that, Ron Paul would be a good second choice. Really, I do not see any other way for Barak Obama to be re-elected, except for the Republicans to choose someone like Palin or Paul.

    Of course, both of them on the same ticket, either order, would pretty much gaurentee an Obama victory.

    Yes We Can!!

    • LOL..


  • R

    YES, there is no other so far for the job and i cant imagine anyone else with a heart of gold like him running, no one with a heart of gold bigger than him and more sense. So yes yes yes yes. I don’t care about his age he seems physically fit for his age (this is for those that say he is a little too old) and definitely mentally what we want and not losing his mind anytime soon in fact, people younger than him are in office that have lost their mind! So save that excuse people! I love you ron paul! You rock!

  • Bikerbob

    It depends on:
    Gun Control
    Illegal Aliens
    Reducing Government
    National Defense
    I’m at this sight to find the answers I’m looking for. If he has the right answers then I will support him. I’m just a God and Country Vietnam Vet patriot looking for a leader.

    • ryan

      @”Bikerbob”, All those issues are wedge issues that gets the American people in the same old political game. Do you really think abortion and illegal aliens should be the presidents top priority??? I would hope not.