Poll: Ron Paul 2012

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Our latest Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from Feb. 18 – March 1, 2010 and attracted 21,796 voters. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (92%, 20,060 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 912 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (2%, 346 Votes)
  • It depends. (2%, 475 Votes)

Total Voters: 21,796

Check out the updated Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • peter

    He is the best of all the WDC political figures – no one even close. However, unless conditions in this country deteriorate significantly, there is little chance he could be nominated or elected. So, unless he is glutton for more punishment, he should remain where he is and continue to speak against the establishment’s unwitting attempt to hasten the decline of this once great nation. He deserves the gratitude of all of us for his plain-spoken wisdom and tireless delivery.

  • Robert Valdez

    Ron Paul is the best man for the job. BUT THE JOB WON’T BE EASY.

    He predicted much of today’s economic mess, but unfortunately our next president will have to clean up the Obama spending spree mess with limited options. So the next president will have major issues to deal with and Ron Paul will not be able to ease everyone’s pain 100% from ALL THIS LOOTING OF OUR TREASURY.

  • Ed

    Ron Paul says what he believes and what he believes is right for this country: fiscal conservatism, non-interventionist, free markets. I hope he runs. Even if he doesn’t win (and it would be a longshot), I think his voice needs to be heard. He has the power to change policy on a national level like no other populist leader ever has.

  • Case

    I voted, “it depends”. I’m a 100% Ron Paul supporter, but I’d like to see him run on a third party ticket. In recent memory, the most successful 3rd party candidate was fellow Texan, Ross Perot. I think as more and more of America becomes disenchanted with DC politics, backlash against both major parties will be a reality, and we’ll be more willing than every to support one. Whether it be Libertarian, Green, or the Ron Paul Party, I advise starting or running as the candidate for a 3rd party. You’ll get all the votes in my household.

  • Ron Paul, although becoming elderly, has demonstrated a clear understanding of how to “fix” the country, and that it cannot be fixed overnight. He understands that there is a process of abolishing institutions, and bringing the troops home, that needs to be followed to ensure maximum efficiency (and to look out for the well-being of the people involved).

    He is much more popular now than he was in 2008… maybe, just maybe he might have a shot at it this time.

  • Chad

    I don’t think he should run for President, because I don’t think he could even win the nomination as a Republican. I do think that he should run for Governor of Texas and if he won after four years as Governor I think he would be in a better position to be a more serious player at the national level.

    When was the last time we elected a Congressman to become President? The last six Presidents have been Governors. Vice Presidents, or Senators!

  • Rasputin_007

    I hope Ron is not on the list of the banksters. Too many good politicians already did not survive campaigns against “Godman Sucks” and the other greedy evil financial institutions. But let´s hope the world can make a change to a better way of life.

  • Soonerxii

    Ron Paul is one of about 5 total politicians I can stand. We need a guy (or gal) that can get this country back in the black. I don’t think there is anyone better than Mr. Paul.

    I trust this guy

  • Bob

    Yeah so iam a Ron Paul supporter…….But I dont support his campaign for liberty. I just tried to donate some money and not one, not two, but three people were total dicks to me. In the future can the campaign people, especailly the grassroots people act more Ron Paul like instead of total dicks. I was super enthuastic and ecited cause I finally recieved money I wanted to donate, but after hearing 3 people be total dicks to me I feel like maybe this whole thing is a Mirage. Its probably not but I wasnt even being a dick to them. I was enthusiastic cause i wanted to donate money for their cause. Oh well, at least Iam supporting Ron Paul and not the people who run his campaign

  • Daniel

    Ron was surprised by the huge response to the message of freedom in 2008 and i think he will be even more amazed by the response of he runs again in 2012. He understands the problems our nation is in, but more importantly he knows how to solve them. He realizes that economic policy and foreign policy are intricately connected, and how one directly affects the other.
    Supported him in 2008, and i will support him in 2012.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  • Alora

    Ron Paul “sounds” like a man of wisdom and integrity in the screwed up world of political rederick. “IF” he can really do what he says and make these changes a reality, then I’m all for him. On the other hand, We have all been fed enough empty political (just to get elected) crap to last 3 more lifetimes. If ths Feds, be they liberals or conservatives don’t come together as a whole (like they encourage us to do constantly), then America IS going to fail and be an even bigger joke to the rest of the world.

