Poll: Ron Paul 2012

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Our latest Ron Paul 2012 poll is now closed. It was open from Feb. 18 – March 1, 2010 and attracted 21,796 voters. The results are displayed below.

Should Ron Paul run for President in 2012?

  • Yes. (92%, 20,060 Votes)
  • No. (4%, 912 Votes)
  • I don’t know. (2%, 346 Votes)
  • It depends. (2%, 475 Votes)

Total Voters: 21,796

Check out the updated Ron Paul 2012 Overview


  • Gene Hill

    I would only vote for Ron Paul, IF and only IF he ran as a libertarian and not as a republican.
    The republican party and the GOP(Greedy Olde Perverts) along with many elected officials from the democratic party have brought America to where it is today and I can NOT nor will I vote for a republican or democratic candidate in the foreseeable future.
    Where is Ross Perot when America needs him?
    Is Ron Paul the present Ross Perot?
    Time will tell . . .

  • Jared

    Ron Paul should run for president based on the principles that most Americans share with him, but he has to take speech lessons otherwise it is pointless. He is absolutely correct in every argument yet the opponents always score points because they speak clearly and stay on topic in a calm manner. I hate to say it, but this does matter if you want to win the presidency in this day and age.

    Ron Paul is one of the few honest congressman who actually gets to the bottom of the issues. I will vote for him!

    Audit the Federal Reserve and keep pushing on the foreign policy issues because too many Republicans are blind “patriots” who dont understand that the reason there are terrorists is because we occupy their land and kill their loved ones whether accidentally or intentionally. This is common sense but the rhetoric that they hate our freedom is still out there.

    Thanks Ron Paul!

  • Mike

    I would vote for Ron Paul. If Ron did not run, I would only vote for a candidate that Ron & Alex Jones endorsed 2nd. I say second because I can make my own decision, but I would like to get their endorsement/opinion as well.

  • Jeffrey

    If he runs under the Constitution party ticket!

  • Jeffrey Vollmer

    Rand Paul might also be a good option depending on how he does in his Senate race. As far as Kucinich why would a Ron Paul supporter even remotely consider a big government leftist like Kucinich. DK recent thing was allowing 1 million americans to retire early on SS to create a million new jobs. Great idea huh. Sounds like more deficit spending to me.

  • cd

    I voted “It Depends” because when you run it’s always a risk. Run against an impossible environment and sure you make a statement but you get labeled a loser. That makes coming back harder the next time, when the conditions might be better for an actual WIN, which could quite literally change the world in the case of Ron Paul.

    I don’t think anyone can tell yet what the prevailing political conditions will be in 2012, so I think it’s too early to make that call.

    One thing is for sure, Ron Paul’s popular ‘steam’ is continuing to build, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Whether all of us can muster enough ‘steam’ to educate (which in turn convinces them) enough of the mainstream headline (only)-reading masses to vote for him is really the question.

  • Ocsike

    Thirtyone percent from CPAC was FANTASTIC. We must stand behind somebody who first American, than dem. or republican. I hope most of the Tea Party people doing the same. I like to see a young woman for VP with him. How about that congress woman from Minnesota, Mishele Bachmann? God Bless

  • Barry Kroeker

    Ron should run, but only if:
    1. He can advance a comprehensive plan for a return to the gold standard.
    2. He can renounce his ‘states-rights only’ position on abortion-on-demand and embrace the concept of federal-AND-state-protected human life, vis-a-vis the Declaration of Independence.
    3. He can rethink his past support for ‘gay rights’ and embrace a more Jeffersonian viewpoint.
    4. He can articulate a timetable for the abolition of the federal personal income tax, and make a pledge to cease IRS involvement in any tax actions involving the domestic wages of American citizens the day he assumes office.
    5. He can make the abolition of the FED a primary goal of his administration.
    6. He can publicly acknowledge this country’s vital heritage of Christianity in its social and legal traditions.
    The American people need to know that Ron is building a house on rock and not upon sand.

    • Pamela

      You had my attention with your first point, but then you demanded MORE government interference in point 2. Point 3 = perhaps you should move to Uganda where they are considering the death penalty for gays. You would be happier there, I think. Points 4 and 5, I’m right there with you on those. Point 6….separation of church and state, dude.

  • Owl Creek: Unless the Republicans nominate a left center like McCain or Romney? Who the hell do you think they’re gong to nominate. Disappointingly, even Palin has shown her true colors by supporting McCain for senator in Arizona. I now have a zero-tolerance policy on hack politicians. Ron Paul is the only candidate at this time who passes muster.