    • m.bauer


      Unlike many if not all politicians, Ron Paul hasn’t changed his tone based upon how popular his ideas are. Please look up the vast voting examples where he was the lone “No” vote. He also has pushed for auditing the Federal Reserve as far back as the 80’s I believe- when the idea of it was highly unpopular.

  • I have a lot of faith in the constitution, and in Ron Paul’s interpretation of it. I have great admiration for the Austrian school of economics, and so does Ron Paul. I have completely lost faith in both the Dems and Reps; so has Ron Paul. I abhor our current aggressive, interventionist foreign policy, and so does Ron Paul.

    I would welcome Ron Paul as the next president of the United States.

  • bob

    If Ron Paul was nominated to run in 2012 it would probably be the smartest thing the Republican party has done in a very long time. I myself am fairly liberal, voted for Obama, and support most of his agenda. But I have an emormous amount of respect for Ron Paul. He tells things like they are, doesn’t sugarcoat his words, fully understands economic policy, and in many ways represents the most pure form of what the Republican part is “supposed” to be all about. In recent decades the Republican party has become more of a conservative party that focuses more on socially conservative ideals that for the most part are totally unproductive and add no value to the American system.

    In the end its all about money and its management. Ron Paul would perhaps do more to restore the Republican party than any other person and what’s more, give people like me who even though tend to vote democratic would definitely put heavy consideration towards Ron Paul instead if he were given the chance to run.

    Short answer- YES.

  • Jack Spates

    Instead of Ron running in 2012 what if a younger version of Ron ran in 2012 maybe a guy named Rand Paul. he truely is a younger version of Ron. I say this because people are stupid and we always hear about the masses looking for some one young and vibrant Rand is both young and vibrant and well grounded in the constitution. in saying all of that of course I would support Ron Paul for President. I worked and fought like so many other people to get him elected to congree

  • Domonic

    Of course he should run. At a minimum he is able to bring up the Constitutional & Financial issues that the rest of the Republican Party has been willing to ignore for decades.

  • Mark Treat

    I would vote for Ron Paul in 2012. I think the grassroots movement can truly find a leader in Ron Paul.

    -Mark Treat

  • Mimi F.

    I know that Republicans never want to have anything to do with Democrats, but that’s what you need to to win. A lot of Democrats like me are really Independents who were forced to pick. I only chose Democrat because if I’d picked Independent I wouldn’t be able to vote in any primary. There are a lot of Democrat labeled/true Independents who were totally suckered by Obama, who voted for him and are feeling stabbed in the back like me. If Ron Paul ran a donation-style campaign like Obama did, he could have that power that comes through media visibility via money from individual donations just as Obama rose to fame. If Republicans will stay on issues that really matter like fiscal responsibility and the Constitution DL/TI’s like me will vote Republican. If you bring in that sorry excuse for a woman Sarah Palin or dear old Huckabee with all his religious zealot abortion talk you will probably lose the next four years again. As much as I hate Obama for being such a backstabber, I will vote for another Democrat if it comes down to Sarah Palin or some Republican religious zealot. If Ron Paul stays away from Republican nutjobs I would vote for him in a heartbeat because no matter how many times the American voters get stabbed in the back they never stop hoping for a candidate who is truly for the people. Ron Paul is that next underdog … that next dark horse.

    • deb

      Mimi, you and I think and vote a lot alike. Sen Paul is one of the few with the will to clean up the oligarchy. He should pick Marcy Kaptur for VP-she is of the same mind and a bright female with lots of experience. If Sen Paul chooses a nutjob for a running mate like Sarah Palin, I retract my support. I voted for Paul in the R primary and Obama in the general election. From what I know of Sen Paul, he is not in favor of legislating morality so I would be surprised if his anti Roe v Wade stance meant he would endorse Palin/Huckabee. I always thought he proposed stuff like Christian invasiveness be left to the states and I’m okay with that. I can always move to a socially liberal state, but I prefer my descendants not have their moral beliefs, which may not be in line with far right Christianity, be taken away from them altogether by a country that was founded on higher principles than the vocal idiots of that far right movement. They haven’t a clue what libertarian really means.

      • John

        Hey, keep in mind it’s “Congressman Paul”, not “Senator Paul”! But yeah, I completely disagree with your recommendation of Marcy Kaptur. She is not like-minded in issues whatsoever. They would clash on almost every single issue. She is just another politician who throws money at problems – she proposes to actually give MORE money to the military, and she feels we should be negotiating talks in the Middle East and other “troubled” places.

        Please do some research before speaking; that is the main theme of the Ron Paul campaign. Read, learn, and be empowered by your knowledge. There are very few people in this country that could be an “experienced” choice as Vice President for Dr. Paul. Most “experienced” politicians are just part of the problem. Congressman Kaptur falls under that category as well.

    • Scott Killian

      Well said Mimi, I’m in the same situation as you.

  • Ocsike

    That CPAC poll was FANTASTIC. I hope people don’t vote for any person who belongs to the C.F.R. We need a person who first an AMERICAN than dem. or republican.
    What about Michele Bachmann for VP ? I don’t like Romney, he is to ELIT. Forget
    Rand Paul. Sarah P. can run for a senate seat. I think only Ron Paul have the full support of the TEA PARTY movement. God Bless

  • If RP would adopt Mathematically Perfected Economy (MPE) we would vote for the guy.

    As this is the very set of principles — and the only set of principles which ensure the immutable value of money across its lifespan — a perpetual 1:1:1 relationship between remaining value, remaining *obligation*, and currency in circulation — what is an “Austrian economist” doing complaining about the preservation of value of money, that they can take unearned and unjustified profit?

    Well… obviously, that’s the point of being an “Austrian economist” — and it’s just why they argue so ignorantly, and reject all accountable argument — because it comes back to their lack of principle. They are the problem.

    There is no mystery to projecting the pattern of failure engendered by any purported economy subject to interest. Everything around you can be understood from the obvious consequences.

    I´m not religous, but every major religion warns about the danger of usury, but the secular case against it is even more powerful. It is the most powerful centralizing centripetal force ever invented, and it steadily increases velocity to the point where life becomes nothing but a sprint in a hamster wheel to keep the debt system running.

    There is really only one solution but it goes against the most powerful interests in the world, it even goes against my interests to a certain extend but i am willing to make my contribution for humankind in general. Are You?

    Mathematically Perfected Economy (MPE)


  • Bryan from Michigan

    I like Ron Paul alot but I really like Mike Huckabee and I would say the both should run together from the get go. Huckabee / Paul or Paul/ Huckabee doesnt really matter but I like the first

    • John

      That’s a rather silly idea. Ron Paul for President, not VP. He would never get anything done as VP. We need major REAL economic, foreign policy, health care, and domestic policy changes. It’s not how much you “like” a candidate, it’s how much you like their ideas and stances. Huckabee is just another establishment politician that wants to play upon the anger of American citizens against government, but doesn’t actually want to change much at all. He has supported so many unconstitutional policies and has openly condemned CPAC for being “too libertarian”.

      I highly doubt we’ll see a ticket with these two men on it, because even if you *like* Huckabee as a person, he’s not much of a man in comparison to Ron Paul.

      Ron Paul for President, 2012. He has my vote, 100%.