  • 34 year old male here who just voted for the first time this past election for Obama. In 2012 Mr Ron Paul is the only person from the Democrats or Republicans that i would consider voting for President.


  • I would have voted for Ron Paul had he continued to fight in 2008. My only issue with him is he needs to keep fighting to the bitter end rather than giving up like Ross Perot did every time he ran. I refused to vote because Ron Paul wasn’t in the running and I’ll run myself if that’s what it takes to get someone in there who is really going to make the necessary changes.

  • Justin

    I would vote for him in a second. The only issues I really see are the age thing and a lot of people link him with racists groups. =(

  • Dierdre

    Ron shold definitely run in 2012… I will vote for him and I’m not a Republican! But even as a liberal Libertarian, I recognize that there is nobody else in our government who will stand up for the Constitution the way Mr. Paul will.

    If we continue to lose the foundation that was set forth by our forefathers, we will lose what has always been best about this country.

    We are not America without our Constitution and without our constitutional rights.

  • Owl Creek Observer

    If he enters the Republican primary, I will vote for him.

    If he wins the nomination, I will vote for him.

    If he runs as a third party candidate, I would not vote for him unless the Republicans once again nominate a left-center candidate like McCain or Romney.

  • Jeff

    Ron Paul has had a realistic vision since her first ran for congress. He is adept at economics and has forecast the Orwellian future that we are now living in, disinformation, perpetual warfare, corporate control of goverment, a Federal Reserve Bank that is unaccountable to the super elite that manipulate our economy and generate warfare, starvation, and have sacked our country without most americans even having a clue as to what happened. What has happened is not a Republican or Democrat problem it is both parties for the last 100 years socializing our country.
    Fighting for peace is the same as screwing for virginity 🙂

  • Wanda

    I voted no because Ron Paul, himself, has stated that he is at a stage in his life where he wants to spend more time with his family. We can credit Dr. Paul for waking a multitude of people up to the nature of money and the role of government as servants of the people and to the grave danger we are all in. He clearly is a decent man and I think it unfair to press or “guilt” him into further service at this stage of his life… he has earned his retirement from politics.

    Dennis Kucinich is very much interested in the Presidency and I love just about all of his policies. He would sweep the nation if he had the people backing that was as vocal as the supporters of Ron Paul. Reminder here is Dennis is the man who brought forth impeachment charges against both Dick Cheney & GW Bush… that’s showing Kojos -and showing what’s in his heart.

    Peace, love, truth and mercy… pass it on.

  • Darrell Hinde

    I am a devoted Ron Paul follower. Putting any health concerns asside and if Mr. Paul has the desire, by all means I hope to see his name on the ticket, as he is exactly what this country needs, however, if that is not the case, then someone with the idologies of Mr. Paul and the backing of Mr Paul should be sout-out and our support placed in him or her.

  • Carson

    Ron Paul strikes me as an honest man. I will vote for him if he runs. We need to stop this vicious repub/dem cycle and this ‘throwing your vote away’ mentality that keeps us in it. Vote for the candidate you trust, and quit making excuses as to why you need to fall in line to support the lesser of two evils.

  • Dan

    I would like to see Ron Paul run for President. We need his conservative and constitutional values.
    I do not want to see him run as an independent or a 3rd ticket. When Ross Perot did that it cost George Bush the election and a democrat won.
    United we win, divided we fall.

  • Barton Workman

    I changed my party affiliation from Libertarian
    to republican in 2008 in order to vote for Dr.
    Paul in the primaries.

    I then changed my affiliation back to Libertarian
    and voted for Dr. Paul by write-in in the general

    The reason for this should be obvious and my
    concern for Dr. Paul is the republican (the party of
    no ideas) affiliation as I fear the republicans
    will rail road the Libertarian agenda, make it
    their own and then go right back to establishing
    more bloated bureaucracy, rights taking bills
    such as the Patriot Act, and other republican

    It’s a Catch-22. If Dr. Paul runs as a Libertarian
    as he did in 1988, he falls on his sword. If he runs
    as a republican, he runs the risk of falling in with
    the same numnicks that ran McCain’s campaign
    into the ground.

    No matter what, whomever runs for president who
    espouses the Libertarian agenda (as Dr. Paul did
    in 1988, Andre Morreau did in 1992, the late
    Harry Browne did in 1996 and 2000 and the way
    Michael Badnarik did in 2004) will get my vote, not
    that our votes actually mean anything.